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Hello there,

If you are counting days like me, you know this is day 5 of #lockdownindia. This is the time when we start getting restless, especially it being the weekend. Most of us associate weeekends with 'going out' and 'having fun' and let's admit it, it sucks to not hav a choice!

As much as we try to focus on the positives, sometimes it just feels good to say  F*%&nG He%% and let some steam out :)

I let out steam  either through exercise or through art.

It helps me cope with this insanity and focus on getting fitter.

Many of you  have been asking me about Kindle as I read a lot on Kindle.
You can downlaod the free kindle app on any device.
 Once you download the app, you can buy ebooks. I have four short stories currently as ebooks. My short stories are availble *ONLY* as ebooks, not in the physical form. Each one is a short read not more than 45 mins.
Of course my novels are also there.
My short stories are
1. Poker Face
2.The Nameless relationship
3.The Frogs
4.The Obsession
If you are looking to kickstart your reading habit, I highly recommend starting with short stories.

I have linked all the stories abobt and clicking on the names will take you to the stories.

That's all from me for today. I am off to make some art.
Leave me comments, people! I love hearing from you and it's nice to interact rather than this being a onesided monologue!
If you are reading this in your mail, do head over to my blog to leave me a comment.
I try and reply to all comments :)

See you tomorrow here! Till then, let off steam in whatever way suits you!

Lots of love
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  1. Yes Rightly said As much as we try to focus on the positives, sometimes it just feels good to say F*%&nG He%% and let some steam out :)
    You would pinpoint Some Other ways in one can sail through these tough times. Ma'am I am 22 keeping that in mind.
    Goodt hear about your ways to destress 😊

    1. heh heh :) I will make videos and post on my insta (about other ways to destress).

  2. Agree to your point. When other sees as a problem, you view as an opportunity. This is a right time to indulge ourselves in reading books for transition of mind. This is one of the best ways to keep friends with ideas and stories of authors in times of social distancing. Thanks for your article spreading the positivity among readers.

    1. Thanks a ton for leaving a comment Manudrishti. Really appreciate it!

  3. Thanks for another great post. I loved reading your 4 short stories after they were launched. I am going to read it again. No matter how many times I read your book, I always feel like I am reading it for the first time. Reading makes me feel relaxed. Hope to read more books during the lockdown. Take care!

    1. Thanks so much. My short stories are very dark compared to my novels and I am glad you like both!

  4. Thank you so much ma'am for keeping us motivated through your exercise videos.
    They do help.
    You are an inspiration.
    Please keep doing so.
    And thanks for the short stories.

    1. Really glad they do. I was wondering if I am posting too many exercise videos! :)

  5. Mam! I have read Poker face and The Gift. I loved both. I will definitely read your other short stories too.

    1. Oh yes..I had forgotten about The Gift as it was on juggernaut. Thanks :)

    2. Welcome Mam! I guessed you forgot Mam 😄

  6. I read every single word that you write!! love the 21 days of positivity!! following you, home work out it is to let the steam off

    1. Thanks a ton! <3 Yeah, homeworkouts are a life saviuor!

  7. Hi Preeti Mam,

    I am reading your blogs since 2011 and most of your novels. There were days I used to wait for your blogs and same till date. I have very old bond with your blogs. Always it fills with positivity.
    Really likes your blog marathons.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Thanks a lot Bullu! This is the first time I am seeing you in my comment box though. Appreciate it!


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