My 13 top TV shows! (Thursday Thirteen)


Hello again!

It is Thursday, and therefore Thursday Thirteen it is! (Click on the link to know more)

Today I thought I'd made a list of my most memorable TV shows that I've watched over the years.

In no specific order, here goes :

1. Game of Thrones  (except for season 8, the last season which was disappointing)

2. Narcos.

3. Breaking Bad

4. Borgen  (danish)

5.It's okay not to be okay (Korean)

6. Hometown Cha Cha Cha (Korean )

7.Queer eye

8. Band of brothers 

9. Family Man

10. Kim's convenience

11. Schitt's creek

12. Crash landing on you (Korean show)

13. Rita (Danish TV show)

Also Call my Agent  ( French). There's an Indian remake of it, which I didn't like at all. The original one is exemplary.

I also really liked Made in heaven 

Which of these have you watched?

Tell me in comments.

Last post tomorrow!




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  1. Game of Thrones was great. The last season was, as you say, not up to par but it was tolerable. I don't know if that's the ending Martin had in mind or not. So much of the last season felt rushed. I cannot say anything bad at all about Band of Brothers. That was outstanding in all aspects, and I'm a pacifist and not a fan of war. But it was excellent story telling. I've not seen any of the others. I am not a big TV watcher - I'd rather read - but I do occasionally take a reading break and enjoy something or another!

  2. Hi Preeti. Actually, I have watched only Family Man! Though I have heard of the others, I guess I did not get a chance to watch any of them. Going to make a note of these in my diary so that I can start watching some of them as soon as possible. Since the weekend is coming up, it would be the best time to start. Take care. Cannot believe tomorrow will be yout last post! Time really flew by. 🤗📚

  3. Games of Thrones everyone love that. Apart from that I enjoyed watching Breaking Bad, Narcos, Family Man. Made in Heaven & Schitt's Creek was on my list, but couldn't watch. Now I definitely watch them.

  4. Little Things, FRIENDS, Sex Education, Never Have I Never, Made In Heaven, ajd Roop- Mard Ka Naya Swarup (Infian serial).

  5. Namaskaram Preetiji,🙏🙏
    Nice choice for web series.
    Out of these i have seen
    Breaking Bad
    Family Man
    Made in Heaven

    My other favourite are
    Scam 1992
    November Story
    Crime scene -Vanushing at Cecil hotel
    Black Mirror
    Living with yourself

    Preetiji best of luck for your book which I would be eagerly waiting for.
    Loved this wonderful Blog season.
    Lots of Love,Respect and complete Devotion to my favorite Author

  6. Just Family Man (Manoj Bajpayee starrer, right?). I have heard of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. I seldom watch TV. :)


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