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5 reasons I do a blog marathon.

Hello there,

Today is Day 20 of my blog marathon. (Blog marathon simply means I blog every single day for a month).

People ask me why I do this each year--sometimes twice in the same year. They also ask me why I do not monetise my blog. You will not find a single ad on my blog. I don't make a single rupee out of my blog-posts. Many brands have offered lakhs for me to endorse their products on my blog. I have refused.
(On my other social media handles, if I believe in the brand, I might).

The reason why I do blog marathons is

1. It brings in discipline.

2. It is a challenge: It is not easy at all to write every day in a blog. On some days (like today) when there is a LOT going on in my life and all I want to do is curl up and sleep, I still have to blog.

3. It improves creativity. Each day I have to come up with a new thing to blog about.

4.It helps me connect with my authentic readers. I love it when you leave me a comment.

5. It is a great platform for your voice, your authentic self.

Have you every tried to do something, where you commit publicly--and therefore you are forced to keep it up? Have you ever done a blog marathon?

Why not try?
Tell me in comments!

Tomorrow, something special :)

Thats's all for now.
Good night.


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  1. so inspiring thoughts mam,

  2. Hi Mam the best post till now is this one. Inspired by you I had also thought to do a blog marathon this year but couldn't think of so many ideas or topics which I could write everyday for one month. I love being disciplined in life and I do some other marathons like waking 5km for every day for two months at a go despite bad weather or strict schedule. However I really want to do a blog marathon coming year .which month I don't know what I know I want to do. I need to muster courage to commit to it. I have never commited anything in public but have commited in personal circle of friends and did complete my commitment. Would like your inputs on how to go about blog marathon or any kind of committments.

  3. Hi Preeti,
    We find ways to discipline ourselves...Public commitment is one of these. It makes us responsible and accountable to keep up our word. There are expectations which arise in people and we don't want to let them down. This generates sincere willpower to achieve the goal we have set up. I haven't taken up "Blogathon" as yet. I am comparatively a newbie in Blogging. But intend to take up this challenge to test myself in the coming year. Even if that means that only I shall be reading my posts ;)

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  5. Hi preeti , I just read some A2A about you on quora. I felt little bad that they have misinterpreted you. Have you read them? What is your view on it?

  6. I also love to do so.. Earlier I used to do it through Fb post.( but not everyone will take it as you mean) Actually I want to know how to create a blog and express our views..

  7. I have tried to do a Blog Marathon in the past, but it lasted only for a few days. I do have a habit of writing on my Facebook Timeline about things going on in life. Sometimes people take it personally, but I would not have even written about them. With 2019 coming up in a few days, I am hoping that I can start maintaining a diary. Fingers crossed.

  8. I am doing a blog marathon this month along with you ma'am and I can relate to every word you have mentioned here. Thanks for doing this and encouraging your readers.


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