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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, said Confucius, thousands of years ago, when travelling a thousand miles probably took a few months. Yet, even after so many centuries, the depth of what he said is just as relevant.

I too embarked on a journey three years ago, when I began blogging in this very month (On 22nd October, to be precise) and I had no idea what a long way I would come since then. This is my 364th post! But something even more special happened today. My blog crossed an important milestone, for any true blue blogger-- 1,00,000 visits! Yes--One lakh! (In case you thought it was a typo) :-) The page views had already exceeded 1,60,200 a long time back.

A big thank you to all of you, who read whatever I write, who leave me such wonderful comments, who mail me regularly in case I don't update in three days, asking what has happened. It would surely not have been possible without you--so a big and heartfelt thank you.

When I first started blogging, it was to overcome a deep loss, as many of you who have read my book already know. As things stand today, I have made some of my closest friends only because of my blog and also because the Universe conspired to make us meet, not just virtually, but in real life too. And to think that it was only because of my thoughts and words is a bit overwhelming!

The power of words is indeed tremendous. Words do have a life of their own. This is why we must always think before we speak and say only what we mean. Even to ourselves.

I also think it is important to express the positive thoughts you feel, because they have a way of resonating and filling both people, the person who says it, as well as the person to whom it is said, with a vibrant, happy and warm energy.

It is also said that one picture is worth a thousand words. At times when words fail me, I turn to art. Not many , especially the newer readers are aware that I have an Art site too :-) Click here if you want to see my pictures.

The 'surprise' that I have mentioned in my previous post is that I am now doing an Art course in Human Portraiture that will lead to an NCFE level 1 qualification! (NCFE is the nationally recognised certifying body in UK) I have always wanted to do portraits and I jumped at the chance to learn it, when I got it. Needless to say all my time these days is spent sketching and sketching and more sketching. The course is very intensive and I am really liking it.

Above are some of the portraits that I did recently. They are all pencil sketch portraits ,except for one which was sketched from a live model using charcoal, chalk and sanguine. I have been getting a lot of praise for these and someone liked them so much that they enquired if I'd do it professionally!( and yes, I would be!) For me, it is like another dream come true. I always wanted to draw realistic portraits of people. I used to be fascinated to see Artists doing it. I never dreamt I would become one of them. :-) [Just like I never thought that my dream of becoming a published author would actually come true too]

"Never, never never give up." Said Winston Churchill. He also said "If you are going through hell, keep going."

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step--and the secret is to keep going even when you think you no longer can.

Confucius and Churchill definitely knew what they were talking about!

Apply it to your life today and you will surely see amazing results. I can vouch for that.


  1. Power of thoughts and words is often neglected but in fact thoughts can transform the way we act and the rewards we get as I always believe that
    nothing is sudden... everything is planned...

  2. Wow.. Amazing potraits..And I loved your self potrait the best!!Wish you loads of luck to succeed in this adventure !:)

  3. Wow! Beautiful post and beautiful portraits. You are immensely talented! Congratulations on crossing the 100000 vistors mark.

  4. Absoultely uplifting post! loved the quotes, the write-up, and ofcourse the portraits....I saw them on FB before so not a surprise here, but needless to say, they are "phenomenal"!

    Read this on a lazy Sunday evening and felt really good :) So thank you for blogging!

  5. The power of words is truly mindblowing.
    Thank you so much for blogging and letting us get inspired by who you are :)
    I love reading your blog and it's something I always look forward to. You always have a way of turning my mood from bad to good (on those few occasions that it is bad)

    The portraits are amazing, I was going to ask you if you could do one for me...and I think I will later when you're free from the course :P

    Anyways, keep blogging Preeti and a big congrats on reaching 1 lakh :).

  6. Congratulations and best wishes!
    And yes, words are powerful than most!
    The portraits are just too good!

    Thank you for sharing the good spirit and positive vibe with the world around!!

  7. amazing portraits... I totally bow to you and your spirit to learn new are an amazing person...
    Congratulations and all d best...

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  9. Oh Wow! Way to go, Preeti!
    Congrats ...and good luck for all the steps u take in life!

  10. //The power of words is indeed tremendous. Words do have a life of their own. This is why we must always think before we speak and say only what we mean. Even to ourselves//

    Thats a beautiful quote from you. I am yet to see the sektches, they arent visible , may be due to proxy, would go home and see it.

    All the best in the new adventure :)

    Happy to see colbie song in ur page , keep rocking!

  11. Anonymous10:27 AM

    First of all, a big big Congratulations on your 1 Lakh visits! :-) Your posts almost always strikes a chord with me. And when you speak of new experiences (which I haven't personally felt) it feels like I just went through the same thing myself. :-) As for your poetry - they use simple words to express feelings in magical ways, thats why I love your poetry. Your potraits are looking awesome - I think the Hayden is the best so far!! (I love how you made her eyes flash just like it does in Heroes!! I do miss the time when you were on the blog marathon when we got to see a post from you everyday!

  12. I must say Wow, I am simply amazed at the sincerity, dedication and commitment from you. Kudos to you for all the effort you are putting in.

    The portraits are really very nice.

  13. What a wonderful wonderful post. How right you are about the power of words being tremendous.Thank you for such a motivating post and thank you for blogging Preeti. Each and every post of yours is a delight to read.
    And Need I say that the portraits are simply fantastic.
    Congratulations on crossing the 1 lakh mark and all the best in you new venture !

  14. wow.. sketches are too good!!! :)

    i have been meaning to learn pencil sketching for a longggg time!

    Lets c when it materialises! ;)

    good post! :)

  15. //The power of words is indeed tremendous. Words do have a life of their own.//

    Very very true..I have realised this many times..

    The potraits are awesome!!!

    All the very best for ur new venture..

  16. Thank you for blogging Preeti...there are tmes that ou have encouraged me to blog even when I felt that there was not a single word that I could write :)

    And wow at the sketches!!!! They'r amazing!!!

  17. Should i call you a master of all and jack of none. Great sketch and kudos for 1,00,000 visits. thats surely is a great achievement.

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  19. Congratssss P!!! and a BIGGGG THANXXXX to u!! cos u have always broguth a smile on my face ur positive attitude is very contagious! Do keep blogging/writing. n of course sketching too!!(mera portrait banaogi?) All the best in all u do!!

  20. What should I say? Amazing post! So simply written and still has got so much to convey.

    Congratulations! Hope I continue to get to read your posts year after year...actually, forever and ever :P :)

  21. Congrats sure is a milestone.
    Ur portraits are so beautiful....esp those of ur family. There is so much I'd like to say but the words I want to use dont do justice so when I say tht U r one amazing person it sort of covers everything...take care:-))!!!

  22. Hey Congrats on the milestone Preeti.. I can very well relate to you how words can help in healing.. I'm doing just that now.. And your portraits are so life like.. May be I should also restart and follow ur steps ;)

  23. You are always welcome and Congratulations on 1,00,000 visits. Amazing achievement and I am glad you are sticking to blogger. People switch to wordpress for more hits.

  24. Congrats have come a long way and will reach further heights!

  25. keeping oneself busy is not a very difficult task...just look inside and answer some easy questions...we tend to make a mountain out of a molehill and create bigger problems out of the ones existing that are solvable.

    I love your spirit of always 'upto something'... obviously in a good way. :)

  26. OMG!!! All this in one month! I was closely looking at the dates.

    You know something, since the day I've started visiting your blog; there is one thing that I've always found constant here and that is - not much is impossible within a person’s realm of belief and determination. But I still wouldn’t use this as an excuse to say, ‘Hell, its Preeti! She can do anything’ coz I know it isn’t easy and I find this quality of yours seriously amazing!

    Kudos Preeti! And the portraits are amazing, I totally loved No. 6 – It’s beautiful!

    And yes, congrats on having both those milestones, the 364th post as well as those hits :D

  27. Great portraits Preeti.....And, to think you are only currently doing the Art course...What will they be like once you finish doing the course? :)

    And yes, words indeed have great power. Thanks so much for reiterating the same.


  28. Amazing sketches seriously. Thats talent at its best :)

    may you have all the success in life maam :)

  29. a huge hug and hearty congrats to u preethy... All the keep up the good works... the sketches are wonderful and congarts on ur 3rd yr of blogging and on the amount of hits ur blog gets :)

  30. I should be saying Thank you to you to be inspiration for blogging. I read your blog, followed it for a few weeks, and thats when I decided to start a blog of my own. :)


  31. Congratulations on the 100,000 mark. You have a beautiful way with words and the pencil. Loved the sketches of the kids - you captured the twinkle in their eyes :)

  32. Congrats on all the achievements PS: the blog,the 1 lakh visitors,the artwork and now the portraits. I have seen some of ur portraits on Fb..n yes,they are very very beautiful ..and very real[could say that as I’ve seen some family pics of urs] and the similarity is surreal! U do have the aptitude for this and a zillion more things and its awesome that u identify it and exploit it. All the Very Best!

    The thing u say about words and positive thoughts. Very very true!

  33. a beautiful and an inspiring post for many bloggers like me..keep up the good work..and all the best with your sketches...:)

  34. this was such a nice and touching post!!! not to say it was soo inspiring!!! it did gave me goosebumps.. congrats on your fantastic achievement!!

    keep blogging!

  35. nice sketches. how are you doing?

  36. Eloquent and a beautiful post, Preeti. As always, lovely to read, motivational, and inspiring everytime. Your potraits and paintings are brilliant and congratulations on your blog milestone.

  37. All the very best for the Art course! May you go from strength to strenght :)


    And congrats for everything :)

    Believe me or not - but these two are my dreams too - to become a published author and to be able to draw portraits. And I WILL DO IT some day!
    THanks for the motivation!!
    And all the best for your course.

    BTW, I could not see the pics you have posted. Will try at home.

  39. Life begins: All the very best for both!

    Mini: thanks a lot!

    Gayathri:thanks a lot!

    Sumit: Thanks :) Am good.

    Chitz:thanks a lot!

    Pavi: Really really appreciate the encouragement. yes indeed--I am quite pleased with how they have come out considering I am doing this the first time. Thanks so much!

    J: :) thanks a lot! You don't have a blog?

    Aathira; I did not know you started one because of me :) Am honoured. Thank you :)

    Enigma:thanks a lot!

    Aditya: Thanks a lot!

    Pallavi: Course has different media. I am not very good with pastels (at least not yet) :)

    Sparkling; thank you so much. You are one of the few who totally GET what I try to say. I too like no. 6 the best :) It was in less than a month as I started on 21st september. I sketch a lot these days.

    Rohan: Thank you :) Of course i am always upto something ;-)

    Vinoo: thanks a lot! Its been crazily hectic

    Varun: I will never leave blogger :) thanks a lot!

  40. Dhanya: Words do have a power to heal. I do hope u start. Your fotos are amazing

    Reflections: Thank you so much. Your words are really valued!

    Mamta: thank you!! :)

    Sima: yes I will :) Thanks so much!

    Santosh: thanks a lot!

    SMM: Thank you so much!!

    Sundari: yes indeed they do.thanks a lot!

  41. Hunter: thanks a lot! Just do it--then it will materialise :)

    Ruch: You have truly been very supportive and kind. i really appreciate it.Thanks so much!

    Siddharth: thanks a lot! :)

    Prats: thanks a lot!

    Thoughtful train: Thank you so very much! I'd drop down by exhaustion if i blogged like that now.

    Srivats: u like colbie too? :-) ..and thank you for the kind words :)

    Smilie:Thanks a lot.

    Chirpy paro:Thank u!

    Savitha: thanks a lot!

    Only one : :-) My course consists of doing portraits and more portraits :) Thank you so very much for so much of encouragement.

    Shachi:Thanks so much!!

    Laksh: Mostly hard work :) I slog :) but hey--thanks!

    Swathy:Thanks so much!

    Ashish: Everything isn't planned--can never be planned too. But yes--words and thoughts do have a power.

  42. You are Unbelievable Ma'm...!!!
    How come one single person has soo many talents???Uff..!!
    Anyway am so happy for you and proud of you..Congrats on the 1 lakh milestone..:)
    and I liked Satish's portrait the best..


  43. Wow..all of them are nice..i could not single out which one is better than the rest...

  44. you're an inspiration. Thank u, Preeti :)

  45. What a superb surprise :)
    And I love them. I liked Your's and Satish's first and Atul's and the last one the most :)

    I do hope your professional portrait making starts real soon. It'l be so much fun . Gee! All the best dear.

  46. Congrats !! :)

    I really dont knw how i started reading your blogs ... i would like say that you have become one of my INSPIRATION in life.

    How come you have such variety of interest's? Who is your inspiration?
    I feel that you live life very passionately.

    Pls keep bloging :)

  47. Finally saw all the skteches on your art site. Really great work in such a short span. I loved each one of them. Suhc great sketches of your husband and kids. Very very nice. Really - you know it all already... you don't need a course :)

  48. Just wow!!
    firstly, congratulations!!

    and then let me tell you.. your words has so much meaning in it! that everytime i hop in here, it makes me realize and feel so many things! need to tell you thanks for it!

    i had been away from blogging from past few months! Now am back!! :)

    so nice to read ur writes!

  49. and the portraits are just marvelous!

  50. Swetha: A big thank you :)

    Life Begins: i am good at pencil sketches but suck with pastels..Have a LOT to learn :) But thanks :)

    Guru: honoured and humbled. Send me your email address please! Have you asked you before too! :) Write to me on ps@ (without any gaps)

    Meira:There are two of Satish's :)Which one did u like more? Thank you.

    Shru: Thank YOU :)

    Sunder: Thanks :)

    Geetha: Thanks a lot :)There are two of Satish's :) I don't think it is purely talent--i think it is just because I slog a lot :)

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  52. Congtratulations Preeti. That you are a star blogger and writer is well known as is your support and inspiration to newbies and would be bloggers. No doubt you'll shone equally brilliantly in your new hobby cum profession !!


  53. I liked the 'Satish' you've drawn on 8th of Oct..:D..!!n is the other one by any chance Ajay?


  54. Its such a wonderful post. And I'v read it at the right time. I don't know if its coincidence or what.. but every time i read your blog it conveys to me answers that i'v been looking for, at that point of time.

    Just this evening i was losing hopes about my GRE exam .I was wondering if I'v set my goals too high, and questioning if i am worthy enough to study abroad.
    But reading your post, has filled me with hope once again:)

    Thanks a lot.It means so much to me.

    And the sketches are brilliant...Wow! your so talented.

  55. Your portraits are wonderful. Keep going :)

    I liked the post a lot. IT was very inspiring. For a long time I wanted to be able to do two things: keep writing for my blog just because writing was relaxing to me and to be able to sing!

    Wrt to my blog I have started blogging back, so reading your article made me feel even more motivated to write. Singing I dont know If I would be able too...hope it happens some day :)

  56. This post really meant a lot to me. I feel that I read it at the right time (when I needed to).

  57. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Beautiful portraits. And best wishes on the course.

    I always leave your site with more inspiration than when I come in.

    I vouch to never give up. :)

  58. Congratulations Ma'm :) You truly deserve it! It's said that God doesn't give dreams, without giving the power to materialize them. You have proved this right, not once but many times over :-)

    Positivity is very infectious. Take care :)

  59. I am SO happy for you! Every cloud has a silver lining, and your case its more than silver...i am sure your father is immensely proud of you..keep going! And I love your sketches...some precise, others cute. :)

    It's very rare that a raw stone becomes a sparkling gem...and you are one of those rare ones :)!

    warmest wishes,

  60. Hi Preeti

    congratulations to you for this great achivement. next year, same time probably you will touch 10 Lac views.

    the pictures are marvelous - as always.

    got a glimpse of how atul and purvi look. Satish should be a happy man - you have sketched him far younger that what he actually is - please don't forget to tell him that i said this :-)

  61. Sandhya : :-) If you are on Facebook, please ad me--Portrait is exactly how he looks now and it is NOT a fond wife talking but an artist with an accurate eye ;-):-) Will tell him though :)

    EM : :-) Stone? Gem? Cadbury's gems may be :) :P

    Tranquility: thank you so very much. i am submerged always in your compliments and kind words :)

    Inevitable now--am really glad about that :) Good luck!

    Sanjini: I am sure you will be able to sing too :) Glad my post helped. Good luck and best wishes.

    Aashi: yes--never never never give up! All the very best! Thanks so much :)

    Geetha: You are very sharp :-) Yes it is--but that reference photo I used for the portrait isnt very good :-) He looks better :)

  62. good one, and quick!:P cadbury gems...yea :)...a big one, real gigantic BIG 1!

  63. I am touched by this post and your perseverance. Keep it up and I look forward to more hearty reads.


  64. Congrats Preeti :)
    Loved the potraits :) Other than urs and S's, I luved 2,9 and 12 the most :)
    Gud luck for the certification!

  65. Now this is giving me one more boost to live with the fullest and enjoy everything, rather than getting bored of the things!!!

  66. Congratulations on this milestone!!I've always liked that Churchill quote, but it always caused me to worry...'what if the first step of my thousand is in the wrong direction?'


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