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Blog Marathon time again. Post 1.

Amazon is now in India, and on the opening few days, guess whose book was at No.1?

 I felt so happy and proud about it, I just had to share it here. :) (They have free shipping as a limited period offer. You can also pay cash on delivery and amazing discounts too. Check them out if you haven't already and click here to order  'The Secret Wish list'). I meant to share this a few days back, but somehow got round to it only now.

 Last night, I was going through the archives of my blog, and I realised that starting from 2009, I have done a blog marathon every year! That is four consecutive years!

For the readers who are new to my blog, a blog marathon is one where you post every single day for 30 consecutive days. Lots of people do it at the start of a month. You can find details and themes in this link  if you want to do one and are new to it or if you want to do it but do not know what to write about.

As for me, I do it as a challenge. I like to push myself when it comes to writing. And of course, I love you guys who read me, subscribe to my posts, buy my books and and leave me such wonderful comments. I feel wonderful about the kindness that I have been shown here.

How can I not do a blog marathon? :)

  At my book events, many people walk upto me and tell me that they look forward to my posts every single day, and that my blog was what kept them going in their dark days.It is humbling and deeply moving to hear that my words make such a difference in someone's life.

I also have got used to people recognizing me now. Many times, when I go out, people have recognized me, walked upto me and told me how much they love my books/blog/writing, clicked a pic with me or taken a signature on my books if I happen to  be at a book-store. So I have kind of got used to it. (and I really do not mind posing for pictures! :) )

But yesterday, someone recognized Satish :) That was a first.  He posted about it on his FB and this is what he posted:

It made me think how much my life has changed , from when I first began blogging. I had got into it, not knowing where it would take me--and what a ride it has been. Looking back, I realise the huge amount of time that I have spent on my blog with no monetary rewards whatsover. I have got several offers for advertising on my blog, several offers for mentioning a certain product in my posts, and also offers for many marketing tie-ups. I have turned all of them down.

For me, my blog remains  'my special place' and my connect with my readers is emotional. This blog shall always remain ad-free. And straight from the heart.

I am happy to be read, happy to be loved, and most of all, happy to make a difference in your lives.

See you all tomorrow and if you are happy about my  blog-marathon, take a moment and let me know in the comments please :) Helps me to keep writing :)


 To Buy my books in India, click here.
To buy my books on Amazon click here.


  1. Now this I look forward to ! :P

    1. Thanks you Ruch! You have always been very encouraging.

  2. Such a candid and a sweet post

  3. Yayyy! Definitely looking forward :-)
    All the best!

  4. its a great thing to see the blog being updated daily. which of course is a very hard job to do :-)have a great time doing it :-)take care

  5. Nice to hear that!! Looking forward for more candies!! :)
    Good luck!!!

    1. Maybe some bubblegums too! :P :) Thanks!

  6. I have read some posts from your other marathons and felt that I should have known about your blog earlier! But wow here it is again!! Love reading your blog any day! :) :) Looking forward to it!

  7. Hi Preeti,
    Purchased 'Life is what you Make it' from Sapna book house yesterday.Very Happy.
    I have your autographed copy of the Secret Wish List as well.
    Tea for two and piece of cake made me your fan.Searched for 34 bubblegums and candies but was not in stock..:(
    I love reading your blog...There is always something good in all of your posts.
    So happy that I will get to read your posts everyday for the next 30 days.
    Thank You for taking out time to give us a treat...
    God Bless...

    1. Hope you enjoy the read! Thank you for reading me :)

  8. Hi Preeti, very sweet post! Really love your blog marathons and looking forward to some awesome posts :)

  9. yayyyy!!!!! After such a longggg wait:) Eagerly waiting for your posts:) :)
    Love n Hugs

  10. Its nice u want to keep ur blog add free.But wudnt it be more nice to accept the adds and donate the same amount to some charity.
    Just a suggestion.

    1. By God's grace I donate to many charities. I don't need to clutter my blog with ads for that!!

  11. Hi Mam!!!
    I was wondering y u haven't updated blog for a long time (probably 2 weeks).
    Finally i got a good news!!! I'm eager to participate in blog marathon.
    I also read satish sir status in FB. it was really nice.Go ahead mam!!!
    Keep going...

    With Love,
    Manikanda Prabhu

    1. Hi there Manikanda Prabhu.
      I did update now :)
      Thank you :)

  12. Hi Preeti ,
    iam an ardent fan of your's .. I havnt missed a single post or a book till date . Your words are a solace to my heart. I will definitely look forward for the blog marathon. keep them coming ..Thank you so much for showing the world there is still a lot of hope and positivity in life :-)

    Lots of love,

  13. Hi Preeti,

    Glad to know that now we will meet everyday. U know reading your blog gives me feeling of like meeting u personally. Now will be awaiting for tomorrows post.

    Love u Preeti,

    1. Awww.. you make me feel so *loved* ! Thanks :)

  14. Congratulations for being the NO. 1 on amazon!!
    I really like visiting your blog so looking forward to it!:)
    Best wishes...:)

    1. Thank you! The Amazon thing did mean a lot :)

  15. Congrats on being the No.1 on Amazon. So happy to see that you're going to post for the next 30 days.

  16. Appreciate your idea of keeping the blog ad and clutter free. Looking fwd to read amazing posts on marathon!

  17. Planning to join you this time:) Wish me luck:)
    Today's post

  18. Yay yay yay! I have been contemplating to do one - lets see if I can manage to do it :).

    Amazon #1 is sooper happy for you. Hugz!

    Oh and may I request a post or two on summer art/craft activities and then one on book recommendations from stuff you've read recently :). Sorry I'm demanding hehehehe!

  19. Reading your book is amazing experience... I am planing to marry and now I am seriously looking for a girl like Diksha..!!

  20. Yippiiiiiii!!!
    FINALLY here is the blog marathon!
    Have been waiting for it since SO LONG! So happy to know that I'll have a new post to read EVERY SINGLE DAY! :)
    Keep it up!! :)

  21. Hi Preeti,
    Wow!!! Every day gonna be a treat for next 30 days.. :D I am so looking forward it.. Your achievements always gives me a proud feeling( even my friends mention you to me as" Tumhari Preeti Shenoy " :P . Even I second shachi's demand... Your quilling post introduced me to the world of card making and I am currently reading Tuesdays with Morrie... This is again the book referred by you in one of your archive post... Need I say, you have influenced me totally.. <3


  22. How can we not wait for you... your blogs are like a oasis in the desert.. so keep writing... let the words flow.....

    P:S.. Love your writing.. always will do... no matter what you write...

  23. i read ur previous blog marathons really late...looking forward to actually following this blog marathon...can't hardly wait....

  24. Mam....Blog marathon!!! superb!!!im loving it!!! and yes waiting for ur next book too :)

  25. hi i love ur positive vibes keep it up

  26. Hi Preeti,
    Congrats for being no, 1. Life is what you make it as amazing as you are!! And I tried by clicking on NaBloPoMo June...but it says you can start up only till June 5! I dint really understand how to join it! Please be kind to explain if possible...

    And ya, looking forward to your posts, Daily!!! :)

  27. mam.i just love ur writing a lot.i hv read all ur books n just simply loved all n specailly secret wishlist.when are u coming up with ur new book...cant wait....goodluck n good wishes

  28. 'Congrats' for your success!
    'Love' for your Marathon again!
    'Respect' for your noble ideas on blogging!
    'Touchwood' for being 'Preethi Sheenoy' (Sweet Mama, Adorable Wife, Wonderful Blogger, Fantastic Writer, Avid Reader &
    Most importantly, Candid Awesome Intersting Human Being!)
    Thanks in advance for being my happiness for next 29 days!! Awaiting each day!
    P.S : Sathis Sheenoy : Respects for you true gentleman! True, long way to go P.S :)

  29. Yippeee, another blogathon. I have been reading your blog from past two years, and each of your post is so inspiring, specially the one in which you wrote about the modern sms language. I was so used to it that i could even write in sms language on my answer sheets. it took some time, but now i can type each and every word with its proper spelling in the same speed as that of my sms language.Thank you so much for teaching each one of so much. And yes I love your doberman :) ^_^ .

  30. I always enjoy your blog.
    You have a gift for discussing interactions in truthful yet amusing ways.
    Thank you and keep these good articles coming.

  31. Co incidence!! I just unknowingly publicized your book in my post:


  32. Yay!! Excited to see you doing blog marathon.. Will get to read from you daily now ..

  33. Always happy to read your posts, Preeti. All the best.

  34. wowww :) it will be great to read your post daily for a month :) Thanks for ur time n patience :):) But please don't delay your next book because of blog marathon , we all are very eagerly waiting for your next book !!!!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Three days back only I got your book which is "life is what you make it". As of now I read 10-15 pages of it and curious to complete it as I can...

    As a personalty you inspired a lot and now I became a fan of you.


  37. You really inspire me alot!! reading all 2013 Posts today!! ;)


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