My best friend's wedding :)

 The above is where I am staying right now! It is an amazing place :)
I am here for the wedding of one of my closest friends.

You can see videos of me dancing on my Instagram account in my story (which will be available for 24 hours).

Here are some more snap shots from today.
 (The view from the hotel room)

How can any Indian wedding be complete without Mehndi?

As you can see from the above pics, as well as from my Insta feed, I am having a really really good time.

More updates tomorrow.
(I left home at 3.00 am today, as I had an early morning flight)

Stay tuned!
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  1. Lovely pics and such a beautiful mehendi that is.

  2. The pics really grab the essence of a great indian wedding

  3. Was dancing away through your best friend’s wedding. Such happy images.

  4. Madam your love for nature, animals, surroundings and even the smallest things which life gives us and which you many a times portray in your sketches has made you one of the leading writers of this countryl


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