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What is happiness? A picture post. Blog marathon post 4

 Happiness is a hug from someone who loves you unconditionally!!

                          Happiness is a bunch of white lilies blooming in your garden.

Happiness is having the time and patience to notice the tiny little details like the spider creeping up, and then capture a picture of it.  (Photo by my son Atul)

Happiness is the gift of an amazing morning sky on your walk.

Happiness is an animal trusting you enough to come up to you and go to sleep in your lap, while you read a book.

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  1. The last photo is amazing!!!!
    Your son took very nicely!!!!

    Manikanda Prabhu

  2. Awww the last one is way too cuteee!!!! ^_^

  3. :) no words to say. I'm smiling now:)

  4. Loved the pristine lilies

  5. lovely pictures. The spider on the flower is a very nice one.

  6. Superb photos mam.You brought happiness from such little things which mean a lot :)

  7. Superb photos mam.You brought happiness from such little things which mean a lot :)

  8. The sky looks so serene:)

  9. Yes, there is an element of happiness in all these pictures.They portray simplicity, beauty and unconditional love.

  10. Happiness perfectly defined! :) :)


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