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Are you humble? Are you grateful? Are you holding yourself back?

A question I sometimes think about  is 'Why do many people shy away from  speaking about something they  achieved and are very proud of?'

I think it is because we are taught not to boast, not to brag, to be humble and all such qualities. I do agree that nobody likes to listen to braggarts or to people who boast. But there is a very marked difference between a boast, and telling the world about something that means a lot to you.

Only if you speak up, will others know! Else how do you expect them to get to know what matters to you?

Today my  interview on BBC world was re-telecast for the 15th time!! See the list HERE
I announced it on my Twitter 
Then at around 2.00 PM, I thought, why not share it on a Whatsapp Pets group  in the residential complex, which I am a member of. The last 14 times it was telecast, I hadn't shared it there, for the reasons I mention in the second paragraph of this post. I didn't expect anyone to really respond.
[One of the times it was being telecast, I had posted it on an  whatsapp group  of artists (which I am a member of) and nobody  had bothered to respond.]

But I was pleasantly surprised by flood of messages I received, and more importantly the warmth in them. They told me how proud they are, and how much they loved it.

In case you havent seen it, and want to, hurry and go to my Instagram handle. I have live streamed it and it will be available for 24 hours only.
You have to login from your phone to be able to see Live stories.

I think it is important to not confuse humility with speaking about something you are proud of. Being humble means you do not think you are great, and you are superior to everybody else. Being humble means respecting others for their achievements and success. Being humble means not letting your achievements go to your head. It does not mean not speaking about them! Also it matters how you speak about them, what is your tone, in what way do you say it, what do you mean when you communicate it, and more importantly, what is it that you do not say?

For me, I am grateful for all the achievements, grateful for my success, grateful to my readers, grateful to you for reading this blog! Because I remember how hard I worked for it, how alone I was.
I also know that very very few  will be there for you when you are down. But when you are successful, suddenly everybody will want to be your friend. Hence I am grateful for my true friends.

I think we should be very grateful for life's little gifts.
If you have a few good things going for you, focus on those.
Forget the negative people who take you away from your dreams, your goals.
Stay away from those who diminish you.

You deserve love. You should be proud of whatever you have achieved so far in life.

 Because only you know how  difficult your journey has been.

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  1. How true it is! Most of them eithere brag or not say a word about their achievements. That's the reason they tend to receive negative reaction.

    And it's amazing how effectively you conveyed your point mam.

    Btw, I am 76% done reading your latest novel and totally in love with mutaccha!

    1. Glad you are liking it Medha. Please do leave me a review on amazon and goodreads after you are done

    2. Sure mam. Will definitely do it.

  2. I so agree with you Preeti.. It is the need of the hour to speak about ourselves or else how will the world know what one is capable of. This is so relevant in the work place as well. With 7 years of work experience, I still fumble while filling my goal sheet .

    When you talk about your work/interviews, you are actually inspiring many others.loved your this interview and also DD National one. Brilliant as always!

    On a lighter note, you simply can't expect your better half to bring flowers on special days . Even subtle hints won't work. It's always a great idea to explicitly mention that you expect daisies not roses. 😉

    1. Oh yes. I think the way in which men express their love after marriage, changes.

      Thanks so much for the love and support Nitu, and thank you for watching my interviews <3

  3. Thank you preeti mam . An important post early this year ..

  4. Absolutely true... We have to be humble always and grateful. But the people just become jealous and talk abt our achievements behind our back instead of praising us right on the face. There will be lot of people to be a blocking stone to our success. Just ignoring them and focussing on our goals is important.

    1. Oh yes. I have faced a LOT of jealousy in my life--even from those I consider close.

  5. Every word is spoken like a grain of truth. Being humble shouldn't take away our hardwork or perseverance pepping us to achieve greatness.

  6. Totally agree with everything you mentioned here. It's a thin line to differentiate between boasting and humility. 🙂

    P.S.: I have received my copy of a hundred little flames just now.

  7. I can totally relate to the last few lines. Stay away from those who diminish you and make u feel low.Nobody heals by making other person feel inferior.

    1. Some people do feel better when they put others down. It helps them feel a little better about themselves. But it damages the one it is aimed at.

    2. I is the risk of sounding boastful and conceited that makes us not want to talk about such things....i have been at the receiving end of many braggarts' boasting away about their achievements myself so I know how tiresome it can be....anyway your success is hard earned and well deserved...

  8. Agree with each sentence inscribed by you in this post. There is fine line between boasting and saying about things you are proud of in a humble manner. Thanks for yet another beautiful post Preeti and yes I am receiving your posts in my inbox one day after your write. I guess it depends on when you write. And all the best for your new book. Writing n focusing alone is such a task and I m proud to know you through your posts and blog. You are always so humble and down to earth.

  9. Absolutely true. I always inspire from your writing. Thank you mam ☺


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