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Are you like me? Or am I the only one? I suspect many are like me, except that they don’t think about it as much as I do, and don’t analyse and dissect things as much as me. I don’t know. Or maybe they do, but don’t talk about it.

Two great things happened to me.

1. I got a mail saying that my poem ‘Who killed imagination?’ had been shortlisted and will soon be published in a Poetry book series, being launched by Sulekha, in the month of May. I was asked to send my contact details, full name and a short bio about myself.

I was excited and happy. I shared the news with three of my closest friends(non-bloggers), who were happy for me too. But somehow I felt blogging about it would seem like boasting. Then I spoke to Guru . He was excited as well, and said I MUST blog about it and that he would definitely buy a copy of the book.(Thanks Guru!) But of course, I have to dissect everything—and he is a man after all. (Sorry Guru!) So I mentioned it to Prats. And she was delighted as well. She said that of course I MUST share it on my blog. (Thanks Prats!) And so here I am, telling you all. The book will be out in May—and can be bought online. I shall put up details when it is launched. Even if you don’t buy it, please flip through it if you come across it—and please look at my name in print, in a book. :-) Thank you. :-)

2. I met this wonderful guy called Rohit Srivastwa.(Yes that's his picture) Now, now—don’t jump to conclusions. It’s not what you think (or don’t think!). Rohit is an ‘ethical hacker’. His expertise and knowledge completely bowled me over. I was interviewing him for a newspaper article, and we ended up spending about 3 and a half hours talking. The kind of things he told me about hacking and about other things were a real eye opener. Rohit assists the cyber crime cell in Pune (It was fascinating to hear the kind of cases he has handled) and is also the visiting faculty at Asian school of cyber law and Symbiosis. He has set up this community called Clubhack and his mission is to make security a matter of commonsense. He had read my blog and seen my paintings. For very long I had wanted all my stuff (My newspaper articles, paintings, articles which will be published in books etc) in one place. And guess what – (Yes you guessed it right)—Rohit set up my own site for me. (A BIG Thanks, Rohit!) (Click on the coloured words to go to the sites)

I am so thrilled to have my own domain name.

It is (Click on it and tell me if you liked it. I simply loved it.)

Rohit tested it first—kept asking me what I want and kept making the changes. Then it went live today afternoon. I was delighted and emailed S and Niall. They responded almost instantly).Then I texted three of my closest friends.Only one responded. Maybe the other two were really busy (I know everyone has their own lives to lead and I know it does not mean that they don't care)—but somehow it disappointed me a tiny bit that they did not even reply to my text saying they will see it when they log in.

Do small things like these bother you?

Sometimes I feel I am still mourning for my dad. If he was around, I would have called him up first and told him and he would have been as happy as me. I would not even have bothered to tell anybody else. Here I feel, subconsciously I am looking for some kind of affirmation like he used to give me.(Yes, I dissected why I felt disappointed. And if I met you, I'd probably have dissected each and everything you said too, and why you said it.)

It was this deep need filled with a kind of despair to reach out that made me start blogging in the first place. I am so glad I did, and it has opened up a new path for me and made my life so much richer.

Thanks for reading—and most importantly thank you for responding.

It matters.

Such a lot.


  1. Wow wow....Its really great!!!!

    So, two pieces of urs from sulekha are coming in books.(I remember one for "Mothers soul")

    Actually I loved that poem and I have emailed to many of my friends.

    Will surely buy the book...

    these small thinks really matter. These things make our life wonderful...

    Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers :-)

  2. And the new site... with ur name..
    its really nice and wonderful..

  3. I got mention on your blog with a photo...

    I'm flattered, lucky me :)

  4. Oh Preethi. I am like you, really. I dissect everything. I am constantly thinking. And its not a new thing. Been that way since I was a child. That's why I never get bored. My thoughts keep me occupied. I am so glad that I found someone "normal" who thinks as much as I do. That should shut those people up who blame me for being this way just because I have X number of years of education in psychology.


  5. First, Congratulations on all your achievements. Great website! Blog about it, why not? It may inspire others too.

    About responding, its not because people don't care about what you got to say, or your achievements. Its mainly because they might be in the middle of sorting out things in their life. Don't be disappointed. Case in point, myself, I try to come to your blog as often as I can, but sometimes I cannot, often miss great posts, but do try to catch up. So give your friends a break, they will comment and congratulate, eventually, for you deserve it.


  6. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Preeti...congratulations!!!Where's the party?:-)I'm so glad abt this.When I 1st came across ur orkut prof..I was like "she's so versatile...she needs to've a web-site of her own to've all her things @1 place"Trust me,I did.And now here you are...cheers.

    And about your book being released,all i want to say..I'm eagerly waiting :-)

    Even I think a lot about small things.The minds of many of us are like menageries of wild animals, each pursuing the bent of its own nature and going its own way.And I'm one of those mortals who've no restraint over it omst of the times.

  7. Nothing brings more satisfaction than knowing that a friend you know, has been acknowledged for a passion of hers.
    Congrats on this second one.
    I understand the need to say it just that once to your dad...I'm like that a small kid, I pour it out into his ears and even a smile would do...but Preethi , your dad's there
    watching every achievement of yours and i'm sure he'll be swelling with pride, that his daughter is doing something she loves and is happy because of it,

    The website is so dthe pencil holding the title ..its perfect!

  8. My sincere congratulations, Preeti, for putting up ur own website! That's really good.

  9. What fabulous news! They say good news come in pairs, or at least they say it over here...
    I will check on your website right now. I'm curious! And about the book, I completely understand, seeing your name in paper is a dream come true. :)

  10. i love your blog and i loved that site too!

    yes, small things bother me a lot! its like a whole cycle you know.

    thinking abt lil things>>worrying>>feeling bad for a lil while>>then scolding myself>>feeling much better>>realisation that i really needn have worried!

    Then another lil thing the next day!
    i just cannot stop thinking about things that way. at times its so obvious that i get lost in my thoughts that ppl often see me smiling or frowning or shaking my head without me talking at all!!

    and yes it was my need to reach out too that made me start blogging!

    cheers to the new site again! :)
    congratulations. :)

  11. I think the important point her is the responding parts. It really matters a lot.. But many a times we forget to do that.. Thanks for reminding...
    And congrats for the new site and I can see another budding talent - your son. You are definitely a wonderful mom to bring them up so well :)

    I dont dissect things the way you do, but small things matter the most to me. So much so, that at times I miss the big picture.
    Wondering why I commented? - Couldnt contain myself at this post

  13. hey Preeti lady!

    Congrats!!! First for the poetry book and then for ur site. I checked it out. Kewl one really! Ur life rocks woman! :)

    At this juncture, I must say tat ur one of the few who hve inspired me. Ur words inspire me and I sometimes play them in my head many times. I esply remember ur post on Dad. Moreso cuz I share a wonderful relationship with my Dad...

    And yea, I think a looot.. I over analyze (and sometimes overdramatize) things!

    And yeah, lil things bother me. (somehow I thot u weren't la tat.. wonder y)let me make it more clear, ONLY lil things bother me. When it comes to bigger things, m stronger!So yeah, not responding to messages n mails generally freak me out cuz I always give prompt replies. And if they are close friends, then I wud be upset. But guess wot P, we should always give others a benefit of doubt. esply if they matter. what if thy dint receive it, what if the phone was with someone else.. alotta things cud have happened.. so cheer up! and u have every reason to cheer..

    Ah here! I dissected everything u said!

    And ur keeping ur promise. I like it!

  14. hey congratulations.. :-) I'm surely buying the book.. will show it to all my friends (told many of them about u) and to everyone I know, point out to ur name and say.. 'Look! I know her. The writer is my friend.' Wow.. already feels good :-D
    And yes, there are more people out there who take little things to heart. Me too.. words, actions or lack of them do hurt. Next time dont think twice before sharing ur little and big joys with us, ok? *hugs*

  15. Great. Congrats on your poem getting published. It must be an awesome feeling. Didn't know that your son too blogs. Great!

  16. Hearty congrats,PS! Will definitely get a copy! Wish you all success in your future endeavours :)
    And your new site looks splendid!

  17. congrats preeti...and that poem is wonderful...deserved to be featured...

    and u're website is just fab...i was pleased to see atul had his blogspot too...

    congrats once again...:) :) :)

  18. karthik: Thanks so much.The other one is the famous series 'Chicken soup for the soul'.

    ROHIT: You completely deserve it--and it was the least that i could do!!

    Solitaire: Me--normal--Ahem!!But then again-what is normal--I love analysing--and I'm happy that there is one more person like me!I'm like this--I have accepted that!And hey--thanks!

    HM: No No--I know it does not mean that they don't care.(In fact i addeda line in my post after reading your comment).These are friends whom I share really important things with.Sometimes we communicate 3-4 times a day.Sometimes for nothing--just to laugh.Of course I KNOW they might be sorting their own lives out.(But still it takes a few seconds to send a text saying 'wow--will check out later.Busy now.' And what bothered me more was MY reaction--WHY should I feel that way?! And hey--thanks!

    nan-rock: Thanks so much!! I too am waiting for them to give me a party. ;-)Forget party--if they give me some money i'll accept that! LOL

    Prats: Yes--I missed my dad like anything last night.Thanks.

  19. Congrats Preeti! Happy for u ! Really! It must feel like such a great achievement!

    Going to visit ur website soon. n do post the details rgdg the book!

    n i soooo u'stand when u say that u call friends n ask wat they think. or for that matter want to hear back from all ur blog readers. I'm like tht too..mite feel I'm good at something..but i need to hear it from others..Thats when it feels better!

    Keep it Goin Gurl :)

  20. Punam: thanks!

    DM: in India they say, it comes in triplets.(but i think they are talking about misfortunes not happy events--am not sure though)

    Black Coffee: Thanks!! and yes--I guess we are like this only!!

    Dhanya:Thanks so much--yes sometimes we forget.(But wonder why i don't! i almost always respond --and do it quickly)

    Arvind : :-) Thanks!

    Pointblank: yes--even i tend to do that.But usually I am AWARE that i'm doing it.And its not like I brood over it and feel bad--i just think and arrive at a conclusion as to WHY I felt that way.I NEED to understand MYSELF.

    Shruti:Next time i wont!! Thanks so much!

    Joy:Thanks! My son clicks good photos.In fact my pic on this page is clicked by him. Am in the process of putting up my daughter's paintings too.

    Balu:Thanks so much!!You have been one of my greatest 'encouragers' (for want of a better word) and I do appreciate it.

    Suma; thanks so much!!

  21. Preeti, I'm so happy with your new achievements! I guess I won't have access to your book here in my country, but I have just read your poem and it's so good, no wonder they have chosen it!
    And nothing better than a new site of your own to commemorate all this: cheers!!!

  22. Hi Preeti,came across your blog accidently. It is interesting to see all your works compiled to one website, I guess you are thrilled by the same.Best Wishes!!

  23. Awesome beginning! It looks pretty neat! Keep it going girl!

  24. Congratulations Ps.:) Its awesome to see how you are advancing greatly! *clapps*:)

    ***Do small things like these bother you?

    Yep they do. Most of the time i try to shrug them off concluding that its not worth making a big deal out of it. it helps at times. But when done too many times and you really wonder what is your value to that person. Its helps talking about it if the person does not seem to be responding. It could either help or break the relationship. Been there before.:)

    I love what you shared abt if ya dad was around. It made me think somewhat.

    I am soo happy for u. Glanced at the website for a while Might go around it more later when i have time.

    I am glad you shared your poem admission! KUDOS TO YA!:D

  25. trust me PS, Im sooo like ya! I think too much, over-analyse and over-process. :) Nothing wrong with that though hehe.

    And hey Congrats on ur success in Writing!


  26. WOW Preethi that's great, MAM......... if time permits one autograph pleaseeee. All the best,

  27. you've always told me that I am frank on my blog. But, I am amazed to see that you too write your heart out here. Although I shouldn't be advicing you, but I do understand how it feels when important people in our lives do not respond when we need em so much. It happens.

    All I've learnt is to expect less.

    Take Care and Congratulations for the poem.

  28. wow...gr8 job, if ur father had been there, he wud have been very proud of you, not that he never felt that way before, anyways, congrats!!!

  29. You are tagged. Check out my "10 reasons why I blog" tag

  30. Jaggu: I ahve many tags pending.Shall do.

    Priya:Thank you so much.

    Wacko:Thanks--and you are very right in what you said about expecting less.

    Fruitu: :-) Of course! Thanks!!

    Keshi:Thanks--and I'm glad to knwo that there are more people like that who dissect things :-)

    Sweetsticky: yes true--but sometimes it seems so trivial to even brng it up--because obviously you know the reasons--that they are busy etc etc--so one just has to be patient I guess.

    NM:Thanks M'am!

    Alphy: :-) Thanks!So sweet of you to leave me a comment just for conveying that.

    Guto:Thank you my friend!

  31. Hey... First time here... Seems ur hvg gr8 time by achg things u want to. All the best.
    By the way can u gv more infor abt this person.. I wanna read abt Etical hacking too

  32. Congrats Preethi, simple words and crisply written but loaded with insight - I like your poem and your posts too. Keep up the good work.

    BTW, what do you in your childrens'thinking workshops? I am a mom always eager to open up my lil' daughter's imagination and thinking. Please share some insights if possible.

  33. CM_Chap:Thanks for stopping by.Click on Rohit's name or the word clubhack.Both are links.

    Romila:Have written an article about it here Hope it helps. And thanks so much.

  34. Hey Preeti,

    Hearty hearty congratulations. Will definitely grab a book whenever i go to india next :) Loved your website as well. Brilliant idea to incorporate your kiddo's work. Kudos!

    Ahh preeti...i get worked up too. I always want my close friends to respond and react the way i react to a lot of things. It is not the case most of the i get diasappointed. I was in a similar situation last week and i talked it out with my pal and got it out of my chest :-)

  35. its normal and completely okay to dissect the reactions of ppl u love care about :)
    so dont worry..u rnt the only one...
    congratulations on ur poetry being published...
    will surely try to grab a copy when its out :)

    take care!

  36. Hey awesome news should be told to the world. So cool...Poems... I remember two things about poems "Daffodils" and "Miles to go before I sleep". Now I can say I know a Poetess Bloggeress. Way to go Tigeress... Cheers!!!

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  39. Congratulations Preeti. Though I am new to your blog, but I know that you must be so proud of your achievement and I am so happy for you.

  40. Congratulations on getting your poem printed and on your website - it has a good format.

    And I absolutely loved your poem - so true. Coincidently, my 3rd grader is holding a poetry contest and the winner gets a hand drawn certificate. Now how can I resist a prize like that. So I am going to have to put my thinking cap this weekend and come up with something :) Both my daughter and I love reading 'The Runny Babbit' by Shel Silverstein - have you ever read it?

  41. first of all congrats:))...and ur site is pretty good[to be frank not as good as ur blog]!!!...

  42. wow. .. am so excited.. congratz.. how can i get an autographed copy? terrific web site :-D

  43. Great Going!

    Book to be published!
    Blog! All in all ....
    you are doing well and I feel really happy for you!

    Congratulations my friend!

  44. Wow preeti.. the domain looks quite nice. And I guess it's quite an achievement to have your own stuff out in print.

    Hmmm... I will make sure to flip the pages ;)

    Yep, small things to get to me too.... but then, you just gotta accept certain things I suppose.

  45. Yep, good news come in pairs and bad news in triplets. Aren't we the pessimistic human race? lol ;)

  46. congrats..i think you deserve it very well..your blog is one of the best i have come across in recent times..

  47. I think you are absolutely justified in writing about your achievements. Afterall, you do not in any way come across a arogant but rather (for us regular readers of the past year or two) an example of someone who has found a voice (and an audience ! :-) through the experiences of her life.I have often met people through my various jobs who have felt poweless against the many things life throws at them..but writing is a powerful and alchemical tool with which to make sense of the things around us. It also has the the added bonus of helping others to understand too!I for one feel a great pleasure in reading your posts here..and remember those early days of tentative musings.Your Father would be so so proud of you .Heart breaking though the loss of your Father is to you..the legacy of his love and memory lives on in the motivation and eloquence with which you write.

  48. Wow, That was good. The post, the new website, your son's photos, the articles I read there, especially the one about raising thinking kids. I'm so impressed, PS! I want to let you know that, but I see there are 45 comments here before me. Will you even read mine? What if it gets lost in the crowd? Then you'll never read it, never know how much I like reading anything you write..what's the point of my leaving a comment at all....?
    Hey, looks like you are not the only one over-analysing everything!!

  49. Hey, Very impressed. Way to go. This is just the beginning. btw i tried to comment in ur published articles section & my comment didnt go thru(as a loyal reader, just doing my bit to improve ur site;-)).
    About small things bothering me, I'm a typical case of the 'straw that broke the camel's back'. The way I see it, if it didnt bother u i'd be surprised:-o.

  50. It is great you have your own site - congratulations! Even more so beause now you can have a central place for all your different activities. You really meet interesting people for your writing.

    I too analyse things a lot (if you see my blog you will understand) and reaching out over the blog. I too thought I was the only one doing it and even used to feel guilty doing it. - (Blog VIBGYOR)

  51. spend quite some time on the site...its realy neat...tried to comment in the art section but there appeared to be some error, told me to try later ( story of my life )

    the site is beautiful and informative...will be coming here more often

    btw, congrats on the send the book link..will buy it whn it comes out but iam gonna send it to u for your autograph...

  52. Thats a beautiful site :) Totally liked it. Are you going to shift your blog to the site soon?

    I didn't know your son too wrote a blog! I mean so young and started out onto the blogosphere? Nice!

  53. Hey Preethi, I liked who killed imagination - it was simple and fresh. There is indeed a wonderful sense of accomplishment seeing your name in print ... my dad writes and everytime we saw his story in a magazine with his name on the typeface it gave us such a thrill! Hopefully, I'll have the same experience some day :)

  54. hey thts kewl, so much interestin stuff to read, u surly rock!!! Eagerly waitin for the release of the book. All the best :)

  55. Hey preeti,

    First of all Congrats...U ROCK....congrats for ur poetry getting published, ya sure do let us know when its out...and secondly for ur website...It a cool site and reaaly good to know that u hav won so many prizes etc for ur painting and all...

    Well in one way i guess i am like u too..small things like this do bother me a lot.. like if i hear some really happy news and share it with someone and they dont respond, i feel hurt i guess..all my life i hav been doing it and i hav got hurt a lot too...i think its true that subconsiously i am looking for approval or some words of encouragement....and so manythings like that...Then i sit and analyze and and dissect things a lot....
    In ur case, i guess friends must hav been busy with work and dont worry, everyone will check out ur site and love it....

  56. Congrats Preetri. You blog about it girl. You worked for it and you are good. Love your website and your beautiful paintings on it You are multi talented. I am sure your dad will be with you in spirit and enjoy your success. Have a great day

  57. Gosh, Preeti, I visited the web site. It is awesome. I like the notepad style.

    Isn't it human to crave for appreciation and love? :D So crave away. It only shows that you are not all dried up on the inside!


  58. Vidya:Thanks my friend!

    Marja;Thanks so much.I read the lovely poem you posted during your hiatus--it was fetched by my reader.But strangely when I came to your blog it had vanished.So I couldnt leave a comment.Did you delete it later?

    Enigma: Thanks! Yes I know about others being busy but what irks me is MY REACTION to it--not theirs! :-) I guess one should learn to let things be.

    Happycology: thanks so much! I mentioned your blog name to my kids and they loved it as well. It has a nice ring to it and ts so original.

    Madhumita; yep--the thrill never fades.I too write for a newspaper and magazines--and my kids feel the same.In fact they take copies of my article to share with their friends :-)Thanks!

    Aathira:Thanks! no--blog will be hosted herebut linked there. My daughter too has a site.Will link it soon :-)

    Tys: Thanks! madhumita told me that you paint too.I'd love to see your pictures.As regards Multiply, i think one has to sign in to post a comment.(signing in is pretty simple--just takes 2 mins to create an account)

  59. Paru: Yes--one nice thing is that I do meet a variety of people because of my writing--and i really enjoy that.Will surely check out your blog.Thanks for sharing.

    Nancy: i really appreciate your support as a loyal reader :-) What is the best writing in the worls if there are no reactions to show for it!And funnily it comforst me to know that there are many who over-analyse too!

    RajK: heh heh--thanks so much!And glad you found the article on raising thinking kids useful.

    Niall: You are so right my friend about writing being catharic.And you are one person who has been with me on thsi jorney right fom the beginning when this blog wasn't so well read or popular.Thanks so much for your support--and for everything.

    Mathew: Valare Valre Nanni! Veendum variga! LOL.Couldnt resist saying that.(Have you seen those boards on national highways in kerala when you leave one town and enter the other?This is what all of them say):-)

    Devil Mood:Yep--pessimistic for sure!

    J:Yes--you are right about small things.and thanks for promising to flip through ;-)

    Vinoo: Thank you so much my friend.

    xh: :-) You arent serious are you--about the autographed copy? :-) Thanks so much for the compliments abt my site.

  60. Brocasarea: That was bound to be coz being 'just a mother of two' is what do best! Thank you!

    Pink dogwood:Havent read it--will check it out.Thanks!!

    Monika:Welcome--and thanks!!

    Pseudonym: Heh heh--Tigress and all--A roaring thanks! ;-)

  61. Hey, U must be super excited. Having ur poetry published in a book is no mean feat! Congrats! Go on girl, Soak it all up. Enjoy ur moment. I will walk into your domain soon and let u know how it is!

  62. Congrats Preeti!
    that really is amazing news!!!
    And I just checked out your poem.. its really nice :)
    Can I upload it on my blog?

    - The Other Shru

  63. My God so many things together, all i can say is a big congrats! keep going, will log on to ur site soon.

  64. Thanks a lot, Preethi for your simple practical tips on Raising kids who think. Very practical and looks doable. Just taken a printout and am really gonna follow your tips. Thanks again.

  65. Beautiful emotions!!


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