It's raining tags, hallelujah! :)

So many tags , so little time! Tags have been pending ,piling up , doing a merry back flip ,mocking me. I have been ignoring them for a while now. Finally today ,I decided to tackle all of them and finish them all, in a single post :-) Problem solved :-) (Shut up you tags, stop dancing)

Neha of Serendipity tagged me to write on 5 things about me I love. Suma of Aalochane tagged me to do a post on 5 things I love about being a mom/dad. Srivats of My thoughts keyboarded tagged me to write on good old days. Here goes:

Good Old days? By ‘Good Old days’ I am rewinding the clock 15 years back or may be 20. Well, I can call them old but I certainly can’t call them good. I can’t imagine what is so good about being a 17 year old gawky teenager so unsure of oneself, not knowing what one wants out of life, not able to distinguish between crushes and the real thing, feeling miserable because a guy you like does not have the guts to say it to you and thinking you will never get over him.

I also can’t imagine what is so good about not having Internet and mobile phones and having to spend a fortune calling up people if they moved to a different place. While hand written letters have their own charm, (but in retrospect they are charming now because they are out of choice not compulsion) it also meant waiting for 5 days (at the very minimum) to hear from someone you thought you loved.

So while good old days might bring back happy times and fond memories for many, I think for me, the only reason I can call them ‘good’ is because they are over!

Now, 5 things I love about being a mother..

1.It is just the feeling that you are the object of full and complete unconditional, unquestioned, purest of pure love, that I find so overwhelming.The feeling of completeness that is hard to explain till you experience it for yourself.

2.My children tell me at least 5 times a day how happy they are that I am their mother and not anyone else! I tell them that every child will be feeling the same way about their own mother. They say “No Mummy, you don’t know. Some mothers are horrible. Our friends tell us.” I don’t ask what their friends tell them. I really don’t want to know. I am just so overjoyed that my children think I am the best and that is enough for me.

3..My children are 11 and 8 and every night I have to lie down with them for at least 20 minutes to ‘make them sleep’. They use these 20 minutes very efficiently between themselves. My son tells my daughter, " For ten minutes mummy can lie in your bed, then she has to shift to mine." They keep a watch on the time and plead with me to lie with them for some more time. Usually during this time (which does not include the time I read them poetry) they talk and talk about their fears, their worries, their friends, their day. I simply love this time of the day and secretly I look forward to it as much as they do, though I do threaten them that if they fight I am not going to lie down with them to make them sleep. :-)

4.My daughter says “ Very sorry mummy, you are only the second most beautiful woman in the Universe.” Ever since my daughter watched Deepika Padukone in Om shanti Om I have been relegated to second place just like the Queen in snow white and seven dwarfs. My son does not agree with her despite having discovered Angelina Jolie and Geri Haliwell. “Mom you are a hundred million times better than them,” he says. “They are just celebrities and who knows what they are like inside. You are beautiful not just outside but inside too, mummy. I ADORE you.” He stretches the adore and says ‘adooooooooooooooore’ you to emphasise it and gives me the tightest hug. The smile on my face lasts the whole day.

5..Both think I cook well enough to start a restaurant.”Mmmm Mummy—divine” they say as they eat the dal-roti-salad I serve. Where else but from your children will you be crowned Gourmet queen for serving daily food?

Now third tag. (and I am finding this the hardest not because I am modest but because I am wondering how to limit it to just five things. Heh heh heh.)

5 things I love about myself.

1. My ability to laugh and make others laugh. Most people who know me in person will agree I am great fun to have around.

2. My Determination.If I have made up my mind about something I do it no matter how hard it is.

3. My social service streak. I have spent a huge chunk of my time volunteering with an organisation that educates street children. The work was very hard (Street children are not the easiest of people to deal with) in dirty, grubby conditions and you have to endure a lot of --well, to put it mildly--filth. These children come from the some of the worst living conditions on this planet and their sufferings, their battle for daily life, their struggle for what comes so easily to you and me is inspiring. I shall write a full post about it some time.

4.My acceptance of things I cannot change. Many times I try to change some things.I discover I can’t, no matter how hard I try. I accept and move on.That is the way it was meant to be.

5.The fact that I make time for people who are closest to me. No matter how busy I am, I make time for those who are important in my life. Life is short. No one has seen tomorrow. So I choose to spend my time well and spending it with ones I love is spending it very well.

Now as per the tag rules, I have to tag 5 other people.

For 5 things I love about being a mom/dad I tag:

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For Good Old days I tag:

Ramesh (It will be nice to read a business post from him on his views about what he perceives to be good old days_

Prashant Dhanke (Not sure if he does tags but if he does it would I am certain be hilarious)

Meira (I love the way she writes and want to know what she thinks are good old days)

Still thinking (I follow her blog and like her writing. It would be fun to read her)

Reflections (I love her honesty and approach to life)

For 5 things I love about myself I tag:

Ajay ( Write Write! If you aren’t starting a blog write in my comment box.Pretty please with honey on top. Not that honey.This is a family blog :-))

Suma (would love to read it. She always has an original and refreshing way of looking at things)

Rayne (Her creativity is outstanding and I love her spirit. She battles Crohn’s disease on a daily basis. You would never guess)

Amsko (would love to know more about her)

Prats of emotional ecoclogy (Hopefully this will lure her back to blogging.Last post was in April.I miss her posts)

If anyone else wants to do the tag (do it in my comment box if you don’t have a blog) consider yourself tagged! I will surely read.


  1. I loved the way you wrote about hand written letters :)..but they make a good personal token to keep...dont they?

  2. U knw I was just working on a tag when I saw urs;-D......just loved what u had to say abt motherhood.

    In the 5 things u love abt urself I stared at #4 for is a trait I share with u but never particularly thot it was a redeeming quality. U've helped me look at it in a different way:-)).

    And thank U for tagging me Preethi, U'll be surprised how much I agree with ur Good Ole days.

    Will definitely do the tag just gimme some time.....I have so many of them pending. Now I think ur idea is the best where u tackle all of them & finish them off in 1 go;-o

  3. And oh I quite loved what u wrote abt me:-))

  4. Loved all of them. The good old days written wonderfully, everything abt the mommy tag - second most beautiful woman ;) and things that u love abt urself, I think I have seen u respond to each n every comment here. Have not seen many ppl do that. Let alone pay a visit to the other's blog, its such a pleasure when someone responds to comments.U do it and that too so meaningfully. I love that abt u :) Wanted to say this from so long ... not sure myself y I took this long :P

  5. Imagining a world without telly or net makes me feel rather bored....How in the god's name shall i be able to chat which consume a majority of my day... 5 things i love being a mother!! i guess i will never know!! but one thing i can surely tell is that kids make ur life just that much more beautiful..and u have 2 real darlings...I never have been tagged!! it feels rather wierd sitting down and thinking what are the things that you love or hate abt urself!!But i will give it a shot and tell you when i'm done..

  6. mmm lovely! aww.. u dint like the good old days?
    Momma part was the best. :) I love the way ur children express their love for u :) And I tell u, Angelina Jolie is not beautiful. These days, she looks like a man. Most beautiful man in the world.. eww!
    mm.. I like ur determination. If only the aura'd reach me! :P

  7. Anonymous6:08 PM

    I loved the part about you putting the kids to bed. A point though, isn't your daughter 8? I remember because you wrote a beautiful post for her 8th Birthday.

  8. the tags really are dancing!!!i love the interest with which you get the accompanying pics :D

    good ol days : that's an interestin way to look at it.

    the mother part: i love the bed routine...and you are so lucky ure son actually expresses his love for elder one actually grunts it..that too when prodded!
    as for 5 things about ureself, i'm not surprised...i love that last point...

    now let me select the top 5 reasons why i like myself.

  9. Loved your take on the Good 'ol days & being a Mom.
    In your third tag, not everyone has the capacity of acceptance...there are certain circumstances I wish I could change but's not a nice feeling !!Agree with you wholeheartedly abt's so important to value people we love and give them time....

    Thanks for your tag...but did that already a couple of posts back...
    Mommification Part II

  10. SGD: yes I remember that post of yours :) Thanks for letting me know.

    Suma: :) U love the interest or the pictures? There is a difference :) Will read when you're done.

    Thoughfultrain: Thank you pointing out the typo. Have corrected it now.

    Shruti: Is it?Haven't 'seen' her these days. :)

    Shantharam:Ok--will read. It is 5 things about being a mom/dad.

    Swaram: I think its the first time you're commenting here. Thank you! I do feel that people who read and leave a comment are kind. Least one can do is respond back. I find not responding rude.

    Reflections :) Will read when u do it.

    ani-aset: Yes they do--but it also depends on whom they are from! ;-)

  11. yaye! u got done with a task! :)

    Rgdg good ol' days..i used to feel that way but then there are times i miss the me that was so confusedn was really sometime in life!

    Touchwood...ur kids are so xpressive!n yes..i guess one wld never u'stand it as much until they have experienced parenthood.

    ya..ur determination does really come thru!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. ofcourse loved ones only :), m sure if your kids write for you, you will treasure forever,..nice cute kiddy handwriting

  14. I, myself, have often wondered why they call them the 'good ol'days'. Granted, they weren't absolute hell, and I'm sure they had their fine points, but I like things now. The Internet is fantastic, I can't imagine what it must have been like to leave your children with a sitter and not have a cell phone in your pocket.
    Even though you tagged me with the hardest one of all, I have done it. I actually had fun with it, too.

  15. What u said abt the 'Good old days' is absolutely true..!!Of course it was good in some aspects but some people make it sound as if their present lives were not good enough..ha!!!

    Its the exact opposite for me when it comes to my child..He criticizes whatever food I make,does not think am the most beautiful either.Hey maybe I am one of those 'horrible' mothers..hehee!!But I know one thing for sure..I am the most important person in his life :)He himself told me..:)


  16. Would defi like to read about your social service streak...Have been on & off trying to do something in this direction but doesnt happen for one or the other reason...Want to know ur motivation & how you managed to do so much, if u dont mind.


  17. That was a lovely set of dancin tags ...makes you smile and smile.

    I must asy, motherhood suits you..the kids are so sweet to show it out. Like Suma son reduces to half his size now at the thought of such actions ;) but its ok.

    You do these tags so easily....I wonder if the thoughts will form itself ...but thank you so much for getting me out of this doldrums of no-brainness....
    would love to take it up and update the blog

  18. Have a smile tagged on my face right now :)

    I know that I've said this often, but I love the 'writer' that you are, the 'mom' that you are (and so lucky to have such adorable kids (Praise God):P) and the 'you' that you are. The one reason why I love reading your blog is coz it never fails to spread joy :)

    P.S: Thank you for tagging me Preeti, but I kinda shy aways from tags, I totally suck at them!

    P.S1: You sure bought some traffic to my blog, thank you! I'm almost tempted to send you a proposal to have one of my brands on your blog, imagine my ROI! Interested? :p

  19. You like my writings, I'm totally honoured! No more looking for any kinda validation now :D
    Thank you Preeti!

  20. Preeti ...first time at your blog and it is going to tough to try and finish reading all your posts while attending to "consulting needs".....(yep, they forgot to block the blog websites) Aparna tagged me and here is a link to my 5 things I love about being a dad....

    Your comments are welcome.

  21. You know, the thing I always associate 'Tagging' with is wrestling...I will therefore wrestle to find the things I love about being a dad!

  22. :)
    I will pick it up in next post itself..thanks.

  23. Very cool :)

    The things you love about yourself - #1, 2, 3 and 5 are what I admire and can relate to in myself :) #4 I should learn :)

    I have a very strong bond with my parents...and its mainly because they provided me a loving home and upbringing...when I think about good old days, I miss the days growing up with my parents, grandma and babie sister....there is no other time in my life that I miss as much :)

    Kudos for being a wonderful parent :)

  24. Well written as always!

    Sure, brought a smile :)

    It really were good old days for me!
    Lotsa fun, love n happiness..

    I never remembered myself being judgemental, worried or sad!
    U brought me in to retrospection as to how things changed for me when i m in my adulthood!!!!

  25. Hey Preeti,

    Thanks for tagging me. This is the first time ever that i have been tagged.
    I have put it up on my blog. Do visit.

    Also, i love all your 5 things about being a mom. It's undoubtedly the most wonderful thing to know how much your children love you. Kudos!!!

    Very nice post once again. :)


  26. i like reading other people's tags... i hate doing them myself...

    but i like the one you asked me to do... about being a dad... so i am going to compromise on my ideals a wee bit and actually do a tag! :P

  27. I loved what you wrote about me :)

  28. I loved what you write about me :)
    Oh did I say that again?:D
    I liked the your mommy tag the best. And I can't decide about the good old days...:

  29. Hey Preeti,
    These tags simply show how good a person you are and explains why you should be happy :).
    I haven't done any tags, but shall be doing this one. I agree with your point of view on good ol'days.
    And as I told you, your kids ARE lucky :).
    One doesn't easily find determination and sweetness go hand in hand so well.
    Thanks for the tag.
    Cheers :)

  30. Anonymous9:51 PM

    great to see you finally do the tags!
    Very well executed :)

  31. hi Di,
    The tags looks very simple, but its does bring a lot of things into perspective,Like in this instance it was something from the past and few things we just do, or are..but dont really give a second thought..
    I just took a tag and did it myself!
    quite interesting.:)

  32. Oh the good old days. I'll pick up the tag, of course, but as always, I am goign to cheat a little. Post coming up on Saturday.

  33. Anonymous10:51 AM

    It would be interesting if you wrote a post specifically on the following topic:

    "can’t imagine what is so good about being a 17 year old gawky teenager so unsure of oneself, not knowing what one wants out of life, not able to distinguish between crushes and the real thing, feeling miserable because a guy you like does not have the guts to say it to you and thinking you will never get over him."

    This is a common problem that most youngsters face (not just 17 year olds, but anyone below 25). It is so true that people feel miserable thinking that they will never get over the guy they like. Since you have been through it, a post about your hard it was to move on, how things changed after marriage, if thoughts about that one guy (who didn't have the guts to say he liked you) you loved with all your heart still haunt you once in a while...a post on this topic would really help the young readers of your blog.

  34. pen2487: Even after the age of 25 it is hard to get over someone you love. And many many books have been written on the topic. I guess they will say it better than what i have to say :)

    Ramesh:Will look forward to that.

    Swathy: Will see! :)

    Partywithneha:Thank U :)

    Brown Phantom: Oh you do so have a way with words. :) Cheers ;-)

    Meira: :) Read and commented too :)

  35. Guru: Yours was tooo good.It was a treat to read. Glad I tagged u! :)

    Amrita: Did. Commented too :)

    Hunter:Thank u.Glad ti made u think.

    Shachi:Thank you. and yes it is indeed a blessing to have a supportive family.

    Life begins: Ok! :)Thank you

    Niall: Aren't we all wrestlers in some way or other?

  36. Blogeur: Read yours.It was a lovely.Left a comment too.

    Still thinking:What is ROI? (too lazy to google) Glad to make u smile.

    Prats:Thanks! Waiting to read.

    Palsworld:When I used to work with street kids I used to wake up at 5.30 a.m and used to be out of the house by 7.00. Husband was very supportive. Else it would not have been possible as kids had to be sent to school.

    Geetha: :) U a cruel mother ha ha :) Important? Definitely!

    Rayne: U were brilliant!

    Ani: They write me lots. Some I throw :P Some I keep.

    Pavi: Does it? Thanks!

  37. I have realized there's no way of going about this without blowing your own trumpet a little :) So here it goes.

    1) Intelligence - Not much to elaborate here :) I solve puzzles, do quizzes, read stuff on wikipedia all the time.

    2) Great at friendship - Those that I let into my inner circle are people I'd go to great lengths for. Yaari hai imaan mera yaar meri zindagi....

    3) Taste in music and movies - I listen to everything from Desi Punjabi to rock and pop. Watch a lot of movies too

    4) Commitment to a cause - If I set my eyes on some target, I strive all out to reach it. And the more intrisically rewarding (not monetarily rewarding) the target is, the stronger my commitment.

    5) Driving skills - I learnt how to drive a car at the age of 13. They call me "the grey ghost" (Scent of a Woman)

    5 (b)) Humility - I usually refrain from boasting :)

  38. ""Ever since my daughter watched Deepika Padukone in Om shanti Om I have been relegated to second place just like the Queen in snow white and seven dwarfs""..

    I was nostalgic after reading this. My daughter used to give rating...always my father-in-law was/is first.....then my MIL....I tried my level best, but i could not move above third place. Now she is in teens, better I go and check today!

  39. Maddy: U have a daughter in your teens?!! I presumed you were in your twenties! :)

    Ajay: Thanks for doing it. I agree with you on everything you mention about yourself without even a second thought-- Especially 5 b.

  40. Hey! i loved your post...felt nostalgic, thanks :)

  41. Great answers :)


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