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What an overwhelming day I have had. Never in my life, have I got so many phone calls, so many wishes and so much of positive vibes on one single day. Today I think I got more phone calls and emails than on the day my children were born :-) Oh—and the text messages too. I think I have managed to reply to each single one. A big heartfelt thanks to all of you who made an effort to call and also to those who wished me by texts, emails &scraps.

What totally took me by surprise was the sheer volume of well wishers. The phone was continuously ringing throughout the day. One call would end and another would come in. I am sure the wishes were genuine and heartfelt—but this birthday was so different from my birthday last year, where it went unnoticed. Only my family members and really close friends called. Then again, last year I really did not know so many people. My book I think has really touched more hearts than I imagined or envisaged.

Satish and the kids gave me some really wonderful gifts. The children made such lovely cards for me—they were making it the whole of previous day. (But more than that I do think the best present of all is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in one another) We also drove to this really picturesque place about 45 kilometers from Pune. It was a Balaji temple that I had always wanted to visit. On the way we stopped off on the highway for an authentic delicious Maharashtrian meal. I love long drives (picture clicked by me from inside the car on the way today) and really enjoy the rural landscape, green fields, trees, Ghats, flowers on the way, the birds—everything delights me. It was 6:30 p.m by the time we got back.

The previous evening the doorbell rang and I got a lovely surprise when the delivery guy gave me a bunch of 12 red roses. Just as I was beginning to smile he gives me a black forest chocolate cake, and as the smile turned into a grin, out comes a pink little teddy bear. I don’t know what it is about Teddy bears and flowers that completely sweep away most women, no matter what their age. A big thank you to Mayank MittalThat was really so darn thoughtful and sweet of you. It’s the nicest thing someone has done for me on my birthday in ages (apart from of course Satish). I think I must have mentioned this to almost every person who called today. And as though sending all that wasn’t enough, he called too at 12:00 a.m sharp to wish me.(He was the first person to call) The roses are still looking lovely. Chocolate cake was demolished at 12:00 a.m sharp :-) [Have linked his FB profile since he doesn't blog]

Mathew of Wetspark also had a surprise for me. He couriered me some absolutely divine chocolate and also sent some stickers for the kids. Thanks a lot Mathew. The kids loved the chocolate.(To be honest all of us did!)

It’s strange everything comes a full circle. When I started blogging it was because of a sense of shock and deep grief. Deep grief as I lost someone who meant the world to me—shock because some people whom I considered my close friends turned away when I needed them. Click here if you want to read it. This was written two years back when I just started blogging.

No wonder that little voice in my head keeps whispering “Success has many friends. Failure is an orphan.”

Funny how I don't feel my age yet how much I have grown up.


  1. Heyy! m the 1st to comment hre ;)
    bt may be one of the last ppl to wish u.. :)

    Happy Birthday!! Dear/Fellow blogger :)

  2. I am only 2 hrs late :)
    Happy Birthday Preeti .. wish you all the best in your life..

  3. Hey Preeti,
    Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoyed your Big day, take it from me, you dont look over 30, so i guess you just keep getting young as years go by......

  4. Happie Buhday Preeti :) I love it too when I'm treated special by loved ones on my birthday and I am so happie that you had such a memorable birthday this year.


  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful day..full of chocolate cake and chocolates....and the love and best wishes of family and friends.Here's to many more...:-)

  6. I did remember it was your birthday and no-one had to remind me, so happy birthday!
    Wow, what an amazing turn out of events, glad you had a fabulous day!

  7. Happy Birthday Di..!!
    May you have many more happy ones to come!!
    Just realised,
    u must have had a whole "festive season" bday all your life, isint it.. cause christmas n new year r just there soon after!!
    :D :D

  8. Dear Preeti

    Wishes to you on this wonderful, joyous day (and ofcourse to your dear mom) :).

    Sending you tons of snow all the way from the Northwest,

  9. Hey Preeti!

    Happy Bday!!! I can see you had a wonderful one! Wishing you all of life's happiness and joy!! :)


  10. see, i told you it would slip my mind on the day itself...on a holiday i tend to forget the dates too... :( (*twhacking her head)

    glad you had a great birthday...wishing you happiness always, preeti and many more :)

  11. That was one lovely celebration...and i'm so happy for you :)

  12. Hey, belated Happy Birthday!!!! Well, I have been a regular reader of your blog for more than 8 months. Yes!!! I have always preferred to remain anonymous for reasons I wish I knew :).....

    I truly enjoy the way you write, fresh, and very optimistic. And I hope you continue writing the way you do!!!! God Bless you and have an enriched and memorable year ahead!!!!!

    Naiesha Kaunds.

    P.s. Was ur birthday on the 21st?? Coz my sister celebrated her b'day on the 21st of Dec....

  13. Belated B'day wishes Preethi!!!!!!!!

    WIshing U many, many more lovely B'days like this. May God Bless U!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Happy Birthday..Wishing you many more happy returns of the day...

  15. Hey Belated Happy Birthday Preethi...was out of town. Had gone to Corbett for the weekend. Will put up the posts soon.

  16. Belated birthday wishes girl! May you have many more such happy and lovely moments with your loved ones!

  17. Belated Happpy Birthday:)...i know im realllllly late in doing so..but then i have just not been online for a long long time..
    so missed out on ur bday:(
    btw...u have been given an award...:)..
    u can check my blog for that:D

    have a great day!!!

  18. Belated Happy Birthday :-)

    It seems that you had a very good time. Wish you many more returns of the day.

    Cheers :-)

  19. Hey dear... Belated happy birthday!!!
    I can imagine how wonderful your bday was... I m really crazy about all my frenz calling me on bday... those who dont.. by late evening I would start giving them the calls to wish me.. :))

  20. Happy Birthday again Preeti :)
    The post sounds sooo happy :D

    My courier is back w/ me (details later) and I don't have your phone number :(

    Here's to many many many more b'days :)

  21. Hapy to knw tht u hd a great day....
    I knw how much it means to spend a great day wid family n loved ones....

    Happy for u Preeti...

    God Bless All.....

  22. the painting in the linked post is beautiful so is the (reason, season/lifetime) piece...

  23. Looks like you had a wonderful day! I was thinking of calling you at 12.00 but I wasn't so sure that you would be awake. But now that I know you can expect my call at 12.00 next year :)

    BTW, You have been awarded :)

  24. Good to know that you had a wonderful day.. You truly deserves it :)

  25. Hey Preeti,

    Belated B'day wishes to you!!
    Wish you a great year ahead :)

    Wow! the cake looks Yummy!! great to know you had a fab day :) with lots of gifts and wishes. The happiness that you spread comes back to you, You deserve every bit of it.

    Have fun :) stay happy!


  26. That cake looks yum! I need to have a good choc truffle cake now :D

    Belated Happy Birthday PS:)

  27. Hi PS !

    Belated Hapy Birthday ;-)
    Happy days a Head !!


  28. Belated Happy Birthday...

  29. :) belated happy b'day.. nice to know that you had a wonderful b'day...

  30. Belated Happy Birthday Preeti !

  31. Belated Happy Birthday Preeti

    Hope you had a great time and as far as the loss of a loved one goes, God has his way of letting you come out of some wrong perceptions and also let you regain life.

  32. Hiya Preeti,

    belated birthday wishes to you - glad to hear you had a good day.


  33. Did I miss the birthday cake??!!oh!!! let me wish you first

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you PS
    Happy birthday to you!!

    Wishing you loads and loads surprises in the coming year too!!

    Though I am late,where my share of cake!!

  34. Wish U a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY..
    GOD BLESS U n UR Family with GOOD HEALTH n HAPPINESS always...


  35. Preeti,

    Belated Many Many Happy Returns of the day.

    You are right. In fair weather you have many flocking close but as soon as you really need them they just do not know you.

    Take care

  36. am hardly online these days...wishing you a really beautiful birthday and wonderful times ahead!!:-)

  37. Belated Happy Birthday Preeti...You definitely had a fantabulous day :)

    Am still waiting for you to land up @ Mumbai for your book launch :)

  38. Hey Preeti, great to hear that you enjoyed your b'day so much :)
    I was wondering how an authentic Maharashtrian meal would be... based on the little that I know of Indian cuisine, it must be very tasty!
    BTW, black forest cakes are also *very* appreciated here in Brazil. :)

  39. Belated wishes ps:)...enjoy!!!

  40. [read my post on blog anniversary and be a part of it:)]

  41. i just finished reading your book right now and i've posted a short piece on it on my blog. i would appreciate your comments. by the wat its a wonderful book you have written.

  42. Belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like a very fun day :)

  43. hi, happy birthday

  44. Very kind and thoughtful of you to have mentioned everyone who wished you on your special day.Smile and succeed and the world smiles with's pretty ironic, but incidents like these just sift the chaff from the grain. So you know truly who you can bank upon. Wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year. One that is even better than the one slipping by :-)

  45. Hi Preethi,
    Belated birthday wishes. Its always a great feeling when so many people wish you on your birthday, and hope all your days ahead would be filled with such joy and wishes. May God bless you!

    Keep Blogging and do keep writing!!

  46. Hi Preethi,

    First of all Belated Happy Birthday.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my post. It was really an inspirational comment. It helped me a lot in everything.. Thanks a lot Preethi.

  47. Oh no, I missed it! Happy belated birthday!

    I hope you have a great year!

  48. A big thanks to all who have wished me here.Docnash--yes my b'day was on 21st.
    I am going on a much needed vacation today.
    See you all when i get back.
    Wishing you all a very merry Chistmas n a Happy new year"

  49. Oh ye cuspian Sagi..
    belated Happy Bday...
    Merry Xmas n a Happy New Year !!!

  50. Hi,

    Wish u merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2009 ;) Advanced wishes ;)

    Insurance Agent

  51. merry xmas and ya happy new year too... :)

  52. Belated Happy Birthday preeti ... would love to meet you since you are in Pune ... Merry christmas!!

  53. An awesome day to have on the ur birthday.. Belated Happy Bday!! And seasons greetings to you an family!!

  54. Hi Preeti..You have a very nice blog here.. Good to know that you had a nice birthday..I too have had my own set of so called friend's :D.. Will keep coming often

  55. Life ain't treating me too well these days;so where do I turn to for respite?Your blog-where things are always sunny ..Thanks for the sunshine and cheer you give to the world through your blogposts!May you find all happiness in life ..

  56. Belated Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.

  57. B'lated Happy B'day PS! God Bless!

    Sorry abt the late wishes....i was out on vaccation.
    Glad that u had a lovely time on YOUR Day! Wat more can one ask for...once therz love n warmth..rite?

  58. Belated birthday wishes and a very Happy New Year :-)

  59. hey! ur birthday did NOT go unnoticed last year!
    Anyway, hope u'r having a great vacation :)
    Happy new year to all of u :)

  60. hey, wishing you a very happy new year. May all your heart desires come true.


  61. Preethi,
    !!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Happy new year, and a belated happy birthday too i guess!
    Having such wonderful friends and family is a blessed feeling.

  63. happy belated birthday and a happy new year to you and your family.

    Sorry for not being able to comment earlier, something to do with underwater cables here, the net has been a pain...

  64. A big thank you to all who wished me after my reply to th comments. And shru--Yes i know :)I did say 'except for a few' :)

  65. hey.. wishing you gus a very very happy new year.. ive been readin your blogs (so as to kill time n to satisfy my need for news bout india)- and every time i read a post of your, i intend to leave a reply, but im alwiz compelled to read th next post first..heh heh heh.. ~gez this is my new yr reso~..
    kip writing and kip us all happy =)

  66. Greetings Ps, on the New Day and B'day- belated b'day wishes :), it is nice to be reading your tales again...I came here after a long long time from Laksh's blog on "What's on your fridge?"...A couple of days ago I had noticed from Suma's page that you have a book out, congrats, that's so wonderful. I meant to come by then, but managed to make it only now...nice to catch up on your news after a long time. Strangely another coincidence which I didnt connect till now, until your expanded name sat on Laksh's link, Preeti Shennoy? Pramodh's cousin? A long time ago he had mentioned that his cousin blogs- ...didnt connect the dots until now and I am pretty sure you are the same person...I met up with him and family over thansgiving holidays when they visited the East coast for a break..oh well this is turning almost into a mail, my personal blog link is
    , since the public one is rare and few,hope to make it better this year....

  67. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Hi there, loved your book. Finished it in 2 hrs straight. Couldnt put it down :)


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