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How writing a diary helps me as a writer. Post 7.

Hi there,

Are you happy it is Friday? 

You know, I always wondered why people are happy that it is a weekend. It is probably because they don't love their jobs much, and hence need a break which the weekend brings. They also hate Monday mornings because it is the start of another work-week.

For me--I have no weekends. I LOVE my job (writing) and I write every single day. I don't feel good if I do not write. From the start of this year, I have written in my diary DAILY. Earlier, like Gopal Shanker of A Hundred Little Flames, I used to write only when something important happened. But this year, I changed that. The second last thing I do before I sleep is write in my diary.

The last thing I do is, of course read. I read till the lines blur and then I close my eyes.

This year  I have read about 32 books so far. I also have a nice diary, replete with whatever happened on a particular day in my life. It is something I enjoy doing; It gives me direction, a sense of understanding where I am headed and what changes I ought to make. My diary is like my compass.It is also a record of my feelings. It helps me 'get stuff out of my system' and it opens out the creative channels. I enjoy it so much.

I wrote a couple of days ago, that I was happy that Sonali Bendre had come back to India and was recovering. I had  said a prayer for her, and also sent her healing (I practise Reiki).

Those of you who haven't seen the conversation between her and me, can watch it here:

That's all for today!

I have to go now, as I am watching a movie with my daughter. After this I shall write in my diary and read.
More tomorrow!
Tell me about the one habit which you have managed to keep the whole of this year. I love hearing from you.

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  1. The entire year, I have practiced meditation each day. One more thing I have added to my routine is playing some mantras early in the morning while I cook. Morning times, I had observed my brain would have countless mix of thoughts and to give my day a good start, I started this practice sometime this year. It has definitely given me good and peaceful start to my day.

  2. Always refreshing to see your post. This year I have read books consistently and have been able to complete 32books so far. I have also ran two 5kms and one relay. Have regularly exercised to keep myself fit. I have also completed one full diary before end of the year .Some days I write 10pages and some days none. I used to do daily entry till 2017 but after reading your book Hudred little Flames I realised it was a good change to make entry only once in a while. This year has really been a roller coaster for me. Shifting from one country to another. Work shifts, family shifts and setting new routines etc. In all these times, audios on law of attraction and books and writing therapy really helped me cope. I have also tried to be Cross or stretch my boundaries in certain areas. Books have been the major help to me this year and I have decided that I will read as many books each year as is my age in that particular year. Do you think mam it's a good idea?? Do let me know your inputs.

  3. As i become mum of a gorl child on 3rd of april,so my new beging or u can say new year started from 3rd of april.

    I started taking help from people so i can engage with my baby all the time.

    I was some how shy or less expressive when i need help.

    Keep writing and motivating us.
    We would love to read about parentong tips too...


  4. Nice post as usual :) Please write more about reiki in the coming posts!

  5. Dear Preeti,

    It is great to know that you pen down your thoughts every single day. Sincerity and discipline go a long way in making a person successful and you are a true example of that. The one thing that I do every day before hitting the bed is reading. I believe there is so much to read that one lifetime is not enough. Last year I had managed to read 45 books while this year I have finished 25 books so far (I became a Mom this year so the target was 30). Talking about diary, I loved the way the story in "A Hundred Little Flames" moves forward with the discovery of the diaries penned by Gopalakrishnan. I'd also loved "Thekke Madom" and the vivid details about Pondicherry. After reading your book, Pondicherry is now on my wishlist. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your world!

    Your reader

  6. This year gone too fast for me. Before marriage my life was pretty simple limited in job and studies only. But this year, there were many things I could mark off the list. One good habit that I developed this year is waking up early in the morning and surprisingly I managed to stick to it without much difficulty. I have become more organized now.

  7. Cooking and exercise I did this year.I am glad to know the names of book you read this year. I read 2 books which you said that must read those are Tuesday with morie and the goats days .

  8. I manage to read books, 10 books I read so far this year and 4 more waiting in my shelf.

  9. I'm trying to get a job in banking/insurance field, a job in government sector. I had resigned my earlier job 3 years back(as Assistant Professor in an engineering college in Kerala), during pregnancy period. So, this year I came back to my studies after a long gap.. Though tough, this thing makes me happy.. I mean studies.. I found that the three things that make me happy are studying, reading and writing... Since I was involved in studies most of the time this year, i haven't got much free time.. During that time, I managed to read "The Rule breakers" and few other books too.. And another thing is, mailing u Ma'm.. and ur reply makes me so happy since I know that you are very busy always! Now, I'm writing this in the middle of my mock test review.. Ur words are such a relief for me... Keep up the good work! :)

  10. Dear Mam,
    How do you manage your times for writing, reading and managing all things. Also i ask you how to read more book.

  11. Hey Preeti. This post was written by you last Friday, and coincidentally, I am posting on it on the next Friday! For me, I am more happy when it is Saturday as I work 6 days a week! :-) Writing in diaries was a routine during my childhood days. I came out of the writing phase as I grew older, but then realized that there is more that goes on as you grow older, hence I think I need to start writing in my diary again! It is so amazing to know that you have read 32 books so far this year! You are truly an inspiration to me as well as for many people around the world. As far as habits are concerned, I have not kept any this year. Hopefully, I can in 2019!


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