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250th post

Why are milestones so important? Like 100th (If you are the producer of a movie that is doing well), 21st ( (if you are a guy in India, who can’t wait to get married!) ,50th (Sounds important for anything!) ? Maybe it is because we all need to see that we are going somewhere, progressing somehow, moving—going in the right direction.(Or some direction, as long as one is moving) Maybe it is because we need to mark our achievements, our tiny successes, how far we have come. Anyway—this is my 250th post.

Blogging has really given a new direction to my life, opening up a career path, which I really had not envisaged. While at college, I had won many Inter-college and Inter University creative writing competitions. After that, I moved on with life, and writing took a back seat. But it continued to be my refuge, the safe place that I could wrap myself in, when the rest of the world didn’t understand. I wrote poetry, short stories, humorous anecdotes, musings, (But did not share it with anyone) and long long letters to close friends. Years went by—times changed and the Internet took over. Self publishing, using blogs,really appealed to me and I took baby step hesitatingly.(Is it okay to put stuff on the Internet, if so how much, what etc were questions that worried me) Gradually I proceeded and I am so glad I did.

An editor of a magazine liked one of my posts and felt I had real talent in writing. He wanted me to write a piece for his magazine, which I did. They liked it a lot, and wanted me to write more. Then I started writing for a newspaper and also for a few other magazines---and before I knew it, I had become a ‘writer’. Funny, how life takes its own turns, once you take a step, even a tiny one.

I also met Niall who has become one of my closest friends, only through my blog. Our meeting was not just restricted to virtual; we met in real world too, when I travelled to U.K. The paintings which Niall gifted me continue to be one of my most treasured possessions.

I also made some great friends through the blog—some of whom I have met and a few I yet have to meet.(But I have no doubt that surely I will be meeting them soon)

Reaching this 250th milestone has been a long journey for me, and I have gained so much. Your comments have been so encouraging and I feel honoured and privileged when so many of you write to me, sharing bits of your life. I always respond to each and every mail I get. (Just by the tiniest of chances if I have missed your mail, please let me know and I shall make amends)

So, this just a post to say a deep and a heartfelt thanks—for being kind enough to read, leave comments, come back each time I write and making me feel like I really matter.


  1. >:D<
    Congratulations!! That's very quick! :)
    Hey even I'm so glad u trusted the internet and started putting stuff up here. How would I have ever known u otherwise? :)

  2. It's wonderful to know how blogging changed your life for the better and in only 250 posts. I already have more than 600 and did anyone ask me to write for their magazine? NO!
    It's the PS factor. :)

  3. 250 posts? wow!! CONGRATS, Preeti. I fully relate to the writing bit...

    as for the thank you, it's our pleasure... everytime we visit.

    here's to many more...


  4. 250.. yes that's cool, quite a milestone. Still remember the first time you dropped over at my blog.

    You getting old aren't you ;)

    And writers.. always fancy me. Imagine them to be clad in a kurta and jeans, a cup of chai and loads of paper and a pen, and a pack of smokes :D

  5. Shruti:That makes two of us! :)

    Devil Mood: :-)Its a devil mood quip!

    Suma: Thanks!

    J:Jeans-yes, Kurtas-No, Chai-yes, Smokes-no.Getting old--18 till i die ;)

  6. Hey congratulations on your 250th post PS. We want to see your 500th one too soon :)

  7. Ps, thank YOU:-).
    Anything else sounds totally inadequate. Ok 1 more teeny-weeny phrase; U ROCK:-D

    p.s - CONGRATS[something I shd have said in the beggining itself:-P]

  8. Hey congrats! So is this what you were happy about? :)

  9. congrats!!

    found your blog late, but havent missed since!!

    keep rocking woman!



  10. Congrats on your 250th posting!!! You realy used the blog / blog rightly used you?!!! Anyway...keep writing!!!

  11. a big congrats..i found your blog during some blog hopping session..and I am glad i did it..and really enjoyed reading your archives..wishing you all the best and keep us entertained!!

  12. 250! Way to go PS. Thats great to know that through blog you went back to writing.

  13. A big congrats n keep writing :)

  14. Congratulations Preeti! Hope your blog continues to keep you and your readers fulfilled. Write On!

  15. What coincidence. I too have 250 posts exactly now.. But am never a writer like u r.... :D

    Good luck for more posts...

  16. Congratulations PS!
    The party is great.Pass the candies :)

  17.'s really cool. Congrats on the milestone, and looking forward to a whole lot more!! :)
    It's nice to know how thru blogging u got back to ur passion for writing n how much u've managed to get out of it...
    250...n i've got my 50th coming up next!! (not much, but like u said..sounds important :P)

    Keep on writin'!! Cheers!!

  18. Congratulations! 250 is a really good number, but you have many more to do, I'm sure...

    ...Does this mean you might be coming to the NYC area sometime soon?

  19. Hey!..Happy 250th!!! I was thinking a thought last week and now you have reminded me that we never really know the impact our words will know, like ripples in a pool..they never come back but touch the furthest reaches of the words have touched not only me, but every goes to show that once we have read and 'heard' the words, not only yours, but everyone we meet during our day..something changes within us..maybe just a moments reflection, sometimes a brilliant light that changes us radically...but change and effect occur. It's a humbling realisation, that as we sit and tap out our words on these plastic keys infront of us..a life, a heart, a soul on the other side of the world may respond, grow,leap and be changed because of it...

    Big smile from me!

  20. congrats:)...hope u get more such oppurtunities:)

    keep writing!!!!

  21. Woah!!!!...congrats on that number....and hope to get many more such great posts from you.

    and've been tagged by me...and something really fun...can you do it please!!!???

  22. Congrats and keep going, When you are gifted with so many things, and when you have the time to write, time to share and most importantly when you have the time to say heartfelt thanks for the people around you, you are on the right path, just go ahead and continue your good work.

    All the best.

  23. Congrats PS! and keep going... I wanna see the 1000th post too and hopefully by then I shall have met you in person!
    You are truly an amazing person, and a great writer and am sure others will agree with me, but its such a pleasure to read what you have to say all the time.. you are so full of positive energy which lacks in so many people these days that I have run of words to say!

    Anyways, please keep writing so poor souls like I can keep reading!
    -the other shru

  24. 250!

    wow!...well done and please keep at it...for people like me, u r like the weekend magazines that comes with the newspaper...eagerly awaited...

    u matter.

  25. 250!

    wow!...well done and please keep at it...for people like me, u r like the weekend magazines that comes with the newspaper...eagerly awaited...

    u matter.

  26. Nice...I hope one day I reach 250 too. But yea Im feeling jealous. Why isnt someone asking me to write for a magazine or newspaper :x
    I know the answer :-<

    Anyway I like the look of your blog :)


  27. Congratssssss P......hope to read ur 1000th post soon. Keep writing & be happy always!!

  28. Pai: thaaan..k you!

    Comfortably Numb: Just visited you!

    Tys: Honest enough!And discarded like the weekend edition paper when you are done extracting what entertains you,was something you were kind enough to not mention.:)And hey--Thanks!

    Ohter Shru:Have mailed you!

    Fruitu:thanks so much!

  29. Prats: dome!In your comment box!

    Broca:Thank you!

    Niall:Words do have a life of their own.Glad to have made you smile ;)

    Sue: hope so!! Hope so!! If only these US embassy guys were not so finicky about visas!

    Kenny:Thanks so much!

    Balu: Soon! ;)

    Red phoenix:Same pinch!! And thanks!

    Vijaya:Thank you!


    Mathew:I am glad because of which I came across yours too! Thanks!

    Sri:Dont know who used who--but either way the end use was win-win!~


    Wannabe writer--No!Not this!!Something else--will say soon.

    Reflections: i could say the same for you! Thanks!!

    SMM: Thank you my friend!

  30. WoW!!! And that is great to know that you got so many people thru ur blogs. Wishing you to write more and more and more.....

    Thanks for sharing ur thoughts !!

    Cheers :-)

  31. Karthik: thanks!!

  32. Congratulations!!! 250 indeed is a feat.

    There's always one thought that comes to my mind when I read your posts, your prose gives me a 'slice of life' (as we say in the ad word) glance.

    Keep writing and I'll definitely keep reading.

    Sorry for my delayed reply.
    Am worked up with my results ...yet did not want to miss your post

  34. Haven't visited for a very long time (and even then I'm not certain I left a comment) but I love your thoughtful, poetic and fun blog.
    Also thanks for my post idea for today...I'm copying your 25 things :-)
    Beautifully written reflection about the appreciation and value of Life.

  35. Congrats! :) Haven't been around that often but doesnt mean am not truly are a brilliant writer!! :)


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