The things tooth fairies have to do.

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. A very sweet post Preeti....way to go commando!! and I get to post the comment first today ! Yay!

  2. Nice work captain... to keep you daughter faith on Tooth fairy... but kernel its cheating one to get in ruppees and one to be get in pound... but i guess you will find more innovative way to be better commando... :-)


  3. haha..
    cheers to the tooth mum errr.. fairy!!

  4. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Was imagining the scene of the commandos in action:).......The general sitting and hinting about the course of action(husbands are good at this!) and two little(?!) commandos moving up and down and in and out!!By the way, hope Purvi is fine, now!!Clear of her wheezing and cough??

  5. Nice and funny post, your narration makes it more interesting.

  6. I'm also having so much fun with the tooth fairy business. Counting seven vists till now and yes...this mom has been delayed many now a whiz at cooking up excuses!

    Good one:) Isn't it lovely when they believe in the magic?! I practially throttled a superior twelve year old when she told my 7 year old Divya that Santa is not real. But am proud that I was able to work around that...and she still believes in him. Mysticism and I miss it in real adulthood:(

  7. AWWW
    such a lovely post! and what a wonderful tooth fairy :) to have finally made the journey :P

  8. Too endearing, as always! :-D

    I guess parents are the ultimate fairies. And your children are truly lucky to have a mom like you!

    *Sigh* :(

  9. Anonymous10:04 AM


  10. Very Sweet Post....:)

  11. Oh the adventures parents have to deal with to keep the faith in tooth fairies and santa claus alive :D ALl for a good cause :)
    I'd like to see Purvi's reaction when she finds out about this fairy :P

  12. u guys make such awesome parents...touchwood:).....
    lovely post preeti:)

  13. Anonymous10:38 AM

    lovely post tooth fairy ;)

  14. hey very nice post ... wonderful narration...

    take care

  15. good work commando, and great teamwork :) reminds me of the times i was drafted to do tooth fairy duty. one time i got a bit too enthusiastic, and left a little drawing to go with the money. my sharp eyed child, after pocketing the money, said - but ma, this drawing is just like yours! scam busted! :)

  16. commando preeti, a good job done i must say...and your daughter will do great in business, she managed to keep the tooth and the money both

  17. Mission accomplished. Well done captain. :) cho chweet... :) :)

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  19. :)) such a sweet little story :)
    Hugs to Purvi.. and her lovely tooth fairy :)

  20. Great going Tooth Fairy!
    I remember once when I was a kid I had a tooth taken out by the dentist but I threw a huge tantrum at home coz I still wanted my Tooth Fairy money.

  21. Awww, that's so sweet of you and your husband too.
    I remember when i was little my mom used to tell me i could wish for anything and keep the tooth under the pillow. I alwyas wished for a little brother.... :)

    very nicely written preeti. Loved the Commando part... lolz...

  22. the things parents have to do :)

  23. Anonymous12:27 PM

    sweet! :)

  24. haha aww thats so sweet commando...nice teamwork too.. and its gr8 to know that ur kids belive in the toothfairy and all..thats the joy of childhood :)
    wish i had those kind of things in childhood...ahhh

  25. Lovely! I always found the tooth fairy concept charming though my folks never encouraged it. So to fool my little brother I used to put the little bit of money I had saved under my pillow and tell him she used to visit me. It was great motivation for him to agree to have his loose teeth pulled out! :O)

  26. hahah..that was very nice.
    Great Job "Tooth Fairy"!! :)
    Do you visit other neighbouring countries too :) :) :) ?????

  27. Well, once more, you have done it – superb post !
    I don’t know, how many such once mores, will I repeat in future :-)
    Just thought how you and your daughter would be feeling when you guys go through these writings together, years later, when your daughter does her college, on a cool and overcast Saturday afternoon with a drizzle on the roof – a perfect Kodak moment !
    I never knew tooth fairies in my younger days. If one of my teeth fell, either my dad or mom, would dig a small hole in the backyard of my home and bury it. My parents have carefully stored a few play things and childhood dresses in a box. A month back when I was trying to search for something, I came upon this box and the contents tumbled out. I don’t even remember whether have I played with those tiny plastic/wooden toys and worn such small socks. But when my mother saw it, as she entered the room, she was all smiles and I could fathom how deep it was. May be she would have felt that this was the tiny tot, who is now the big boy(even now sometimes, by the slip of the tongue in the mornings she would utter to me to have breakfast and get ready for the school) – I wonder, in her eyes, whether I have never grown beyond school.
    Those were some flashes, which came across my mind when I read your post, which is not exactly a response to your beautiful piece of work. Your pen makes my thoughts gallop and gives a wonderful feeling – I sometimes can’t put them in words, but now feel like splashing hues of orange, turquoise and violet on a white sheet. Ok. Ok. Let me rein in my horses.
    Good one commando.
    Cheers :-)

  28. ha ha ha ... brilliant thinkin Preeti ... that was indeed clever of u & ur husband :) oh to believe in tooth fairies again!!!

  29. ha ha ha.. the things tooth fairy have to do :) nice one..
    it feels nice to be back here :)

  30. @ toothfairy - I know there's a recession going, but 5 pounds ?? Not on. Next time at least a Wii please .....

  31. Hey!!Congrats!!!You became the tooth fairy , mum and a commando all in one cool is that?!!
    Btw, just curious, what did your daughter do with the tooth???

  32. Awww....That was such a commendable effort and comnig frmo the Indian commando here who also is into such tactics...I should know. The tooth fairy does forget to pick up the tooth in my house too....and its tough bringing up reasons :)

    Kids are such cute entertainers...I know if they were to know that we are smiling behind their backs they'd get upset, but hey!! that smile when they pick up the tooth fairy's money is precious...

  33. Prats: i think they know who the real tooth fairy is. :) I am certain mine does--she just wants the money :)

    Ida: Now that you mention it, I'll have to launch a massive hunt mission-- "Operation toothfind." :)

    Ramesh: Message from toothfairy: Tooth fairy hates all modern things with wire and screen like gameboys, Wiis, Playstations, I-pods etc. She prefers books, scrap books,poetry books, handmade cards, science experiments.She also says 5 pounds is a lot of money--considering that the tooth fairy just moved from India,and in India a whole family can buy food for two weeks on five pounds.

    xh: Welcome back:) Good to see you! Am sure you're finding married life great. :)

    Palsworld: i don't think she really believes in toothfairy--she just likes the idea of getting money :)

  34. Nandagopan: :) Thank you. I think I opened a box of memories. Nice to go back in a time capsule--as long as one comes back safe to the present!

    Lifebegins: Only if tickets are paid for :P :)

    Shades of grey: i too only read up about tooth fairies. My folks would have chased me out of the house if I even thought of putting a tooth under a pillow!! :)

    Enigma:I doubt if she really believes. I think its the idea of money that excites her :)

    Usandeep: Thank you! And welcome to my blog.

    AJCL: Absolutely!

    Stillness speaks: :) She is :)

    Amrita: :) Do you have a brother?Did you get your wish?

    Ruch: ha ha ha :) Did the tantrum earn you the money?

    Shruti: thank you!! :)

    The thinker:Thanks!

    Prats:Thanks! :)

  35. Shantharam: thanks :)

    ani aset: :) Hope so :)

    Magical summer: ha ha ha :) Child is the father of man! :) I am certin my daughter knows too. But its fun to pretend.

    Suree: Thank you and welcome to my blog :)

    rinashah:Tooth fairy says thank u :)

    Santasizing:Hope our kis think so when they grow up :) Thanks!!

    Meira: I am certain she already knows. :) She just wants the money :)

    Tabitha:Thank you!

    Thoughtful train:Thank you!

    Hari: Thank you--but why 'sigh' and ':(' ?

    Only one: :) :) thank you

    Starry eyed: heh heh :) Do you really think Divya believes? Both mine (they are 11 and 8) I am certain know the truth. But they like to pretend that tooth fairies and santas exist.They also love to pretend that their toys are alive! :)

    Fruitu:Thank you!

    Athivas: So thoughtful of you to ask. Yes she is fine now and has gone to school. the General was too funny--now that you mention it--yes it does make sense! :)

    Swathy: :) Thanks

    Anish: Tooth fairy says that when my son lost his tooth we were still in India and tooth fairy had no choice but to pay in rupees--she had not even seen a pound--only heard of it so she was helpless :)

    Gayu: Yes you were first! :) Thank you!!

  36. Well, actually no i didn't get my wish.... i'm d youngest in my family... But never mind.... i have a wonderful elder sister. :)

  37. I could see the rainbow smiles of Purvi. Congrats to Sangh Parivar for the job well done.

  38. The exact same thing happened to my brother!

  39. Awesome post Preeti....growing up I didnot know about tooth fairies ...a lost tooth was a "no big deal" moment ...will look forward to the innocence personified moments when my boy looses (he is in the process in getting his first first one .....thanks for sharing with us !!

  40. Aha! Funny n cute!

    Reminds me of MY TOOTH FAIRY days! skool we used to discuss wat the tooth fairy gave us..n my tooth fairy alwez gave me/ sis a bar of choc, while a friend’s tooth fairy gave her a different gift for each tooth she lost while another friend’s gave her money n finally there were some friends who didn’t get anything frm their tooth fairies! We used to rationalize saying mabbe they didn’t hide their tooth well enough or some weird logic! We felt really bad for our friends who got nothing n so decided to confront the tooth fairy abt why she was treating all of us differently?
    So one nite..sis n me..wrapped our tooth…hid it under the pillow n declared that we wld stay up all night to confront our dear tooth fairy! N of crse eventually we fell asleep..n the next morning found another bar of choc and a note saying “I love u all equally n gift each of you what u most need.if you don’t get a gift it only means you have everything”….. That was someanswer to the troubled minds .I YET have that note! Poor parents..wat all they had to do to keep us happy!

  41. we went through this tooth fairy bit for the son... but we also told him that the tooth fairy only visits once. only for the first tooth! :P

    i guess i am one of those hairy, scary ogres! :D

    great post, as always!

  42. almost similar thing had happened in my house too...Nikita slept on our bed & tooth fairy in the nick of time left the gift under her pillow except tht her tooth also had gone;-D.

    u knw it also reminds me of 1 time[sometime after the 4th tooth fell off], Nikita come to me & says tht she doesnt believe in tooth fairies..they dont really exist, do they????
    I felt sad but just shrugged & said OK. When she looked for explanation I said that tooth fairies only left gifts for children who believed in her, so...
    Within 2 minutes she was back "Mama U knw I've changed my mind, I REALLY believe in them".
    We 'really' had a good laugh that day;-D

  43. nice :)
    its fun being a family!
    have been visiting regularly but havent been able to comment. gr8 goin ;)

  44. Good job Lieutenant Nixon :) "Bloody well done" (can't type in Brit accent) :)

  45. :)

    brought a smile to my face. what a nice way to start my morning.

    Good job commando.

    Now I wish I had such benevolent tooth fairies.

  46. Good job!
    My husband and I almost blew it once, also.
    We had to do something similar to cover for the tooth fairy.
    I miss those days.

  47. preeti,an endearing post!

    loved the imagery and you make an awesome commando. :)

  48. :)

    Parenting demands all these stunts huh!??????????


  49. Hi Preethi,

    A nice post. I never heard of tooth fairies before :).
    Keep up the good work, your writings are beautiful and always worth reading. :)

  50. That was a good one

  51. cute!!
    got reminded of my parents
    i so miss them(being in hostel)

  52. Absolutely sweet! :)
    Does the tooth fairy also consider 'wisdom tooth' to shell out some sparkling pounds? :p

    (((Hugs))) to her and I'm sure she looks cute without that tooth of hers :)

  53. I went through exactly the same thing, except it was santa and christmas. Oh the things we do as parents - such warm memories - love em all.

  54. A very sweet post,Preeti... was smiling all thru the post... :)

    I guess next time she would try to dupe the tooth fairy by keeping the same tooth for another five pounds ... :)

  55. as always you make parenting sound so much fun! everytime I read such a post...I try to be patient and ultra-nice to my kids..tho' I must admit the effect lasts for hardly a day or two... :-P

  56. WHat a sweet post!!!
    Could almost visualise the pandemonium at your place early in the morning!!

  57. What a sweet post! It touched me. And I simple loved your previous post too !

  58. You do make me laugh!!! I love reading your stories.

  59. WOOOOOOWWWWW...loved the post :) your posts are amazing..i dont even realise i am was like watching things happening in real :) nice writeup...

  60. bubblegum n candies!! watta weird title :) yet intriguing ..wud get back to you after reading it...blogger of two!!! what are you a transformer??megatron prime? :)

  61. Lovely post, I am beaming ear to ear not bothered by stiched - streached nose lol so simple , beautiful and leave us with a feeling that we were part of ur family, in a weird sense yes we are all here part of one big family run by tooth fairy ;)

  62. First time here :)) And Wowwwwwwwww!!! couldn't put my happiness in words.. Such a wonderful post with awesome writing :) could see the scenes virutally happening around me.. Enjoyed reading it :D

  63. G3: Thanks a lot. My book is full of incidents like these :)

    Gils: I take that as a compliment. Click here to know more

    Srivats:Thank you--thank you--U know what the second thank u is for :)

    Marilyn: happy to help :)

  64. Poppins: Thank you! My book (as u know) has a lot of stuff like this.

    SGD: :) Heh heh thanks :)

    Namita: I am also a harassed mom. I only blog about the fun bits ;-)

    Sushobhan:Oh the tooth fairy knows everything :)

    Pink dogwood: :) Oh yes--the happy memories.

    Still thinking: :) Dunno b aout wisdom--it always comes at a premium doesn't it? :) I'll surely pass on the hugs :)

    Committed: thanks :)

    Survivor:Thank u

    Life is my lesson:Thank u. U never read Enid Blytons?!!

    Hunter: :-) Only if u want to oblige need u do these stunts :)

    Suma:Thank u!

    Rayne: i can only imagine.U made me value these days!

    Rishabh: happy u liked it :)

  65. Ajay: I take that as a compliment Major Winters. Sir! * Nixon salutes smartly* :)

    Sucheta: yeah its fun--most of the time :P :) Thank u for visiting and commenting.

    Reflections: U REALLY made them believe! :)

    Guru: heh heh--as long as hairy scary ogres pay, its ok :P

    Pavi: So sweet!!! U have amazing parents.

    Blogeur:Thank u. Best wishes to your little one for blessings from tooth fairy! :)

    Aathira: Amazing coincidence!! :)

    Maddy:Thank u.

    Amrita: I have a younger bro. Have blogged about it here I always wanted an older sis!

  66. great job :-) .so lovely to hear her faith on toothfairy and the whole families effort to keep it.

  67. rm: Oh she knows the truth!! She just likes to get the money :)

  68. a very nice heart touching post.

    Tears rolled down my eyes as i read this article

  69. Hi,

    I must say your kids are blessed to have such an understanding parents!! God bless!!

  70. so sweet. First time here, and now i am hooked.
    Also, i am a mom of 1 yr old. Hopping to get lots and lots of tips on parenting from your archives. Tata!

  71. Lovely post. But £5!!!Please do not let my Annie know...Here in the not so well off Midlands, the Tooth Fairy can only mamnage £1 !!

  72. Oh my God-I am going through the same days and I just wrote about it on my blog a few days back. Another mom like me-great meeting you!

  73. wonderful post, preeti! :)

  74. wonderful post, preeti! :)

  75. Bringing up children needs innovative thinking. To put it in a funny way in black and white needs a bigger talent. This piece is well crafted. Got it on Indiblog.

  76. Hey,

    I am just a new reader of ur blog... I am becoming a fan of it.
    Its an amazing story... true, funny. Now i really wish i have a partner who understands me so well!!

  77. Hey,

    I am just a new reader of ur blog. I should not deny that i am already a fan of ur stories. Now I too wish i have a partner who understands me so well!! This story is amazing kiddy stuff!!


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