Who are they? Why do they do it?

Usually I do not write posts about current affairs or world happenings. But sometimes it is hard to not get affected.
The Bangalore and Ahemdabad blasts have left me shaken.
My children talked to me about it.I had no answers to give them.
I painted a picture.They understood its meaning.I also wrote a poem.
I am sharing both with you.

Painting by preeti

Who are they? And why do they do it?

The day’s newspaper lies beside me
Screaming, shrieking, yelling
A vortex of turbulent emotions
Wash over me in Giant waves
Like watching my mother getting raped
Helplessness, anger, grief
I cope in the only way I know
I paint
No figures here or pretty pictures
It is only blood
And the mindless, senseless ,guiltless killing
How does one portray a million tears?
How do you capture piercing anguish?
My Children watch me
Mummy ,she asks Why do terrorists kill?
For them it is fun, he replies.
Who are they? They ask
Are they Muslims?”
No, I answer
They are monsters.
Fiendish, Frantic and frenzied
Heartless, soul less monsters.
They are choking my country
And I feel helpless, powerless, Impotent
As I watch
Writing poetry and painting pictures.
My heart and my country continue bleeding.

© Preeti Shenoy


  1. Hospitals, can you believe it, they blew a hospital! What are we coming to?

  2. I loved your picture a million times more than your striking words! :-) The dark hands of fate gnashing the throat of the poor... I could feel a tear in my eye! The look of fear in the child's eye, the blood-ridden background...

    I'm an instant-fan, O mom-of-two-kids! :D

  3. Hari: Despite my mood right now, i smiled at your last sentence. 'Instant messaging, Instant noodles, Instant Coffee'--and now 'Instant fans' ? :)

  4. your painting.... of a world constrained - well it says all there is to say!

    We must remain sensitized to the world we live in and do whatever we can to combat this terror in our backyard

  5. Its the toughest job explaining to an innocent child the meanign of these horrid acts.
    You've painted such a lovely picture....lovely in its expression.

    Hope I had answers like these to give....when my sons asked me the same things. The younger one heard the blast cos it was right next to his school...and to make it less frightening I had to just tell him half the truth.
    But I wonder if we'll ever get any answers to these.

  6. Yes Ps. truly shocking....but then I sort of pity them...those terorists....imagine how their minds work....so twisted inside...so scary...they r so full of hate inside.....sole purpose in life is to create maximum damage.....yes I pity them.

    ur poem was beautiful....touching.

  7. I have only shock disgust, and condemnation for the barbaric acts that have rendered so many peaceful and innocent people dead...what madness! The news hear in England has covered the attrocities and we stand side by side in condeming those who perpetrate such evil.

    you painiting conveys that which we all feel at this time...fear for our children..fear for the innocent.

  8. They are cynical psychopaths who wrongly believe they have the right reason to do something wrong to innocent people.

  9. Balu: Deplorable does not even begin to describe it.

    Niall: :(

    Reflections: merely expressed what i feel.

    Prats : :(

    Arjun: Do what? :(

  10. Hi there,

    Those were really heartbreaking incidents..me n my wife were discussing about this and I couldn't even explain her why THEY Do this? what do they acheive? the same question bothers us too..WHY WHY WHY they do this? I was talking to a frend in Hyd and he was saying it is scary to go out now ...not knowing what happens....not sure what we can do about this if at all if there is something we can do...OUR HEARTFELT PRAYERS for all the deceased

  11. Raghunath: I tried to visit your profile--but I think you do not blog. We can only pray.They do it because they have been so brainwashed on a diet of hatred and intolerance--and they think they are right.And all this because some adults somewhere in the world do not raise their children right.

  12. do as in....
    .. keep the issue on the front burner - so people are made to feel the anger

    ...improve our intelligence gathering, find the folks responsible and make an example of them like the Israelis did at ENTEBEE or after the 72 Munich massacre

    .... destroy the politician - terrorism nexus - it's these politicians (not all of them) who thrive on our fear

  13. we were scared that day here....even bang is not safe now:(...

  14. I don't know if i should say the poem is beautiful or painful. Beautiful coz it emits the emotions very well. Painful coz the poem is emoting pain.

    My son who is just 4 years young also felt so upset looking at the pictures of dead people lying on the roads. I didn't know what to tell him and felt at the tender age he is in I better keep him away from all this as long as I can.

  15. Arjun: We should ALL do something collectively--only then is this little something possible--esp abt the politician nexus, communal vote banks and the illiterate crowds that are so easily swayed.

    Karthik: Me--shocked and numb.

    NM: i just read your post.Yes--i think at 4 they ought to be shielded.Mine are 7 and 10.They read the papers by themselves.

    Broca:I don't think it is about one state being safer than other or not--it is OUR country..

  16. Painful,utterly painful.Is it religion,is it expansionism,is it tit for tat,is it just provoking and fanning hatred among each other..whats it,what do they derive.
    Innocents killed,unforunately many watch the TV with no feelings.Have most of us gone or grown immune to such acts of barbarity or is it the impotence causing the numbness
    Anyhow PS a very timely write up from you,and many of us could have a let out
    Hopefully your next post will be of joy !!

  17. I'm too shaken after reading about the blasts. 'Monsters' is a very mild way of describing them, they are way beyond 'Cruel' or 'Evil'. Nice painting.

  18. Preeti,

    Your painting conveys your emotions very emphatically. I do feel the same way. Please do read my comment on o3 Family blog on o3.indiatime.com.

    Thanks for your visit. Hope you had time to read most of my blogs. If not, do visit again and read Strength of Family, Happiness is in your hands and How to choose person for help. Look forward to your inputs for the same.

    Take care

  19. Jack: i write articles for variuos mags and newspapers on the same topic.So for me--it is work that tou are asking me to do! I blog to connect and to unwind and relax.Thanks for your comments.

    Priyanka: yes--I agree that calling them monsters is mild--but then monsters can be of different kind--and also when one explains to a child, that seems appropriate.

    CU:I hope so too.

  20. It's so hard to deal with these seemingly senseless events. Hard to understand, hardto make things better and hard to explain to children the unexplainable. :(

  21. hi,
    i read your blogs usually but was out on vacation and just tuned back in. these incidents are repulsive and heartbreaking, your poem completely captured my solemn mood

  22. Your are so right Preeti....we feel so helpless in these situation.And explaining all this to our kids is a tough job.
    Your painting and poem is really soul searching!!!!

  23. I can't even describe what i'm feeling...

    its so pointless, so needless, so many people dead, so many families broken and for what? being at the wrong place at the wrong time?


  24. No words to write..
    blank expression..
    warm tears run down the cheeks..
    Just one question..

  25. this is the height of madness, People who do it in the name of religion, don't really understand what religion is. pictures of dead and injured disturbs me a lot, what is that we have in store for us and what is that we will give for the coming generations.

  26. Its time to talk about the current affairs/world news..because thats what the headlines these days...very sad that they target BACK (Bangalore, Ah'bad,Chennai and kolkata) this is a serious problem!!!

  27. Im just numb, honestly..im no longer sad abt these blasts.. just scared and angry. Scared for the safety of my friends and closed ones who mite be the next victims...angry coz i feel helpless and cant do anything to prevent this...
    I was in mumbai whn the train blasts took place in 2006...i knw for a fact how it feels to wait anxiously for the safe returns of ur friends and family... I saw the pain and grief of ppl who suffered loss and how difficult it was for them to cope and get back to narmal life...
    I know death is inevitable, but to die this way...it makes no sense...Yes, Im no longer too surprised or shocked to hear abt blasts...It only affects innocent ppl who have lost their family member, their limbs or eyesight and their whole life...and then it is soon forgotten by the world till the next blasts occurs...

  28. so true... beautiful words and picture... one wishes we could use these for happier reasons...

    really dont know when this kind of senseless violence will end...


  29. Right said P...they r surely monsters. who else wud think of killing humans? so insensitive n ruthless. Guess they dont have a heart :(

  30. Pai:they dont have a soul either.

    Mama-mia;Who knows when.

    Ancy:rightly said.

    Sri:Headlines say a lot more--my blog does not focus on 'world news' and analisis..But this one I just had to speak out.

    Swathy: To strike fear?

    Fruitu:I agree--they really do not understand what religion is.

  31. Suma: true :(

    Chandan:Thank you.

    ranjini: yes--thats what i too am feeling right now.

    Devilmood: U said it--senseless it indeed is.

  32. well written...really...and the picture reminded me of Scream...u seen that painting??

    Scribblers Inc.

  33. honestly.. i feel lost!!
    angry, sad at the same time... and realise what it really means to be a toothless tiger!! or may be impotent!!

  34. Preeti,

    Sorry, my intention was not to load you with more work. I was looking forward to share my thoughts and request for your comments. Please just relax.

    Take care

  35. Hi Ps, I totally share your feelings. But I can't paint or write poetry....the way you've done. Beautifully.
    It's just an idea but how about selling/auctioning the painting to donate the proceeds to the blast victims?

  36. the most lasting impression was the movie bombay. i will never forget the last scene of the movie.

  37. Vinni: For me it was that amir khan movie --i think it was called Fire..

    RajK: I don't mind at all--if someone is willing to do it, i will be most willing to mail my painting to them.Do you know anyone in the line?

    Jack: Do mail me the link--and I shall look at it when time permits.

    sam: I liked Arjun's suggestions..We can all do something together.A simple act of being more aware of our surroundings perhaps?

    Scribblers: Thanks. Henry Munch' s images have haunted me for long..i guess subconsciously it shows in my picture.For me it came as i was feeling so upset.

  38. I was in Bangalore when the blasts happened and we were so close to the place. It was really shocking.. to add to the confusion the phone lines were jammed.. my brother was on his way to office and for quite sometime he could not be reached... we were scared.. and tensed.. It was a horrible experience. The poem was so well written.. you have a talent to express what you feel.. your anguish is so clearly visible.. Bangalore and Ahmedabad were such peaceful cities..

  39. this one shook me...not for the damage it caused but for the sheer terror part of it..it was like , they cud do anything , anywhere...bastards. Its like fighting a nameless, shapeless enemy...it happened so close to home...making me so damn angry...

  40. oh i wonder how many slaps on the face can bring sense to people..we just happen to be a cushion that takes in all the blows..

  41. Preeti,

    I write posts at


    I made the following comment on a post at o3.indiatimes.com regarding these blasts :

    "I agree with Jaksha that what we as public are doing? Should we not be alert if not for others then for our own sake? In today's time we do not even know our neighbours. I am not recommending being nosey but be aware of our surroundings. How many of us will tell the person who leaves a bag in public conveyance or on cycle " Bhai sahib, aap apna bag lejana bhool gaye".

    Our politician have to forget their petty differences and blaming each other to join hands to fight this menace. If they do not, we the public should vow not to vote for such selfish leaders who look for small gains at the cost of we the public.

    Interference with police or intelligence agencies has to stop. What is the need of any politician being escorted by a dozen black cat gun tottong commandos everywhere? If they perceive threat to themselves then what about poor common man?"

    Take care

  42. Truly despicable acts...n it must get really tough explaining all of that to the kids, specially since one can't make much sense of all of the hatred n violence itself.

    The painting truly conveyed a lot...the pain and the anguish of it all.

  43. Jack:Yes indeed-I had visited you--and read the post (about the marriage baraat) Tried thrice to leave a comment but it was not registering.Yes--what you say here is very relevant.

    Mathew:sadly true

    Tys: me too

    Inolongeram: very very scary to say the least

  44. Thanks for writing the poem and giving words to this anger, sadness and frustration we all feel.

  45. Preeti,

    Thanks for your visit. I got your comments twice, deleted one. I have replied also. You may check that if you find time.

    Take care

  46. Hi Preeti,

    I don't have any blog. I like your thoughtful articles and hence visit your blog for updates:):):):)

    TC n HAND

  47. Too shocked for words.
    Ridiculous, and simply cowardly.

  48. Its hard to ignore yes. n its hard to move on in life as if nothing happened..but eventually we all move on with our lives..after sheddin a tear, after cursing the monsters, after discussin wats the world coming to, after praying for the ones impacted..we all continue wit life... there is no alternative to this.
    Its heart-wrenching to think of the ppl who lost sum1 precious coz of such acts.

  49. Pink dogwood: Thank you.

    jacK:Will do

    Raghunath: Thanks!!! What does HAND stand for? (TC is take care, I know)


    Pavi: True--we do move on despite everything.

  50. Quite true!! Awareness is the key for us, but what surprises and scares me is the ease these people are infiltritating just about everywhere!!

  51. Thats the very sad part..that this year such attacks have been made on India agn n agn n agn..n yet we are in the "REACTIVE" mode n that too the reaction is not fast enuf.
    That truly does upset me!

  52. this one is really great and touching... but as truth as wind in the atmosphere... in the current turbulent time... terrorism seams more like a lively hood for many... so i assume we would have many such ups and down...

    But living in this time is great and surviving is the best... but loosing hope and faith would be worst.


  53. this one is really great and touching... but as truth as wind in the atmosphere... in the current turbulent time... terrorism seams more like a lively hood for many... so i assume we would have many such ups and down...

    But living in this time is great and surviving is the best... but loosing hope and faith would be worst.



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