What I did on day 4 of #lockdownIndia . Hang in there, people!

Hi there,

Those of you who  have  joined in, after watching my live or seeing my post on Instagram, welcome!

In of my books, I had written 'We don't realise the value of something, till we have lost it.' How prophetic those words have turned out to be when viewed against this #lockdownindia that we're all stuck in.

I don't know about you, but I tune out of all the 'gloom and doom' and panic messages floating around on WhatsApp groups. It seems as though some people feel better after they blurt out their fears and 'warn others'. I immerse myself in my book, in my art and my workouts.

Today was a deep cleaning day for me. Oh, the satisfaction of a bright, spotless, sparkling clean house! No wonder Marie Kondo continues to be a multi million copy bestseller.
When it comes to cleaning, I am also not too frightened of doing all the heavy housework, which many Indians dread. For many in India, if the househelp or the maid does not turn up it is a disaster of epic proportions. However, for me, it's not that big a deal, as as when I lived in the UK, I used to do all the housework myself.

I think its a good exercise to sweep and mop the floors :) (Don't kill me for saying that; It is true!)

I was disappointed this morning, when I started getting messages from my readers saying that Amazon is cancelling the orders of my latest book. I felt bad for a brief while, but then reminded myself that at the end of all this, a beautiful book #whenlovecamecalling, still awaits. I also worked  out and that helped me feel really good, banished the sad mood.

It's very easy to slip into a neagtive thinking rut, being cooped up in the house. Also, everyone is probably irritated, being stuck together. If someone in your family, or home snaps or is annoyed, give them their space. Don't try and argue with them, or try to make them see your point. Walk away and give them time to cool down. Also, let it go!

These are hard times, but hey--everywhere, all around the world, we are all in it together.

I almost forgot to mention: I will be live on Facebook tomorrow  at 10.30 am (Sunday,29 march)  for an online summit along with Tisca Chopra and Kiran Manral.

It is being organised by shethepeople.tv and it is a discussion on Womens writing. Do join me on

What was the most productive thing you did today?  Do you think being cooped up together makes people irritable?
Tell me in comments ; I'd love to know what you think.

I will try and reply to each and every comment left in my comment box. If you are reading this in your inbox, please head over to my blog and comment as I may not be able to reply to a mail dashed off.

I shall see you again tomorrow.
Till then, take a deep breath, hydrate by drinking water,  lose yourself in a good book, and go off to sleep.
This shall pass soon my friend!  Life is beautiful my friend. Stay strong!
Lots of love
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  1. We did Zumba working watching YouTube videos for half an hour in the evening ! And it was refreshing and productive one!! Night, I finished with writing my thanks journal and written a blog on my site about “counting our blessings”

  2. Your post makes me think more about myself and makes me realize that I should personally develop my skills.. Thanks for that Ma'am....I need a small advice Ma'am....For the past 4 days I am trying to spent my time usefully but end up being wasted..how can I overcome that Ma'am.

    1. Make a plan early in the morning and write a list. Give each item a colour--red being most important, orange being medium and green being less important etc.. Do all the red items before 12.00 noon.
      Get creative!

    2. Thank you Ma'am... means a lot

  3. I did cleaning and cooking. Since I am an academician, I finished writing an article for a yearbook. Am getting inspired by your posts to see a beautiful tomorrow.

  4. My husband and I did some exercise and cleaned the house together...it was fun and tiring at the same time. Then I cooked some good food and is currently reading a nice book - Little Women. Spread positivity!!!

    1. Have read that book a long long lomng time back (when I was a teenager). Its a great book.

  5. Hi Preeti. I started reading books on my Kindle. I also cleaned the house today by going through my files in the cabinet. Getting irritable is something that happens regardless of quarantine days or not. So I normally isolate myself for a few minutes and am back to normal after ten minutes. I watched your LIVE chat on Insta last night. I missed being a part of it since I log in less and did not know about it. Thanks for always spreading positivity through your Insta Statuses, Blogs, Facebook Posts and your books! Take care!

    1. Only ten minutes! Wow you cool down fast :) Thank you for watching and following and encouraging! <3

  6. Love your posts Mam! 😍 Really positive and motivating. Thank you so much 🙏🏻

  7. Well it's a brilliant opportunity in times of crises when you can tune out from all the noise outside and find your inner centre.This sound of silence would be soon lost once all the cacophony returns.So let's make the best use of it.
    I have made a decision to learn at least a new concept each day from now on till the end of the lockdown and beyond.Today I learnt about the basic concepts of future &options in the stock market.Tommorrow maybe I would try to learn a new dance move or a new dish or 10 new words in a different language or maybe analyse a movie and write about it.
    Everyday if we learn one new thing or concept by the end of the year we would be having a vast array of knowledge at our disposal.

  8. Hai Preeti... Every day morning I get up early at 530 am.. Do 20 minutes exercise and 10 minutes meditation.. I swept and mopped all rooms.. Every nook and corner ...


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