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Little chit-chat that's not so little. Post 11

 Both my children live away from home (both have left home for college and study abroad). Hence any time I get with them is precious.

Actual conversation that took place just now between my daughter and me.

'Mum, do you want to do something fun after you finish your blog post?'
'I would love to..But I have to think of a topic to write first.'
'Just write about how I can become the next president of United States.'
'That's just what I will write about !'
'Mum!!! No! I was kidding. Don't write that.'
'I will write it and show it to you. If you are okay, will hit publish'.

And that is how this post came to be :)

A pic of my daughter and me clicked two days back
Ps: If you want to read more such stuff buy Love a Little Stronger which are all true stories from my life. Click HERE


  1. Lovely two. My love and regards to Purvi❤

    1. Thank you Neha! You got the spelling right too!

  2. It can be used as a good prompt for writing a short story ma'am. :-)

  3. Hi Preeti,

    So glad to inform you that my copy of Love A Little Stronger came ydy. But the copy I received had some errors towards the end of the book. Pages are changed, I mean number wise. I think after page No.145. Ok, leave it. Just read one story and loved it. Rest will be finished soon. Your tips are great and really helpful. Hope more will come give us more through your blog posts also pls.

    1. Please check if it is a pirated copy. If it isn't, kindly return it to my publishers and they will be happy to replace it for you. Please mail srishtipublishers(at)gmail(dot)com and mark a copy to me ps(at)preetishenoy(dot)com
      I apologise for the wrong order of pages.

  4. mam i am truly impressed by your blogs so when your next book is coming?

    1. Have you read ALL my previous books? I have written 11 so far! Plus a number of short stories too :) Thank you for the kind words!


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