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A wonderful evening at Delhi at #timeslitfestdelhi . Post 2.

Hello there,

If you have read my post yesterday, you know that I have started a blog marathon, and that I will be blogging every single day, whole of this month. So hit subscribe (if you haven’t already) to get my posts in your inbox.

Yesterday, when I had signed off from the blog, I was leaving for my session at Times Lit fest at the India Habitat Centre. My session went off splendidly!

I was mobbed for signatures on books, as well as autographs. I was overwhelmed with all the love that you guys showered on me; Delhi---you ROCK! I absolutely enjoyed being with my genuine readers. Many of you expressed how much my writing meant to you, and how it had helped you. While I do get many mails saying this, hearing it face to face is a different feeling altogether. It is indescribable.
So a heartfelt thank you to each one of you who turned up yesterday and made me feel so loved. I am so grateful for this.

I have shared a few pictures and these pictures from the launch speak for themselves.

Yesterday, I had blogged while I was 35000 feet up in the air. Today too I am doing the same! The only difference is that yesterday I was on a flight to Delhi, and today I am flying back to Bangalore.

For the rest of December, I will not be travelling. I turned down many invites that I received for December; I have worked very hard the whole year, and now will be taking time off to spend with my family. My children (both of them study overseas) are home for the holidays, and the one thing I look forward to is doing stuff with them. And that is exactly what I will be doing.

Those of you who want to see photos of what I am up to, please do follow me on Instagram, where I post stories of whatever strikes my fancy. I am very regular there.

I will also be spending time with my closest friends, and catching up on some personal work. Of course, I will be drawing a lot, and blogging too. I used to blog when no one was reading me. I still blog today when thousands read me; I do not make any money from my blog. I refuse to put ads or do any kind of product endorsement on my blog even though I have been offered lakhs of rupees for the same. Some things just cannot be equated with money.

I blog because I love to connect genuinely with you!  I say whatever I want to say here. It’s straight from the heart.  I blog because it gives me joy to express myself hear, and interact with you. Nothing has changed!

I shall be posting this when I get back home, and get connected to wifi.

 December is my favourite month of the year. Tell me in my comment box,  what your plans for December are.  I would love to know.

And it is always more fun, when I hear what you have to say :-)

More tomorrow.
Till then, smile. You are beautiful, my friend !



  1. Hi madam, let me first thank you for sparing your precious time to share your wisdom with us through your blog marathon. I am very sure that there so many people like me on this universe who take a leaf out of your book. I am a great fan of your writing and you inspire me everyday and your writings teach me to live my life to the best of my ability... I was so thrilled to find in my inbox about your blog marathon. As done in the previous blog marathon, this time too, your blogging is going to turn the lives into a inspiring one... Thank you once again..

    1. Dear Suresh,
      Thank you so much! Your time is precious too, and I am grateful you find my writing worthy enough of *investing* your time in. Many thanks!

  2. Thanks for blogging and giving us a peek into your world a bit. Christmas plans are to read a couple of Christmas books as going out while in the last trimester is tiring ma’am. My mom is going to get me a copy of rule breakers when she comes over and I plan to read it while I get ready for delivering my little one ma’am.

    1. Oh! You are expecting?! Wishing you the very best! when is the due date? <3

    2. It’s valentine day ma’am...😊

  3. Hello ma'am,
    What do you love most about traveling and also what keeps you energised??

    1. I love to discover new places, read up about the history and culture, and try local cuisines. I love to roam around the tiny bazaars and souks. I hate the actual 'sitting in the plane' part :)
      LIFE keeps me energised! Life is so beautiful!
      Writing keeps me energised.
      My art keeps me energised.
      YOUR comments keep me energised!
      Much love.

    2. Oh I clearly remember the beautiful greeting cards you made. It was few years back I guess. I followed the Earlier art marathon also.

  4. Good morning, Preeti! No matter the distance - in kilometers or feet, it is so nice of you to blog even when you are traveling in the airplane! This shows your dedication towards your readers. I am trying to blog everyday, but it never happens. Glad to know you had a nice time at the LitFest in Delhi. I have been to the India Habitat Centre in 2007 and must say it's quite a lovely place. At the moment, I do not have any big plans for December. As usual, it is wedding season in Mangaluru, so am sure there will be a few invitations popping up in the mail box in the next couple of days. I look forward to your posts as well as your Instagram and Facebook updates. Have a wonderful day ahead!

    1. Thank you so much Prathima. Have a good time at the weddings! Many thanks for following my updates on insta and fb!

  5. It was very nice to meet you at the LIT fest!! Your stories are very much relatable to our loves. It motivates me write !
    -Prerna Maheshwari

    1. It was wonderful to meet you too! Do write!

  6. This is just amazing stuff. That you blog out here, and you're going to, for the rest of the month! Looking forward to reading the posts.

    My December resolution is to make it a December to Remember, I find that you're doing the same! :-) I'm yet to finish the Rulebreakers of yours, but I loved your tete-a-tete at Blore Lit fest!

    1. Thank you so much for attending my session at Bangalore lit fest and thank you for taking time off to write a comment! :) I look forward to your review once you read #TheRuleBreakers

  7. December is going to be a month filled with lot of activities for me this time. I have a vacation planned. As well my friends are coming to visit me. Also my wedding anniversary celebrations is going to keep me excited.

    1. Sounds like a wonderful december! <3

  8. Hai mam..
    No special plans for December..
    Ma plan is to live without any plans!
    If 1 day morning i feel to meet preeti shenoy mam, immediately I wil take bus n come to Bangalore!
    So u can expeCt anyday!
    Happy to see Ravin ji in ua pics. His book kno.. ho no words it's really awesome. . "I too had a love story " reached 10 years. But i felt like i read that yesterday.. once he came to ma place ( Kozhikode) for 1 book launch. I visited him and gave 1 gift too. I made ma fav writer happy , atleast fo few minutes! And dat was ma dream come true day!
    So u can also expect me 1 day.. ! Bcoz u r also ma fav mam..
    Keeping writing... Always make us to think more.. dream more..

  9. Beautiful pictures Mam. I follow you obsessively on instagram and your blog. I love your dedication and devotion towards the blog which is to connect with readers and has no financial impacts . In this world where we mostly find people looking to make bucks on everything I am so happy to see the modesty and your humility to take time to post each day. You are a true inspiration for we readers. Love you mam. As regards Dec plans I want to end this month and year beautifully with beautiful memories with family...

  10. Well I like December too. For me it signifies the coming of an end and the excitement of a new beginning. ImI travelling a bit towards the end, but for now my health needs my attention so I'm attending to that... Doctor visits, tests. Not a fun thing.. but it's fine :) I love love love reading your material.. books, articles, this blog thing... Thank you for writing so beautifully. Lots of love & hugs!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Come December, and it's always the anxiety that arises before my son's Half Yearly Exams..and lo!! has begun today!!
    Next, what I love most abt December in Chennai, is the December Music Festival, which has caught on all over Chennai, and extends till Jan first a big fan of Carnatic music(have started learning too), , so is my MIL..She literally soaks in it !!
    I try to attend few concerts of my fav musicians .😍❤❤
    We as a family , too try and plan to go anyplace , and spend Christmas holidays there 🙂

  13. Wow even My favourite month is december too because winters are my favourite. I had planned to read a lot this december but exams came:( now this whole month will be study month for me.


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