The day began with a really tragic news that hit me like a ten tonne truck ramming into my heart. For  a few seconds I couldn't speak. We had been saying  our prayers for a little girl, a friend's daughter, who had been fighting for her life for the last three days. I was certain she would recover. But I was wrong. She succumbed last night. She was only three and had contracted the swine flu. Satish left for Pune to meet her parents.

Life is so darn uncertain. And I say this often--'LIVE each day.' And what better day to 'LIVE' than your birthday?

Then the phone calls and wishes began pouring in. I was flooded with messages of love.And gifts. And more phone calls. And BBM messages and whatsapp pings and many many SMS.

An old friend called from Mumbai. I was so happy to hear from her. A childhood friend whom I had lost touch with and got back in touch recently called. A close friend called from the U.S. Another called from Chennai. Another from Pondicherry. Another from Delhi. And many more phone calls followed..each one filled with genuine warmth and love.

It was a balm to the gloom that had descended earlier around me. It was Magic. Funny how great and sometimes inane conversations can uplift the soul.

A little later the door bell rang. I was floored completely when two people from the Bangalore office of the publishers of my new book, came home and wished me! Talk about publishing houses pampering their authors! I was really moved.

When I logged into my Facebook, I discovered that the  publishers of my 'Tea for two and a piece of cake' did this for me:

They asked people to guess which book of mine these lines are from.  Most guessed the answer as 'Tea for two and a piece of cake', but it is the wrong answer :)

I think you might be able to guess which book it is from--so I wont tell you the right answer.
But I do believe in the above lines deeply.
I did appreciate all the good things in my day today.


 Like the gift that came in the mail from one of my closest friends.

 And the two dozen red roses that were gifted to me. (I absolutely loved them!)

 The quiet and pleasant dinner I had outside with my two children.

The many many photos and messages of gratitude that people posted on my FB author page  thanking me for signing the books. Folks, I should be thanking you for reading me and showering me with so much love!

And the new dress I bought myself too :) (after all a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do)  :)

My day was peaceful today. And it was filled with love. For that I am grateful.

I turned 41.
I am grateful for that too. (Many people hate to state their age. But I am darn proud of my age. Heck, all the years, I have earned them! )

 All in all, a birthday to remember, filled with sadness and hope, love and joy, quiet time and  music,
but most of all contemplation and gratitude.

Thank you for the love and thank you for reading me.

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  1. Hey...missed to Wish You Ontime Happy Birthday!!...Sorry...A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOW ..tc...LOVE...Ruchika

  2. Very sorry to hear the news about the little girl....lots of prayers for her parents and loved ones. Hugz!

    Is swine flu common or was it a rare occurrence? I think the flu vaccine here covers the H1N1 strain...will have to confirm!

    You look ravishing in the new dress - loved it :)!

    1. Thanks.
      It doesnt matter now whether there is a vaccine or not, she is gone and the loss is terrible to bear. (it is incidentally very much there in India too)

    2. I just feel so darn bad about it.

  3. Happy Birthday Preeti....I loved what you had to say about your age.
    Wishing you the very best life has to offer!!!!

  4. Happy birthday to you! And why wasn't bhavaji clicking your snap? I see a gorgeous dress, gorgeous heels, hair well done and we are deprived of the smiling beauty! Not fair!

    That said, was sad to hear about the little girl! My condolences! :(

    1. He left for Pune to be with the family who lost the little girl.
      Thanks for the compliments. Much appreciate.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your friend's daughter...and very glad your husband is there to support and just give them a hug...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY...and wish you a fabulous day, week and a fantastic year...yes live ech day fully...and do the best you can...
    You look fabulous...!!!wooza...

    1. Thank you so much.. Much appreciate.

  6. Yes--they are from 'life is what you make it'.

    Thanks for the compliments. Accepted. :)

  7. Lines are from 'Life is what you make it'. those lines which Ankita writes to Vaibhav when she is back from the treatment. Hope you had a great day yday. :-)

  8. Happy Birthday to You :)

  9. Belated B'Day wishes Preeti.. Stay young and be special always..

    I got my book yesterday..The Secret Wishlist.. and was extremely happy.
    Eager to read and give feedback. Hope this time also the book will touch our heart..

  10. It was your birthday but it was a very special day for me as well.! :D
    I received your book and thank you for signing. I was jumping up and down when I got it :B
    Well I'm already done reading (an excellent story teller you are!) And I feel it's a very soothing book. I am trying to work out on my wishlist now. :p
    After finishing the book last night, I slept and now that I've woken up. I've got a huge smile on my face. I dunno what it is but you books have a charm of themselve. I simply love and adore you.!

    And Belated Happy B'day once again. :)

    1. You are so good for my soul! In case you post a review of the book i would love to read it :)

  11. Couldn't be in the LUCKY three, but I am happy I have got the personally signed copy

  12. Feeling really...really sorry for that little girl....
    Belated Happy Birthday!
    Best Wishes:)

  13. Happy bday!
    sw secret wish list at a near by store in Gurgaon
    YET to buy

  14. Happy Birthday Preeti!!
    God Bless :)

  15. Happy Birthday madam. Belated wishes. plz, write a fiction story of a girl who suffers from this society.

    1. Do tell me what you mean by 'suffers from society'. Will surely consider the idea.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday wish Madam.i got your book "The secret wishlist" with signed copy yesterday.i finished reading at a stretch and i loved the friends character in your book.i wish,i would do my secret wishlist soon after reading your book

    1. Thanks and good luck with your wishlist!

  17. Lines are from Life is what you make it :)
    Wishing you a very very happy birthday!!! :) :)

  18. Belated happy Birthday Preeti..

    i got my copy of wishlist. All i can say is you have done it again. beautifully written and it actually made me think as to what i want from life.. :)

    looking forward to reading more of your books


  19. A belated happy birthday, Preeti. Missed this post somehow!


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