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How I got the idea for my novel A Hundred Little Flames

For today's post, I thought I would do a video post.

Have you read the book? Tell me in comments!

You can my books at your nearest bookstore or order online :


  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    its my most favorite novel truly loved to read it

  2. Wow wow how beautifully you could connect the ideas and weavd such a beautiful story ..

  3. Yes if we listen to our mind and keep our eyes open to our surroundings, ideas can jump at us from anywhere. "A hundred little flames" is the only book of yours I have read so far. But it was enough for me to admire your skills as a plotter and character sketcher. Just like "Khichdi ke chawal". Hope you got the Hindi Muhaavra I have used here.

    1. Thanks! Haven't heard that Muhavara before..but I am guessing you mean creating something good out of mundane.

  4. Read " life is what you make it" Amazing book ot is.

    1. Thank you so much and I hope you read my other books too!

  5. Hundred little flames is such a lovely book.. Hope you have put lot of research and effort into it.. Its very evident.. Since I'm from kerala, I could relate to it so much.. It was just like watching a movie.. I had already sent you a mail after reading it and got reply :)

    1. So glad I replied :) I feel awful when I miss replying :) I am from Kerala (But not a malayalee), and the ancestral home described there is a lot like mine. The grandfather also is like my own grandpa who used to write diaries.

  6. A Hundred Little Flames was one of my favorite books from your best sellers! I think this is the only book where I sat up till about 2 AM to finish because I could not wait until the next morning to see what was going to happen. Since the story took place in Kerala, I could relate to it a lot and I could imagine each and every place thanks to your detailed description. This is one book that I would definitely read over and over again. Just loved it, Preeti!

    1. So good to hear that. Thanks so much Prathima! <3

  7. I have loved every book of yours and A Hundred Little Flames was no exception. The best part if this book was the rapport between two generations. In a world where see how the elders aren't respected much, it was heart warming to see how Ayan understood his grandfather. :-)


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