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Hey there,

Today is day 3 of #Lockdownindia. I feel fortunate to be living in a place where I am surrounded with nature, greenery and I am blessed  to have lots of garden space. Every morning when I wake up, I feel so grateful for my life . Check out my Instagram stories where I post these videos of my surroundings.  For those of you new to Instagram click on the pink circle around my profile picture to view the stories. (The stories stay for 24 hours after which they disappear)

 This morning  when I was walking my dog (yes, walking dogs is allowed during lockdown. The Government has clarified this) I saw an incredible sight.  I stood open mouthed, gaped and a shiver went down my spine. I had my dog's leash in one hand and the poopscoop in my other hand, and hence I couldn't whip out my phone to click a picture. Also I was too shaken, too awestruck  that it was only when the moment passed that I felt I missed a chance.  What I saw was this: an eagle swooped down before my very eyes, and picked up a snake and flew upto a tree with the snake writhing in its claws. Two smaller birds tried to peck at the snake. The eagle was having none of it, and soared higher and faster, on to another tree to enjoy its breakfast in peace. The other birds couldn't catch up or follow. They accepted defeat, resigned to the fact that they would have to look for worms after all. :)

What a brilliant and astonishing sight this was. I have goosebumps now as I descibe what I witnessed.

Are you guys working out at home? How are you getting your exercise? I am. I have posted a few snippets  of me working out on my instagram page. If you are looking for a good home workout, you can check my friend's page. He is a fitness manager and  has started a 21 day homeworkout programme, free of cost and you are most welcome to join in!

Lockdown is a time when you need exercise, more than ordinary times. I find that on the days that I have a really good workout, I feel happy because of all the  feel-good endorphins that have been released. Today was my rest day (rest days are important for your body to recover) and I am already waiting for tomorrow so I can work out! Exercise is so addictive that way.  Also, I find that on the days when I exercise I have more energy than on the days when I don't!

The picture on my left was clicked after a  home workout session, and you can see my dog joins in. She watches me and tries to give me personal training :)

How was your day ?
Tell me in comments what you did. I shall try and reply to each and every comment left here. If you are reading this in your inbox, please do head over to my blog and leave me a comment there. I wont be able to reply to individual mails.

Lets all go to bed, thinking of one good thing about our day today, and one happy thing you look forward to tomorrow!
Lots of love



  1. Nice post Mam! Loved it. Thank you!

  2. Preetiji Eagles,Civets,deers coming out in the open.Dolphins on the sea coast.....It's nature's way of saying to humans to stop encroaching on the space of animals.We have to learn to coesisc with them peacefully.
    Mam,your posts are vivid and your workout is inspiring.Whats your favourite music while working out?I do remember your yogasanas from your previous posts and those were also awe-inspiring as well.
    N.B: Preetiji loved your garden on Instagram.👍👍👌👌👌

    1. The thought crossed my mind too--that snakes are venturing out. But in my case, where i live, snakes come every week! It's common because of the greenery. Our guards are trained to carefully catch them and they are released into the forest, collected by forest department.
      I have a workout playlist which I have compiled myself; It's a medley of energetic songs.
      Thank you so much for the kind compliments about my yoga and my garden too. It keeps me sane!

  3. Nice post Preeti. I had a busy day as I had to clean the house, do laundry and help my mom with the daily chores. I also went out to buy provisions. There is a total lockdown in Mangaluru tomorrow so hopefully more people will follow the order and stay at home. I try to have a brisk walk in the common area outside my front door. Other than that, I do not exercise. Just doing the daily chores is like a workout for me.:-).

    1. I thought the total lockdown was everywhere? What do you do for a living?

  4. I cleaned up my owners garden corridor as they are away and maid isn’t coming. This was my little exercise today. I felt happy to see it clean and sorted. Later I did warm up and squats for 15 min. That’s it :)

    1. Nice! Yes, I mopped my whole house today, and also swept the garden. Such a joy one feels when everything is clean :)

  5. Madam , as always your posts are so inspiring ,relaxing ,giving us a picture of Hope ...
    I eagerly wait for it everyday.
    Indeed "sweet are the days of adversity ".....
    May be this is Mother Earths way of telling humankind ... enough abuse of the worlds ecosystem & resources have taken place : it time to slow down & put the globe under "Maintenance" for a while.
    Also really good time for me to self introspect too ..
    Meanwhile amongst other things I am Reading a novel : "Kafra on the Shore " (By Murakami :Japanese translated version) 400 pages already read just a few more remaining to complete it ....
    Warm regards

    1. I am reading Murakami too! (Dance Dance Dance) Murakami is magic!

  6. Ma'am I want to know your father and mother's profession. As I am doing exercise and all my 🏠 hold works with writing my thesis on you. Please tell me, and yes your motivational work is something I follow everyday and feel happy by watching it. Taking care of my plants and serving food to street dogs who need me for food in this lockdown.

  7. Hello mam this is Kishor from Maharashtra. I am doing my Ph.D. research on your writing. I have selected your first four novels. It's been great experience of reading some outstanding work. Really your writing is too realistic and its sounds everywhere. In you novels I found the very aspects of new woman of today's generation and their suffering and their emergence as an independent soul. During this lockdown it's good to be connected with you through blog. Expecting your favourable response during my research work. And by the way your love for fitness it's really appreciable. Keep it up and inspiring us through your daily thoughts.


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