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Hi again!

Today, I was out with my mother. I'd taken her to a temple near my home, and also to a local Udupi restaurant which we frequent for filter coffee. A fan recognised me, and we clicked a pic together. This was the second time this week that it is happening.
I am always pleasantly surprised when this happens. It's happened a lot of times--and yet each time I am surprised.

 Many have told me that they are happy to see that I am 'exactly like I  am on social media' . I take that as a big compliment, because these days people project a certain image on social media, and when you meet them in real life, they are completely different.

I am happy and grateful that I am able to connect with people, and that all of you find value in what I have to say. 

Today, I want to tell you all something important and this is regarding your health. 

Yesterday, I was shocked to hear about Shane Warne's death; A couple of months back,  I was shocked to hear about Puneeth Rajkumar's death. One of my closest friends lost her brother too all of a sudden. he was just 52, and had recovered from covid.

Today she sent me this video, which I think is a  *must-watch*:


I think our health is the most important asset we have.
Do everything you can to safeguard your health. Eat a lot of salads, take adequate fibre and protein, cut out sugar.  Read this article by Havard Health which tells you why sugar is harmful.

Initially it might seem difficult, but soon your tongue will get used to the 'real' taste of things. I am happy to say that since  1st January , this year, I've cut out sugar completely from my diet. I really like the taste of coffee now (I drink it black, and I drink pure freshly ground coffee with no chicory). 

Once you get used to it, you will  be so surprised at the change you see in yourself. Also get regualr exercise in.Your fitness levels will increase, you will feel more energetic and life will become magically better.

Tell me in comments if you are taking care of your fitness and health. If you aren't, tell me why and  what you plan to change about it.

Take care!

See you again tomorrow.


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  1. Hi Preeti! Thanks for writing about the topic of health. I have cut back on sugar too. Instead of drinking green tea, I started drinking Cinnamon Water in the morning. Tastes great and healthy too! Cutting back on sugar was extremely difficult at first, but getting used to it now. There are some other foods which I need to cut back on - like Junk Food, Rice and Pasta. Am sure if I start exercising more, I will be able to lose weight. Right now, my exercise regime consists of walking for 35 minutes, 3 times a day. It is really devasting to read news about young people passing away. Life is so precious! You look lovely in the picture. My regards to your Mom. Would love to meet you both one day - It would be an honor and of course, I would want to take a photo too. Happy Weekend! Take care ☺️

    1. I never knew about cinnamon water being a healthy option. I learnt something new.Thank you for sharing! wow--35 mins, thrice a day is fantastic! Thank you for your kind compliments and most welcome to click a pic!

  2. Sugar (and rice) is very addictive. I have reduced my sugar intake and yes, you get used to it. My sleeping pattern is quite erratic and while I know it's bad, I can't help it (I've tried but...I like to stay awake at night and do my own thing).

    It's a lovely photo. Convey my regards to your Maa.

    Looking forward to your next post. Take care.

    1. Will definitely convey! Thank you! yes, rice and sugar are super-comforting.
      I too am an extremely light sleeper. Ashtanga helped me a lot.

  3. To be honest with the lockdown I couldn't go swimming anymore and it was my favourite workout. To make it up, I started working out at home by simply going up and down the stairs. Lost my dad to heart attack when he was only 55. My mantra is enjoy life but also be mindful for your own well being.

    1. Really sorry about your dad. Indeed a great mantea.

  4. Hi Preeti, we too aren't using sugar in our house since 7 years! Instead we shifted to Jaggery a bit. We make sure we eat sprouts, fruits n nuts in our diet everyday

    1. That's excellent! I need to include more sprouts in my diet.

  5. Namaskaram Preetiji 🙏🙏
    That's a brilliant pic and a brilliant way to unwind.
    Preetiji that is so sweet of you to think about our health and well-being.This is your precious trait which makes you stand apart as an author who is loved by their fans and as a person who commands respect automatically.

    I cannot come to terms that the guiding light of your blogathon is coming to and end.I just hope like the last time around we are lucky again that this blogathon is extended by a few more days.

    However, even if it ends I keep reading your blog posts again and again.

    Lots of Love,Respect & complete Devotion to you

    1. Thank you! I am sure there are other blogs which are equally interesting as mine! :)

  6. This came at the right time as the right affirmation! Usually Christians observe the Lent season for 50 days before Easter where you give up one of your favorite things and this year me and my friend decided to give up on sugar :) And being such sweet addicts I can tell you I had been having kind of withdrawal symptoms at start. Lol! But almost a week down the line I am getting used to this. And I hope this acquired taste stays on beyond these 50 days as well. Thank Preeti! Stay amazing.


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