See you soon! Last post of my blog marathon!

 Hello friends!

Thank you for being with me on this beautiful journey of 30 days! I got so used to seeing some names frequently in my comment box- Country Dew, Bev Skyes  Prathima,  Tarang Sinha Dave Thakur and of course Sourabh who did a comment marathon (he commented on every single post!).

In case you are wondering why some names are in colour and others are not, it is because they are bloggers and  I've linked to their blogs. Do check out their blogs too by clicking on their names.

I've really enjoyed blogging for 30 days now. While it will be VERY hard for me to blog every day because I have to take time off from my paid  writing assignments, ( My blog is a non-profit venture as I don't want to put any ads on my blog. )  I think we've managed to create a nice, supportive  community here and I'd like to keep that going.

So I thought I'd blog on Thursdays (Thursday Thirteen), Saturdays (Saturday 9) and Sunday (Sunday Stealing). I'll also ocassionally do a Wordless Wednesday.

I really hope I am able to keep that up! (I'll try to keep it up as much as I can)

As a parting post, here's my Saturday 9. (I couldn't leave without a proper post!)

The theme for Saturday 9 is the song
Beautiful Day (2000) by U2
(If you don't know the song, you can listen to it  here.)

1) This song is about finding joy in an imperfect world. What brings you joy today?

My morning walk brings me great joy. I've started jogging now--something I thought I'd never do!
Here's a picture I clicked this morning

2) The lyrics mention being stuck in traffic. A poll of Boston commuters revealed that drivers have a variety of responses to be stuck in traffic — everything from bored to impatient to angry. How do you feel when you’re stuck in a traffic jam?
I feel a little frustrated. But I  also quickly use that time to reply to comments on my Instagram !(no point in wasting time!)


3) This year Bono and his wife, Ali, celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Who is the longest-married couple you know? 

Haha--That would be me and Satish. Next month, we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary.  (I'm not including my grandparents here as they've passed away. I also lost my father. )

4) When Bono inducted Frank Sinatra into the Grammy Hall of Fame, he complimented Frank on his “swagger.” Do you think you have “swagger?”


I like to think I'm a cool cat😜

5)When U2 guitarist The Edge did a charity concert at the Sistine Chapel, he became the first rocker to perform there. If you were to travel to Rome, what sites would you be certain to visit?

It would depend on how much time I spend there. I'd definitely want to go to Venice--a sketcher's paradise! I'd like to explore all the places which are described in The Thief Lord and The Venice Sketchbook.

6) This week’s song was chosen because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and U2 is one of Ireland’s most famous exports. What else is Ireland famous for?

In Bangalore we have The Irish House and I really enjoy dining there. For me when I think of Ireland, what comes to mind is the Irish authors I love-- Marian Keyes. Oscar Wilde, whose work I love is also Irish.

7) Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dish. Is it a favorite of yours?
No way. I don't eat Beef. In India, most  Hindus don't eat Beef.

8) St. Patrick is credited with driving snakes out of Ireland. Ophiophobia is the fear of snakes. Do you suffer from ophiophobia?
Big time. I can't even bear to look at them on TV.

9) St. Patrick’s Day fantasy: A leprechaun will share his gold with you, but you must request a specific amount for a single item. How much would you ask for, and what would you buy?

I'd buy about a  ten thousand trillion airline miles on Emirates, so I can fly in business class to whichever place I choose, whenever I choose!



So bye for now friends! I shall take a week's break after 30 days of blogging..and will hopefully resume the week after.

Adieu and take care



  1. Welcome to Saturday 9! And thank you for sharing that cat! His attitude makes him my hero.

    Now rest after your blogathon. Maybe you'll dream of all the places you could go with that airline ticket.

    1. Haha! Thank you for the warm welcome and the comment !

  2. I dream of business class, lol. That's the only way I would fly to Europe . So I'll probably never go, lol.

    1. Oh you will ! Make an alchemy box or a wishlist. You will be so surprised how things manifest when we put in the desire !

  3. Namaskaram Preetiji πŸ™πŸ™
    As always it's fascinating to read your blog posts and to see my name mentioned by you is exhilarating.I enjoyed each pearl of wisdom given by you and it inspired me every time to comment as a humble submission to your exceptional craft.
    It is a great news that you would be blogging tri-weekly(of course you will find my name always in the comment section) but Mam do take care of your health and well -being and do blog when you can .
    Always praying for your happiness
    Lots of Love,Respect and complete Devotion to my favourite Author and a brilliant person.

    1. Yes yes I will of course take care of my health ! So glad you find these useful !

  4. Hi Preeti. I was eagerly waiting for your last post because I know it will be an amazing one which will make the readers both sad and happy. Sad because it is the last post and happy because we will still have something to look forward to in the upcoming days. Thanks for mentioning my name. It is indeed a pleasure to read your posts because EVERY one of them were very insightful and I learned a lot of new things this month. Here are my answers for Saturday 9. See you again soon, Preeti. I love your Blog Marathons :-)

    1. What brings me joy today? Ans: Tomorrow is Sunday and I do not have to go to work :-)

    2. I feel frustrated when I am stuck in traffic = especially since most of the people don't like to follow the rules.

    3. My mom's paternal Uncle and Aunt - They will be celebrating their 59th Wedding Anniversary this year.

    4. I think I walk confidently, but to others it may seem like I am showing off :-(

    5. The Vatican

    6. Irish Whiskey, Irish Coffee and 4 Leaf Clovers

    7. Nope, I am a Vegetarian.

    8. Same with me.

    9. I would buy enough so that I could travel around the world with the person/people who mean the 'world'

    Enjoy your break.

    See you again soon.


    1. Loved your answers Pratima ! Don’t bother about what others think. You do you , girl! Thank you for the comments and compliments !

  5. Namaskaram again Preetiji,
    Last post of the blogathon so 2 comments banta hai.

    Funiz (fun quiz) time -
    1) Meditation & Your Blog
    2)I don't mind traffic coz I read at the time
    3)My Parents -Gonna complete 50 years this May.
    4)Nope - I am a Materialistic Monk 😁😁
    5) Colosseum -Bruce Lee's way of the Dragon.Trevi Fountain and Piazza Del Campidaglio - Michaelangelo
    6)Irish wishkey & Oscar Wilde
    7)Strike out -A devout Sanatan Hindu
    8)Harry Potter teach me Parsel language
    9)I will buy $1billion worth of Indian and US equities from the stock exchanges and watch them compound.

    Lots of good wishes to you and best of luck for your next bestseller coming out soon.
    Take care and as always
    Lots of Love,Respect and complete Devotion to my favorite author
    Thank you for being Amazing

    1. Stock exchange is a smart option ! It will make your money grow . But what will you do with that money ?

  6. So glad you're going to continue with Sunday Stealing. I would love to be able to fly anywhere (preferably a long distance) in 1st or business class.

    So you live in India?

    1. Hi Bev !
      Thank you for hosting Sunday Stealing for so many years ! I love it. Yes I live in Bangalore, India.

  7. Oh my goodness, I am right there with you on #8!!! Snakes scare me to death. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

    1. Snakes are terrifying ! Thank you for dropping in !

    2. About your comment on my son is Josh and he suffers with depression and anxiety. Thank-you so much for sending healing energy! ♥

  8. Blogging is a great way to stretch your creative muscles, so I hope you keep it up. Thanks for mentioning my blog and for joining us in our weekly memes.

    1. Thank you for the comments and yes , we become a community. I enjoy reading your posts.

  9. Such a beautiful photo! πŸ’›

    Really enjoyed reading this post. So glad you would be doing those posts, it's fun to read. Looking forward.

    Thank you so much for the mention.

    Best wishes, always. :)


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