Why true friends are like mornings

Sometime back I had made a resolution to post at least twice a week. Now when I look back, I discover that I haven’t really written as much as I intended to. These days, besides working on my second book, I am also writing for Times of India and Readers Digest Joy. Apart from that my fitness routine, managing children and daily chores in the home takes up most of my time. Somehow I feel that’s still an excuse. I always say that if someone wants to do something really badly, they will always find the time. Now I am going to test the theory that I advocate and apply the same for myself, and am resolving to post at least 2-3 times a week. If not a post, then at least an image which I have captured and which I would like to share. Good idea? What do you say?

Meira gave me this award which I am supposed to give to my favourite commentators.God! What a difficult task! If she had asked me to pick my least favourite it would have been easy :)[Relax—just kidding] I guess I am really grateful to everybody who comments as they have been kind enough to read what I write. So if you have ever left a comment on my blog—Thanks! This award is for you.[I take the thanks back if I have deleted your comment :P :)]

And now to the post.

This morning I received a text from a close friend.(This is the same friend with whom I had stayed when I had come to Bangalore for my book launch) .It was a forward about friendship.
I loved it. It was so true. I am one of those who reply to every text message I get, even if it’s just a forward. It just means that the person who forwarded it to you, thought of you for that brief moment that it took them to send the text and conveyed something that probably tickled them or made them think. I think messages like these are a nice way to keep in touch, especially when you have nothing to say. According to studies conducted by a UK based organization, (and many more I am sure) reconnecting with friends with whom you have happy associations is one of the most important ways to reduce stress. Just as I was typing this post, I felt an overwhelming urge to call my friend—and that’s just what I did. She was pleasantly surprised—It was just a brief five minute call, and we both felt so good about it. Instant mood elevators! What are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and say hi to a friend who lives in another town—Now! It need not be a long call –just a calling-to-say-I-am-thinking-of-you call. Did you do it? Good!

So here is your reward-- a picture that I want to share with you. I clicked it two days back from my terrace, just after my son left for school.He leaves at 6.30 a.m. which is pure torture for him as well as me.

But capturing moments like this makes it worth it! And it goes so well with the text that my friend sent.

True friends are like mornings. You cannot have them for the whole day, but you can be sure they will be there for you, today, tomorrow and always. Good morning.”


  1. am I really first to comment?

  2. :) thatz so true.. friends are really like mornings... Yesterday I talked with a long lost friend - the last time I saw her, she was at 8th, and now she is a working professional at Infy - and it look less than a minute for us to go back to the old days... and that call made me happy for the rest for the day... I do this - picking up teh cell and calling friends on an impulse, and yeah - a brief call like that often elevates the mod like anything :-D

  3. hi there
    sounds like a good idea to post often.. i too have been tryin considering m so new at it ..but haven succeded.....
    friends are such a blessing i guess they are they r there for us at the sunrise and the sunsets of life too....
    and jus a "Friendship Day" aint enough to express our feelings lets all do it more often! :)

  4. hey xh-- i thought i was the first one but u beat me by jus a min!:)hey preeti don worry this aint a competition guess jus thrilling to be first somewhere in life ;)

  5. Wow...what a thought..so true! :)

    ..nd even I was thinking that you will write a new post today! ...and that award you got is really precious..nd I will also say the same..
    Thanks for Writing!

  6. Ps,
    How I wish cellular operators do away with roaming charges. :D

    Yes,call a friend the moment you feel like.


  7. Well blogging should not be out of compulsion...one tend to write if something comes across their mind to share..

  8. Good luck with your posting plans. I always make them and have trouble sticking with them.

  9. Nessa: That's why I'm declaring it publicly--hoping i'll stick!

    Sunder:True--but mostly there is so much to share and I don't do it as I have deadlines to meet and I have to make time to post.Else it will stay that way for at least a month, me thinks!

    Nikhil: Roaming charges are slashed now--which world are you living in?!:)Call me NOW! :-)

    Prakhar: Really sweet of you..thanks!

  10. Nups:True! Small thrills. And true friendships are a blessing.

    xh:U know--that day when you called on my son's birthday i felt great too! Thanks! :)And yes--you were the first to comment!

  11. awesome pic...
    Pune at sunrise !!!

  12. Siddharth: Awesome is the right word!It was so uplifting to stand there and gaze at it! Thanks!!

  13. Congrats for the award!!!!!!!!!
    And I'm gonna call them now...my friends I mean.
    The pic is beautiful...u've captured the mood so well.
    And keep ur word abt writing 3-4 posts per week.

  14. So so true...and yes, they are like sunshine too....keeps you smiling ..and one of the most important things in life..FRIENDS.
    Sometimes, i'm really glad for all these new stuff that has come in, like network, cellphones, blogs...they just made the world so much more close knit...and easier to reach out.

  15. True Preeti,
    Friends are actually like mornings, they just fill your life with brightness and the time spent with them go on to become the best memories one can have. Also even if you are not in touch with them for some reason, the memories are cherished forever. The smile which appears when you think of the mischief done together with friends is out of the world :) :P

  16. Congratulations and Thanks a lot for the award :). I have received 4 awards in 4 days... I am over the moon :D

    Your habit of replying to sms' is something really good. I do it all the time but get disappointed when the other person doesn't do it. But now I know where I should be directing my messages to :)

  17. Nice Pic and well said about frens..and I like the quote at the end...HAND


  18. Lovely n very true thot on Friendship! It makes so much sense! n thats a beautiful pic!

    Good Luck with the new resolution/goal :)

  19. staying in touch has become so difficult yet so easy....

    well i think where there's a will there's a way...to call or SMS...
    thats the way to go...

    lovely picture...i miss pune..but shdnt complain!!!!

  20. Beautiful picture - I love sunrise and sunset - I go for a walk at Lake Natoma behind my house to watch the sunset very often!!!!

    Fabulous quote and so true - I will be sending it to a few tomorrow morning :)

    Its good news that you are going to blog more often....Looking forward to it :)

  21. hi PS,
    Am so happy that you decided to stick to you resolution:)Very very Good idea..!!

    Havent u taken a photo just like this before also?I think I've seen something like this in ur blog only..

    From the apartment where I live I cud see only sunsets..hmm..But they are beautiful too:)Anyway nice post.


  22. Reflections: Nance!Since when did 2-3 become 3-4 eh?!!Two posts --I can do..(hope so--in a small voice):-)

    Prats:Yes--new gadgets do make it easier.

    Chinmayee: Yup!

    Varun:Somehow I know whom to expect replies from and whom not to :) But yeah--i get surprised too.

    Raghu:Thanks--what did you mean by HAND? Didn't get u there.

    Pavi:Thanks--twice a week--One post, one pic sounds posible at the moment :)

    Gazal: I miss Blr like crazy!I guess sunrises are always better in another town ;-)

    Shachi:Thanks!! :)Am sure your friends will be ahppy to get that text.

    Geetha:Yes I have--but the sky was different then.Thanks :)

  23. *It just means that the person who forwarded it to you, thought of you for that brief moment that it took them to send the text

    I once got a forward sms with same content :-)!

  24. :) I agree. And good luck with your new resolution. I'm sure you'd make all the efforts to write as per ur expected frequency.
    Take care.

  25. (groan)...the pure torture bit i can relate to...i'm such a grouch the first 15 minutes...sigh...but yes, when you are wide awake, the morning is truly beautiful...

    what a great pic, no make that awesome!...and the quote's perfect...

    and good morning! :)

  26. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Good Morning ;)

  27. Beautiful pic P!!! N yeah i believe dat friends r forever...n if they leave u..they never were ur friends!! I'll be ther for u always dear P. :)

  28. great pic.. truly magnificient... anyway your plans to write 2-3 times a week will surely provide a nice way to uplift one's mood every now and then.Anyway, friends are a great stress buster and the little pieces of joy,hatred and tell tales of your work life that you share serve as great mood uplifters....:)

  29. Sushobhan: thks! Please enable a link to your blog from your blogger profile so I can access it while I am doing my blog rounds!

    Pai: only true friends! :)

    Rohit: GM :)

    Suma: yeah! GM!!

    phoenix:Thanks! :)

  30. Vagabond: Thats surprising! Did u reply?;-)

  31. heyy! thats a lovely post!! I borrowed the forward to add to my post...hope u dun mind! have linked you! :)

    oh and the picture is beautiful!!!

  32. good morning. True friends are indeed like the morning, like a beautiful ray of sunshine.

  33. Well said. I can really relate to your thought that if you want to do something bad enough, there is always time. I think there isn't paucity of time, but maybe a change in priorities. But whatever we finally end up doing should see 100% of us in it. That is what matters in the end :-)

  34. You handled the commentator-dilemma amazingly :)

  35. 'Friends are like mornings'..an interesting idea. When one is curled up snug in ones duvet, the morning does not normally recieve a possitive welcome..."WHAT...morning already?...Go away..leave me to sleep..!"..but you get up and draw the curtains..and if you live in my southfacing house..you always see the sunrise...and you remember that monings are wonderful.
    I so often take my mornings/friends for granted..I should take the time to appreciate them more.

    PS:..There is an old proverb.."If you want something done ,ask a busy person"

  36. updated my profile...

  37. :)
    Sweet, as sweet as Ferrero Rocher :)

    Oh yeah! True friends are indeed like mornings, no doubt they are also called the 4 am friends :D

    Why do I smile so much when I read your posts?

  38. Beautiful pic, it looks like the sky is waking up 'anghdhayi lekhey' ...lol!

  39. Friends are like mornings...true.
    And like each morning, friends bring umpteen novelties, umpteen freshness everyday...isn't it!

    PS: Me First-timer here :)

  40. First of all, thanks for the award! I am very much inclined to start my prepared-15-years-ago award speech. But I cant find a stage so I will let it go. :D

    And the friendship call - so true. I am not making one right now, but I did a couple of hours back. And you dont realize it, but everytime you finish a call like that, you come back to your work all fresh and awake and full of energy - only few can do that to you. And I am glad you wrote about this, cause we take those few for granted most of the time. Its nice to stop and remember them and feel happy about having them with you.

    Lovely post! It made me really happy!

  41. That was a lovely post. I surprised my friend with a quick phone call

  42. PS this was an amazing post!
    loved reading it!
    True Friends are indeed like mornings. :)

  43. Heeeheeee, heeeeheeee

  44. Reflections : :-) Send me your email id. mine is ps@preetisatish.com

    Only one: :) Thanks

    Chitra: nice!! :)

    Cris: :-) And hey-yes I was aware that you helped in the Wiki--thanks!! I'm sorry i forgot to mention it.It's there in 'History'.

    A: welcome--and thanks!

  45. Still thinking: My Hindi isnt that good! What does 'anghdhayi lekhey' mean? Glad u smiled :)

    Sushobhan:yes--i left a comment too :)

    Niall:The proverb is so right!Ironical but right!

    Meira: Sometimes I can be diplomatic too :)

  46. Stillness speaks:True--its the priorities.

    Call me A: yes--true friends are.

    Sunshine:Don't mind at all!Thanks for linking!

    Broca:I liked it too.

  47. 6 30 am to school really tortourous...we talk of rights of children?


  48. i live far away from most of my freinds. so gettin an unexpected call from then truly is somethin so nice . i agree with u

  49. Hi Preeti
    This is my first time on your blog..
    I have come recently to Pune and miss my friends a lot... so a call once in a while really lightens up my day..

  50. hey preeti. went thru ur site and i like how it looks, can u tell me who did it for u? kos i want to make one of mine own too.ps: hope u remember me , i worte to u before thru mail, been readin ur blog for a while now

  51. Well What to say on this one, I can just say

    Its a lovely bright morning, Good Morning :-)

  52. hey its first time i came across ur blog...
    for just 1 reason i should follow ur blog thats bcos u wrote abt friendship i liked it very much. i was in big group of frnds now iam separated bcos of my destiny but iam sure 1 day v all will unite together like we did before waiting for that day to come...
    keep them comin


  53. It Means.....

    Have A Nice Day.


  54. WOW!!!!!

    Thanks a looooot for sharing that beauuuutiful message!!!

  55. I read many of your posts today as I was away for 6-7 weeks. Wonderful writeups as always. Good Wishes for the next bestseller in making :)

  56. What a beautiful sunrise! I love them too, and that cold breeze that blows in the morning (before the sun goes up and heats everything to 33°C, lol). It's a pity I see sunrises too rarely: most times I an going to bed just a couple of hours before the sun appears. Yes, I'm a night creature, I admit :)

  57. Thats a nice picture and a neat blog!
    this is the 1st of yours I read!

  58. Durga: Thanks :)

    Guto:I too am a night creature--but alas circumstances force me to wake up!Mebbe you can watch the sunrise just before u go to bed?:P

    Life begin:Thanks so much :)

    Raghu: AAaah! Ok :)

    Ky:Thanks!! :)

  59. Wow that's a good way to keep up the resolution.. And nice photograph indeed :)
    I'm not sure if I also need to take some measures to keep my blog alive.. Unfortunately the resolution to de-addict from net and regular blogging doesn't go well together :(

  60. Prats: :-)

    Anu:Visited u..left a comment too :) I got my template from finalsense.

    Jaanvi: Oh yes--friends do brighten a dull day :)

    Uma:Ask if I have a choice--i dont! :(

  61. Dhanya: yep--that could be a problem! :)I love ur photos.


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