A-ha moments

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. Hhaha! this was such a Funny Read! u really have ur way with words ! Don't u!

  2. I'm sure all the commenters will say the following: I'm having an a-ha moment now, more precisely an ahahahahahahah moment!
    This has to be my favourite post of yours! I remember being a kid and getting up in the morning and grabbing my Legos immediately, you can imagine I had many a-ha! moments playing on sunday mornings.

    eheheh you killed me with this one!

  3. Preethi...saw ur new website!Its simply awesome

    Read some of the articles u had posted in sulekha, ur published articles and saw ur art work.

    Particularly liked the article where uve mentioned abt spending a day with HIV infected kids. It was such a touching article..U know i reall blv in God..but when i read abt li'l innocent ones going thru' so much pain for obvlsy no fault of theirs..i really wish i cld confront God and ask him to justify his plan for these kids.

    ur paintings were so beautiful and most of them were thoughtful too!

    Good luck to u to continue with these interests :)

    PS: i dont have multiply/sulekha ID. So had to post my comment here. Sorry for the long comment!

  4. this definitely was an HA-HA moment all the way ...:) :) :)

    and the lego bricks (try placing an unsuspecting bum on them)...and the protesting muscles did strike a painful chord :)

  5. eahahaha :-D ouch!
    aah-haa moments keep happening to me a lot, but the most unforgettable one happened when I was in 7th. My cat and I were having a jolly time playing. After a while, I picked him up, gave him a hug and put him down. BUT.. cats lurrrve hugs, he held onto my arm, just wouldn't let go. somehow managed to pacify him, but his claw had got dug into my skin.. and flesh. imagine.. a curved stuck claw. Surely my aahaa-ow ow Ouchh moment!

  6. lol cutely done PS! a-ha! ;-)


  7. Ouch!!!!!
    That was a hilarious moment for me...reading this upped my own TRP levels here on blogging :D

    I seem to be having these aaa--ha-ah moments more these days...but soemhow i've forgotten to notice, becos its ingrained in my sad self that its how we'll have to live henceforth....

    the electricity bill got paid?????

    hehehhe You are too much!

  8. That was a very well-written post, Preeti! Humorous yet a glimpse of victory in life's mundane things... I wish I could give you my own A-ha moments too!

    But I must say, the way u weave humour in ur write-ups is absolutely amazing! It amplifies the punch way too much, leaving the reader highly impressed.

    Keep it coming!

  9. U made everyday moments sound so interesting. Ur sentences are filled with imagery and one can actually imagine each situation the way u experienced it. And the best part of it...u know 'just' when to end the post:-p

  10. ohhh boyy...hahahahah...well u really do hav a way with words and wat i told earlier is true...u do make me laugh so much...heheh helped lighten my damn cloudy day.. :) aaa ha moment..cool

  11. Anonymous2:51 PM

    LOL. Great post PS !


  12. I usually have my 'AH!' moments just after I've pressed the 'Send' button on my Email..isn't it odd how it's always at that very moment we suddenly realise that what we've just written makes us sound like a blithering idiot..and now there's no way to stop it!

  13. thazt lot of Aah moments.. my last one was whn i tried to lift a hot iron box which was lying sudeways, thinking that i am touching the handle... :(

  14. When the chappatis you make turn out to be tough like Kevlar bullet proof vest that gives exotic shapes like a Brazil or Argentina!!

    Or the best i remember is as a kid when I sneaked into the kitchen to drink squash juice and put 3 teaspoons of 'rava' instead of Sugar...interested people can try it!! ;-P

  15. yeah when i drank 4 glasses of juice all at once....and when i could diagnose a disease based on my experience in the medicine wards!!!!!:)

  16. Oh yeah I can surely relate to the lego a-ha moment. Those are the rare moments when ur eyeballs are capable of coming out of ur socket and then dangle for a while. Yeah I have big eyes!!

    And then very often in the night, I go thru a-ha moments. (No, don't let ur mind wander. My husbands goes to office at night.) Neha, very often, decides to deliver a punch or so on the NOSE!! U can't even scream then! ;-)

  17. well, i was bloghopping
    and ur post was A-HA post
    good one

  18. :D just yesterday i had an aaaaaaa-haaaaaa moment when after reaching the airport, i realized my friend had booked the ticket for 4:30 am and not 4:30 pm, the counter people looked at us as if we were the biggest zombies of the world. I am sure both of us would be laughing abt it all through our lives :)

  19. visited ur site, loved the notepad section, a wonderful story of a "girl less ordinary" :)

  20. Yep! I echo Niall's comment, and it couldn't have come at a better time!
    Had such an a-ha moment couple of days back. And I still am kicking myself for sending that 'killer-email' just out of intuition to a good friend of mine:D
    I wonder what these gmail-guys are doing at their work place, they just can't come up with an 'unsend-email' button!

  21. So many aaaaaaa haaaaaaaa moments.. If I start putting it here it'll become longer than the post :P
    A nice read.. :)
    Btw I didn't delete my blog. Just changed the template. I still write at http://itsmyownspace.blogspot.com/

  22. Last night I was too engrossed with my google reader, with a wine glass in my hand. Had an 'aaa haa' moment (more like an 'oh no' moment) when I realized that I had finished 3/4 of the bottle of merlot - oh well, paid for it this morning with a headache :)

    great post :)

  23. Hey Preeti

    Yesterday I was breaking my head thinking of a subject to write on, infact as soon as I read this blog (hilarious and I love the title aha-ha), it gave me inspiration to write my blog.

    Keep up the good work :).... Looking forward to read more !!!!

  24. Haha!! Interesting read.
    Very nice blog.

  25. Nice blog Ps. Aha-Aha

  26. I don't have these a-ha moments…
    I AM one! Heheheh
    Rock on!

  27. Wow! Lovely post PS! Very nicely put. The best moments I have are now, with my parents. What else :-)

  28. Very interesting & funny! :)

  29. these days all im having are 'ha-ha' moments where everyone else but me is doing the 'ha-ha' :-/


  30. hehe... this is interesting...
    I think i have a-ha moments almost everyday :-)
    I will write about them some time.


  31. I think my most recent Aah-ha moment was when my cat(Whisky) decided to kill close to 5 cockroaches and help in the weekly cleaning regime :D.

    Lovely Post

  32. Fantastic post yaar :-)

    I have a lot of a-ha moments. I got my internet connection. That was the bestest a-ha moment in recent days.

  33. Karthik: Thanks.I can totoally relate to getting the internet being an event for celebration.

    Aathira: What a sweetheart whisky is!

    Raaji: :-) Will look forward to reading it!


    Monika:Thanks! Your name doesn't link to your blog.

    Arvind:Right now though, its having got your job! :-)

    Rex venom:I can only imagine!


    Sutta:What a name! Thanks!!

  34. Tabitha: As a kid I knew three sisters by the name of Nisha,Neeti and Tabitha --By the remostest of remote chance it isnt you, right? Will look forward to reading your post.

    Pink Dogwood: heh heh--that was sure a moment worth having!!

    Dhanya:Thanks! For soem reason I thought your older posts had disappeared.

    Balu:I know!! :-)

    Misti: THANKS!! And reaching the airport at a completely wrong timing was hilariuos.

    Umakumar: Thank you for stopping and thanks! :)

    Bins: i would have screamed had they woken me up ike that--Loudly in their ears--heh heh. :)

    Brocasarea: :-) Can only imagine! Poor you!

    Mathew: Heh heh--never heard of that before! (mistaking rava for sugar!)

    XH: Poor poor you.

    Madhumita: Thnaks :)

    Niall: You don't!! Not ever! At least never in the mails that you send me!


    Enigma;Glad to be of help M'am--and glad I made you smile :)

    NancY: 'Just' a thanks you wont suffice--so THAAAAANK YOU!

    Punam:Thanks so much! It is people like you who motivate me to better myself.

    Prats: of course the electricity bill got paid first thing in the morning! After that aha moment--it just had to be!!

  35. Keshi:Thanks!

    Shruti: ooow! i know how that hurts having been once at the receiving end.I could swear there was an evil gleam in the cats eye later!

    Suma: Oh yes--but bum at least cushions it because of the flesh--Leg truly hurts!

    Pavi: you dont have to apologise for the long comment at all.I really appreciate it! So glad you liked what i wrote.Thanks so much.

    Devil Mood: thanks --heh heh heh.

  36. Hey I just had an Ahaa moment-visiting your blog!Its no hollow praise-there' something about your blog that simply inspiring and stimulating...keep up the good work!

  37. so many a-ha moments!!!! u r blessed. my 1st a-ha moment came today whn i switched off my alarm n slept. it was whn my colleague called me up dat i noticed am way behind schedule. wht els can i do except have a hearty laugh n rush to office with takin a bath

  38. nah.. no such gleam .. he didn't intend it :( poor fella.. oh by the way.. I still have mild remains of that scar on my arm.. I show it off these days :)

  39. Oh! I just started a blog about how to create an Ahaa moment.. what a coincidence?? I look forward to reading more of your blgs.


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