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Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. PS!!! Now this is a riot!!! Trust me,a real laughter riot!! .. Enjoyed every bit of it :-D

  2. ROFL this is just too much :)

  3. he he.. Not able to stop myself from laughing.. :-) I've had a lot of moments like these too.. The worst one being that once i sent a message to my boss instead of my colleague saying "You should re-consider your decision. Please dont quit.." She put down her papers the next day and my boss then came to me and said he was glad i tried asking her to stay.. he he..
    I'm so glad i didnt tell her, "you have taken the right decision.." ;-)

  4. Iam laughing my lungs out!Well, I too had many of these embarrassing moments....! Last one was with your scrap book in orkut! (Hey! was that incident the source of 'inspiration' for this post - if yes, I am embarrased no more..)

  5. That was a good one!!! Hehe...

  6. ahahahahah Preeti, you made my afternoon! That was so funny!
    It has happened to me a couple of times but not to such an hilarious extent! :)

  7. hahahah! that was really funny!

  8. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I only ever really text too people, and have happily told my best friend that I love her and can't wait to see her again and then said my Wife a text saying, 'God my Mrs is such a pain in the A*se'

    Needless to say, I slept on the sofa that night. I'm thinking, that next time we get sofa, I might as well get a sofa bed.

  9. Hahahahahahahahahah...good ones...couldn't stop laughing alound in the office..especially the car mechanic:):)..Thanks for the laughs

  10. advice for u: edit 'Satish' to 'Zatish'.. or 'Zzatish' or 'AaaSatish'.. that way u can avoid finger slips :P Rather use speed dial in such cases :P
    But oh.. I remember there was a time when I used to regularly send messages meant for family or friends to this friend for whom I used a speed dial. It was never embarassing thankfully; only funny or senseless :P

  11. Such a fun post!
    Thanks for sharing these little snippets about your life :)
    Brought a smile on my face :)

    -the other shru

  12. I've ended up answering for the question "What's the answer for question 13?" as "the answer is B. What is the answer for 6?"
    Two minutes later, my phone was siezed by my college electronics teacher coz I messaged him... :(

  13. ROTFL!! this is hilarious...and yes it has happened soo many times!!!

    I think the most embarrassing was messaging the ex-bf telling him what a jerk my ex-bf was being thinking i was msging my very good fren whose no is super similar!!! *cringe* usually when i remember phone nos i dun use the phone book in my cell...

  14. Gosh! You could have been talking about me :D!
    I follow what Shruti has suggested....really close people's names are distorted and saved...too discourage such bloopers. The rest, well, have learnt to live with my carelessness :D

  15. Meira: if I distorted names I'd probably wonder who the hell that is!:)many times I sav names and then forget who it is (too many people as for some article I am writing I'd have saved the name) LOL. Anyway so far i have has more laughs than anything else--so i'm ok with being textually wrong!

    Sunshine ::-O :-)

    Red Phoenix:Did u get the phone back?

    Other shru: Welcome!

    Shruti: See my answer to Meira :)

    Raghunath : :D Be really nice and pass on the link to others too so they can also laugh :)

    Freelance:Sofa bed is definitely a good idea:) I thiunk i should also invest in one :)

  16. Aargee ::-)

    Devil Mood: Glad to be of help :)

    Dynamite: :)

    Arvind: Well the inspiration came from the friend I texted.Buit on orkut how does one send scraps by mistake?One just replies to--or goes to the other person's profile right? Asking because I have never scraped wrongly--so just wondered.

    Sango : heh heh heh :)

    Dhanya: :)

    Balu:Thanks :)

  17. I can just imagine the embarassment! I don't think I have done it so far...or rather I HOPE I haven't...at least no one has told me if I have! But yes...innumerable times after sending an sms (usually a personal one) I get this terrible fear that I have sent it to the wrong person...and I have no way to confirm as I don't save sent messages!!! :((

    I liked the bus driver one! :D poor guy!

  18. To err is human, but to this extend..its too much

  19. ha ha ha, u lightened my day, ps... yeah, i guess evryone has had their share of blunders. I personally check the numbers very carefully, whn i text my hubby now... i too had an 'incident' whn i was texting my hubby sweet nothings and send it to my brother by mistake... it was vvvvery embarassing and I cudnt face him for some days!!

  20. I am laughing out here!

    You know... this happened about two years ago, just before my wedding. I thought I was messaging Sachin and sent the message to Hrishi. And H & I were traveling in the same car. So I asked him to please delete the message. My mom said, "Why, can't you say 'I love you' to your brother?" I said, "I have no hassles telling him I love him, but to say I'm missing him terribly when we're in the same car is a bit much!"

    Thankfully, this is the only incident. I almost sent sweet nothings to my boss instead of Sachin as their names appear one after another... I have since saved my boss' number differently :-))

  21. One of worst bloopers is when I was sending a msg to a friend to meet me for coffee at 5 at the usual place, I was surprised to see not my friend but the one guy I was trying to avoid there at my usual adda with a bunch of flowers in his hand :(

    However, I also took advantage of these bloopers and ended up having a dinner with one of my crushes :)

    Btw another way of avoiding these bloopers is to put a star or hash sigh before your hubby's name. easy to access and no confusion at all of any sweet nothings reaching the wrong person

  22. trust me I hv sent the wrong text to the wrong person!!! And sometimes I wanted to die LOL! I was gonna post abt it soon, and with a very simialr title :)

    btw my newborn nephew (only 4weeks old) sent me a TXT today! Come n read abt it :)


  23. How funny!!! So many blunders?

    I have sent a few wrong messages. Most of the time messages intended for someone else went to a boyfriend. Thankfully it was never something really embarrassing.

  24. A very good post to start a day.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Cheers :-)

  25. I think we have all fallen foul of this one. Your tales are hillarious..! I can't remember ever giving you my mobile number..maybe I should as the prospect of recieving something directed at some one else would be fun. Incidentally...have you ever struck up a friendship because of a wrong number/miss sent text?

  26. I think we have all fallen foul of this one. Your tales are hillarious..! I can't remember ever giving you my mobile number..maybe I should as the prospect of recieving something directed at some one else would be fun. Incidentally...have you ever struck up a friendship because of a wrong number/miss sent text?

  27. ROTFL... hilarious mistakes...
    many times - many times I have did the same mistakes... texting wrong friends, texting sweet nothing to my collegue instead to my gf... the list goes on. u give me agood laugh, Ps. :)

  28. ACE!

    I love you for such posts PS!!! :)

  29. ha ha ha.. i've been thru this.. once thot i was msging my spl someone and sent to a colleague, and he kept replying saying who is this..hehehe...

  30. Am new to your blog.. Wasn't really enjoying my work in the office when I decided to take a break and came across your blog...

    Since reading your post I am laughing like anything.. Can't just control myself... My colleagues definitely think I ve gone mad :D

    Meanwhile... I genuinely follow what few people have suggested... give special names to people u frequently text...

    I have goofed up so many times... instead of messaging "Papa" I messaged my prof "Papiya" dat "i can't take d crap lectures anynmore.. i need a break.. missin u madly.. wanna b home wid u.. "

    Though I was lucky enough to get a leave for 3 days after that :D

    Neways... thanks for the refreshing post :)

  31. LOL! I'm still smiling :) - just started my day and I'm so glad I logged on your blog.

    P.S: I really have to scroll all the way down to write my comments -I need to wake up early next time. :)

  32. the heading is brilllllianto!!:)

    Scribblers Inc.

  33. love is texting each other constantly...
    love is also a $352 dollar cellphone bill.

    Stop texting, start chatting online.

    Btw, I can relate to the sms reaching a different contact.
    Once, late night, I accidentally messaged my professor, "miss you...Wish you were here with me, wanna cuddle up to you."


    Yea yea... everyone thinks its funny.


    stop laughing now.

    For text message junkies there should be one different cellphone per contact.

  34. its real fun when u scold and send it to the opposite sex!!...lol

  35. LOL ! so funny! u had me laughing all thru the post...thanks n keep making the mistakes n postin abt 'em :P

    i hv send wrong IMs a few times..n then once to my mgr thinking i was typin it in a friend's window ..abt a guy who was so fida n acting so stupid! He pulled my leg for so long abt it!

  36. hehehehe..
    this is really a terrifying thing isint it!!!
    n teribally funny too..
    I still remember smsing my friend(sitting next to the boss then..) that he does not like us chit chatting hece he s moved u to be next to him... so we ll continue chatting thru sms...
    and get a cold reply saying "thanks for sending your idea thru boss.he read ur sms aloud. he s furious here and has told me to send you the last ever sms from inside this office...!!"
    ya, I had sent my sms to my boss instead of her..

    I would have died with shame..
    This was during my training during uni-days..

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. heh..heh..this was hilarious...

    happy texting...:D

  39. Suma : :) Yes indeed-HAPPY texting!;)

    Swathy: OMG!! How embarrassing!

    Pavi: LOL!! Good your boss was such a sport.

    Broca: Depends on which member of the opposite sex ;)

    Hershey: I'm on a scheme where I pay just 10 paise an SMS.Stop spending in dollars.Come back to India..Please come back!!

    Scribblers: thankso :)

    Still thinking : :-)

  40. Nidhi: Glad I could brighten your day :) Actually I still laugh uncontrollably thinking of that mechanic.

    Aaarti: LOL--Did you reply?;)

    Adi: thanks!! :)

    xh:Happy to help :)

  41. Niall: never! And if international SMS weren't so expensive, you phone would have been filled to the capacity by now! :-)

    Karthik: Happy to make you smile :)

    Solitaire:These blunders were spread over years--not one after the other! i just recalled them all together here.

    Keshi:Wow! will read.

  42. I've had this happen to me so often, but thankfully i've never been the sender, but my lil one...who used to send blank messages and click send to the first person on the list...who happened to be some packers' name....after a few messages, I got back a call asking me what my intentions were :(

    Now the first few names are all the husbands, in different formats and shortforms....
    BUt you are the one who should be awarded....you've sent me on a laugh-a-thon!!!

  43. LOL!!

    Now that was a great read...have been theer a few times so i know how awkward things can get. Really enjoyed it...

  44. hey thanks for being candid and sharing this - i had a good laugh, and i did recount my own blunders!!

  45. Hahaha!!
    This was crazy !!!

  46. hehe!!

    LOVED the post!!

    my phone has this funda of recent contacts and more often than not i text the hubby! if i havent texted the hubby then i end up putting in name oh whoever is on top! mostly i will realise before i have sent the sms!! :p



  47. SMM: heh heh--could nto help laughing.

    Raaga:Messaging one's love for their brother inside the car is a bit too much :) Laughed when i read that.

    Ancy: LOL--luckily it was only brother!

    Sri:To err is human--maybe some of us are more human than the others :) :)

    wannabewriter:Why cant you turn on the sent messages otpion?Just wondering.

    K10 : :-)

    Sachin: :-)

    Kenny: thanks!

    Prats: that was really funny :) Mine too have done that when they were small..My daughter dialled some newspaper delivery guy thrice!

  48. Mama-Mia: :) In my case, i choose it fro the contact list--sometimes in a hurry one just presses ok--sometimes it gets pressed by mistake.Either way its hilarios--At times I have been on the receiving end too! :)

  49. My cousin sister Prachi had smsed to me a long time ago about meeting somewhere --some shop -- to buy inner wear . As it had come by her name I was sure it was a mistake and no sooner I had finished reading it,prompt came another sms saying 'sorry sorry not for you '

  50. hee hee...I have this habit of never deleting ANYTHING... mails (sent and received), messages.. so I kept the save sent messages option off to reduce the amount of stuff that collects.. no other reason! :P

  51. Had a good laugh reading this post!
    Thanks ! :)

  52. Ha ha ha...

    Ooh i have done a few guffaws like that...remember two of them...i sent a dirrty msg to a girl just below my then gfs name...had to call her up and tell her it wasn't for her....very embarrassing

    and once after shifting cities...i called up my frnd in mumbai...rajesh and said..."oye raju tuney tickets le lee kyaa" only to realize it was rajesh my boss from the previous firm whom i had dialle... :D

  53. ha ha ha! nice one. you actually do this? if people did not know you better what would have happened! cant even imagine.

  54. by now..even if you want to play a sms prank people wont take you seriously...lol

  55. Gaza and Vinni: These was spread over a period of at least 6 years or maybe more--I merely recalled it all together.So its not like I keep making one error after the other! :)

    Mystique: that was funny (Asking for the tickets)

    Anant:My pleasure :)


    Wannabe writer: :) I keep deleting!;)

    Ajit: heh heh :)

  56. Preeti,

    I have been visiting you but could not leave comments earlier as you have not given option of Name/URL.

    I love your post on Love and Internet for simple reason as I always maintained that never tell a child to keep quite. If you get fed up with what he or she is asking change the topic gently. Also never say No specially to a growing child.

    Pricker : Yes, this world is full of them.

    This one : I still can not hold my laughter. You are lucky to get out of such situations without much of damage.

    Kindly do visit me at


    Take care

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. good one:-)
    Could identify with this sooo much!!! i have done this a number of times, me being careless as ever and always in a hurry person.
    Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it brought moments of embarrasment:P

    Now a days i end up sending all wrong smses to my bro;-)

    Anyways hope alls good at ur end...I m here after a long time bt its good to be back!

  59. Interesting, very. And sooo many blunders! My God!

  60. Good one Ps. It happens often if ur a sms savvy person. you have to use LMS (long messaging service) if you send sms to a wrong person and explain him that the message was not meant for him.

  61. Fruitu: i usually use the T9 option.

    Punam:Well--they were spread over many years.I have simply put them together here.

    Akanksha;Great to see you back.welcome! had sent you a mail long back inviting you to a blog meet--not sure if u got it.

    Jack:Thanks so much for your comments.I visited you and tried to leave my comments--thrice.Hope you got them.

  62. hahahaha!! What hilarious goof ups!!

    I've done one myself too! I sent a non-veg joke to my washing machine repair guy! :P Within seconds he called me up but then he didn't have my number stored on his cell! Thank god for that!

  63. This happens with everybody! I could relate *SO MUCH* with it!! Being a person with a not-so-bad memory, I usually type out numbers when I call/sms people instead of checking out the 'contact' list of my phone... And that has caused innumerable problems!

    Loved all your anecdotes.

    The best one:
    "I have declared to my dad’s friend (who is about 68) that I love him and miss him a lot, thinking that I am sending the message to my mom. He does not pick up my calls any more."
    :-)) Lucky him! ;-)

  64. NM: LOL--Washing machine Guy and an adult joke!! :) Psst--was he good looking? ;)

    Hari: LOL :) :)

  65. roflmao!!!
    jeez.. u had me in splits..
    well hoenstly.. though i text a lot.. i never make such errors.. unless i want to...

  66. roflmao!!!
    jeez.. u had me in splits..
    well hoenstly.. though i text a lot.. i never make such errors.. unless i want to...

  67. hahahaha.....u r truly funny!! i did make dis mistake once....after dat im really very very careful when i send any sms. :)

  68. Hi,
    I found this post very good. It brought me back some good memories.

  69. Ps,
    I have messaged a friend whose b'day it was on the surprise we were giving.
    Kill joy, I am!

    Funny read

  70. hehe.. jus came across dis blog of urs..
    nothr common mistake while text msging is while using the dic...

    one of my friend msgs a guy frnd "i need to get raped asap. i know u wont know much abt it urself, but do u know ne1 else who cud get me raped? asking u coz i dunno ne1 else around here.."

    the guy got psyched n called get immediately to clarify a few things, only to realize that she had meant to type 'saree' instead of 'raped' now if u replace it in the above text msg, u'll find it makes sense... n also, type saree in dic mode n chk out wat comes first! :)

    nice blog btw..

  71. ROTFLOL!!!! Yep. Been there, done that... on more occasions than I care to remember about. But this one incident stands out in my memory that still makes me feel like a monumental idiot( still makes me laugh an cringe at my stupendous stupidity tho :-p)
    It was the time when I had gone to the hosp. to visit a friend who had met with a serious accident. When I got there he was under sedation. I had to inform one of his elderly relatives about how he was doing. I ended up texting her that I had checked in on him and didn't stay back as he was under seduction !!!
    Luckily for me, she had a good sense of humour. Needless to say, I felt like the proverbial fool!!


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