What you need to know in the Dating Mating game

Apologies if you have come here looking for a post to read. This will soon appear in my 3rd book called 'A 2nd Jar of Bubblegums and Candies'. I had to remove it as making it available online would be very unfair to my publishers who have placed so much trust in me.
  • After I published the post, Arun Nair got in touch with me and said he really loved my post. This post was of course humuorous and meant to be taken lightly. In case you want to read a very nicely analysed piece of Man-woman thing, please click here to read an in depth piece, which he wrote.
  • The latest issue of Readers Digest Joy has an article by me on Children's Fitness. (some of you said that this is like a Magazine article. Yeah, I do write for magazines too :) Somewhere it is bound to show!
  • Some said that this piece reminded them of 'He's just not that into you'. I haven't read it. Now I have to!


  1. reminds me of "he's just not that into you" movie i saw on my flight home two weeks ago. nice movie; loved it, considering it was 'pharee' ;)

  2. It showed 0 comments...couldn't believe I was first on this very popular blog...launched the comments page and saw two already there! :D

    Well..this post was fun..and true..so many options these days...surely wish I was not past the dating phase in the current times...it must surely be fun for the youngsters!!!

  3. lol...reminds me so much of the book "hes just not that inot you"....we women make things so oh very complicated...poor men...
    i m seeing the same thing happen to a friend of mine who is waiting for her guy to prop the question..and hes just not doing it...you should really hear our conversations to convince her that he will eventually do so...
    hes just probably having pangs of nervousness...or is scared to ask her...:D

    Lol,,,we the women!

  4. Santasizing: I have not read that book. Its been on my list. I guess only a man can answer why men just don't ask!

    Wannabe writer: goodness--i am not sure its fun--I think it would eb hopelessly frustrating.Thank God all this wasn't there during my time! :P

    EM" 'Pharee' means what?

    Deepti: thank u :)

  5. Ya surely the rules of the mating game have evovlved with technology and the line "A lot can happen over a cup of coffee" might get transformed into "A lot can happen over an instant coffee" .. :)

  6. Wow!! That was very educative :D What intrigues me though is why do men find time only between commercial breaks, when they are genuinely interested, and why does every gender expect the other to make the first move? :D

    You got it so right with the What does the capital X mean, is he angry and the rest. Is it like hard wired into females to think this way!! :D

    Wonderful post Ma'm. Entails a part 2 on public demand :D Take care :)

  7. How do have the pulse of today's youth being a mother of two ?? Where do you get these informations from...

    But its really true :)

  8. Krish: :) What do u mean 'youth'? :) I guess some people never grow up ;-)Or maybe its just that I get along really well with kids :P

    Stillness speaks: When it comes to communication then there is only time between breaks. And women always over analyse. Probable john wouldnt even have thought about it. :)

  9. Sometimes i feel that actually this whole dating game is pretty simple..all this complexity should be owed to the hype revolving dating.

    You're right preethi, women don over-analyze and men, plz don't think!!! :)

  10. That is exactly how the dating game is these days. If you are not online you are not in line :)... But like you've hinted at the end, it can become a hopeless channel for mis-communication if the boy and girl try to communicate in a language which both are not comfortable in.

  11. Nice post. Truely however this could be invented only by a women. Or maybe am just out of date. With so many things going on like the T20 World cup right now and with India doing well guess the reason for the Dunno could be that the man has some things to handle rather than e-mails or texts and he will respond later. What is not appreciated is the fact that a response was sent promptly. Maybe what is required by the man is a female friend who can advise for 2 hours, preferably face to face rather than on phone.

  12. Satish: Yeah, that should solve the problem :) Everyone should have a good friend of the opposite sex, to help decode behaviour. :)

    Varun: I guess you're right--but there are indeed more options to find Mr. or Ms.Right because of Internet.

    Kushi: Yep! Its just a whole lot of complication for nothing!

  13. ahah! reminds me "Hes just not that into you" !

    n also reminds me of my dating days :P

  14. Pavi: You're the third person who said that! I ahven't read the book--or seen the movie (if there is a movie) But this post is not baout whether he is inot you or not--its just about technology and how it hastens the mating game if signals are right.

  15. Excellent post Preeti ... Had a good time reading! Sent you a mail at ps@preetisatish.com

  16. You're so right... we do tend to over analyze everything a man says or does. You reminded me of my single days :)

  17. rotfl :D :D nice writeup :) looks like a readers digest article :)

  18. I agree so much for the 'womanly' anxiety...In the pre-internet days,the joy that a written letter brings along with the long wait for it, cannot compare with the instant e-mails or orkut scraps these days....Gone are those days...pch!!

  19. Nice post Preeti!
    Wonder how could u know so much...since,(dont get me wrong ) u are past your 'dating days' ;)..
    Just kidding...research well done..i have been through the same phases and at times it was very confusing..believe me, it still is... :)

  20. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Ha ha ha...... ROTFL.... This is just awesome Preeti.

    I loved this line "Didn’t I tell you? Things really progress faster than light. And before you can type ‘A lot can happen over coffee’ you discover that a lot has indeed happened even before the coffee."

    What you said about everything being so fast paced is so very true. Even if it’s someone who is not your BF/GF and he or she does not reply or even pick up the phone, we tend to get irritated so fast.

    Also the 3 hour conversation with the female friend is so true. Lolz.... There's no talk like girl talk eh??? ;)

    Once again.....A huge round of Applause for u Preeti... :)

  21. hahaha. Since mine was an 'internet romance' for most part, Complicated hope it was, for me. Where every smiley, every mail was dissected for hidden meaning:D
    But I have come to the realization that men do the same...they just will never accept it :D

  22. Damn!!! Who shared the bro code with you....

    This is an absolute violation of Article 4....

    Such disrespect of the sacred document will not be tolerated :-P

  23. Anonymous12:30 PM

    beautifully written :)

  24. Do you call that a coincidence ?
    Well, sort of, you could say. Today morning(infact from last evening), me and my better half were off colour due to some domestic events happening - not exactly the things that one would wish to have on a perfect Sunday and being more the fact that it was her B'day. I was under the weather and was very tired and all my earlier plans of driving her to the beach to enjoy the moonlight, actually went inside the Bay of Bengal. What a perfect way to start the evening you could say. I was trying to talk to her to say that I absolutely did not have any intentions to leave an indelible mark, but all I could get was a few grunts and "hmm"'s, and slowly the eyes of my goldfish(my wife) started shedding some drops. My so called brain was not able to decode anything after so much time of married life - actually I have just completed my first anniversary last March. With due apologies, I would muster to say that even Einstein would have formulated a new axiom, something on the lines of things for which you can’t find a relativity.
    Psst…the last update: I am still at loggerheads and my brain is slowly moving into a state of delirium. You can sometimes get a solution to a problem, but need not for a confusion. Don’t ask me who/what is confusion. Some one help me....

  25. spot on Satish!! how the hell are we going to understand women :P

    Preeti that was a really nice post..funny i would say seeing how much trouble ppl have to get themselves in to to find a date...
    I believe Love just happens..no point going around with a 100 girls and then concluding none was worth it..wats the point in it? Just a lot of money and time wasted...

  26. Nandagopan: OMG--you have committed the gravest crime. You didnt do anything special on her b'day?! And to top that you have called her a Goldfish in public!! :-O If she ever reads this you're in BIG touble! :)

    Usandeep: Thank you! :D

    Prats: Lets just say I have my sources and a good writer never ever reveals their sources!

    Meira; of course they do it!! But only if they have some grey matter between their ears! :P Else the subtle nuances of a missed comma are lost on the neaderthal male brain :) U must blog about your romance sometime (if its not a secret that is) Would love to read it.

  27. Amsko: Thank you ,thank you :)Girl talk is great! :) Talking does give one a high ;-)

    Rohan: Never ever judge a book by its cover or a blog by its title!The title of my blog is a BIG misnomer ;-) And who said I am past my dating days?! Who decides that?!!:)

    Savitha: maybe I am old fashioned but I any day prefer a handwritten letter over a email!

    Gils: See latest issueof Readers Digest joy.It does have an article by me.

    Bhavya: :-) What?! Don't you analyse anymore?!!

    Ashwini: Yes--thank you. replied too! :)

  28. Preeti,I think that's what I have said,too....I miss those days of handwritten letters to these instant emails and scraps.... a regretful pch at the end....cha, gone are those days!!

  29. Preeti: There it goes…Is that something that makes my better half to throw me out of the window like a sack of grain(she refers me affectionately as that, as I hardly do any exercise for my physique and that’s the reason, why I have picture of mein gym, in my orkut – but going to gym is hardly half a kilometer, to which I hardly wake up early, because I hardly sleep early – well, that was one damn good of an excuse, which I am slowly trying to erase). Did that reference to “Carassius Auratus”, open up a Pandora’s Box ?
    I just wrote what that came across as one of the most precious and lovely looking – no flattery intended :-)
    I am unable to decode, what a woman thinks and you being of the same species(not the real Carassius Auratus), can you give me a clue to let me know if does encapsulate any inner meaning? I guess all males are normally clueless, on what a woman thinks and it was not exactly a generalization, but a solemn fact. That is why, they say true love is speechless, clueless and thoughtless. Don’t try to google, who said that – it just came across my mind, as one of the usual one million and one silly thoughts, which has no meaning, as usual.

  30. How true :)
    Here's the link for the 'love-story' ...you'l be surprised :D

  31. This is inexcusable. First you reveal the existence of the Bro Code to women (which not many have anyways taken the trouble to check, going by the comments) and second you call it 'ridiculously funny'? What the #$#%^? :)

  32. Ajay: What the #$#%^ do you really mean? Don't blame me for revealing the existence of the sacred code. Please direct your complaints to Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. I am sure you'll agree that they are slightly better known than me :) In case you don't know what i am talking about watch this and don't miss the laughter track in the background (In answer to the 'ridiculously funny' bit) :)

  33. Meira: Yep--was surprised :) heh heh

    Nandagopan: The best way to understand a woman is to love her. And then it is not really necessary to understand her! :)

    Savitha; I still send handwritten letters too--but only to very few privileged people. They have to earn it! :-)

  34. LOL Preeti. You have captured the spirit of the whole Man-Woman thingy! :D

    Even though it is supposed to be funny, it also rings a truth bell!


  35. lol.... i loved it... esp the three hour discusions with the best frnd stuff!

    presented the current scene (atleast in the context of the Indian youth aptly!)

    kudos! :)

  36. Top notch post! so very true all these technical advancedment has complicated the dating game furthermore, thoroughly enjoyed - the mail was ultimate.

    That horror movie I mentioned in my post is actually a clip about over resource utlization and the need for conservation.

  37. Anonymous5:38 PM

    haha omg...i loved the john jane story..you got it perfectly right there :)

  38. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I dunno... my wooing and subsequent proposal depended heavily on texting... :-)

  39. Amitsarkar: Do share your secret for the many still singles out there! :P

    Silentlyexpress: :-)

    Srivats: thanks! I wasnt sure what it was since u said horror. Didnt want to risk :P

    Rachana: Thank u :)

    Vidya: Yes--it is true! :) Isnt truth funny esp when u see it from outside ?:P

  40. Anonymous10:01 PM

    lol so true. I've just started tweeting and most of the times I find guys who are tweeting to girls coz they are looking to date! WTH! lol good one.

  41. I have not read the Bro's Code before! Very funny. I feel a little more educated, too. Must go randomly smack my husband. :)
    After reading about all of the different -eese's one needs to know I'm surprised more people aren't just declaring themselves a hermit and hiding out on an island somewhere with a coconut tree and a pet lemur.

  42. Rayne: Watch the video in my comment to Ajay. Its really funny.And I am gald we found our matches pre- ese days :)

    Partywithneha: :) Thanks

  43. Preeti: I used to analyze a lot earlier on, but now I tend to take it easy just a little bit. Plus, I think my two months of marriage have been pretty smooth and haven't given me too much to over analyze :P

  44. loll, this one is hillarious!

  45. Sorry Preeti, haven't had much chance to be on the computer so reading your post delayed by my standards :)

    I loved the bro code...any chance you watch how I met your mother, its from there...I love that show!

    Also, I agree with everything you said and I loved, absolutely loved the manner in which you expressed it.

  46. Only one: See my comment to Ajay. I have linked that show :)

    Bhavya: :-) Marriage i think cures everything :P

    Thinker: Thank u :)

  47. Very Captivating! Guess this research is work of your personal experience. I was reading the blog at hindustantimes.com where there was a mention that Indian guys think that after a date the next step is bed. a misconception ofcourse but guys here dont understand it. makes things more difficult for guys like me (:P) who genuinely think of a friendly lunch or dinner.

  48. Hi Preeti,

    This is the first time I am visiting your blog and I like it very much. And I loved this post :). Humorous and apt :). And I read your book's preface too. Very interesting. Am planning to read your book.



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