When Love Came Calling by Preeti Shenoy: A dose of positivity in these troubled times

Hey guys!

 How have you all been and how are you all coping with the Covid preparations in your city? Are you in lockdown? I hope you are following social distancing and taking it very seriously. Please be responsible citizens and do stay at home. Even if  you don't have it, you might be a carrier.

Try and focus on the positives. If you aren't on Instagram, hop on to the platform. You can choose to keep your account private and you need not even post anything if you don't want to! I find it is a good platform. If you don't know how to use it, watch THIS VIDEO
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The reason I ask you to open an Instagram account is because I keep posting stories there throughout the day. They are stories that spread joy and hope, and I get a tonne of messages daily, thanking me for those stories. My instagram handle is preeti.shenoy and you will see a verified badge (a blue tick) next to my profile so you know its the right one

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After my last post, things qucikly spiralled because of the COVID outbreak. We were supposed to launch our book cover in Mumbai, but we ended up doing it virtually.
You can watch the whole  video of the cover launch  HERE
My daughter  joined me and we unveiled it LIVE.

Here's the cover!

It's a young adult fiction, the core theme being: Sometimes you have to travel far to discover yourself.

It's the story of Arush, 20  and Puja 19. Arush is a British citizen and he has never travelled to India. Puja lives in Kochi. She is fiery but also confused and doestn't know what she wants to do with her life. Both are polar opposites .

To know more about the  book you can go to Preeti.io/love and read the synopsis.

ALL pre-orders (which means orders placed now) will be printed signed copies with a special message from me.

I feel quite proud of this book, as I think it is a dose of positivity in these troubled times. We're all stuck at home, and how much Netflix can one watch anyway!

I am reading a lot, painting and doing my fitness routine at home to keep myself healthy, physically and mentally.

What are you doing?
Tell me in comments!


Ps: order  the book for a copy with my signature and a handwritten message from me


  1. Hi Preeti, i am so delighted to see your post. And i am so happy to tell you that your new book is getting released on 15th April which is my Son's bday as well and the protagonist of your book name Arush is also my son's name Aarush.. Such a coincidence.. I am. Looking forward to grab this book in this time of crisis. Personally, germany is locked down and i am doing more reading, more cooking and enjoy time with family being safe inside indoors.. Hope to hear more fr you..

    1. Dear Shally,
      Thank you so very much for your kind and sincere wishes. The book launch has been delayed due to Covid. The new release date is 29 april. But happy that my Arush has something in common with your Aarush <3
      Lots of love.
      Toda on my insta, I am sharing positivity stories.

  2. Can't wait to get the book on kindle and read it.

    Don't want to jinx it, but I'm loving the slow routine so far. My work has quadrupled as I have to now homeschool both children, work from home, and keep the kitchen running without any help, but there is no driving around, so sports/activities, no social gatherings/commitments, and it's been liberating to just be "us" for a while. I'm able to play games with the kids, cook/bake/ride bikes/hike with them, and also able to read for hours during the weekend.

    Having said that, 5+ months of this will definitely get to us, but so far, so good.

  3. Hi Preeti. I watched the cover launch on Facebook Live. Was delighted to know that Purvi had designed the cover. Hats off to her. Eagerly waiting for the book to be launched. Now I am sure it will be delayed because of the Lockdown but it is ok. Hoping Covid 19 can be eliminated soon. Looking forward to healthier and tension free days. I follow your profile on Instagram and the status updates brings lots of positive energy. Thank you!


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