On dogs and humans (part 2.)

A few days back I had written a guest post for Dog with Blog.
For those who do not know about Dog with Blog--this is what their FB introduction says:

Building a vibrant community for dog lovers,striving for adoption and animal welfare through posting relevant news and stories & everything else concerning environment & dogs! Spread the love...in dogs we trust! We are not an NGO, empathy is all we ask :)

Before you read this post, I urge you read the guest post  I wrote. It got a lot of appreciation and response.

Here is the link:


In continuation with that post, here is what I would like to say:

1. Though both the pictures posted in the guest blog-post are 'cute' pictures, let me assure you, Dobes (short for doberman) are hounds and guard dogs. They are NOT 'cute-cuddly' toy dogs. They will guard their owner with their life and will not hesitate to go for the throat of anyone, if they feel any kind of 'danger'. (For a dobe, encroachment into the owner's home, without the owner's permission is 'danger'. it's just not done). They are highly intelligent (one of the reasons for them being chosen as military and police dogs) , super-athletic  and need a HUGE amount of exercise.

Lostris when asked to make her 'scary face' 

2. If you are planning to get a dog, do remember that you have to be committed for the next 10-12 years. You have to be prepared to care for the dog. Many owners get a 'cute puppy' and sadly abandon them when they are grown adults. It is one of the cruelest things you can do to a dog. Remember, you have your job, your friends, your life, your career--but your dog has only you. You will not give away your child, just because your life has changed. Then how can you give away (or worse abandon) your dog? Dogs become family once you spend time with them.

3. Dobes are big dogs. When my dog stands on her hind legs, she is as tall as an average Indian Male. Once they reach adulthood, they weigh around 35-40 kgs!  So you can imagine how powerful these dogs are.

4. Doberman are 'velcro' dogs. They hate to be away from you. They want to stick to you all the time. No matter what you do, they feel comforted to have that little physical contact. They have no idea that they are so big and heavy :) See what mine is doing in this pic. (she feels very happy to sit in my lap!!)

4.. Having a dog changes your life. It really does.

5. Get a dog only if you don't mind investing time, effort and patience.

The rewards are rich--unconditional love, someone who greets you like they haven't seen you for twenty years, even if you have just made a ten minute trip to the grocery store, someone who compels you to lead a healthier life, someone who makes you live in the moment and forget about everything else and most of all someone around whom it is simply impossible to be glum--because they are so full of life!

As a dog-owner, I can assure you, having a dog is a  LOT of work (  but it is simply an unmatched , exalting and a wonderful experience.

If you want to adopt a dog, try and locate an organization in your city which has  adoption drives. Many organise it on a regular basis. There are so many wonderful, loving dogs there that need homes.
 If you are in Bangalore, the next one is just around the corner. Here are the details:

Like I said in the guest post, if only more humans were like dogs, the world would be an awesome place!

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  1. I am not really a pet person, you know. And I am totally petrified of dogs because of some incident that happened. and frankly I do not much enjoy reading stuff about pets just because I cannot really relate to them. But I always like seeing your snaps with Lostris. They emit such friendship and warmth... makes me wish I wasn't so scared of dogs. Cheers to your lovely relation with your pets.


    1. :)

      I really wish you weren't scared too.
      I know many people who say they are terrified as when they were a child, they got bitten etc etc. But the fact is there are no 'bad dogs'. Only incredibly stupid dog owners.
      I looooove animals..Except snakes. Snakes are the only living creatures I am afraid of. The rest fascinate me.

    2. How about lions & tigers :p

    3. I love Lions and Tigers too. Also monkeys, crocodiles.. :)Better than most humans :)

    4. I did have a pet, a long time ago. Your post made me write about it once again.

      Here's the link - http://purnimaaprabhu.blogspot.com/2013/04/why-i-dont-have-pet.html

      Do read whenever you can. and thanks, unknowingly, you made me write and revisit some memories! :)

  2. Lovely post!! :) I cannot imagine a world without animals, sometimes its horrific to think how life would have been if the only species were humans and none else! :o

    I love dogs!! :) Lostris is so lucky to have got you, because you really consider her a part of your family!

    Adoption Drive in Chennai

    1. I think I am lucky to have got her :)
      I know many many families that consider dogs a part of their family. I cannot imagine otherwise!

  3. Such a nice post mam.Well i miss our dobes ROCKY back at my native.We lost him last november and I had a teargasum the whole day at my office when i heard the news.I couldnt deal with that dreadful news.Dogs are indeed a human's loyal friend.

    1. Losing a dog is so so so terrible. That's the only bad thing about getting attached to a dog.

    2. very true mam !

  4. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Thanks a ton Preeti for being the canine crusader! The woof world needs more enlightened folks like you. On behalf of all the dogs, the neighbourhood cats and teh langoor who teases me from the red tin roof in Naintal, here is a heartfelt thanks for gracing 'Dog with Blog' and inspiring the readers! :)

  5. I like to enjoy animals from a distance because in my village dogs had no entry into the house.Anyway your passion I appreciate.

  6. Hi Preety, another lovely post from you.. My mom and I are avid lovers of dogs though we haven't had one yet because dad doesn't like them so much.

    I needed to ask you something, rather confirm a seemingly funny fact which one of my friends told me.. Is it true that if you own a dog and take due care of him, other dogs can recognize you to be a dog owner by your smell?

    1. If I may answer your question.....

      Yes that is actually true.....

  7. Being a owner of 2 rescued dogs, I totally identify with what you have said in this post

    Hats off to dogs and to all dog lovers !!

  8. Hello

    I like your books actually "just a book"
    as i have read only "Life is what...." till now

    looking forward to reading "secret wish...."

    Could you please reply to Arnab Roy's question ?
    even i want to know the answer.....

    although i have never got the opportunity to own a dog as my
    family members are not comfortable having pet at home !!

    (they are too worried about the dog's hair, its poop, etc although i keep trying to convince them that dogs can be trained, etc)

  9. I love this particular article of yours,because its so hard and rare to see people who love pets and takes care of it in their busy schedule. I own a lot of pets which includes a doggy too :) Most of my friends make fun like I got a mini zoo at my home but i never care for them because my pets are far better than the humans I'm surrounded by :)
    I just love all your blogs and Ive ordered for one of your books" My secret wishlist"....Waiting eagerly for it to get delivered and start reading !! cant wait ! :)


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