15 things I learnt from my kittens

15. Even if you don’t like somebody you can continue to enjoy watching their antics and even learn a few things from them.

14. It's perfectly possible for a 36 year old to lie flat at a 180 degree angle on a cold, hard marble floor on a chilly winter morning for 3 and half minutes (the time it took to shoot this video)

13. It is also possible to not let out a single whimper even though a full grown adult male has stepped on you inadvertently as he did not expect you to be on the floor.

12. The best things are found in places where you least expect them to be.;-)

11. It is possible to hear 'You’re the greatest' and ‘You’re absolutely crazy’ from a child and an adult respectively and believe both completely.

10. It is great fun to beat your sibling in grabbing that little thing which you didn’t want in the first place but fought for it just because your sibling wanted it.(Just look at those kittens)

9. Family is family even if you fight.

8. Age does not matter what really matters is your attitude.

7. It is really possible to ignore a ringing phone and the tea that you kept on the stove overflowing after it has boiled, because you are so engrossed in capturing kittens in a video.

6. It is also possible to smile and clean up the mess, after you are done, because you’re so pleased with the results.

5. It is possible to mix music from a TV show which your child is watching into a video of kittens playing by sheer chance, and discover that they actually go well together!

4.It is possible to shoot an entire video by sticking a camera lens through a gap in a garden door grill which has iron bars just an inch apart, and yet get good results, without startling the kittens or the other people in your house.(They are used to my crazy ways by now)

3. If you want something worthwhile be prepared to bear a lot of discomfort.

2. If you lie on the floor you’ll get walked over.

1. What really matters is what you think—not what others say or think.
I don’t know about you—but I think this is great! ;-)
[Go ahead—make my day—say you loved my post, video and philosophy too:-)]

  • I am more a dog person than a cat person—but yeah, I find kittens cute.
  • I have a Garden cat and I like her—but that’s only because she’s actually a dog stuck in a cat’s body :-)
  • No kittens were injured in the making of this video.
  • No humans were injured too, although one had frozen elbows and aching muscles at the end of it.


  1. the music actually goes very well with the video..and yeah, the video is cute and made me laugh :)

  2. lol.. itz fun watching them play with each other and with the piece of cloth...

    and yeah, good 15 points.. and the last one is so true.. what matters is what you think... :)

  3. Anoop: :-) THANK U :-)As usual you're the first to comment--I just put it up and u write--feels good :)

  4. ha..ha...
    i was just thinking how well the music goes with this and wondering whether the kids were watching a show, and then I read point 5...:)

    i don't like cats but find kittens cute...wait, you said that too didn't you? ...:)

    and yes, it was fun to watch the kittens fight and was great fun waching the video which incidentally was great too...

  5. I luuurvved your philosophy and those kittens were so huggable..
    I dislike cats too...they have too much of an attitude...
    The video is so cute...impromptu, which makes it fun and your kids are great for watching that show...see how well destiny conspires to give you a great output ;)
    Loved this..made me smile and also coo around....thank you
    Hope you have a great kitty day too...

  6. No 16. Good things come in small packages :)

    I loved the video ;)

    Frankly speaking, loved your learnings more... :)

    Read this quote somewhere; "The best way to learn and succeed is to know that we know nothing..."
    You always manage to learn something from everything!

  7. Hey ...! I wd say ur post ws gd thn d Video.... :-)

    Jus kiddn ... d post, video n d bckgrnd score(?) al complimentd each odr....

    Doin unusual things make a day quite intrstin... u proved tht....

    Hv a nice day PS :-)

  8. Good effort Ps.
    Kittens floored you.


  9. Nikhil: So true!!! Good one! :-)

    Tejo: thanks!! U too! :)

    Varun: to 16. i say "Nopes--not always" ;-)And thanks.

    Prats:they were wtachign Mr.Bean--music must be sounding familiar right?:)

    Suma:Yeah--Mr.Bean :)and yes--we always say the same things! We must meet :)

  10. hahahaha...gud one...Kittens are definitely cute :D...well your effort has really paid off..an interesting video...some really kool philosophical points " If you lie on the floor you’ll get walked over."
    ...nd in the end another nice post for us to read!...so keep shooting :D...how many kittens are there??

  11. Liked the Post and Philosophy :)
    Can't see the video from office. Will watch it once I reach home.. But now itself I'm sure I can say ditto for that too ;)

  12. ...and the Acadamy Award for best cat centered cinematography goes to....

    With our kittens arrival in June, I found also one valluable truth...I too found myself lying prone twiddling little bits of wool,crinkly paper...table tennis balls...watching them tirelessly stalk each other charging, fighting, rolling over each other...and you know, when i eventually stood up, I found i'd been 'down with the kittens' for about 30 mins and i felt totally relaxed and happy.

  13. Oh I can't watch the video in office...but I sure like your learnings. As for the cold body, I'm sure Satish's warm hands will help :P

  14. More to that its your patience to learn new things even from a kitten...
    Good viedo,gr8 posting!

  15. Sri: thanks :)

    SMM: What cold body? This was shot weeks ago :P and by the way--that's what he says too :-)

    Niall: Do I get to make a speech?:P If so i wish to thank Niall young who has been a friend,philosopher and guide and who has stood by me through difficult times, and still stands by me even when I ramble on about kittens :)

    Dhanya: :-) Forwarded your other comment to Nikhil;-)

    Prakhar:There are three :) Thks.

  16. Adorable kittens!
    We sometimes get used to our partners' habits/likes-dislikes. I'm a dog lover,while TS is a cat freak! I'm starting to like kittens in the process:D
    And your philosophy is impeccable :)

  17. oh thats lovely the video as well as the 15 points :) made my day too

  18. That is just amazing! I love kittens too :)

  19. Cute video.
    Cool philosophy.

    What could those best things be, I'm still wondering, care to elucidate? :)

  20. i love cats.

    infact my son and me have an imaginary world of cats and kittens.its a crazy concept...!!!

    the music is brilliantly syn.
    You sure have a lot of feline company,out there.

  21. Sooooooooo CUTE i say! They seem to be li'l brats ;)

    n yes yes yes..lovely post,great philosophy and CUTEEEvideo...

    ...so how are the elbows doin now?:)

  22. nice video... the music was gud.. But the best part that i liked about this video would be the person holding the camera.Great cinematography..felt like watching some show on discovery channel..:)

  23. This is a wonderful video. Really cute.

    Cheers :-)

  24. One more lesson PS,

    * Its possible to make hundreds of readers happy and smile through your act of craziness(greatness).

    I want to thank you for that:)
    Hope your elbows and muscles are back to normal now..!!


  25. Preeti,

    Visiting after some gap. Good one. It is so engrossing to see their antics. I liked one about friends.

    Take care

  26. Jack:Thanks--sorry i haven't been able to visit you.

    Geetha:Yes yes--this video was shot a few weeks back--only now i got time to upload :P

    Karthik:Thanks! :)

    Sushobhan: :-) Thanks

  27. Pavi: All good--this was shot weeks back.Uploaded only now :P Thanks!

    Gazal:You're welcome to take all three!!I have to keep my patio door closed all the time, else they come inside the house.

    Still thinking: err--ahem--it depends on what you're looking for! :P

    Aathira;Kittens are really cute..Some cats are too.

    Monika: :-)Glad it did.

    Meira: :-) Satish hates pets (the only exception i think is horses):)I love them--I like every little living thing right from grasshoppers to elephants :)TS might like this video :)

  28. man, its amazing what one can do with a piece of cloth and a broom nowadays...of course you will have to be a kitten also.

    the video was nice ...the music seems to have been made for it... :)

    personally iam not much into cats...mine were kitten once...whn they grow up they just become inert hairballs that just eat and sleep...damn, sounds like me.

  29. Oh Ps! you always manage to find a way to make my day! This was just brilliant.
    And am gonna go ahead and make yours! - I absolutely loved the video, the post and the philosophy too!
    I am so glad you blog and so glad I found this blog! :)

    Keep smiling and spreading all this cheer around :)

    and hope your muscles are back to normal!
    -the other shru

    btw I also only find kittens cute!

  30. I think that man can manage to oust me from my high seat anytime...if it weren't for the cute video...i'd have stuffed my ears for fear of looking at his face again... :))

  31. Those are smart kitty cats to teach so much wonderful stuff.

  32. I love cats and kittens. Love the post, the video and your philospohy even more! Great going!

  33. the music and the video are nice..

    life lessons frm a cat...good one!!

  34. haha the video was adorable and the music in the backdrop just added to the effect :D
    i loved the lessons learnt too...cute post!

  35. >>The best things are found in places where you least expect them to be.

    Ironically true.. Nice post!!!

  36. Awesome video! :-)

    The TV show is Mr. Bean, the animated series, no? :P

    Sometimes random things we do end up being superb! :D

  37. The best things are found in places where you least expect them to be.;-)

    Yes ..this is so true
    btw-- I hate CATS

  38. vivek : Heh heh--U got that didn't you?Smart! :) I don't like cats too--some are positively evil--i get all kinds of violent thoughts--but don't voice them aloud.My Garden cat is an exception.

    Hari: yes it is! :)

    Siddharth: :-) Thanks! :)Here I was referring to myself of course --heh heh.

    Pri:Thaaaank U :)

  39. Multi: yes--i read your new post but didnt know what to say! So didn't leave a comment.

    Shail/Cool Cancerian: Thanks!! :)

    Nessa: :-)

    Prats:For one horrifying moment I thought you were referring to Satish! :) Then the penny dropped.LOL and I can't stop laughing now. :)

    Other shru: Thanks :)

    Tys: Hairball? Priyanka Chopra would you find you sexy ;-)

  40. Ahi ahi ahi (laughing the kitten way)

  41. The best part of this article was the second last disclaimer (LOL!!)Nice observation, objectivity and insight. Commendable. The background music was made for this video :-)

  42. Yes, I am amazed at how the music goes well with the image. I was going to ask you about the soundtrack actually.
    I love watching animals play or simply 'be'. They're so entertaining and yes sometimes cute..:)

  43. Hi
    For me what you wrote was better than the video. I like cats,I had one who used to come regularly to my house when I was little. I used to give her milk and caress her.You made those memories so vivid.

  44. hashahahaha, i just cant stop laughing after reading ur post...Awwwww the kittens r soooo cute....even i love watching lill kittens and puppies play and all...heheh so did poor satish fally down after not seeing u on the floor....heheh ur kids must hav loved this soo much...so are the kittens allowed to come into the hse??

  45. Enigma: Who said anything about falling?!! he just stepped on me thats all :)Nopes kittens aren't permitted into the house.They're garden cats or patio cats :P

    Jaanvi: happy to refresh your memories.

    DM: oh cute--definitely!

    Stillness speaks: U've seen the kittens :)

    Cris: meaow ahi meaow (joining in laughter kitten way ) :)

  46. U must be really strong to be not injured after being walked over by an adult male :P :P
    Hey how can u like kittens but not cats? What if its the same kittens who live with us and grow to be cats? :->

  47. Shruti: read carefully--I said a full grown adult male inadvertently stepped over, not walked over.He would never ever walk over me :P :)And I said I find kittens cute--but that does not mean i like them! :) I find babies cute too ;-) :-)

  48. we have a kitten at home and i can so relate to this :-)

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