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TMI--Too much information!

First Dhanya tagged me with this tag, and then Prats tagged me with the very same tag.Actually there was soneone else too who had tagged me (really sorry--forgot who you are) and I have been promisng everyone that I'll do it soon. So here it is--Personally I think its TMI. But still, you wanted to know! (I can't imagine why!)

Last Movie You Saw In A Theater:

Last movie I saw in a theatre was TZP. Last movie was ‘Scent of a woman.’ Al Pacino is splendid!This is the full video of one of the scenes I liked.(There were many good ones.) If you want to just watch the dance, search for Tango scene in 'scent of a woman' on youtube.

What Book Are You

Favorite Board Game:

Chess and Scrabble

Favorite Magazine:

Any that I have written for :) (How vain!) –To be honest I’ll read anything.

Favorite Smells:

Smell of rain, Smell of my daughter’s hair, Smell of Eternity by Calvin Klein and ‘Red Delcious’ and Versace for men.

Favourite sound


Worst Feeling In The World:

When someone who meant the world to you dies.

What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake?

Will there be a mail for me? :)

Favorite Fast Food Place:

Anthing that serves good chaats.

Future Child's Name:
It Must have to be in my next birth. Already named TWO in this one
:) Unless I decide to have a love child in my forties, I shall remain ‘Just a mother of TWO’ :)

Finish This Statement. "If I Had A Lot Of Money I'd...”::

Still blog !Heh heh. Honest! I would!

Do You Drive Fast?
Very. Mostly. Always.I love it.

Do You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?::

LOL. No. By no stretch of imagination can S be referred to as a stuffed animal. Animal –may be sometimes! ;-) Stuffed? No way!

Storms-Cool Or Scary?

Way too cool.

What Was Your First Car?

First one I drove was an ambassador. First one I owned was a Maruti 800.

Favourite drink:

Vodka. I also like Black coffee.

Finish This Statement, "If I Had The Time I Would .....” ::

I do have time for everything that I really want to do! If I tell you I have no time I'm just making an excuse because I don't want to do it .:)

Do You Eat The Stems On Broccoli?::


If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color, What Would Be Your Choice? ::


Name All The Different Cities/Towns You Have Lived In.:

Long long list . Have lived in eleven places so far.

Favorite Sports To Watch:


One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You:

Really considerate, kind practical.

What's Under Your Bed?

Wish I could say George Clooney was hiding there—but no such luck.

Would You Like To Be Born As Yourself Again?

To be honest, no. I already know what is it like and I like surprises!

Morning Person Or Night Owl?

Night night night owl. I HATE waking up in the mornings.

Over Easy Or Sunny Side Up?

Depends on my mood.

Favorite Place To Relax:

My hammock.Here is a pic.

Favorite Pie:

Don’t like any.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:

Vanilla and chocolate.

Of All The People You Tagged This To, Who's Most Likely To Respond First?

A good friend once told me about WTO’s most preferred nation—so I shall use the same and say “I really don’t know!”

I am tagging the following though: (if anyone else wants to do it too, i'd be happy to read)




Black Coffee



  1. I am already wondering how you would look in green hair, and i am sure you would carry it off with a straight face at that.

    Its a great view from your balcony in the hammock photo. :-) So that is where your writing muse comes from?

    Glad that u all had a good holiday n anniversary... Belated Anniversary wishes!

  2. Well, you couldn't have George Clooney hiding under your bed, could you? Because he's under mine ;) hahah

  3. Thanks a lot for taking up the tag :)
    n even I'm dying to see u in green hair :P
    Also I liked ur quote "I do have time for everything that I really want to do! If I tell you I have no time I'm just making an excuse because I don't want to do it".. It's very true.. We always find time to do things that we really want to do :)

  4. Haha!..what a great post. After such a weekend, how can you even alude to S being a stuffed animal especially as GC is hiding under the bed! for the green hair...I know you work out, but you'll never be The Incredible Hulk!..although I am aware you can get very angry when the need arises!.....hahahaha.

  5. heh..heh..liked all your answers...

    the photo on the sand is lovely...

    george clooney under your harm wishing, is there...

    lol at the stuffed animal part...

  6. I hate Brocolli!


  7. That was quick and so different...with all pictures and color..
    How's PS I love you???? I've heard about it..
    green!!! that'll be fun..maybe you should try it out one day..if at least for a day.
    Love your hammock and its it really like that???? wow!! Living in this concrete jungle can't believe such wonderful stretches of green exist.

  8. clooney under your bed...awww

    i wish for that too !!!

    hubby for stuffed animal....said the same...
    looks like this tag is in vogue....

    attempted it too

  9. 'scent of a woman' - i think it will be a runaway guess what my fav scene is.. Al in the ferrari... :)
    smel of hair.. i love it.. i love to fondle and play with my friends hair :) Eternity and Obsession by CK- two of the very few perfumes I like :)

    very fast? :) what car do you drive?
    "Animal –may be sometimes! ;-) Stuffed? No way!" - how mean.. :P ROTFL...

    did anyone ever tried vodka mixed with black coffee??? just wondering...

    nice view from ur hammock...

  10. Just 2 huh???U seem to be a real good mom, y not one morE? :)

    And hey, george clooney isn't under ur bed cuz hez alwayz hidin under mine...

  11. hehehe nice post...

    humm i guess u will look gr8 in the green hair :P ahh so u also drive too, i just love drinving fast on the highways...Even i cant wake up in the morning,,i am the perfect night owl.....hope u had a gr8 weekend and a gr8 anniversary...

  12. P.S I love you... hhmmm strange coincidence no??

  13. I've been reading the same tag at so many places, Urs was the farthest i was able to reach.. till the first car.. ;-)

  14. Green hair?? oh...:-)
    Celeberating anniversary and PS I love apt...
    Havent seen the movie...videos are too good.

    Cool tag!!


  15. Very well written. Good work.

  16. George Clooney under the bed?? Nice wicked thot I say;)

  17. too much information, i could make an about me page with this. thanks for the tag! i'll use these ideas to make the about me page now!

  18. Ah - The Scent of a Woman. What an amazing film. One I can watch time and time again yet never tire of.

  19. That hammock looks like a small slice of paradise.
    When I was a little girl my hair was bright, bright, red and I was often teased because of it. I wished my hair was a different color, not blonde or black or brown, but, believe it or not, green. I wanted it to be a dark and shiny green.

  20. Thanks for tagging, will attempt to answer soon.

    BTW its too much of information asked and will take a lot of time to recall, specially movie in theater, I think it was rang de basanti ;)

  21. Two was enough for me too, Preeti. Love them as I do, two was enough. My nerves can barely stand it. I am not sure that these women who want ten kids are telling the truth? ;D
    Okay, don't EVER let my kids read that, I love them more than life.
    But, adult time, oh yeah. Love that.

    As for George Clooney, our answers will be matched on that one! I'll arm wrestle you for him, ;P

    Rohit and I go way back, so I'll be happy to read his answers too! (Kidding, we only just met actually. You keep good company!)

    Any magazine you've written for, is a favourite of mine also! (No kidding.)

    Hope your anniversary was splendid!
    I'll do this meme, and I'll let you know when I've posted mine too.


  22. hey! happy anniversary!!!

    i missed that one... have not been managing to read posts nor write on mine!

    i normally never do tags.... but as your anniversary gift i'm going to take this one up...

    i know i'm such a cheapo and a narcissist to boot! :P

  23. lols@ TMI
    it was fun reading it. you pepped it with cute pictures! :)

    you like vodka and black coffee?? usually i have both in succession out of sheer necessity!

    and the best of all? you tagged me! i am h appy abt that. you will read abt it sooner cos it sounds quite interesting! :)


  24. I've read this tagon 5 blogs today!phewwww!

    n hey..tht hammock pic looks sooooooo inviting!

    i loooooooove Gerorge clooney too!So hot he is!!

    I like it when u say "I'd still blog" :)

  25. good posts...

    i have never seen anyone with green hair...!!!
    sounds intresting...

    and a good use of pics in your post..

    will be back..

    like the way you write...

    mind if i blogroll you??

  26. i loved 'al pacino' in SOAW...he was amazing!!
    waiting to get my hands on 'P.S i love you'
    thats hopefully gonna be my next read :)


  27. Pri: oh yes!! He was too good. Did you know he took training from a blind school to Act in that movie?

    Idrish:Thanks.I dont mind at all!

    Pavi: i know--I am beginning to get sick of the tag myself--have to quickly write another post!

    Black Coffee: Will read!

    Guru: And for that I shall be etrnally grateful and panderingly indebted to you for the rest of my whole life.(Yeah i know--I can be sarcastic when I want to! ):-) Thanks for the wishes.(Not sracstic)

    Gillian;Oh yes--I need my adult time too!

  28. Rohit: :-O!! RDB!! Will look forward to reading yours.

    Rayne:When I was little the only red hair I'd seen was on Archie in Archie comics! I remember asking my parents if people can really have red hair! :-)

    Keith:True--Amazing amazing movie.

    Vinni: Would love to know about you :)

    PointblanK:No harm in hoping! :)

  29. Punam:writing muses usually come when i'm just waking up from sleep--or just going to sleep. Hammock is nice for not thinking!

    DM: I knew it had to be you who was keeping him!! :-)

    Niall: heh heh heh--Yeah green hair and incredible hulk :) Hadn't thought of that!

    Suma:Ya! True!!

    Keshi:I dont mind it.

    Prats:A bit too soppy for my liking but nice so far.

    Gazal:yes--did read yours.

  30. xh: Is that a trick question? :)Anyways I am not answering (I can see you laughing at me):-) yeah--i too liked the frrari scene.

    Preeti:Devil mood says she has him! My husband says the same thing--why not one more! ;) and I tell him what I am telling you. "YOU get pregnant if you want one more.":)

    Enigma:We did--thanks!!

    J: :) It was chosen because it has PS :)

    Smokin joe:I too have had enuff of this tag.

    Karthik: I too liked both videos.Thanks!


  31. Aaah! for the hammock picture! Is this Pune?

  32. So you've done this tag to... Whee! :-)

    Nice list! :D

  33. u'd die ur hair green?? really? hmm i think i'd die it red...i always wanted to be a redhead...but i'm a brunette :( ... n i hate pie too...its too buttery n sweet for me...


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