When a soul stirs

Photo by Atul Shenoy age 11

I am sorry I had to remove this poem as it is under consideration for publication.
© 2009 Preeti Shenoy
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  1. hi didi
    you express yourself wonderfully
    by the way what was the incident
    that stirred your soul

  2. Oh awesome
    Using anatomy in poetry :)
    Atul - nice shot

  3. Wonderful poem. Very deep too :)
    Brilliant lines - cadaverous heartbeat's treacherous sheath and spiked passion and shrouded hood :) -Painful- oops..... full of pain. :) :P

  4. Oh Preeti writes poetry! Very good!
    I really really love this verse: "They can only be felt when souls stir like fireflies" - wonderful :)

  5. DM: thanks . have always written poems :) Maybe you've forgotten!

    Ajay: :) YH & YT &YBHB :) It was OHT wasn't it?

    Sunny raju:Thank u

    Krish: Thanks..Er--- A poet's muse. :) :P

  6. Very impressive.
    The imagery is just very thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. fantastic and found humor reading biological words in a poem!

    thanks for your comments on several blog posts of mine, PS. :) As always, I look forward to your suggestions and inspirations.


  8. EM : The biological words were used to drive home the point of how differently each viewed the same thing--and what a contrast passion and science are. Thank u.I enjoyed reading your work too.

    Only one;Thanks!

  9. wow :) simply sooper! I am curious, typically how long wud it take you to write such a poem?

    I write beautifully....this poem made me miss a special someone!

  10. Beautiful Poem Preethi!!!!!

    I'm beginning to figure out the hard work which goes into writing one of them;-D

  11. Anonymous9:29 AM

    "I wished there were words
    To describe beyond and beneath"

    "Sometimes things cannot be described

    They have to be lived to be understood"...

    Am feeling dumb and Wordless....Misty eyed.....Thanks for sharing...

    P.N.: Sometimes, I wonder how could someone so far off read me so clearly and put them in writing.......

  12. :(( i cudnt get the stirring...too hi-fi for me :(

  13. Oops - typo..I meant to say -

    "You" write beautifully :)

  14. So true, sometimes it's just indescribable...

    'spiked passion shrouded hood' - I've till date not found an answer to why is passion so painful!

    Beautiful, as usual :)

  15. That was amazing! You left me speechless :-)

    How do you watermark images though? Was just curious..

  16. Beautiful words Preeti, which betrayed the anguish under the calm surface.
    Does a tree without leaves
    Mean that it is there for the sheaves
    May be everything has a reason
    With the change of a season
    Winter turns to spring
    Trees barren will add a new ring
    Full of leaves and flowers anew
    Refreshing the mind and soul..

    I felt shifted when I read your words :-)
    The picture was just perfect - nice capture :-)


  17. Nandhu: Lines you wrote are so lovely too. I think you really understood what i was trying to convey.

    Stillness speaks: Thank U! U're so good for my soul :) I use picassa for watermarks.

    Still thinking: I think I can answer that. passion mostly borders on obsession.There is usually only a thin line separating the two.Any kind of passion/obsession is painful because it is not usually reciprocated at the same wavelength. Thats why 'madly deeply passionately' in love sizzles out ultimately and gets replaced by more mature love or breaks up.

    Shachi: Yes--i got that typo :) Thanks so much. I think it took me about 20-25 minutes to write this one.

  18. Santasizing: Thank u!

    Gils: Well--you can just interpret it anyway you like--whatever works for u! :) I really appreciate your honesty--and value it.

    Athivas: Happy to connect and give shape in the form of words to your thoughts.

    Reflections: thank you!! Yes--finding words that rhyme and twisting lines to express what you want to say is indeed challenging isnt it?

  19. Hi Preeti,

    You are an amazing writer. I read your article about TV being used as a baby sitter. Thats very true. From the article i reached at your blog and liked the name of your blog.

    Your son has clicked an amazing picture.. Is he taking any courses.

    I also write about my son. Will apapreciate if your read and write the comments.

    Thanks, will like to visit your blog again.


  20. Pink dogwood:Thank you

    Swatantra:Thanks so much. Where did you read that article? Sulekha? No--my son does not take any course. Its just a hobby.Thanks for your comments and appreciation.

  21. Very beautiful...and profound!

  22. That was amazing poetry!!!
    Never knew u were a poet too!

  23. I read your reply to Still Thinking's comment twice. To someone else I would have said, "You should write a book". What do I say to you :D You already do that. You were marvelous. You answered something so complicated so very simply. And it makes so much sense too :-)

  24. Your son is really great at photography.

    I read the article at sulekha.

  25. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Lovely poetry PS .. :-)

  26. Anonymous1:26 AM

    I wanted to add this was my favourite part in this poem
    "I wished there were words

    To describe beyond and beneath

    I wished you could see before and between

    Cadaverous heartbeat’s treacherous sheath."

    The whole poem has a feel of you teaching a little child the lessons of life - the joys, suffererings, success, failure and the whole works :-)

  27. Nice poem, really interesting combination of science versus emotions.
    Beautiful photo too, compliments to your son. :)

  28. Thinker: Thank you :) Will pass on compliments to my son

    Thoughtful train: Little child angle had never occurred to me :P But thanks! :)

    Swatantra: ok. I guess he has an eye for pictures. He has a photo blog too..

    Stillness speaks ; :-) Did I tell u how good you really are for my soul? :)

    Akanksha: Oh! I have always written poems.Thank u.

    Gayu: thank you!

  29. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Hey PS, got an award for you! :-) About the little child, my imagination always goes in the opposite direction than it is supposed to ;-)

  30. :)

    Ms. Speaks is so right :)
    I was thinking of your answer to my comment all throughout yesterday and I had to come back.
    Passion for me always was or should I say is fervour and commitment and obsession didn't cross so much, but as you said the line is so fine, it's almost lost in the fog most of the time.

    In some way I'm scared of passion now (it still doesn't elude me though) and I'm hoping love will mature this time :D


  31. "Sometimes things cannot be described
    They have to be lived to be understood"

    So true! Nice poem.

  32. Mini: Thank U :)

    Still thinking: :) Just stick around long enuff , it will! :)

    Thoughtful train: Am honored. Will collect! :)

  33. I had trouble in understanding though .. too dumb tamil medium guy - may be thats why.

    Its classy poem on feeling - about love - I guess

    Sorry for my ignorance :)

  34. Srivats: :) Why does everyone think that a proficiency in a regional language is dumb?!! I was amazed at the way you translated those poetic lyrics for me--and admired your ability. A poem can be interpreted in many ways. So whatever meaning you got out of it (or didn't get!) its fine!! :) Appreciate your honesty!

  35. nice snap by atul.keep it up.

  36. loved it!

    there's passion and a telling gap... there's lust somewhere in there too... and a dash of regret... but finally there's still love and hope... even if its only seen during those brief encounters! :)

  37. Guru: i simply love how you dissect my poems! Maybe you do it so well as you write such lovely ones yourself!

  38. Absolutely loved this one. Expressed wonderfully. :)

  39. Cool Cancerian: Thank you shail! Coming from you its indeed a BIG compliment as you write amazing poetry yourself.

  40. aah.. I'm.. stirred :)
    sometimes its one sided.
    Its perspective. We see things the way we want to see them, they way we're used to seeing them.

    Reminds me of my Chemistry prof who was once comparing Science, commerce n arts students. He said.. if a boy gives a flower to a science student, she'll sit and dissect it and display parts of it. If he gives it to a commerce student, she'll think - if I can have a garden of these, I can sell them for so much price, then I can arrange for wider land and have more flowers...
    if he gives it to an arts students, she'll keep it in her book and say,'this is not a flower, this is my heart'
    .. :) aisehi.. thoda pakaaya..

    btw.. Atul is doing very good! :)

  41. oh nice..lovely poem..too deep :)

  42. I am madly deeply in love with the picture!


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