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This is the deepest need in all of us. Post 8

Hi there,

Weekend is here! I pretty much spent my whole day reading!

I get a lot of requests for blurbing books. This means a one line recommendation, which they carry on the cover. I do not accept blurb requests from individual writers and I cannot read the stuff people send me. I have explained why in this post.

I do accept blurb requests from editors of publishing houses if the book seems interesting to me. I am extremely hard to please (and am the worst critic, especially of my own writing).
The book I read today was a historical fiction, and I am liking it.

Apart from that, I walked my dog thrice and spent time with my family.

That's all I did.  I am lucky  to be surrounded by people who just let me be myself .

Like I say in my book Love a Little Stronger (which is a collection of all true stories from my life) there is a deep need in all of us to be loved and accepted for who we truly are. The deep  satisfaction and contentment that comes from that is unmatchable and indescribable. (It is very hard to do, as when we love someone we expect a lot. Any relationship comes with its set of expectations.

If we have people in our lives who do accept us for ourselves,with zero expectations,  we are truly blessed.

Leave me comments about what you did and whether you agree with me on accepting people for who they are.

 More tomorrow!
Till then--rest well, sleep well and smile.
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  1. We all expect to be accepted by others as we are but then our inherent behavioural compass always tries to judge and accept others based on our sets of standards and preconcieved notions.If the benchmarks are not met we turn judgemental but expect others to be more accepting and accomodative while we try desperately to fit others as per our needs.This always gives rise to toxic and exploitative relationships damaging the very core emotions of love and respect for each others as individuals and partners.

  2. I completely agree with your statement Mam about accepting people the way they are. Though it's the best way for both people in any relationship, I guess it's hard to implement. I am trying to follow your guidance on unconditional love and I am feeling and can see it's truly wonderful feeling to love someone unconditionally. My weekend was good. With good food, spent time with family and friends, read a book and connected with family back in India. Was waiting for your post post 6pm here...

  3. Hello Preeti,

    This thought is a bliss in a perfect world. But things are not always perfect here. It's more of our imperfections actually that make up the world as it is today. Perfect in imperfections. Being accepted as we are amongst people around us is more of a utopian wish especially for a Daughter-in-Law in Indian society. Generally, she is expected to accept the new family and its customs as they are and adapt herself according to them. Rarely people are ready to accept her as she is. And this norm has become such a normal tradition that it hardly rankles in anyone's eyes except for that uprooted soul who is trying to learn everything from scratch to survive and fit into her new family and life.

  4. I had a few friends visiting us tonight and I was busy whole day preparing dinner. I can accept people who aren't closely related to me or with whom I don't have to deal on a daily basis but people who are close to my heart, sometimes I feel irritated by their habits and expect them to change. I know I need to change that part of my personality and your blog has made me realize that even more now. Thanks for the blog marathon ma'am, I am enjoying each post of yours.

  5. Yes Ma'm its so true! Actually I always expect a lot from others and gets hurt very often.. Its not because they don't care, may be because my parents cared and pampered me so much that after being a wife, a mother, no one was there to give me that much affection.. May be, I should admit that I'm grown up and should act maturely. I know, but still, deep inside there will be pain..missing and all sorts of sadness associated with it..

    People in another family can't love you(or don't know to show it) like your own parents because their ways are different.. And if u get some one who loves you for who you are, you are truly blessed! :)

  6. Being accepted for what we are gives such immense joy, it's not just happiness but the mental peace which we get is extremely important. One should never take it for granted. Appreciate it, love it and live it.

  7. One thing I learned growing up is that no one is perfect. No matter how much we would like others to do what we say or feel, they won't because they will have their own set of rules for living in this world. I used to be a person who used to expect from everyone. When I do not get what I expect from them, I become very low and feel like crying. As I grew older, I realized that we all have a need to be loved and only if we love ourselves, can we love others and teach them too. So I have learned to accept people how they are. If they ask me for suggestions on how to improve something in their life, then I may suggest, but it's not like I tell them that they should. Wonderful post as usual. Thank you!


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