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A lifeskills coach for wit & sarcasm

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. ha ha ha - two classic retorts - using wit is a very delicte art (something I realise whn i burned my hand :( ) give us some more coaching stuff :-D

  2. Nice post and you have inherited the art from your mother, so the tradition continues.

  3. very good post...i enjoyed ur mothers response in both the cases. Too good :-)

    Cheers :-)

  4. Its an amzing ability to make ppl laugh.. and also to laugh along.. I always bond with people over laughter. And, its great tat u have a demanding coach!
    By the way, u got any idea when u wrote tat age n prejudice post??

  5. I love such classic retorts..maybe it is the typical cancerian trait of liking sarcasm..

    It is often my Dad who actually gives such sarcastic retorts with mild undertones which often is difficult to catch..i loved esp the second retort from ur mom..

  6. that was a lovely post.. reminded me of my mum who though not sarcastic is definitely witty! :)

    and sarcasm is something that is not always appreciated by everyone!

  7. Haha. Funny. Smart mom. Like mother like daughter huh? I don't think I have that ability at all!

  8. Oh I'd love to meet your Mother :)
    My parents are both witty too and I guess I've learnt from them. During dinner nothing passes without a witty remark, especially if we're watching the news.
    I'm sure your kids will become masters of wittiness :)

  9. xh:Burned your hand? Metaphor or literally?

    Fruitu:I'm not half as quick as her.But I try! ;-)

    Karthik:Yes--both those guys deserved it.

    Pointblank:Laughter is the shortest distance between two hearts! I mailed you the link.

    Mathew: I too like clever saracasms--but only when they are deserved!(according to my world view!)

    Black Coffee:True--but at times it is a great weapon.

    Solitaire:Which one?Saracsm or wit?I think you do.(judging on the basis of question you asked in short and sweet)

    DM: Right now I'd like to meet her too! Missing her.(she lived by herself in kerala)

  10. Now these were ultra cool replies da! No wonder, you have a slapstick humour wrapping your posts!

  11. That was sooo funny!! I'd love to meet her. Though she sounds like a person I'd be intimidated by, I'd also admire her HUGELY!!
    BTW, I checked out ur art blog! Mindblowing!!

  12. hey... Thanks for sending the link P. I read it :) Actually, I had read it before, just cudn remember. But then, I kept looking for it in funny/amusing category actually. Yup, positive ppl make all the difference. And u are a very lucky woman indeed!

  13. Sounds like you learned from the best! It is said that sarcasm is the lowest for of 'wit'..but it's at times like that one turns to Oscar Wylde (the man not the monkey!) to learn that sarcasm if used correctly is the highest form of wit when used against the arrogant/selfish or down right rude.

  14. then you will loe haig's novels...he is very good sarcastic

  15. Witty people are hard to come by. And when she is your mother, then your home is full of laughter and so many memories.
    Its good for us that you have inherited this trait form her...we are lucky now :)

  16. The best part of sarcasm is keeping a gentle face. Ur mom gave the slap with her smile after the sarcasm.... Now that's precious.... My mom likes sarcasm against us (me and my bro). When we asked her for a pet dog her reply was, "I'm taking care of two dogs already. Can't have more pressure" and she gave a smirk... That was one memorable incident my family shares....
    Soon u need to use it against ur smart children...

  17. heh heh.. funny mom :-) My dad's a lot like that.. he just gets a bit too shrewd at times.. sadly I inherited only the shrewd part

  18. heee heee good post. My mom is also a bit like this. My sis once said abt her "duniya mein ek hi piece hai". Ofcourse at the time she said it, it was not meant as a compliment. But the sentence sort of sums it up:-).

  19. its always so much fun to match wits with someone with a sharp sense of wit like your mom... and you don't mind losing to people like her :)

    you are lucky to have a mentor like her in the family itself. its so rare to have one of your parents who have this kind of sense of humor....

  20. Great to have people around who can make you laugh :)

  21. Wow talk about back to back retort with a silent sting hidden inside. Your mum sure is witty!:D

    Great stuff!

  22. righty ho.... now i need some coahing too... so tell me wen do teh classes start??

  23. wow, smart mom..her skil is really essential for living in today's world..yup so like mother like daughter...ya u do hav an amzing ability to make people laugh and its a very treasurable thing...i would love to hav that ability, belive me i am the most boring person to b around as i barely talk to anyone and sit by myslef most of the time....well must b coz i was like that most of my life...never lose the abilty to make people laugh..hope ur wonderful kids get that ability too...

  24. I guess mom's are that them with just the right mum helped me outta a tight situation by standin up for me recently...i still cnt belive she did tat!

  25. The punch it delivers many a times saves us from a tight situation.Intersting to note you have inherited it from your sure it helps you ..nice read

  26. hey PS, btw it would be interesting to see how your mom tackles the Conrad boy if he comes her way!:D

  27. haha - i think its time you got your mom to blog and comment - she will really shred many of us wid her wit....

    i am like this and face ire of so many ppl...straight up - truth right on the face....hats of to her :)

  28. Thats a nice one. Sometimes being open and straight makes our life easier and simpler.

  29. I've been a regular reader of your blog, you write so well. I lost my mom when I was young, my dad and his family were indeed responsible for her untimely death, too much of abuse. After this the cousins and their evil moms relentlessly trouble me with only one thing in mind, they want all my dead mom's jewels and more from my dad, and they knew if they could manage to get rid of me they will benefit a lot, my dad never really cared about me. After taking diamonds, gold and a lot in cash and gifts they lash me out rudely, some of the things they say ,"you are not my sister, why do you think I'll love you" another cousin (or cursin'), she took a lot of silverware from my dad, and never even called him once after she moved abroad told me once when I called her casually, "that she doesn't like me and she is too busy to even talk to people like me!". I just stood their shocked. I wish I had good parents like yours, never really had anyone growing up, only traitors. Sorry for this long post, just venting! Just wondering what you or your mom would've replied to my evil cursins!

  30. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Hehee..that was a good one.So,we should be thankful to the great lady for coaching you.So that explains ur witty n humorous writing style.Actually,even my moom's like dat.I think I inherited too much of it that I've the last witty one-liners mostly these days... :-)

  31. Your mom sounds very cool :)

  32. I love this post and your mom's witty/ sarcastic remarks!


  33. preeti, that's a precious inheritance indeed!! :D

    Most times sarcasm is the only way of telling people what you really feel...

    nice post!

  34. hey tht was very funny n witty..

  35. Preeti,

    Being able to give smart answers at the right moment is an art that's tougher than sculpting. Not everyone can do it. Most of the time, people always fret over what they 'should have' said in a situation, but did not get it in their mind at that time.

    Gifted people can talk effectively at the right time. Your mom and may be you too, are probably gifted with that art.

  36. lol! ur mom really showed him! we need people like her to show these smart alecs

  37. i louuuuve sarcasm. your mom's the best! :D

  38. Wow yaar. Your mom is a super mom:p

  39. hey, I have clarified the point that you had made in my blog. I was not sure how to let you know about it!


  40. Haha..funny anecdotes! awesome tht u n ur mom can make ppl laugh!

    A lot of (MEAN) ppl keep asking me if im trying to save moneybyt not eating!...i just ignore tho of crse i bugs i know how to respond ;-)

  41. It is sometimes difficult to handle such people,my word your mom has sharp and has a quit wit,it is an art :).

    Good one!!

  42. ahh! now we know from where the 'rocking attitude' and 'great sense of humour' comes from ;)
    it HAD TO BE hereditary!! :D


  43. Very good blog, very good paintings, luved it......... Hey incidentally even i am from Pune ...
    btw after reading your blogs got inspired and have started to blog...will let u know when i write something worthwhile....

  44. MSN: thanks! Dropped by yours.

    Pri: heh heh--thanks!


    Pavi:Oh yes--they used to ask me that too.I think they are just jealous.

    Vidya;Got it.

    Sahefa: :-)


  45. Punam:True.At times even I think of a smart retort after the moment has passed.Mostly I'm able to be blunt and honest.It took me a while to become this way though.

    Happycology,Suma: Thanks!


    nan-rock:Some moms are very different. :-)

    Diamond & pearl:I have been to your blog--and such an abusive childhood must have been really hard on you.But I am amzed through it all, you turned out to be so balanced.You should not be dependent on THEM for love--but i think you have already figure that out.


    Ceedy:She sold off the computer after my dad died.He used to use it a lot--so she couldnt bear to look at it. Will pass on your remarks to her though.

    Balu:Still conrad obsessed? I have got over him!

  46. CU:Thanks!

    Preeti:yes, it does feel good when they stand up for us, right?

    Enigma;Thank you,thank you thank U!!

    Sam:How about next christmas?;-)

    SSC: yes!!Thanks!!

    Balu:It is a joy indeed.

    Guru:Dad too had a great sense of humour--but he wasnt as witty as mom.

    Nancy;Heh heh.

  47. shruti:Cannto believe you are shrewd!

    Red phoenix:I can imagine! My mom used to use it quite a bit on us too.

    Prats: Thanks my friend!

    Wyvern:I must try--havent read any.

    Niall:Yes--only sarcasm works against the inconsiderate and the rude.

    Rajk: She is very sweet.Only when people are nasty to her, is she sarcastic--otherwise she is friendly.

    Pointblank:You are welcome!and thanks!!

    Smokin Joe:Thanks!!

  48. Not 'Conrad' obsessed,actually.But now that you've pointed it out,the solution is very simple.


  49. guess humour is like hereditary....

  50. Haha! Sarcasm is something i comepletely love and THIS was sure one of those whoaa-wow-kinda-sarcasm moments!

    cheers to your mum! :)

  51. Haha! Sarcasm is something i comepletely love and THIS was sure one of those whoaa-wow-kinda-sarcasm moments!

    cheers to your mum! :)

  52. I can not imagine a lady being so sarcastic ... so loved it! Especially the second incident way more!

    Men at times think they are so smart and I love it when this happens :)

  53. I love sarcasm to bits. Especially when I am delivering it!! When u put a jerk in his/her place, it so does make me me feel good. I can imagine the look on those guys faces!
    My friends very often look toward me wondering how I am going to react to a particular situation and roll all over laughing when I do react. Yeah it is fun to make people laugh!!

  54. heee heee, ur mom has an amazing sense of humor, loved her ready retorts :D


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