You can fool your dad but you can never fool mom!

Mothers are clairvoyant when it comes to you. One look and they can tell what is wrong.(or isn't!) Sometimes they just sense it—they don’t even have to look!

When I was a child, my mom would take one look at me and tell me exactly what might be upsetting me. It was uncanny how she was always right .I used to ask her “But mom, HOW did you know?!!” She used to just smile in reply.

Now that I have kids of my own I know how! For nine months they have been inside you, and it feels almost like they are an extension of a part of your own body. You just sense things and you just know some things. Many a time, I can even tell what they are thinking by just looking at them. If it wasn’t so common and the case universally with all mothers, I would call it eerie.
Poor dads have no such advantage. It is so easy to fool them. (I guess!)

My 6 year old daughter Purvi, and her best friend (who is also her age) spend a lot of time, playing together. They exchange clothes, eat in each other’s homes and are living in each other’s pockets most of the time. Yesterday they both were engrossed in creating a picture. Needless to say, both made the same picture. They left it on the bed and ran out to play.

Later, when Satish (my husband) and I found it, I could immediately say that the one on the left was my daughter’s. I could tell by the strokes and the way she had drawn the tree.

Satish: But how do you know—both look the same to me.
Me: I know they seem to be alike, but there are differences.
Satish called out to Purvi ,who confirmed that the one I had identified was indeed hers.

Now, when my kids ask me “But Mom, HOW did you know?!!” I just smile in reply.

Mothers always know. Always.


  1. Those drawn pictures are amazing, the world as seen through the eyes of our children never ceases to amaze me.
    You are right, mothers have that advantage. My daughter and I are so empathetic we almost set each other off, we have to be very careful!

  2. Very true! Moms know it all!

  3. clairvoyant--one who foretells
    eerie--goin all wild, weird

    wow u helpin me to commemorate words :P u sooo nice ps!! hugzzz

    back to the post..
    i shouldnt be sayin anythin infact..cuz u very well know how tis! :| ive fooled my dad many times...i hv also managed to fool my mom but comparatively quite less..m smart :P

    but then ill hafta agree with u here..tis like moms can literaly sense whts runnin in our minds..damn damn damn!!

    ur kids are smart ps..and so are u..lets c if ur kids manage to fool u sometimes or not :P
    am with em totally :P :P

  4. Yipes. I am not alone in this world. The way purvi and her friend draws is just like how I draw. YAHOO!!!

    On a serious note, wonder why? I guess one of those paradoxes of nature :D

  5. Gillian: Oh yes--I know what you mean!

    Reeta skeeter: :-)

    Wacko: You know Moms sometimes let you think that you have fooled them.Belive me, your mom knows exactly what you are/were upto.But she lets you believe that u actaully managed to fool her.Mother's charm and love, you know!

  6. already having goosebumps here reading your reply to my comment..I didnt know give me scares ps..i now curse myself for being sure of fooling my mom when I realize I havent...damn damn damn!

    P.S. you shouldnt have told me as guilty as I have ever been in my fuckin life :(

  7. You are quite right..there is a very special deeper than deep connection between a Mum and her children..I feel that i'm particularly close to my children because I have often been available to do the day to day stuff. But I never went throught hte agonies of childbirth...only a Mother will ever know the sheer animal process and the bond it creates...Mums are fantastic creatures!!

  8. Seeing these beaustiful pictures so alike, these children most be very close. It is so true that we know our children through and trough and we even feel what they feel. When I pick up their moods I take them on as well.

  9. So that's the secret! I've always wondered how she knew. My mom would tell me I'd find out in time. Didn't come to that, so yay!

    Nice blog, by the way. :)

  10. LOL @but mum how did u know?

    Goshh my mum's the same...such a good clairvoyant n superb sniffer of mischief LOL!


  11. This post is beautiful!!:D Totally heartwarming. Its amazing how mums can feel it when we are in trouble and when we are not as well. And yeah i would say somehow mums are sharper than dads. Perhaps for some.:P

    Have a good week ahead.;)

  12. Yeah moms have the uncanny sense of knowing everything, although, i have a stepmom, but she was the first one to know that i am dating someone, and whenever i came in front of her she used to sing, "do dil mil rahe hai, magar chupke chupke" from the movie Pardesh. Needless, to say, i used to get embarrashed and think how does she know. Well! moms always know, even if they are foster mothers!

  13. hey..dats just the way my mom is.I remember once i used to ask that qn all i got was a smile in reply....and now i have stopped asking the qn coz i know tht moms know it all!!!!

  14. wacko: Wish I hadnt told you :( Some things its better to discover on your own, i guess.But anyway, moms forgive everything (excpet may be murder--who knows!)

    Adorable:Thanks! Now u know!;-)

    Keshi:ha ha ha.Mischief detector is always in super high mode.LOL

    Sweetstckychewy:You too! Thanks!

    Misti: ha ha ha--oh yes--ALL moms do :-)

  15. She does fro sure..Alwayssss


  16. I love those pictures. The smiling sun looks so happy :)

    I am not a mother so I guess this will always be a mystery to me but I think women are more empathic and intuitive anyway on the whole. I can sense things about people that others often don't notice and I've yet to be proven wrong.

  17. That's almost supernatural. :)

  18. Amazing!! But thats the truth...Moms find it with eae...:)

  19. WOW! I have gone thru it as a kid... Let's see if my daughter gets to awe :)

  20. Standbymind: oh yes--always!

    Bob-kat:Women definitely are!Shall pass on your compliments to the young artists.

    Bla: Seems like--doesnt it?

    Jeya: oh yes--they undoubtedly do.

    Revathi: :-) I'm sure she will.

  21. yeah.. tats true.. n i think the bond is more bet mothers n daughters :) lucky us :)))

  22. That is pretty cool. It's funny how they drew ALMOST exactly the same thing.

  23. :):)

    btw PS I received a very nasty anony comment too...I copied it on the current post's comment section...u can read it there. Apparently this person cloned my ID everywhere, including Orkut n leaving nasty msgs n porn pics under my ID. So u see, there r alot of losers even ib if there arent enough already on Earth. LOL!


  24. Awwww!! This is a nice mama moment!


  25. How true!!! I think a mother-child is so beautiful....and unconditional....I am glad you share this relationship with purvi :)

  26. How true!!!! I think the most wonderful relationship on this earth is a mother-child's unconditional love. I am so glad you share this relationship with purvi :)

  27. Anonymous11:23 AM

    'You can fool your dad but you can never fool mom!'

    Agree fully! In my house I have seen my daughters asking their mom this 'How-do-you-know' question hundred times.

  28. Anonymous11:25 AM

    And by the way, your daughter draws well indeed.
    So, will she follow her mother's footsteps?
    I guess, she will.

  29. Diesel:I think they planned it and drew it or maybe just copied each other.The pictures are too similar for it to be a coincidence. :-)

    Keshi:I read that.Just ignore and dont publish.All your friends know you and will stand by you.But I do admire the way you answered him/her.Next time pls pls dont publish.Your blog is too good fo comments like these which only seek to deface it.

    Vidya:Yes it was!

    Pretty woman:Thank you!God Bless.

    Kulpreet: Personally I felt this picture was not as good as her other ones.She hasn't used any creativity here.Some of her otjer ones are so much better.

  30. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Now thats really a mothers envy, and this is what a mother-child relationship make so special,and mothers are the greatest things in the world...isn't it!

  31. True statement! Great post. (Just looking for your Wordless Wednesday for Aug. 29. Glad I stopped by.)

  32. Kalyan; Yes--very special.

    Sandy:Thank you! Will drop by soon.

  33. yep I deleted all that now. tnxx PS!!


  34. You are fairly correct in your theory.

    After seeing the pictures, are you sure the 2 are not twins seperated at birth?

    That was uncanny...

  35. These close friendships are so good, aren't they? My sister had one such girl friend in school when she was 8, and now, almost 40 years later, they are still friends!

    As for the mummy-knows-all, you're right! Mine always knows too... :)

  36. Poor dads have no such advantage. It is so easy to fool them.

    Blame mothers for this :P
    Guys learn to live what they are told by their female partners - coz most of the time, females can be so confusing. So guys just assume what is being told to them is the truth.

    Daughters unknowingly take the advantage of this :)

    I have read your blog before also. Months back.. I like it.

  37. Wow. What a great idea. I would love to see six. Or twelve. Uniqueness is in the details, yes?

  38. so so true; they always know. my girls always tell me how creepy it is that i am so clairvoyant on what is going on with them. but there are clues everywhere. ;-)


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