What's on your fridge?

How often have you walked into a friend's kitchen, and casually, as you were talking, and your friend's brewing a nice cup of tea for you, you've remarked about something on their fridge, that led to a whole new conversation?

Fridges do reflect a lot about the person who is using it. I have come across fridges that are so darn neat without a single thing on them, that you wonder if they have been used at all. Then there are others that have lovely magnets collected from different parts of the world. Then there are fridges like mine that just reflect whatever is going in life, at that point in time, or sometimes reflect anything that brings back happy memories.

I clicked a picture of my fridge and this is how it looks at the moment. It's full of memories and current happenings. Right on top are two magnets of a man and a lady that we picked up when we went on our honeymoon, ages back. They have travelled with us through the years and through moving towns, changing jobs, changing homes, becoming parents and continue to be witness to our lives. There are two photos--One is a picture of me and my son when he was a baby.The other is a picture of my brother and my son clinging to his feet.:-)It brings back smiles. Then there are phone numbers of my son's friends. There is a drawing that my son made. There is a list of chores for the household help.There is a daily menu for my children's lunches which the school has specified. (I like it as it means each child will bring the same thing and no junk food is allowed. ) There are two more magnets picked up during travel.

Now I'd love to see what is on your fridges. I am tagging the following to post a pic of their fridge.






Anybody else who wants to do it I'd love to come and have a look! Just post a pic and leave a comment in my comment box.

Do it! It's a snap-shot in time.Frozen moments that tell a story.

What's your story?


  1. wow, thazt nice :) will do it for sure.. but therz nothing on my fridge.. itz plain...

  2. I remember the fridge at my dads home - we used to keep magnets of lord krishna and ayyappa on the fridge - it was a Godrej and we where not supposed to play with those magnets... :|

    ur post sure did bring back lot of old memories :)

  3. Wow...pretty cool....good one!
    I really did think about my fridge at least for the last 2 minutes now, though I have so many memories on it, have never given it a thought when i dont see it:-)
    your post made me do it!

  4. Fridges do reflect a lot about the person who is using it.
    Isn't it true with say the kitchen and the rest of the house?

    Back home,the fridge is all clean clean,some how I am not a fan of these magnets and stickers.


  5. I meant:

    Isn't it true with say the kitchen and the rest of the house aswell?

  6. that was sweet... my fridge is one of those clean and neat ones(atleast from outside) and has nothing on it so the post wont be interesting else i would have done it :)

  7. Thats cool...'cos the fridge is one place...that just is me....all of me...and i'd love to do this tag..will take it up next

    Wish I could see whats on the lunch menu more clearly...I could have made my life easier.. ;)

  8. Lovely! My parents and I love to collect fridge magnet as souvenirs.

    Only son on your fridge! That is partiality! There should have been one daughter's photo as well :)

    Here is a link to the snap I clicked
    That is my lil nephew in the photo frame fridge magnet.

  9. And that apple in the middle is at least 30 years old :)

  10. I dont believe it....I've been wanting to do this same post for some time now:-o.
    That man & lady...did u by any chance pick it up from corsock(I think the spelling is right) where they donate the money generated by the sales to destitute women....I've picked so many of them from all my trips to kodaikanal & they are still there on my mom's frodge.
    Mmmm....let me just chk, ...
    ok I've got magnets ofcourse, lots of them mostly fruits & flowers & a magnet where I've removed the picture inside & put a pic of the kids, then I have a card made by Naina for Mother's Day, a medical prescription with dosages elaborately written by me & post-its with groceries needed for the next day.
    Loved this post.....
    ....just my kind of post:-D

  11. errr...I meant my mother's fridge:-P.

  12. A friend observed the magnets on my fridge and asked me to click a picture last week :) I'll do it today and post it....

    I buy magnets from places I visit and my fridge is filled with them - whenever I look at it, its very nostalgic....

    Good post!

  13. Fridges, never thought of it that way... Back at home Mom keeps it as clean as it has never been used and

    If there are sweets inside then I ensure its clean from inside as well :-)

  14. My fridge is as disorganized as me..
    On the outside are 3 magnets(a smiley,a star and a bus which is a gift from my hubby's friend who is from Philippines )2 notices from my son's teacher(about some upcoming events in his class),1 family foto(4x6),2 wallet sized fotos of my son n a pocket sized calender..!!On top of the fridge is my music system..(I listen to music while cooking),2 boxes of cereal,and a book named 'Mother to Son'(a gift from one of my close friends).

    Eventhough its crowded outside..the inside of the fridge is organized..with very few items..:)

    Now you wudnt want to see a foto of my fridge I guess:)


  15. you beat me to it again! this was a glimmer of an idea in my head...

    i so do agree with the first para...it's happened so many times for me, i have a friend who has these adorable fridge magnets and they are fodder for interesting conversations...:)

    will do it soon...

  16. and the snap of your bro with atul is very interesting...that's an adorable weight he lifted :)

  17. I agree with you P akka..I have my fridge loaded with magnets and on the sides,I have newspaper clippings of my hubby[he's a professional cricket player] and it is something I enjoy doing-check this out-http://divyascookbook.blogspot.com/2008/08/crazy-collection-meme-and-magic-lamp.html

  18. Divya: wow--I didn't know your hubby played cricket professionally.Just checked out your pic.Awesome collection!

    Suma: Yeah! :)And waiting to see your fridge.

    Geetha: one pictures speaks a thousand words :) So i still wanna see a pic :)

    Prats from pune: heh heh :)

    Shachi:Will check out yours!

  19. We got three magnest on our fridge - building up a collection, and one of the magnets says 'Housework never killed anybody but why try?"

    Of the other two, one is a magent I had picked up sometime back at the grocery store and Arjun brought back one from Vienna as a souvenir

  20. Reflections: Hey! Even i picked up those magnets (man and woman) from kodaikanal!!Don't remember if its Corsock (don't remember the name either) --maybe it is.What a coincidence! Do post a pic of your fridge--would like to see it.

    Varun: You do jump to conclusions!!The wall next to the fridge has pictures of both my son and daughter.The photo frame which held these two snaps (which are on the fridge) fell down and broke recently--thats why bare photos are just stuck in there--till they find a home :) Else I never had anybody's photos on the fridge. I checked out your pic--was just wondering how does your mom keep that hanging thing clean--it must be an effort! :P (Practical moi)Nice snap--thanks for sharing!

    Prats:That lunch list is so useful i tell you--It does make my life easier.I'll scn it and mail it to you.In fact some of my friends wanted it and I did the same.Would love to see yours.

    Monika:Wow--a clean fridge?!U must be one of the few women who don't have anything on the fridge.Usually its men who have a clean fridge.

    Nikhil: Wait till you get married! :P :) :)

    Durga: :-) Went and saw your blog to see if there was a pic..still waiting :)

    xh:Oh yes!!I do remember the Ayyappa and Krishna magnets now!!They're still available in those shops around the temple in Guruvayoor and Chottanikara. My uncle too used to have it on their fridge. Yes--memories!!

  21. SMM: Your fridge magnet is absolutely right! "A clean house is a sign of wasted life!!" :P :)[But then one cannot live in a pig sty too!;)]

  22. wow! You're creative :P
    You created a tag out of a fridge:D
    But I agree...fridges are essential...they stock food :D
    Will do a full post on this :)

  23. ya left to me mine will be like urs too but its more my mil who doesnt like a fridge with too many things, before marriage my fridge used to be full of post-its's reminding me of just about everything that needs to be reminded

  24. i have magnets on my fridge from my travel around the world that depict either places visited or adventure activities. All types and all shapes. So i have stuff like the great canyon and rafting on the gorge...as well as other fun strips :)

    nice reading about yours


  25. it does give a homely feel rite...heheh since i stay with my parents now, the fridge here is defintely clean and all but does have a few magnets arranged all beautiflly by my mom.... and my lovely job is that i shoo away the kids who come hoem and play with it and make a mess of it ...heheh, i know, but i knda like wat my mom has done and dont want anyone playin with it...

  26. Sweet :)

    I love fridge magnets and everything that's not in it! :D
    You don't wanna know what's on my fridge but I'll give you a prelude;
    'I kiss better than I cook' ;)

    Cool post Preeti and I love the pic where your son is clinging to his uncle's legs :)

  27. You are always welcome! It was actually fun!

    Hahaha... I do jump into conclusions a lot of times but I wanted to see your reaction this time. :)

    My mom dusts that hanging thing every single day. I have to salute her patience.

  28. Thanks for the tag...I will have to fit a wide angle lens...lol!

  29. I like looking at things on people's refrigerators too! :) I don't have any magnets on mine... but there are several stickers... decoration done by my daughter... :)

  30. !! lunch is specified by the school?! :-O Now that is something new! ANd.. my fridge right now is totally empty and clean. Boring. Am going to fill it. Just another reason for my bro to call me crazy.

  31. Hmm... My fridge is Spotlessly Clean :), hers nuthin on it :P

  32. Preeti,

    Nice one. Fridge is one place where you can always leave reminders or notes for each other if you have different office timmings. Any decoration pieces, well if the children let it be.

    Take care

  33. I have seen so many types of Album and scarpbooks,first time seeing a SCALOFRI. Wondering!! what is it?? Answer at the end of my comment.

    This brings a funny incident. Couple of years back when one of the royals died here, the local newspaper released his poster.My daughter pasted that on our fridge.It was there for weeks and months. After sometime I asked my wife....is she mourning his death for so long.....or looking at his charming picture!! Then only she removed it. Few magnets are there on our fridge of course.

    SCALOFRI- SCrap book ALbum on FRIdge!!!Lol!!! Don't google it

  34. Aiyyo! Out of curiosity I googled it.There is one such a word in some language


  35. my fridge is clean....but my kitchen is in a mess...always

    coz i believe i neat kitchen is a sign that nothings happening.


  36. A very interesting idea.

  37. First time to your blog. Stumbled on it from another friend's blogroll. Loved your post. Might end up taking the tag from you :) Your book sounds interesting.

  38. What a lovely tag.. I used to have them magnets too from my trips.. but I left it behind in India.. now I have pictures and loads of fisher price alphabets :D

  39. a simple subject and a lovely post.

    can u share the menu for children's lunch box please.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Rm: Thanks! Left a comment on your post..Do mail me on ps@preetisatish.com and i'll send u a scan.

    Preethi:Wow! Nice!! When my kids were small i used to have magnetic alphabets too :) But not Fischer Price.

    Laksh:Thanks! If u do it I'll come and read :)


  42. Gazal: Very very right!! And messy and dirty are two completely different things :)

    Maddy:ROTFL :) And hey its time you start mingling with creative people :P

    Jack:True!Thanks for visiting.

    Shimmer: Why? :P

    Shruti: :-)Whatchya gonna fill it with?

  43. Wannabe writer: nice!! if u post a pic I'll surely come and see :)

    Niall:Waiting :)

    Varun: me too :)

    Still thinking: heh heh--Now I soooo wanna see your fridge :) My sis-in-law has a magnet on hers which shows a man saying "I'm here about the blow job" :P :)

    Enigma : :-) Yeah--magnets are not for playing with.

    Just call me A: Nice!! I love travel memorabilia too.

    Monika:Oh --ok.

    Meira:waiting :)

  44. Wow i do that too ..looking up to see whats on someones fridge...
    My fridge has these souvenir magnets and my daughter's canteen menu!!

  45. Ah just as I was wondering if you'd do tags - I tagged you - link

  46. Posted a pic of my fridge :) Check it out!

  47. my fridge even now looks like a new one[i dare not touch it-my mom;)]

  48. Hi, Interesting..
    we used to have a jughead,archie(faces) and casper,the friendly ghost on our fridge long before I even jnew who archie n jughead were!!
    when I went home this time,I found 2 of these magnets still there, gosh!they must have lasted thru all those changed fridges n sneaking hands pulling out cold water and choclates!!may ne around 20 years!!
    wow! this did bring a huge smile on my face!! :)

  49. umm.. I guess I should print out some photos I've taken.. wanna see? check out my facebook album :) I've uploaded pics from my Kerala trip there

  50. Nice post ps !!!!!

    u come up with variety of topics for ur bloglets!!!!! good brain storming!

    jus awesome! :)

  51. Hunter:Thank U!! :)

    Shruti:Will do!!

    Swathy:I'd love to have jughead and Archie on my fridge!!

    Broca;heh heh

    Shachi:Already did!Lovely collection.

    Cris: i ahve 4 tags pending already!!:P

    Chandan:A lot like mine!!

  52. well i live in a rented flat with a rented fridge.. The inside of the fridge stinks a lot due to the spilled booze and the outside has been battered and bruised with shots from some flatmate turned cricketers....:)

  53. my fridge (as i commented on suma's post too) has only a few magnets holding up various school notices and some of their homework! :P

  54. Hi Preeti,


    Have a great day...and another wonderful year :)


    - Prakhar

  55. Me me me me Preeti!! I want to play this tag. I LOVE my fridge magnets; cherish them.


  56. Happy Birthday Preeti!
    I hope you have an amazing day with loved ones! Wishing you the best for the year!

    -the other shru

  57. Lol! Interesting post...wudn't say I never thought of fridges that way but somehow considered 'em trivial...Mum used 2 adorn our fridge back home wid different kindsa emoticons but since i was already a yahoo messenger user,i was not all that fascinated wid de real ones...
    Gr8 blog,ma'am...A refreshing change from the ones that I usually read!
    Lookin fwd 2 more...

  58. Happy Birthday Preeti :)
    Have a good one.

  59. Hi Preethi,
    I finally found a chance to post a picture of my fridge. Have a peep into my blog to check it out:-)
    Have a great day!

  60. @Preethi - my mom likes it dat way :D

  61. hey..nice one... now i wonder why hav i left my fridge clean?

  62. :)

    time to do my tag! suma tagged me to do this! kinda fun!

    loved a sneak peek of yours!



  63. Took up this tag cos I found it interesting. My take on it is at http://lakshmusings.com

  64. http://amateurabe.blogspot.com/2009/01/cool-quotient.html

    here's my bit PS! :)

  65. On our fridge,there's a note in red crayon saying 'Mom..please wake me at 6 or I'll be late for gym -Love,Choti'
    My sis's in the States for 7 months,but the note is still there.And my Mom refuses to take it away :)

  66. http://grevathi.blogsome.com/2009/05/03/collection-pretend-tag/

  67. i never actually had anything on my fridge...wud hv a lot of stuff on top of it though :D


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