On Writing Engaging stories with Preeti Shenoy, organised by Blogchatter

Hello all!
I am a part of the Blogchatters Writers Festival.

We're doing a free session on 'Writing Engaging Stories'. This is a closed event which means it will not be live streamed on social media.  It would be conducted on zoom. Hence a registration is necessary.

So all you aspiring writers who wish to register, please do so.


 I also teach a creative writing course on Skillshare. You get video lessons which you can do at your own pace.

Here's the link to my Skillshare course:  

Preeti Shenoy's Skillshare course


If you know any aspiring writers who might benefit from this, do tell them about the zoom session on March 7th which is FREE of cost.

This is all for today.

A new post tomorrow as always.

ps: This is my 22nd post of the blog marathon! I can't believe in 8 days this marathon will come to an end! 




  1. Namakaram Preetiju,🙏🙏
    Great news.I had taken your creative writing course and it was undoubtedly brilliant.Now this is going to be another wonderful event.

    Loads of Love,Respect and complete devotion to you

    1. Thank you Sourabh! :) (The only comment on this post :D )

  2. Hi Preeti. I will definitely tell my friends who love to write. Am sure it will be very helpful for them. Have come across your course on Skillshare and hope to join it one day. At the moment, I have a lot of things on my plate, so will finish those courses and then join yours. Thank you. Take care. :-)


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