Finishing post! (blog marathon post 31)


Hi all,

Today is the last day of the blog marathon. 31 posts in 31 days and all I have to show for it is a crazy (but very real) sense of achievement and of course the lovely lovely things that you all have been saying. Absolute music to any writer’s ears—I am no different.

The response I have got here is tremendous. I really appreciate all of you who took time off to leave me a comment, because like I said here, comments or feedback is what any author or blogger looks for. I have been consistently getting more than 400 page views a day! That is a whopping 2800 in just a week! Out of this huge number, it is just a handful of people who have bothered to comment and write in. Most just read and leave. And since most of you who comment here regularly blog yourselves, you all know what I am talking about when I say that positive comments encourage you so much to write. They matter a lot. So a big, deep and a heartfelt thanks to all of you who commented here! You had an important part to play in this marathon story. [Okay and a thanks to all who read too, but could not or would not comment for whatever reasons. :-)]

Many of you have written to me asking me to extend this marathon. (How flattering—I am floating—please lower me gently back to Earth—ah, that’s good—thank you!) As much as I have enjoyed it, I am also heaving a sigh of relief that it is over. The thing is, I have, day after day, consistently come up with ‘good posts’ and not just tags or filler posts (you know what I mean) and I have responded to each and every comment (I think) unless the comment has been made days after the post was published. I have worked hard at my writing. I have sat up every night, long after my children have slept. Usually, we have a bed time ritual where I lie down with them for about 15 minutes and after I finish reading them a story, they talk and talk. I enjoy that so much and look forward to it. Then I tuck them in and leave the room. Some days it has been so hectic that I have not even done that. Satish has been encouraging me so much, holding the fort down, cooking at times, clearing up after dinner, helping the kids, while I sat at my computer writing posts. He has been one person who reassured me to take this up and ‘just do it’ and if he had not been so supportive I definitely could not have done it. I had visitors from India for a week, my son had very important national level exams, my daughter celebrated her 8th birthday—so you can imagine how hectic it was at home.

Another person who has really helped and motivated me is one of my closest friends--Ajay. He was also very insistent that I take it up. Almost every day he would remind me that deadline is ticking and had I written the post for next day? He would be the first to tell me that my writing was brilliant or outstanding. He would point out typos after the post was published and I'd quickly correct them before they were noticed. Often he would pick out something which was exactly what I had been thinking too and we would discuss it. He made it so much fun, rather than a task! One time, when I was really exhausted, he even wrote a guest post for me (despite being a non-blogger, he rose beautifully to the occasion) and I gratefully converted it to the post for the day by writing a quick preceding paragraph.

Now having finished this marathon, I can get back to completing my second book, which is mid way through. My first is doing really well (I am told by the publisher and by my many friends who check at book stores regularly).

This does not mean that I am saying a good bye! Of course, I will blog. But certainly not everyday. I will try to blog at least twice a week. (and I promise good posts) :-)

So see you around and I know you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Warmest regards,



  1. I am the first one to comment to this SPECIAL post. Lucky me !! :-)
    Congratulations on completing the blog marathon.
    It was good reading all your blogs.

  2. Let me be the first to respond on this thread... Thanks a lot Preeti for all the lovely post.. the fun part was i assume most of 11he post u submit are nearing to 10-11 pm (GMT) and as i am located in NY it had became a hobbit for me to check on to your post in between the day...
    I will still keep that habit alive on for looking out for your post...


    Btw the image on the post reminds me of a old joke.. (i guess you would have heard)

    The 3 bundars (monkeys) are associated to Mahatma Gandhi 3 principals... But Santa Singh (Santa Banta fame) proved that Actually their were 4 bunbar(
    1. Ears Closed
    2. Eyes Closed
    3. Mouth Closed
    4. Nose Closed (poor bundar could not stay alive for long time)


  3. i could have been the first is comment small :(

  4. Congratulations!! for seeing this to the end! :)

  5. Congrats PS on completing the marathon! n yes...i wanted to say too..that u actully wrote 31 posts...n did not just put in a painting or picture (though they are equally precious) n call it a post..u WROTE them all out .. so a Bigger Congrats!

    Yes we enjoyed this as much as u!

    Good Luck for ur book !

    n i cant help the sadness im overcome by :(

    Note: Couldn't wait until tomo morning to check the finishing post of the marathon! Now therz one less thing to look forward to abt tomo! :(

  6. I am so glad you did this and also sad that you posting everyday is ending!

    Oh and I just remembered, a week ago or so, I had dreamt that your second book came out and I was in India at that time and was quickly able to get a copy.
    I couldn't believe what I dreamt either...hehe
    anyways good luck with it, and see you around!

  7. Oh that is sad for us, your readers. You ll have to come up with a cute poem to make us feel better again. Jokes apart, I can imagine how much you would have had to struggle for this marathon. Good job and keep them coming as often as you can (especially the poems!! ;-)Kudos to Satish and Ajay - the 2 knights in shining armour!!

  8. Congratulations on finishing your marathon.

  9. well done, preeti.

    and LOVED the very apt!

  10. Congrats preeti
    i really enjoyed all the posts.
    and it was not just for the sake of it. and every thing was good.
    I thought initially the quality of write up will not be upto. but I was wrong.
    I really appreciate the hard work

  11. Congratulations on a job well done Preeti :) I totally hear ya on the comments. Take care.

  12. Congrats on a job well really feels sad :( knowing we wont be able to read your posts daily :( but 2 or 3 posts a week should be enough :)

  13. @Preeti,
    am really sorry for not commenting to the earlier posts, though I follow your blog regularly (forgive me).
    Am sad to know that the 31 day marathon has come to an end. Hope you get time to post more here :)

  14. Congratulations to the partner in crime.. Me too completed the 31st Post yesterday. Thought would close the marathon today with a 32nd post :-)

    Thanks for roping me in and loved your esteemed company all this while. I hope u finish ur second book soon and I get to attend my second book launch :-)

  15. Congratulations Preeti on having completed this marathon with your hectic life. Three cheers to you - Hip hip hurrah!!!!!!

  16. congrats preeti i completed it yesterday too :)

    it was fun wasnt it :)

    looking forward to more posts

  17. Congrats Preeti for completing the marathon.. Unfortunately this time I fell in the category of non-commenter for many posts as I got to read it only once or twice a week and I would be eager to read the remaining posts asap.. Sorry for that.. But I really enjoyed all your posts and looking forward to your next book and of course more blog posts :)

  18. wow this is sooo amazing! u shud b ultra proud of urself!! coming up with new posts everyday for a month is NOT an easy task!! esp when u have a million other things going on @ home!

    i have enjoyed each and every one of ur posts PS! even the ones i dint comment on! :)

    CONGRATS!!!! :)

  19. Congrats Preethi!!!!!!!! U made it!!!!!!!!!!!

    And thank U too for 31 wonderful entertaining & stimulating posts.

    We are going to miss them!!!!!!!!

    And all the very best for ur next book!!!!!!

  20. Heartiest congratulations to you. And to Satish and the kids too. Its a collective achievement :)
    It was a pleasure (as usual) to read all your marathon posts. And here's wishing you loads and loads of best wishes for the book :)
    take care.
    Its time for relaxing in the hammock with some iced tea :)

  21. Hi Preeti! Congratulations! Everyday when I reach office, I have a little free time when I am waiting to be assigned a task for the day, so its usually that I start my day after reading one of your posts. Really all of my days have started on a wonderful note all thanks to you. We, all the readers have benefitted the most from your blog marathon. Thanks so much for it :)
    Now that its come to an end, one would miss it but well the good part is, that one can look forward to your second book now.
    All the best with that and thanks again for making this blog marathon a great experience for all your readers.

  22. Congrats!!

    To tell you the truth, I was praying silently that you should complete this task without a break. I would not have commented in every post but I did check every day that there is a post.Come to think of it,I don't know why I was curious.

    anyways, all done ver well.

    Puthu puthagam nalla vara vazhathukkal!!

  23. Congratulations!You made it, ensuring that we read post 31 with the same curiosity that we did for post 1. Great work,indeed.Best wishes for your book....

  24. Loved ur first book...and so looking forward to the second...
    So its great that you are finishing it soon:D...
    And even when the posts are limited to twice a week,shall eagerly wait for them...
    coz u really make me smile with each "good post" of yours:)

    Best of luck:)

  25. Anonymous10:58 AM

    First of all Congratulations Preeti. It was so good to see you finish what you started, and not just for the sake of it, but u did it with style, humor, attitude, and a good heart. This last month was the best experience i had so far in the blog world.

    I started out too, but could not finish it, but i tried my level best to post whenever i could. And no prizes for guessing who inspired me :)

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog marathon. It was an experience in itself. I wish u cud continue it sometime later maybe. I know it’s a bit too much to ask, and i might be a tad bit selfish too but can’t help it.... :)

    Thanks and congratulations once again. :)

  26. Congratulations Preeti!!!

    I am so sad.. It had become my habit of entering into office and first check ur blog!!! :((

    I will miss it all so much!!

    But as they say..all good things come to an end!!

    All the best for your second book!!

  27. Thats a herculean task accomplished very well!
    here goes the applause!!!!!!
    claps .. claps .. clapssss...

    now tht got us used to the habit of opening ur blogpost everyday(first thing!), with the assurance of reading some interesting stuff, our expectations r high.. v wish to c u posting very frequently! plz do the same!

  28. " Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together...."

    Congrats Preethi, It was wonderful 31 post and I really do admit that I have being addicted to your blog, and yes I have loved your all the 31 post but my Top 5 pick in this 31 are :
    1. What about you?
    2. Sunshine, shoes and other such things ...
    3. Three powerful words and five powerful phrases.
    4.Thirty nosey fun questions.
    5.Michael Schumacher and Mommy driver

    Thank You!! for this wonderful

  29. I loved all your post, I guess I might have missed a few of them :)

    Writing everyday, and managing at home the kids the new place the visitors. And you also managed to comment ametures like me - Chanceless may be you should start a time management training.

    Your writings are direct dil se , very descriptive,positive and inspiring.

    I never seen you complain or brag or do any thing silly. All your writings are in class with great writers.

    I loved your first book , managed to get it from a friend in india, I also wish you all the best with second book.

    May all your dreams come true!

    Havent been reading daily but definitely read whenever i come to blogosphere....

    Managing kids, a home and then writing posts of substance ...really really commendable!! Hats off to you!!

  31. Oh, I enjoyed it to the hilt!!! :)
    I looked forward to your posts every single day.

    Congratulations Preeti!!! It is indeed an achievement! Will miss the daily 'feel good' dose but twice a week is GREAT as well! Just write (that's a movie btw) :D

    Take a much needed break and all the best with the book.

    P.S: A big thanks and kudos to your family too :)

  32. Hello Preethi,

    I am one of those ‘readers’ who regularly read your daily marathon, but did not leave a comment. I would really feel bad not to leave a comment, after reading your wonderful daily posts.
    Wow ! You leave an amazing presence, by able to depict in the simplest choice of words. Everyday after reaching office(I am with Wipro, Chennai), after trying to clear off the pending mails the first browser window opens up your blog :-)
    I sincerely felt I should pass on my appreciation, once you ‘did it’. CONGRATS !!
    I am both happy and sad about it. Happy, because you made it with flying colours and sad, because, no longer would I get your daily cup of caffeine.
    Hey, you have a wonderful family who stood by you.
    Looking forward to your weekly posts.
    - Nandagopan aka Nandhu.

  33. congratulations!!
    sorry,culd not comment for every one of the posts..was definetly wanting to do..but could nt resist some.and still typed away//.
    and as u mentioned, there were days when I would be nervous not seeing a new post n relax after few hours when i see one..
    cheers di.u did it.*clink with a bubbly!!
    :D :D

  34. Great job Ps.
    Now I will read the posts :D


  35. You know what was amazing about this entire exercise was how you came up with topics every single day! And like you said, they were all Good posts and not fillers. It takes me quite some time before I can come up with something substantial. It was great reading you all this month, and if there were times I didn't comment, it was only because I was shy to do so!! (Yea what with 30 nosey questions et all :P) Take care and good luck with your book :)

  36. Congratulations on completing this marathon successfully!!! I've been in the vast majority that only read and didn't comment on every single post. But I'd like to let you know that your pick was thoroughly enjoyed. I'm so glad I chanced upon your blog:) All the best for your next book!!!

  37. Thank you Preeti and all who gave me credit above. Good job the marathon is over and I can now sit back on the rocking chair with the glass of bubbly and wait to enjoy Preeti's delicious cooking.

    Now that I have been modest enough, must admit that I did not play much of a role in the whole thing though did get back a bit of my own, by cooking some stuff which PS dint like, though dint have much of a choice. Total credit to her for being dedicated and committed to completing this marathon and the kids to being very supportive to her.

  38. Fantastic Job done Preeti!! Congrats for keeping up with writing every single day.

    Good Luck with your next book.

  39. It was a wonderful month to see you back in full swing.. will always look forward to your wonderful posts.

  40. congrats!

    it was fun while it lasted...

    i hope you coming up more such crazy experiments often :)

  41. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Preeti ...I am really going to miss your posts ....Although I have just started to read your blog ... I was getting used to it soon as my husband left for work I d log in and straight check your post for the day ...even before I checked my mails and my facebook account ;)

    I was always amazed at how you always managed to reply to every single one and would have something to say to everyone :)

    The end of this blog marathon will definitely leave a vacuum in my life :)

    Nonetheless I d be looking forward to your twice a week blogs promised ...

    So Long ! Cheerio!

  42. Job Well Done...Mission Accomplished...go for break Preeti..

  43. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Congrats! U inspire us. and thanks for introducing me to NaBloPoMo :)

  44. Congratulations for finishing the blog marathon... I for one, really enjoyed the posts.

    And yes, I was one of those folks who could not (hopefully not from the "would not" category) who couldn't comment on every post, but I sure enjoyed every post out here!

    Hope to see you soon here in the blogging circles again... and even if I can't comment that regularly, know that I'm keeping updated with your little webspace :)


  45. Congrats Preeti on completing the marathon.

    But i miss your post, as my days used to start with your blog. The moment I login into the system, before checking the mails, i used to peep into your blog and enjoyed all the posts.

    Anyway, all the best for your second book.

  46. hey Preeti.
    congratulations for finishing the Blog marathon successfulyy,
    I for one, really enjoyed ur posts..i nvr missed reading a single post, bt i shud confess sometimes i cudnt leave a comment ( soorrryyyyyyyyyyyyy).
    as per IST i daily logged into orkut from office to c ur updates on ur blog , i really njoyed reading ur posts.
    realy impressed n i do wonder how come u get into so much details of lil things n make em so intersting wich we commonly nt even think...too goood.
    i liked u aftr reading ur first book bt aftr reading ur blog totally respect u n admire u.
    eagerly waitng for ur 2nd book...

    n heartiest thanks for replying to each of my single comment...
    best of luck for everythng Preeti..
    u knw wott PS i m endebetd to u in may ways( i cnt disclose em here..will send u a mail )..
    tk cr
    hey preeti one more request--as u wnt be writing a post daily --pls pls pls write a poem for all us readers..will surely miss ur wrk a lot...
    tk cr ...
    u r a kind of frd wid whom i have nvr spoken bt a bonding is der..u solve many of my problems widout knwing em..
    thnks a tonn..
    tk cr..
    Regards n wishes

  47. It is always great reading all your posts.. the daily dose were like a treat :) simplicity is the beauty of it, if you ask me.. I am glad to have exchanged a few views with you during this last month.. thanks for replying to my pings :)
    bestest of wishes for always..


  48. You really did was such a big challenge...and indeed a big achievement...

    a li'l story..

    One day (somewhere in past 31 days) I visited your blog and found the same post I read a day I thought what happend no post today..thn I calculated the time difference and all..still the same result..I thought you might have skipped it today...

    but you didn't .. browser was showing me the old page from cache i refreshed the page..nd KABOOM!! post :D

    It was wonderful reading many of those posts( I cud not read all )

    keep blogging


  49. Congratulations on a job well done...YOU ROCKKKK!

    And LOVED the picture :)

    I agree with your comment - the posts were not just filler posts....each was good.

    Keep up the good work!


  51. The posts were brilliant and I loved reading each of them... :)

  52. Kudos on a fantastic effort and some well written posts throughout the month that kept this doc entertained in the early hours before heading to work

  53. You have done a fantastic job Preeti :) Am sure it must have been quite a task keeping up with the daily agenda of writing a blog. Somehow, am going to miss reading your lovely posts every morning.

    All the very best for your second book. What's it about?

  54. congrulations for completing blog marthon succesfuly.I enjoyed every single post.sometimes i left comment and sometimes not.but overall my heartiest congrulations for u.
    keep writing.

  55. Hey PS: Congratulations on blog marathon. looking forward to more wonderful posts.
    My best as always

  56. i am sad to see this end. i looked forward to your posts everyday, somedays i left a comment, and somedays i didn't, but i visited everyday. All your posts were wonderful and worth reading!

  57. Ranjini: Thank U!

    Chitra: thank U!

    Jyotiajay:Thank U!

    Palsworld: Second book is a full length fiction. Very inspirational yet fun.

    Dr.Roshan: happy it did!

    Sushobhan: Thank U!

    Shachi: Thank U!

    Prakhar: yeah, the posts were one after the other. Thanks!

    Mindspace: Gald to have met yo 'virtually' and no need to thank me for responding to your ping! If i am around I always do! :)

    nidhi: Thank you so much and really happy that my book helped you in whatever way. Will look forward to your mail.

    Neverending memories:Its a huge compliment when you say that you check my blog even before you check mails. Wow! Thank U!!

    Arnab: Yes--i hear that.Thank you :)

    PartywithNeha: my pleasure and happy you took it up and thank you for taking whatever I say very seriously and responding too. Appreciate it.

  58. Rohan:Thank you! Took a break by working on book!

    Poonam1: Huge compliment that u check my blog even before u check your own mail! Thank you!

    Guruprasad: I hope not! ;-)

    Aathira:Thank U!

    Life begins:Thank U!

    Satish: :-) Will make Puttu kadala tomo :)Forewarned is forearmed. U should not have declared your intentions publicly :)

    Mini: Thanks a lot!

    Stillness speaks: Why so shy?! What do u have to hide so much? ;-) Pls come to UK soon! Thank u :)

    Nikhil: Rajave--vallare vallare nanni :P :D :)

    Swathy: Clink Clink! :) Thank U!

    Nandagopan: U know I used to see Wipro in my sitemeter and used to wonder who it was. Happy to 'meet you' and thanks for letting me know!

    Still thinking: U ahve been one of my most loyal readers/'commenters'.Thank U!

    SGD:Thank U!

    Srivats: i like what you write--so I make it a point to read--thats all! Really flattered that you managed to get a book from India.Thank u.

    Prabodh: i would pick different posts..But hey--to each htheir own. Happy you enjoyed it!

    Hunter: Will do!Thank U!

  59. Chirpy paro:Thank U!

    Amsko: Now that I have time to breathe (phew!) will check your blog. Thanks a lot!

    Santasizing: Thank U! :)

    Savitha:Thank U!

    Maddy: Rumba thanks! :) Thank u for the prayers too.

    Thinker:What an honour to be able to 'make someone's day'. Thanks so much.

    Meira: Vodka is better :P Thank U!

    Reflections: Thanks a LOT!

    Sunshine: Oh you commented often enuff! Thank U!

    Dhanya:Thank U!

    Monika:It was fun. Congrats to u too!

    SMM: A speecial thanks to you--u know for what :)

    Prats:Thank u for jumpinng in and swmming with me--and congrats to u too!

    Hashir: Thanks a lot!

    Shantharam: Thank U!

    Laksh:Thank U! Yes--i know u know when u say I hear u :)

    Sunny raju:Glad to prove u wrong :) Thank u!

    Suma: Thank U!

    Nessa: Thank U!

  60. Ashwini: :) Yeah the Knights in shining armour did their jobs :)I too liked the poems in this marathon! Will write when mood strikes. Thank U

    Only One: Wow! A dream about my second book..Even I have not got that dream! :P Thank U!

    Pavi: Yes--i know exactly what u mean when u say it was not just one photo or painting but I wrote . Thats what i was trying to say!Thank u!!

    Ajay: :-)

    Anish: Awww--dont sulk! I read all comments anyway!

    Guru: Ok-- :) :) Congrats! :)

  61. Congratulations on your blog marathon Preeti! Enjoyed reading every bit and will enjoy reading them always. My many thanks to you.
    Good luck on your second book.

  62. Preeti,
    It is awesome that you completed the blog marathon. I too have embarked on it and the idea of writing something new every day keeps me on my toes.

    Good luck with your second book! You are becoming quite the popular author eh? :D


  63. Anonymous8:37 AM

    i followed a few posts in the series.. yeah you blogged like a tigress...

    marathon it was..

  64. All of us had so gotten used to your posts on a daily basis. We would surely miss it :D I shall be there when that place beckons me...More like "Maata ka bulaava" (Ala Maa Vaishno Devi). This is a Maata ka bulaava actually ( A mother of two). Let's see... :D

    Shy..I donno why :D

  65. Stillness speaks: :D Pls listen to bulaava--whichever mata it is from! :P

    Chriz: people commented also like tigers! :P

    Vidya: Thanks! Touch wood :)

    Gayu:Thanks a lot!

  66. Miss not having a post to read this morning :(

    Also PS I was wondering if you get my messages when I ping u on chat or for that matter my emails..the one where I said I would take time to send u the recipes n the next one when i actually sent u 2 recipes.. I wasn’t sure ‘coz I haven’t received any response or acknowledgement for either.
    Not sure if the msgs/emails don’t reach u at all or ur not much of a mail / Chat person or if ur just super busy. Please let me know.

  67. Congratulations on completing your marathon. It's been fun reading your posts!

  68. Bhavya: Thank you!

    Pavi: Just mailed u! Pls check. So sorry--don't know how i missed that mail of yours.

  69. was fun reading a new post everyday...but am sure it must have been a daunting task for you to come up with an interesting idea every single day...looking foward to reading more..

  70. kudos on completing your blog marathon,

  71. Hardest part of any marathon is to maintain the continuity. If you see a marathon race for just a minute, you probably wouldn't be that impressed. Watch it in its entireity and trying doing some of it yourself and then you know the stamina and resourcefullness needed. You clearly have both of them and much more in plenty.

    Many congratulations :).
    And we won't mind slightly irregular posts when we know that a promising novel is being cooked all this while :).

  72. Brown Phantom: Very kind words. Thank you so much!

    Fruitu: Thank you!

    Bhavya:Thank you!

    Naimta: Will not disappoint. New post up! :)


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