Weekend Witches and Glitches

After a lot of planning, effort and co-ordination (not in that order necessarily) I managed to get tickets for the Saturday morning show for the whole family. This was for the latest craze of a movie that is sweeping the box offices, or so we have been told by box-office pundits, the movie experts and every entertainment channel worth or not worth their stupidity in the mindless sagas and reality shows they air. The only two songs worth watching had been viewed by me a hundred times already. My close friends had also been mailed the link to the youtube video with the lyrics (and the meaning of the lyrics as well for some of my friends who didn’t speak Hindi.)

This was before I watched the movie. Anyway, I shall not say anything more, lest you intend to see it.

After coming back from the movie, husband promptly fell ill. He had severe vomiting and an upset stomach. I could not even attribute it to the pop-corn at the movie, as all of us had consumed it as well (and we were all perfectly fine) and so I think it was the wicked-witch-who-loves-to-ruin-weekends at work. Whole of Saturday and Sunday went by, in taking care of three babies (Including husband here). My son had a test as well on Monday morning—and naturally it is me who does all the studying. And let me tell you—it is exhausting.

Monday morning, he was perfectly fine and went off to work. This is not the first time it has happened either. I think he would qualify as a dream employee—has an impeccable track record, always chooses week-ends to fall ill and attends official phone calls even on a vacation .Last time it happened I threatened that I would call up his colleague who had called him (despite knowing he was on vacation) in the middle of the night, around 3:00 a.m—and then again at 3:45 a.m and then at 4:15 a.m. I had even practised the witch-who-loves-to-ruin-sleep laugh—a hoarse, deep throated evil chuckle. As soon as he answered I’d laugh, I had decided, and then I would hang up. I ,anyway,am a chronic insomniac. Might as well make good use of my nights up! I think husband apprised him of my intentions as the phone calls during vacation have mercifully stopped.

One of my closest friends called on Saturday evening when I was in the feeling-so-bad-my-weekend–is-ruined mode. I told her about husband not being well, son’s test and all other stuff.

“Poor guy” she says “I hope he feels better soon.”

What poor guy?! He was being pampered by the kids and me. He was getting lots of kisses and hugs from the kids, (okay, and me as well. I did feel sorry for him) and despite being ill, I could see him revelling in all the attention. I was doing all the work, which gets shifted to week-ends. If anyone has to be pitied here, it was me, I said.

I think I will fall ill now.

Or on second thoughts, may be I shall just wait till the week-end. *Heh heh heh.*


  1. gosh...hope he is fine and more imptly hope ur not falling sick... Talking abt weekends, have no idea whn one comes and goes...how was the movie, btw??

  2. HA HA..
    am sure
    he's loving it !!!!(yet another ad)

    esp when it brings in raindrops of kisses

  3. Hey. Your husband anyways seems to have had the best weekend with all the attention, no weekend chorus and top it up with hugs and kisses.

    But pls dont fall sick next weekend in the hope of the same good luck. it may not work for you. I really pity you.

  4. heeehaa, this is why tis bliss being one of the babies of the mommy :P

    m feelin wicked :P


  5. Hehe good read. But why only wkend...take the whole week off...u totally deserve it.
    Hmmm....a germ of an idea is sprouting in my mind *evil grin*

  6. heheh....just like mothers to fret about weekend illnesses...but you have the right to take off ( with S) anytime....but please don't fall sick...
    You can send the kids over , i'll take good care of them...I promise

  7. Ancy: i liked RDB so much better.This was just teeny-bopper stuff and nothing new, I felt.

    Gazal: Oh yes! he was loving it!Definitely!

    Hari:Pity?! Why? * heh heh* (Evil witch laugh)

    Reflections:I can only begin to guess--heee heee haa haa

    Wacko: i want my mommy now! Its no fun being one all the time!(But it has its advantages too.Wink)

  8. hehe
    I would say wait for the weekend, and get the three of them to pamper you then!! It will be truly sweet, kinda like sweet revenge hehe.

    -the other shru

  9. Oh...I know all about how men become babies when they fall sick!!! In fact, my daughter is less of a baby when she falls ill than my hubby is ....poor you! :P But hope S is better now! I saw the movie this weekend too....

  10. Looks like its' the mum's turn to get some of the pampering back!!

    Well, u do have my pity here...must have been a tough weekend. U're husband must've loved all the attention though...it's always nice going back to "baby-mode". So ur turn next weekend? ;)

  11. Hmmm, think again, my mom often says, it's never a good idea for mom's to fall ill coz instead of being taken care, the whole family falls ill all over again (sort of giving her company) and she has to go thru' serving the love potion all over again :)

    My mom surely had a proof to her theory - us 3 daughters.
    But anything for some extra TLC right :)

  12. Hmm selective illnesses, interesting topic. I remember back at school that I'd get really frustrated if I got ill during weekends. The loss of a perfectly good free day and also the opportunity to skip classes...the horror ;)

  13. A fairy tale, is it? Gnomes and Witches in your home.....wow!
    Guess I would love to have the witch cast a spell on me too......please send her to me! :-)

  14. My dad used to do this all the time!!! Come weekend and all his pains and illnesses would appear and magically disappear monday morning!! It used to irritate me and my mom a loooottt!! Def throws a wrench on all wkend plans!

  15. Arvind: Pls take the witch who ruins weekends.I dont want her anywhere near my house.

    Devil Mood: yep! I know exactly what u mean!

    Still thinking:Ummm..wait till u become a mom! :)

    Kenny: Don't know! I'd rather be out with no attention that in with lots of it!

    wannabe writer: Oh yes--men are BIG babies!Did u like the movie? I found it just average.

    Shru: Ill or not--I am going to kick up a big fuss so they are left with no option but to pander to me! heh heh.

  16. :-O But.. supermoms don't fall ill! :-D
    but.. yeah.. they can very well make situations to get pampered :P

  17. Ahhh, interesting!!! Why shd illness stike only weekends?? You shd get a whole week of pampering from them... ;)

  18. you have the brilliantest layout!!
    and you follow the lines, something I failed !!!:)

    Scribblers inc.

  19. My Hubby fell ill yesterday...enjoying all the pampering now. I think Hubbies fall ill just to get pampered :P

  20. He he!!

    I want to know what you think of the movie!!
    I saw it twice today. Needless to say, I loved it!

  21. Not yet released in malaysia..waiting to see this movie...We too feel that ..weekends are the busiest days!Shud go to office for relaxing

  22. i hate falling sick on weekends! its such a pain! and a complete waste of perfect weekday you could have bunked from work!! :p



  23. Stop cribbing Ps. You know you got it real good ;)

    Long time.

  24. Ok...about the "truth" behind the the "just kidding"...figured i'd do it here cause don't want the other guys to know, or atleast hear it from me directly...that's something I do with a lot of posts..in fact did it to your last one. Sorry abt that!! :P

    Now that'll be our little secret. ;)

    P.S. : I did read EVERYTHING in this post!!

  25. LOL !!! Good one !!!

    Cheers :-)

  26. Karthik: :-)Cheers!

    Kenny: my lips are sealed ;-)

    TS: Long long time :-)See comment box in your post.

    Mama-mia: if only hubby would realise that! :P

    Sri: yes!! Weekends just fly.

  27. SMM: yes--and they turn into big babies.

    Scribblers: thanks :-)

    Aarti: why only a week--every day I say!

    Shru: i ain't no super-mom..I have no answers for you (Sung in the tune of 'where are you going' by dave matthews) :-)

  28. Yeah..the movie was Okay..not classy like what Aamir has been doing recently, I guess...nothing new about the story...but the treatment was different and funny...and I liked the star cast... :)

  29. Solitaire: i found RDB Much MUCH better--This I felt was nothing new--a story that has been done a 100 times right from 'when harry met sally'.Genelia cannot act at all(I liked her in the Tamil movie 'Boyz')!And I didnt find Imraan cute or particularly charming.I liked only the two songs--second half dragged.--anyway i shall stop now :-)

    Wannabe writer: Yeah--bearable!

  30. I felt this was just a feel good movie though I specially liked the character portrayal of Naseeruddin Shah! That was just a brilliant concept :)

  31. I have always loved 'When Harry Met Sally'..

    Do you know, my friend went to the Doctor's, he said.."This morning when I opened my wardrobe, a giant beetle jumped out and thumped me and swore at me. ..now i feel ill "...the Doctor replied : " you're not the first person to come in here this morning complaining of this happening..I shouldn't worry..it's just a nasty bug that's going around at the moment!"

  32. I have always loved 'When Harry Met Sally'..

    Do you know, my friend went to the Doctor's, he said.."This morning when I opened my wardrobe, a giant beetle jumped out and thumped me and swore at me. ..now i feel ill "...the Doctor replied : " you're not the first person to come in here this morning complaining of this happening..I shouldn't worry..it's just a nasty bug that's going around at the moment

  33. I just need to respond and clarify to this stuff since I am being maligned such a lot. I do not always fall sick on weekends. Yes, it has happened occasionally but trust a women to complain and not look at the positive side of things. At least I fell sick after the movie and not before. Secondly I did not behave like a baby and nor did I get all that so called attention - maybe it was the fever making me delirious or maybe it was just a figment of a writer's imagination. In any case attention I have learnt is important and good to have. So can I have some more of it to enable me to get immunity for the weekends and prevent me from falling sick.
    ps - the weekend is coming the day after....

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. forgot to add, I am getting calls from colleagues all over to check if they are the ones who have been calling me during vacation - to those queries I would just respond "if the cap fits then please wear it - I really do not know who it was who called and when" - must have been one of those feverish days of mine.

  36. Aathira: My daughter too loved the 'guy in the portrait." :-)

    Niall:That made me smile! And I too liked 'When harry met Sally" This was nothing like that--only the basic theme was same.

    Satish: :-) You know it is the truth!! No imagination here! :-*

  37. hope he is fine now!!!..:)...
    how was the movie???...

  38. Hey hope ur hubbys doing fine now...
    My daughter not only loved this movie but is crazy abt most songs and since her summer break is still on,I am getting an overdose of these songs 24*7..:(


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