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May the best man win :-) (Blog marathon post 30)

At an award winning Nature centre, surrounded by pristine natural beauty and a few thousand birds, amidst lush green acres of woods, sparkling streams, grassland, fields of butter cup and bliss, we sat quietly, content in silence, contemplative in thought. The children were quiet too and so was our friend who had come with us. Some of the birds were so tame that they were eating out of my hand.(yes--that's me feeding the bird)

Later when we stood watching, there was this lapwing which dived in and aggressively pushed another bird out of its way.
"Males," said this friend with an understanding smile. " It is the fight in the mating ritual."
"How do you know they are males?" asked my son.
"The Males are always more attractive than the females. See the stag with its majestic horns, see the peacock, see the guppy fishes," I said. "The males have to impress the females so the females can choose whom to mate with; The males have to be very attractive so the females will look at them." I added.
"Except in the humans--the females are more attractive," said my husband.
"That is because the guys need not be good looking to impress them. They can impress them with their fancy cars and bank balances. The poor birds can't do that," I said and everybody burst out laughing.

It is inherent in nature--this male competitiveness. Men just have to show off. No man can digest a woman praising another man.

Look at the video above. (I just love that song) So typical of a man! :-)

Women are far more subtle. Far more complex. Far more cleverer when it comes to reading non-verbal clues. And when it comes to flirting too. Poor men have miles to go in that department.

That is just how nature intended it to be--and that is just the way it is.
Like it or not!


  1. Well said Preeti! I always wonder why I am so complex compared to my hubby....he is so laid back and cool about things...and when its stressful times, I handle them better than he does....

    The song is sooper cool as well....

    I just read the earlier post today morning and it was a pleasant surprise to see another one from u in the afteroon :) Hoping this month-long marathon from u never ends ;P

  2. See the world is so biased, guys have to do so much, as in the video itself... poor guys had to pedal the cycle and carry the lady, do all sort of stunts and end up crashing in a bull fighting area....
    Phew!!!! so much we guys have to do :)


  3. BTW... Preeti, the count do indicate Post no 30... i guess you are not planning to discontinue the blog marathon.... why not aim for 50 :-)


  4. No man can digest a woman praising another man.... Very true.... N beautiful link... I always thought this song was originally from Forest Gump.... guess I was wrong...

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. ha ha.tht video was really good...Now thanks for ur tip on how to impress girls :) but if its really true..guess it will take me few more years :(

    sorry for deleting the earlier was from another blogger profile..and i no longer use it...
    have a nice day


  7. Just after erading your post as i switched to the booring orkut, i found this video, check it out.

    its a song called Joban chalke from Kailasa..

    Poor men

  8. I think women have to be complex because they raise kids. With kids if you do not know how your child brain works, it will be a long haul. Men go to work and bring home the paycheck. Women basically run everything else.

  9. Men are meant to work at office...and women are meant to work at home...what to do Office seems to be not that good learning place for all the skills besides the paycheck.

  10. Thats a lovely song, Can stop me from wondering how you can narrate any incident into wonderful post :)

    Actually men neednot show cars and money sometimes, in many movies and in real life men with no money or looks have also attracted good looking females (mostly wealthy).

    May be men are ment to be in raw form, they are fine just the way they are, LOL
    Congrats on ur 30th post!

  11. neenga solratha vachu paatha car and kaasu ilaathavangaluku kalyanamay aagathu :D :D at times ...i times..jsut being true to urself also helps :D

  12. This is mail I got today morning ..gave a thought to share it here..:D

    Why they say "A G".........?

    Yeh Biwiyan apne pati ko "A.G." kyon kehti hain?

    Kyonki Biwiyan Sanskari hoti hain;
    aur sabke saamne "Abey Gadhe" nahin keh sakti.
    Isliye, short form main bulati hain "A.G.".

  13. Gils: :D Ayyo saar! Naan appidi sollalaye! Being ture to yourself and 'pheelings' etc help if you are Vijay in a Tamil movie :P Of course the others get married too ;-)

    Srivats: Thank u :)Yeah right..True love triumphs and all that :) men in raw form?! Good Lord!! U get such horrendous specimens!

    Sri: That can qualify as the biggest MCP statement of the year. I do feel a trifle sorry for your wife.

    MarjnHomer: So well said!! I agree with you so very much

    Shantharam: U have many many years ahead..But girls dont always go by car and money. The smart ones always look for a sense of humour and sensitivity too!

    Siddarth: At least a true man! Because you honestly accepted that the statement is right. Most guys know it but wont admit it.

    Anish: last post tomorrow :) But yeah i will be updating but not daily! And nobody asked him to show off. he had done it righ first time. But I think he started showing off because she was smiling.(and what a gorgeous smile!) And did you notice how she was feeding him the apple?And the shocked look on her face when he fell down? See women are so caring.It comes naturally :)

    Shachi: :) We're in diff time zones--thats how u saw that post in the noon. See my comment to Anish above :)And what u said is soooo true..I always wonder how S can be so cool.

  14. Lovely song..First heard its newer version in the film 'Spiderman'..:)


  15. I agree completely...
    nice song:)

  16. You see? It's all so natural and then they say women are complicated! :p

    P.S: Wow! Just one to go! :)

  17. ahh well said...heheh there sure are males in the human species who strut around trying to show off lol...
    Hey congrats on keeping up the blog marathon :)

  18. Very true! Couldn't see the video, giving me an error..will try again later.

  19. LOL...I'd love to agree with U Preethi but in this case my better-half is as complex as they come & I'm as clear as drinking water.
    Or maybe my thoughts are as twisted as the next woman's but its not of any use coz the husband can see them a mile off;-/.

    So just 1 more post & u'd have made it huh:-D!!!!!

  20. Well done Preeti. You reached the finishing line of the marathon is such great style with a lovely post. For a month now, we have been spoilt and used to reading a daily jewel from you. It would be lovely if you would carry on and post as often as possible. So many of us love your blog.

  21. i agree 100%!

    i'd written something on the same lines (but from a man's perspective of course! :P). check it out here -

  22. Totally!

    They just do not get 'looks' & 'silences'! If its not on paper, it does not exist.

    They see through their eyes, and not through their minds! Sad...

  23. Che! 30 aavathu post aache, vaazhthu sollalaam-nnu vanthaa ippadi aangalai vambukku ilukireengaleY!!! Anish sonna rendaavathu comment thaan thandanai!!!! Just Kidding! Happy to know you know tamil well. Congrats!!! Marathon was successful!!

  24. Yeah, whatever!! :)
    Once Adam asked God, "Why did you make Eve so beautiful?"
    God - "So that you would love her."
    Adam - "OK. But why did you make her so dumb?
    God - "So that she'd love you back!!"
    [chuckle] I don't know if this joke is more insulting to women or men but it is true too.

  25. i was so sure i had typed out a comment here this morning.

    lovely pics...seems so peaceful. the post reminded me of a peacock who spent quite some time flaunting his colors at a wildlife farm in Sydney and the thought process which followed after that.

    and are almost done! :)

  26. Suma: Don't know--blogger acts up at times.

    Meira: yes :)

    Ajay: :-) Lets settle this once and for all. Click here

    Maddy: Ayyo--thandanai venda! Mannichidinge! :-)

    Aathira: Oh they get the loks and silences. they just pretend not to when they dont want to do something! :-)

    Guru: checked! Commented! :)

    Ramesh: Thank you so much for encouraging words.

  27. Reflections: Much much obliged for your cheering..thanks nance!

    Enigma;Thank you!

    Still thinking: yes--only one more!!

    santasizing: lovely song :) I agree.

    Geetha: Did it come in spiderman? dont remember.

  28. Totally agree with you Preeti! :-) Loved the post, the joke and the music!

  29. Somewhere along the way someone started this theory of how we women are so complex..misleading everyone.u know we women are actually simple. We are SO simple that any thinking that leans toward "complicated" is going to actually make it hard to u'stand the simple us. U know how sometime we miss the obvious. I think thts wat men end up doing when it comes to understanding us women!

    BUT YES...we men n women are SOOO different!

    BTW…though u hvnt asked for WHAT we want as ur 31st post of this marathon… I have a request… please to be considered. ..i hope that we (the commenters) have inspired u to write more n go on longer marathons..n SO..ur last post will hopefully mention that u plan to continue on this Blog'a'thon for atleast 6 more months.. Pretty Please.... I hate having to change my every (week) day routine of reading ur blog!

  30. Absolutely love this song. I've heard it a zillion times on the radio. But watching the video for the first time! Love the way you take a seemingly everyday incident and turn it into a thought-provoking post.

  31. Mini: Thank U. And it is indeed worth watching.

    Pavi: Thats a gazillion watt comment! It truly brightened my blog! :)I am beaming.

    Gayu: Which joke? Do u mean Ajay's joke and my reply?

  32. Awww second last post on the marathon - nahiiiiiiiiii :(

    Preeti, pliss to consider extending marathon. Take pity on us poor folks who have supported you always

  33. Came across a very similar video about the guy trying to impress the girl with some smart moves on a cycle...

    Must watch !!!


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