Life is calling

The other day when my mom was getting into bed, retiring for the day, she sighed in a matter of fact voice, exhaled deeply and said casually “ Hmm, one more day gone from our lives. Stock is getting depleted from the quota of allotted days.” The enormity of what she had just said sunk in slowly like the drizzle on a wet monsoon day that starts with just a slight shower and suddenly pelts down like a boulder in a landslide. It caught me unawares.

She left two days back, to spend a week with my brother, but what she said in such a matter of fact way made a tremendous impact on me that I am still floating in those words, submerged — much like the water that surrounds everything in sight after floods due to incessant rain.

It is so true. It is so simple. Why is it that we never think of it when we go to bed at night? I truly believe that each one of us has a quota of days on this earth. When the quota is over, no matter what, death comes calling. An ex-colleague of ours lost his only son, days before his 15th birthday. I was upset, aghast and distraught. I could feel the parents pain and anguish. You can read the paper report and the details here. Another friend lost her dad unexpectedly, just like me. Yesterday, in the newspaper there was another report of a young man and his girl friend who died because the motorcycle he was riding skidded and sent them both flying. Both were engineering students, just 21. My mom’s words kept coming back to me. Their quota was over.

These days when I go to bed I am so thankful that I have had another day to live—a day full of health, full of love filled moments with my children (and some exasperating ones too!), time to have a conversation with my husband, some time to talk with friends on the phone, to read, to admire a flower in the garden, to watch my fishes, to see the rain, to watch the sun rising, to hug my loved ones, to listen to music and above all to laugh.(The pictures that I have posted show the view from my terrace early in the morning and a Canna plant that bloomed in my garden, both captured a day back)

I don’t know when my quota will get over,--that is something that is not in my hands but I sure as hell am determined to enjoy each precious second of my quota.

There is simply no time to hold grudges, remember the disappointments, the failures, the petty quarrels, the bad memories. Life is too darn precious to lament or to weep.

The admen got it right when they said “Life is calling. Where are you?”


  1. hmm, you remind me of the quote "kal ho na ho". But, anyways I am someone who wouldnt contemplate bout such things. I'd rather drink the whole night tonight without caring if I die or live to see the next day.

    on the other hand, a person as positive as you are shouldnt be bothered about it either.


  2. Wacko: i never contemplated it too until recently--when you are in your thirties, you confront mortality and makes you think. :-) Cheers!

  3. Anonymous11:33 PM

    read the linked article abt the teen's death. Was shocked to hear that alcohol was involved. Is there is a drinking age in India? If so is it enforced strongly?

  4. hmm, okay. I am glad I am still 21 then :P

  5. So true and so well written...nice post...I so blv the same..but its hard to implement ..

  6. What a beautiful piece of writing and so true. Life live as if it was your last and cherish what you have. Tomorrow it might be to late.

  7. Wacko: :-) U wont be 21 forever! And hey--you be just the way you are. i am glad too that you are 21!!;)

    Binerry:Thanks for writing.Yes there is a legal age--It varies between 18 and 25 in most states. I guess it is not really strictly enforced especially in private parties.

    Prakhar:I guess thats why we have to constantly remind ourselves.

    Marja: yes! it is so important!You summed up exactly what i was trying to say!

  8. i think since i entered my thirties, i'm more sensitive to things around me, more thankful for what i have and more inclined to count my blessings...

    A good "wake-up, its life calling' post...


  9. i just read the report...that was so tragic, such a needless loss...

  10. beautiful pics, when the day ur born ur moving towards the inevitable. As osho says you dont have a choice about birth and your death is already destined, the only thing you are gifted with is PRESENT. just be here and now. Just reach out to as many as possible, and make life more colourful, joyous, ..............

  11. "today was the tomorrow u were woriied abt yesterday"

  12. There are nights when I just can't sleep...and the reason being, my analysis of have I lived my life to the fullest!!
    But yes!!! I am thankful for all that i've got ...good and bad...i've learned frm the bad, and shared my good....and you are so right....30's really gets you thinking...and beign a family person all the more...

    Great post, is so beautiful, just like the scene out of your balcony.

  13. After the age of thirty a lot of things which v had take 4 granted earlier, becomes precious.

    And every night when I pray, one of the 1st things I'm thankful to God is that the 4 of us have reached home safely from the 4 directions we had taken during the day.

    Excellent post as usual!!!!!

  14. Though not exactly the same kind of thougts are going on in my mind.
    Within a week two of my friends - both were 25 - died coz of heart attack. I couldn't believe and still i'm struggling to digest this. One was my roommate for two years and I know his plans and ambitions for life...but now.. I'm really confused about what...I dont know...

    Well written.

    Cheers !

  15. Nice pix P. like i always say......chaar din ki zindagi. so right na. live everyday to the fullest...n enjoy every moment. keep happy!

  16. true true!

    its when tragedy strikes, you or someone else and you wonder why the hell did you get upset over such trivial things, why did you not say i love you often enough or didnt do that salsa class you always wanted to!

    and few days later most of us forget and get back to our daily grumbling! :)

    i keep thanking god too for all that s/he has given me!

    now for that thin body! :p

    lovely post!



  17. Beautiful..and so true...
    According to my dad, a person has a quota of everything in life...Finish your quota of sugar too soon in life, and you become diabetic later. Quota of everything.

    Weird isnt it..The more I think of it, the more i find myself believing whole heartedly in this concept.

  18. Beautiful..and so true...
    According to my dad, a person has a quota of everything in life...Finish your quota of sugar too soon in life, and you become diabetic later. Quota of everything.

    Weird isnt it..The more I think of it, the more i find myself believing whole heartedly in this concept.

  19. Quota of life...... I realised this more than ever when i lost my dad a couple of years ago.

    The thought of quota of life and the magnanimity of death never comes when we are teenagers or even in our twenties. But somehow nature makes us realise it when we get older.

    Its well said that life and time is a great teacher.

  20. amazing post preeti!!
    and its in like to what you said on my blog too.. life is short, and its upto us to make the best of it for that reason only! :)

    -the other shru

  21. I’ll be completing, hopefully, yet another year of my quota in few days time, and I’ve been pondering on this conundrum since long. Very true PS, life is too precious and each day should be welcomed with fresh thoughts and bright ideas, instead of filling our system with negative thoughts.

  22. Its true .Of late I have realized I want to do things the I way want to without taking any crap from anyone.People who make me feel negative can be deleted. Just want to savour and cherish each moment and continue to believe in myself. Want to enjoy my kids' childhood,capture the laughter in my mind,and the works...Yeah PriJ "life is calling " its just that we need to remind ourselves to take it easy

  23. Then, lets do all tha twe can in the remaining time ......
    This post reminds me of what Yudishtira answers Lord Indira (I guess -pardon me if my details are wrong)...Indira asks " whats the greatest miracle?" to which Yudishtira calmly answers " Man sees people around him die, and yet carries on with life as though he is going to live forever". A tale from The Mahabharatha.
    Am in a really mixed up mood now PS. Results yet to come and so all these philosophies come spontaneously!!!!! :-)

  24. how true! one suggestion, could you put up a sharing facility (orkut, facebook etc)? thank you.

  25. Such a great post. I am sure everyone can identify with it. These thoughts do cross our minds every now and then and then we shake them away, afraid to face the inevitable.

    Right now I would like to say...
    Psychobabble is calling! Where are you?

    Yes, its up and running again. :)

  26. hey new to ur blog...really liked ur write-up...can I link u to my blog? lemme knw...cheers!!

  27. well said
    we never realise what we have?
    dont stop to do that

    u didnot take the tag

  28. honestly, even though I'm surrounded by so much death in a hospital, I don't know how I'd react to it in my personal life.. its the same old story.. I'm ready to go myself, but I cant for the life of me imagine having to lose my family members.. just keep thinking they'll be there forevere for me... wishful thinking

  29. hey there, thanks for visiting so soon....yes its chakka varati..but set like the halwas...heh heh!! And ur most welcome, really enjoyed ur blogs....and u dont look like a mother of 2...

  30. Looking back and feeling bad is certainly a waste of time and precious breathing moments but sometimes we can't help yourselves, little thinking monkeys that we are ;)

  31. Devil Mood:Well--like George michael sings "Set your monkey free--why dont you do it?" :)

    Ancy:Ok! Thanks for the compliments!

    Roshan:Yes--it is hard.

    Uma: Replied to you in your post!

    Solitaire:Visited you at psychobable! Thanks for stopping by!

  32. Peethala: You can ad my blog on facebook or orkut in your profile.Both have provisions for that.Thanks for stopping by!

    Arvind:Very very true--and all the best for your results!

    Illu:Yes--negative people are just not worth nurturing.

    Balu: i agree. 100%

  33. The other Shru: yes--We HAVE to make the most of now.Cheers!

    Hari:Somehow death of a close person makes us value life so much more--don't you think?We change a lot.

    k10: maybe our parents were wise all along.We are realising only now!

    Abha:I narrated your post on your morning walk to one of my closest friend and we both had a hearty laugh as we both could relate!!



    Reflections:Yes indeed--thats one more thing I should do--That when we all reach back safely, send a prayer.

    Prats:so true na!30s makes us wiser!I too love my terrace view.

    Suma:Yes--it was tragic--and needless as you rightly said.

    Broca;Very true.

    Fruitu:Thanks for the insight.

  34. True, everyone shud thank each day!

  35. Yeah...was watching the movie,'PS-I Love You' the other day...the lady realises the significance of her own life as well as her love for her husband only after he suddenly dies. That drove home a lesson :)

  36. Actaully phrases like "live each day like your last" and "cherish every moment" n all that have always sounded kinda morbid to me...just plain ol' scared of death..
    But that's a nice take..that we all have our days in stock n running out one day at a time...helps put things in perspective and value each day more..still kinda morbid though!!

  37. The fickleness of life captured in a few words nicely by your mom and passed on to you.
    As the age old saying,when the muscles are in tact we tend to forget many of the realities of life and then when the muscles start yielding to the ever growing age,reality stares at us.

    But 30 s & 40s are too young an age for this to happen..But the fact is ,living by & enjoying the days does bring in the happiness of a well spent Gods gift " A Day Of & in Life "

    Sounds too philosophical,cant help it ma,age speaking,lol

    God Bless

  38. Makes us realise that life is precious and we shouldnt just race through it~~~ :)

    Thats why i say, every day is a new day.... and treasure it~

    well written...and when i read the article, was shocked, i do remember seeing the news on tv as well!! sigh!!

  39. You write very well. And I totally agree with you on this article.

  40. what you say makes so much sense…it’s the same with the bdays…when you are young you long for your bday to come sooner so that you celebrate in school , with friends…but later bdays just come to let you one more day gone!

    btw, I like the way you write… succinct and sensible



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