5 ways to make more time to read. Blog marathon post 2.

I read a LOT. I read upto four books at a time. This picture was clicked a couple of days back, and these were the books on my bed-side table. I have finished two of them.

I totally loved Amos Lee--which is a book for children really. It is the diary of this boy whose mom makes him write, when he sits in the loo :)

I loved the spunky Amos and the way the book is written, not to mention the awesome illustrations.

People always ask me how I manage to read four books at a time, when they struggle to finish even one! (The short answer to that would be,  "That is because you haven't tried Preeti Shenoy's books What? Don't look at me like that.. It is the truth you know! .Okay, okay--no more self promotion :)  )

Here are a few things which might help, if you want to get back to the habit of  reading more.

1. Start with stuff that you love: Choose a genre which you really like. If something is your cup of tea, then you are likely to stick with it. Doesn't matter what it is--romance, thriller or even a book for young adults. Start with something that you find interesting and hard to put down--then you are likely to finish it.

2. Set up auto switch off for your phone: Set up a time for your phone, where it switches off automatically and comes on at a particular time the next day. You might find it hard initially to get used to not checking your phone every now and then (how dependent we become on it!). But this will take care of distraction which can cut into your 'sacred time'. (Yes, the time spent for reading is always sacred time)

3.Carry a book everywhere you go: No matter where you go, carry a book with you. While waiting to see someone, while travelling from one place to another, anywhere! If you get fives minutes, open your book, not your phone :P :)

4. Watch less TV: The equation is simple. Books > Television. Less TV means more books. (I do not watch TV at all. Can't stand it. Personally, I think television should be banned)

5.Commit: Commit that you will read one chapter a day..or 50 pages a day. Then stick to that commitment. When you break down the book into smaller chunks, it is easier to stick to it--and before you realise, you would be done with the book. That will give you an incentive to do more..and with books, once you start, you just can't stop.

Good luck--and may you read a LOT!

ps: If you have any tips for reading more, feel free to share in my comment box!

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  1. i am really happy to see you marathon..i have read all of the earlier ones...

  2. I agree with your personal thought (pt 4).
    Idiot box ruins imagination. I got a point to say, one must not stop reading the book if they lose the story at some point

    1. I don't read a book if it doesn't interest me..I stop half-way. Because there are hundreds and thousands of books waiting to be read and we have only limited time! :) If the book fails to hold my interest, no matter how 'great' or 'literary' the author is, I stop reading.

  3. Very well said!! I do follow all the points except pt.3 becuse I hate interruptions while reading a book. Opening a book for just 5 mins makes me read more and I totally hate it when I have to close it after that.. :(

    Good start Preeti.. See you tomorrow.. :)

  4. Very true Preeti, I agree with all of the points, especially the TV one :D Even I carry books, whereever I go. I am so used to waiting for Mumbai trains (which are always late). That's when a book and your blog is a saviour:):)

    I have joined you this time in the Blog Marathon, hope I make it:):)
    Thank you so much for taking up this Blog Marathon, I just love dropping by and reading the posts:)

    1. Good luck with your marathon..why did you start one? Just because I started?!! Curious to know!

  5. It's a really true mam!!
    I used to finish it off your book within a week time. Because i love a lot, the way you have expressed is outstanding.
    But currently i'm reading a book (The Oath of Vayuputra) for about 4 weeks. Still i couldn't make it. I've miles to go (oops 400 pages).
    I got a good advice from you at the right time. Hope i would follow the rules as suggested.
    Thanks for the feeding.

    With Love,
    Manikanda Prabhu

    1. Heh heh..Glad that you could finish my book a lot faster than the one you mentioned :P :) Makes me feel good :)

  6. Awesome post mam...

    Reading is truly a gr8 habit....

    1. I so agree Siddhant. Reading opens our minds and takes us around the world, teaches us so many things.

    2. Yah mam.. I always use to read some thing...

  7. Anonymous5:08 PM

    'Congrats' for your success (#1 amazon) !
    'Love' for your Marathon again!
    'Respect' for your noble ideas on blogging!
    'Touchwood' for being 'Preethi Sheenoy' (Sweet Mama, Adorable Wife, Wonderful Blogger, Fantastic Writer, Avid Reader &
    Most importantly, Candid Awesome Intersting Human Being!)
    Thanks in advance for being my happiness for next 28 days!! Awaiting each day!
    P.S : Sathis Sheenoy : Respects for you true gentleman! True, long way to go P.S :)

  8. I simply cant do without reading. So I read in the cab,I read instead of watching TV and like you I carry a book everywhere. The Diary of Amos Lee sounds fascinating !

    1. Same pinch. It's a kids book actually--for 8-12..but a nice read.

  9. Hi Preeti,

    Very glad to read your reply on my comment. U know u always inspire n motivate me for positive things. In spite if such a busy schedule you spend the time on replying people, reading books etc..

    Its really great. U know i learn from you that if we realy wants to do something then we don't find excuses then.

    Keep inspiring us like same. Thanks.


  10. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Install Kindle or any other book reading app on your phone!

    Then you get to read in traffic jams/ queues/ loos or whenever the mood strikes you!

    This one thing has helped me so much, in terms of reading books. I know that eBooks can't beat the real thing, but the convenience that they offer is AMAZING!!

    And the fact the app synchronizes your last read page across various devices like laptops/tabs/phones is a god-send as it it very irksome to keep scrolling till we find that page!

    If one is falling short of time, this really helps!

  11. I honestly do not have points to add to what you have mentioned. Infact I got tips from your post! But I don't agree with your view on television. There indeed are programs that help us develop in our field of interest -- be it reality shows (I agree that some shows are overrated) or even movies -- how could one see it as a waste of time -- no.1. it helps us relax our mind from the hectic schedules. also there are loads of elements of art involved in it -- songs, art direction, music, singers, editing, cinematography, choreography et al. Each of these make a career for aspirants. Forget the aspirants, for any other layman, it acts as a great source of relaxation.

    1. ha ha..I am a book-worm and a writer..So naturally I detest TV!(esp the news hour) :) Reality shows are the worst! Do read Naomi Datta's '6PM slot' for a really good behind-the-scenes story of the television world.

      Of course, many love TV and that's why it is a thriving industry! My point was about making time to read more books.

      Personally I like Movies--(provided they are different, and not run of the mill.. Documentaries (like Nat Geo, Discovery channel etc) --of course I like.

  12. I get so addicted to the book while reading, even the urge to pee irritates me hihi :D. I love reading. I read second hand books which are available in 1/4th price in the stationary outlets, my family thinks buying books are a waste of money and time. But they have no idea what kinda of world I am when am reading. Its magical and satisfactory to all your emotions. :) I would like to add one more reading tip, be near to a person who never allows you read, who reminds you its useless and waste of money. You will be angrier and start reading as a protest and then you will start loving it :D. This is what happened to me.:)

  13. I don't own a cell phone so the time used to checking phone can be spent reading and I do not watch much TV(personally, even I think TV should be banned), the drawback being if I start watching something on TV then I won't move to do anything else.

    Will try the kids book. Looks interesting.

  14. hey mam , ur blog is very inspiring for those who want to read a book bt have a doubt that hw they ll be so patient to cmplt the whole book . . . firstly i also had sm dificulty in reading the books bcz i alwaz wanted to cmplt it in one go bt thatz nt possible ofcourse for me whose parents think that novels are a mere time waste bt smhw i do manage to continue my hobby n u knw hw by opting few points u hav mentioned above n nw my mom is also amazed to see rapidness i wud say in my reading capability :)

  15. u knw wht mam after chetan bhagat itz ur books i eagerly wait for n d way u write itz just osum . . . . lots of luv n hugs - shraddha

  16. Hi Preeti,

    Point 1 has worked for me.. I started reading books 3 yrs back with genre -Romance.And now I am so used to reading that I can read anything. And I have to admit,your book "Life is what you make it" is the one that got me into reading .. And I am proud of that.

    Every month I get my salary,first thing I do is order book from Flipkart. Today with books my life has change.. I feel I have something interesting to talk about in a group . Even I carry books when I travel..that way I am never lonely..!!

    Just one question, how do you choose a book? I choose mainly by reading review on flipkart.

    Thanks for sharing this post.I am definitely going to try all other points mentioned as well and the children book you have mentioned.


  17. Hey Preeti! Awesome to see you do a blog marathon!! I was thinking of starting it yesterday and as I sat down today to write my first post, here I see your's is already on! So great! So I too am going to start from today. Yay!

    I am doing it to push myself to write more. I already read a lot. I too have three books right now on my bedside table, having finished one just now. I also keep a book in my car, just in case, and of course I carry a book/notebook with me all the time. I also carry some on my smartphone, so that really helps.

    Great tips for getting back in the reading habit! If anyone complains to me about not being able to make time to read, I am directing them here for sure!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I plan to read atleast some pages before I hit my cosy bed and even at home.. while the maid is doing the cleaning and I am supposed to keep an "eye" on her :) Reading book in those small stolen moments is real fun :)

  20. Hi

    All of this is so true Preeti.....but the only thing is I can read one book at a time....when it comes to books, i guess i lack multi-tasking. But all other points that you mentioned holds good for me too.....

  21. Yes. I always carry a book wherever I go. Good tips Preeti.

  22. Nice post.. I too read three to four books together and as advised carry a book everywhere I go. Its actually very dependable and the best thing to sit back and read when rest of the people just while away in the queue at doctor's place or other such places.

  23. Thanks Preeti, for you blog marathon. Now I will get good stuffs everyday. You posts are truly inspiring. Will try to read more books. :)
    Lots of wishes

  24. You can't believe I read my first novel of yours "Life is what you make it" in 5 hours and then I realised I skipped my Dinner and I can read faster too...

    I never watch TV, I carry books when I travel, but I have to work on the cell phone thing... I Hope I'll succeed.. Thanks for your tips Preethi Maa'm

  25. Nice post! I'm a hardcore reader too. But 4 books at a time is awesome :D
    Carry a book everywhere you go, is the best point, it oh-so works! Also reading what genre you're most interested in. When sometimes someone comes up and asks for recommendations, I usually say, "what kind of books would you like to read?" and they say, "whatever you think is good!" Apart from this, some kind of readers make me irritable, because I don't think they are readers in the true sense. I mean, sometimes all they've read/want to read are those that everyone else is reading. The hyped-about books, the books that are famous. I'm quite all right with it, except that they shouldn't just read to look like they've read those, right? Read to learn and read for pleasure.

    The Diary of Amos Lee looks so cute! :D

  26. nice blog, love it. Thanks for a tip to carry books wherever you Go. I follow al d other but not this one. Whenever i wait for someone or somewhere i use my mobile eventhough i know its waste of tym. And television ha ha. Idiot box it ees:)

  27. I always finish ur book faster than others, I decide to read for half an hour n go to sleep, but that never happens with your book, I end up reading more, then force myself to close it. And I like to carry my books everywhere they are the best company :-) I'm going to do the auto switch thing, good one thanks

  28. Hi Preeti,
    Thanks for this post! I have bought ALL of your books from flipkart and read them all - AWESOME - and a wonderful time pass. I just cannot put your book down until I am done with the last page. My inquisitive husband ( who never reads) asks me what is special about your books.

    Here, I would like to make a request ( ONLY a REQUEST) Do you think you can post a list of your favorite books under different genres - like fiction, non-fiction, self-help etc. I also follow Robin Sharma's page and he has one in his website. He has done a post on that also. I also like to read books recommended by famous personalities like you, Robin Sharma etal.

    Thank you very much!

  29. Ma'am I'd like to read some self help books can u pls suggest some

  30. Hi Preeti ...I have referred this blog post in my blog...:) http://mypenciltoscribble.blogspot.in/2013/06/read.html
    (Hope you don't mind)
    Thanks a lot...I resolved to read a book after reading your post and Yes I completed it and also wrote a review of it..

  31. I so love the time when you start off with your blog marathon Preeti! :)
    I remember I religiously read all of your posts, and I shall do so this time 'round too! :) :)
    And I do follow all the points you mentioned while reading, but I don't switch off my phone, although I put it on silent mode! And I totally agree with your statement, "book time is sacred time!!" :)


  32. Hi Preeti,

    It is the first time I am writing to you. I must say you have the power that people can easily connect with your writing effortlessly. I never had any passion for reading books but from the last few months, I have been reading and believe me, not only reading but I have also started writing a lot. I also read your 'My Secret Wish' few weeks ago and it has inspired me so much that may be someday I would like to share my story with the world...

    I also got to know so many things about you, that I can relate to... As a beginner, I don't know much about writing but want to learn from you. May I have the honour to learn from a talented author like you... You are my true inspiration..

    Would love to get your feedback on my writings (I have just started posting)..
    My blog : http://i-am-the-life.blogspot.in/

  33. Hello Preeti,

    How do you choose to read these books? How do you know that such books exist? Where do you pick them from?

  34. Wow ma'am you exactly put my thoughts into words that's why you're a writer. I started reading novels since 6 years back I truly felt that 1 point is applicable to all the people out there to dwell in books. And obvious carry a book target 50 pages everyday. So connected we feel. Big respect and love always.

  35. Wow ma'am you exactly put my thoughts into words that's why you're a writer. I started reading novels since 6 years back I truly felt that 1 point is applicable to all the people out there to dwell in books. And obvious carry a book target 50 pages everyday. So connected we feel. Big respect and love always.

  36. Wow ma'am you exactly put my thoughts into words that's why you're a writer. I started reading novels since 6 years back I truly felt that 1 point is applicable to all the people out there to dwell in books. And obvious carry a book target 50 pages everyday. So connected we feel. Big respect and love always.

  37. Wow ma'am you exactly put my thoughts in words. I started reading books since past 5 years I truly felt that you need to pick up a novel which interests you so that you keep going on reading and dwell in host of books. I always carry my current reading novel everywhere I go and target 50 pages everyday. Keep inspiring us. And yes waiting for your next novel release. I hope you wont make me wait longer. Completed all your books cant miss reading them. Such inspiring your. Big respect and love.

  38. Tv should be banned? I rarely watch TV but still i dont agree with that.


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