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What my first set of wheels taught me. Post 5

Hi there,

How has December been so far for you? I am always excited in December--the Christmas spirit, the celebrations, the new year round the corner, and also my birthday month! I don't think anyone is too old for birthday celebrations. Many people feel depressed that they are having a birthday as they grow a year older. But me? I love it, as I am grateful to be alive and healthy--a privilege denied to many.
I love the weather too, this time of the year.

When I used to live in UK, I absolutely loved the Christmas decorations, and the general cheer and bonhomie, the hot chocolates with marshmallows and the snow. I loved the snow!
Here in India, I miss that kind of celebration.

Today, I was featured in the Hindu. It was an interesting column, about my first set of wheels and it is also about my life as a student. :)

You can click on the above to enlarge it, or you can read the online version by clicking  HERE.
 I enjoyed giving this interview to the journalist Harshini, from The Hindu, as it was a nice trip down the memory lane. What the article doesn't mention is that I topped the CBSE exams in my class 12, and was among the top 2% of the successful candidates, all over India. I think I was second in my school (I don't remember my exact rank). I was a good student--diligent and disciplined, and was  a teacher's delight :)

I have been reading all your comment on my previous posts and  have been replying too, if the comments are received, before I publish my next post.

If there are any topics you like me to blog about, or if there are any questions you want to ask me, please do so by leaving a comment in my comment box, below this post.

I enjoy hearing from you.

  Till then, stay positive.  


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  1. Loved the post Preetiji.Sweet time travel.Preetiji please post your pic as a sardarni and that of your friend.Would love to see it.This blog marathon of yours can be called as #SweetLittleThingsOfLife blog marathon.Everyone at some point of time want to escape the reality and day dream about another alternate reality or unrealistic fantasies.Have you been in such a situation and what was your fantasy at that point?Do post about it.
    Lots of love n respect to you
    Preeti akka

    1. Hi..Please call me Preeti. My fantasy? I am living my dream :)

  2. Hello Ma'am. I have recently started reading your blogs and I love reading them. Your blog on #MeToo Movement helped me gather so much information about it. It was supportive and inspiring. The blogs on your Blog Marathon are so positive and helpful. I read all five blogs today as I was caught up with college and assignments. I started following you on Instagram recently and I love your stories. I have decided to complete reading all your books after my exam. I love your pet. So cute. I have two dogs called Prince (German Spitz) and Whiskey (Labrador). I can talk to them about anything, do weird activities with them, jump around and hug them so tightly when I am happy or sad. Their love is unconditional, I know. They be happier than anyone, when I return home. All the tiredness is gone when I see them. I love animals so much. Cat is an exception. But they are so beautiful and genuine. I have this creepy(everyone thinks so) habit of taking out ticks from almost all the dogs I meet. I like doing that. It gives them relief too. It is not something bad that I do. I will continue doing it.

    Please share your unique experiences with animals and your pet. Also, do you have any habit which you think is fine, but people call it creepy? I will wait for your answer.

    Love, love and more love to you.

    Sarmista Biswas.

    1. Dear Sarmista,
      How can it be creepy when it is giving so much relief to those animals? I think it is noble! God bless!
      I love ALL animals. I am terrified of snakes though.

      I am just thinking about what other might find creepy or weird about my behaviour. I can't think of anything! To be honest I don't think about other at all when it comes to my internal focus. What they say/think does not even matter to me. I am answerable only to my own inner self!

    2. Thank you. Thank you so much! ❤️ This means a lot. Actually my parents get scared about the fact if they bite me. But I take care of that. After all, no one will worry about their children like parents do. That is fine. Thank you again.

      Your blogs and the books I have read do far, focus on little joys we have in life. Every moment is beautiful. These small moments make life Beautiful. That is what I love so much about your books. A smile appears automatically on my face while reading them. I realize it after some time. Keep writing! Lots of love.

  3. Lovely article with lovely pic of yours. I would love to read more about Lostris and your bonding with her. I recently lost my beautiful 6 year old pet, I can't express in words what i am going through. For everyone she was just a dog and they feel amused because I get so emotional talking about her. Its very difficult for me to get over this loss.😞

    1. :(
      They are never 'just a dog' I have blogged about it. Please do read THIS post Iwrote.

  4. Hi Mam. Very happy and delighted to read your post daily. Reading your books, seeing your Instagram posts and your posts whenever you do a blog marathon is one of my daily sacred ritual which instills positivity in me. I would like you to do a post on what are your daily must rituals or scared rituals which you do everyday no matter where which place which weather you are in. Exercise or walks with your pet is on of them that's I am sure. Apart from that what are the other activities you do in your dialy scared ritual to set the tone of the day. Any specific hour that you dedicate for the same.

    1. I have blogged about it in the past! I don't really have rotuines, apart from my exercise. I dislike routines and get bored easily :) Glad you are liking my blog marathon!

  5. Sacred* sorry mam for the typo..due to handheld device

  6. Hai mam..
    Please Tel about ua pet that u were posting in instagram stories .. from where u got ?
    Anyway that rat looks so cute.

    1. Please--he is a hamster, not a rat. You can read about hamsters in my book Love a Little Stronger'.

  7. Hi Preeti,
    Somehow I connect with you at some level. Emotionally perhaps through your writings, and what I hear you saying in your interviews! Another thing is that we belong to the same era. Even I got my first 'Luna Super' in 1991 or 92, don't remember it now. I recently updated myself with the contemporary writing in English in India. And chose your novels to begin this journey of mine, coming back to where my heart lies after decades. Have read only one of your books so far - "A hundred little flames". I loved it. I found your narrative style very natural. As if you are talking to your readers straight out of your books. It echoed my writing style...If I may say so. I know you are an acclaimed celebrity Author, and I mustn't say so. Apologies in advance.

    1. Please don't apologise! My writing style in novels is deliberate. My writing style in my columns and short stories is completely different from that of my novels. I think to be a good writer, one has to be versatile. I love the writing styles of Neil gaiman and Ruskin bond--both of which share the common thread of 'easy readability', 'relatability' and 'simplicity'. It isn't easy to write that way. I am glad you like my style. Good luck with your writing!

  8. I would like to read a post on how you stay so disciplined and multitask everything so perfectly ma’am. Also any tips on how to be a good parent? I am really nervous at this point in time.

    1. Please do see the top of this blog (the three lines which appear to the right side of the word 'search'. Click on it. A box opens. There's a section 'labels'. Scroll down and clock on 'parenting' to read all my parenting posts!

  9. Please do write on parenting and the self help books which you read and are useful to readers.

  10. Hi Preeti

    It is a pleasure to read your daily dose here. Today I would like to ask you something so personal. What is the secret of your energy? You are always happy, confident and engaged. Share with us your tips please. Also, please suggest some best self-help books to read and follow.

    1. Please do read Tuesdays with Morrie, and Who Will Cry When You Die
      I am not always like this. Like everyone else, I too have my ups and downs. But my blog is a happy place :)

  11. Good evening Preeti. My day is never complete without visiting your Blog. I may not comment at that moment after I have read your daily blog post, but I do reply when I am totally free. The first couple of days of December have been okay. The best way to explain my life is to say it is like the Waves in the Ocean. Some days, there are High Tides and some days, there are Low Tides. Sometimes , just like the water is stagnant, so is the day. There is not much movement. I guess everything depends on my mood too or sometimes even on others' moods! It is indeed easy for me to remember that it is your birthday month because my Dad's birthday falls in this month too, but on 31st December. We remember him everyday, but think about him more on his birthday as he has been celebrating in heaven since 1998. Birthdays are a chance to reflect on the past year, to see how we have changed as a person - for better or for worst? as well as reflect on all the lovely people who are in our lives. If I am able to celebrate my birthday, then I am grateful to be alive on this special day so that I can celebrate more and more birthdays in the future. Happy December month to you, Preeti!

    1. what a lovely comment! My condolences and prayers and remembrances to your father.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Please write more on Parenting and share more details about the books you read to your kids at every stages.Parenting is something I always look forward from you Though it's very individual and no right or wrong still I feel parents needs more training then kids:-)


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