Three happy things that happened to me on day 6 of #lockdownindia

Hello there,

 How are you holding up on Day 6 of #Lockdownindia ? Chances are the lockdown will get extended. Let's be prepared for the long haul, and let's not fixate on April 15th (when it is supposed to end). Because this way we won't be disappointed and are prepared! My father used to say 'prepare for the worst and hope for the best', a line I have used in my book Wake Up, Life is Calling.

I did a plank challenge today which I found to be very easy and fun! Here's the video.
I had so much fun that I shot it thrice :)
Do give it a try and do it to the music!

I also read a LOT today, and did an elaborate and exhausting home workout.

Here are three unusual things that happened to me today:

1. I found two beautiful feathers

2. I made two  rainbows while watering my plants. :)

3. When the coffee spilled from my cup, it formed a heart shape!

Some of my readers messaged me saying these are blessings from the Universe. I indeed believe so.

I am a Tarot card reader too, and I have done eerily accurate readings for many of my close friends and my family. As a Tarot card reader (and as an artist) I always find symbolism and meanings even in small things which many people dismiss as mundane or inconsequential.
If you wish to know more about Tarot, here's the wiki link. 

Have you ever had a Tarot card reading?  Do you believe in signs and symbols from  the Universe?
Have you ever had a prediction where whatever the person said came true ?

Tell me your experiences in comments, I would love to know!
Will  try and reply to all comments in my comment box. (so if you are reading this in your mail, head over to my blog).

Till tomorrow, ruminate, ponder, reflect on all the happy memories life has gifted you.
Lots of love

Photo by Fadi Xd on Unsplash


  1. I'm a tarot reader too :) ur finding angelic symbols everywhere. Much love from the universe indeed

  2. Just read your book now mam
    "Wake up life is calling" and find your account here.
    The book shares many invaluable things and told about how thoughts can change your progress.
    Here much impressed with the 21 days positivity too..

    Keep up your good work mam
    Became a fan of yours
    I'm experiencing some positive vibes now for sure

    Thank you so much mam

    1. Thank you so much for the very kind comment!

  3. I loved this post so much Mam! Thank you for sharing this 🙏🏻 I am a huge believer of all these. Actually I see more of such symbols in my dreams and I wake up immediately. And all positive dreams come to me in the early mornings around 4 to 5 AM. And most of them come true. I lost my grandmother 5 years back. But she keeps coming in my dreams and tells me if there is something important which is going to happen in the family. I feel so so blessed to see her in my dreams.
    The rainbows are awesome Mam! Thank you very much for sharing.

    1. I used to keep seeing my grandma too. And whenver I dreamt of her, the day would go amazingly well.

  4. I used the link about Tarot which you had shared above. I could get some insights of what it is and immediately I browsed if I could an online free tarot reading for once because, I was curious how it works and how true it is! Just wanted to know. I found one site and it asked me to pick 6 cards out of which three were surprisingly true and I couldn't relate with other three yet with my life. However it is interesting. Is Tarot reading stressful or easy? I would like to give a try. I remember you recommending a book of tarot which you read in insta books! Any links to learn online?

    1. Online ones are all algorithm ans artificial intelligence based and therefore can't be relied on. Tarot works on the energetic vibration of the person doing the reading. I would recommende learning from someone who is genuine. Asking if it is stressful or easy is like asking if math is easy or difficult! It depends on so many factors. I don't have any specific online recommendations, but if you search you will come across *many* resources which you can use.

  5. Maam, really love your blog and am a huge fan of yours. I have read your "Life is what you make it" like a million times, and still can't get enough of it. I have a small request. Will you write on how you manage and organize all the chaos in your life to lead a happy life? Keep blogging for us mam. Lots of love...

    1. I hope you know it is fiction and are not relating the chaos in the book to my life! :)

  6. Hi Preeti. I have never got a Tarot Card reading done, but had an Astrologer tell my family and I lots of things which have become true. This could be regarding health, wealth, relationships, etc. I do believe in signs and symbols from the Universe. I love when you post about the hearts and feathers. They are so pretty! Will definitely check the Wiki link on Tarot Reading. Thank you.


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