Ten Reasons why you should attend a book launch by your favourite author. No.9 will delight you!

Why should you attend book launches? Here are ten GREAT reasons! :)

1. You get to hear the author and know what their personality is like when they are not writing.

2. You learn something about 'behind the scenes' that went on in a book.

3.You can ask them questions.

4.You learn something new. (most of the time!)

5.You are showing your love to the author by turning up.

6.You can discuss what the author spoke about with your friends.

7.You will be a a part of a fun event.

8.You can take selfies to post on social media.

9. You discover new books! (what can be a  better reason that that?)

10. It is a thousand times better than watching a movie (which you can always catch later!)

For those of you in Bangalore, come and meet me today(5th May) at Sapna Book House, Koramangala where we launch my new book

  Love a Little Stronger.



  1. Preeti! I enjoyed reading the post...what goes behind the scene, interaction and the author's persona coming out. Hope I can get to meet you someday!

    1. Hey--thanks so much for letting my know! I hope we meet Vishal :)

  2. Interesting Post Preeti! I am waiting for the day when I can meet you, learn more about you than from what I already know from your Insta/Facebook updates, discuss about your books, get your autograph and of course, take a photo with you. That would be one of the best days of my life. Hope it happens soon!


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