Focus on the beauty around you!

Happy March!

Very often, we get so caught up in our work, or the negative happenings all around us, that we forget to focus on the little things in our daily lives. 

I try to do this often. I look at the sunrise, I notice the ants on the flowers, I notice the colour of the sarees which the labourers working in the fields wear, I notice the play of light on the leaves of the trees, I observe the praying mantis, trying to reach another leaf, I watch the gait of walk of various people as I go for my morning walk, I notice if their T-shirts have any phrases --in short, I observe details. 

Whenever I observe anything  that strikes me as remarkably spectacular, I try and capture a picture.


This is a picture  I clicked from my balcony. I love it when nature gifts me a magnificent sunrise.

And here's another picture that I clicked from the car.  (This is in Bangalore)


When you go about  your daily business, do try  and pause. Focus on the surroundings. Tune out the noise. And you will find beauty all around you. When you  notice these little  things, you will find your world becoming richer. 

Many people tell me that they started noticing these things after they saw me posting stories on my Instagram (please follow for daily stories and posts!) and for that I am glad.

I thought I'd sign off today with a beautiful message I received from a reader. It was very overwhelming to know the impact that my words had on her life.  I've shared it with her permission. (she said it would make her day if I shared it)

See you again tomorrow with a new post!




  1. Hi Preeti, what a colorful post this was. Really enjoyed reading it as I am about to wind up for the day. It is nice to observe things and I have a habit of observing some of the weirdest things - some of my friends tell me this all the time. I started noticing more things when my head was not buried into my phone because when it was, I was missing out on a lot of important matters. My love and prayers to the reader who wrote to you. She sounds like a fighter to me. Praying she gets better soon. Take care, Preeti!🤗

    1. Thank you! Yes, I sent good vibes to her too and I hope she recovers soon.

  2. Such a lovely, thoughtful post! I love the pictures you post. And I find it so fascinating - the play of light on the leaves of the trees or the shadow patterns they create on the ground or walls. 🙂

    And such a beautiful, touching message. I loved Life is What You Make It and The One You Cannot Have.

    1. Thank you so much. I read somewhere that it is this light that artists paint, not the object itself.

  3. Very true. I do like to enjoy little things in my surrounding. But sometimes I forget to enjoy and then your post remind me of positivity. 😊

    1. So glad it does. Thank you for the comment!

  4. Namaskaram Preetiji,
    There is a beautiful soul reflective in this post.Thats the brilliance of the Artists soul.

    Your observation not only enhances your creativity it also elvates your "sadhna" or meditative ability.

    Thus I always feel observation overrides time and space and makes one sensitive with new ideas and perceptions towards life .

    Lots of Love,Respect and complete Devotion to you.

  5. This was a lovely post mam! Enjoying reading your blog posts every day. In fact, I am learning a lot from them.


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