Friendship and laughter


Humour is the best way to deal with stress, sorrow, depression and difficult times like these. There are many scientific studies which have proven a co-relation between good health and a sense of humour. Humour is a quality that enables us to find joy even in the most adverse of situations. Roberto Benigni’s movie ‘Life is beautiful’ potrays it so well, where it depicts the life of a Jewish man and his young son in a Nazi Death camp. (If you haven’t watched it yet, you are really missing something in life—stop reading and go watch! Click on title to know more)

How do you find humour? Some people are born with it. Some cultivate it till it becomes a habit and some cannot laugh no matter how much they try. (I do know individuals like that. I usually avoid them)

If you aren’t a great TV Buff and find shows like ‘Great Indian laughter challenge’ (I hate it!) particularly unamusing—what do you do?

You seek out people who are radiators—That’s what you do. [If you have read my book, then you know what I am talking about, if not I recommend that you go to the nearest book store :-)] . This post is a tribute to one such radiator, a person with a terrific sense of humour—Nikhil.

Six months back I did not even know he existed. Neither did he.[That I existed I mean ;-)] Now I find myself calling him up whenever I feel I need my humour dose. We met through my blog (where else!?) and soon we were chatting on g-talk. The first time I spoke to him I could almost feel him bouncing right out of the computer screen—there was so much energy, so much restlessness—so much of a go-getting attitude—he was so High Octane. I was kind of surprised and then I asked him directly if he was indeed like that. He admitted he was. I met him at my book launch (yes, that is me and him in the pic--I'm signing his book) and I half expected to see a guy bouncing up and down, jumping around like he had flubber boots in a basket ball match. I was a little surprised to see a calm (well—kind of!) guy with a pleasant smile and a sunny disposition. Fortunately for me I did not see him in the audience while I was giving my talk, else I am certain I would have been distracted.

What I really like about him is that I can be brutally honest with him, and he really does not hold it against me. He had left a comment on my blog (with his typical sense of humour and at that time I did not know him well) and I deleted it—then I pinged him, mailed him and explained why and I demanded that he should leave a comment that I like! (Yeah—I can be obnoxious, I know) He smiled and obliged. I decided right then that I like the guy.

He teases me mercilessly and I tease him right back. (Not that kind of teasing, silly—just verbal repartees) Yesterday I spoke to him on the phone and he asked me what else I was working on apart from my second book. So I told him that I had just submitted an article on Sports accessories for Times of India.

“Wow.” he says and just as I am beginning to feel very great and important he adds

“Do you know anything at all about sports accessories or are you just writing? Is it even your area of interest?”

“Have you forgotten?” I ask him “I used to play basketball at national level.” (Yes—I used to in college and at school)

“Ende amme” he says “Don’t start off. Yes I remember.” (If you understand Mallu, then you know why it’s funny—somehow ‘ende amme’ does not have an equivalent English translation.)

Then he talks about TV and gives me gyaan about TV personalities. I don’t watch Television. The only two channels I watch are music channels—VH1 and 9XM—and Nikhil has not heard of 9XM—but he gives me a long winded explanation of why the channel is called 9X. (yeah—he is like that.The guy knows a lot)

Then he asks me if I have seen NDTV’s Srinivasan Jain (I hadn’t). Nikhil could not believe it.

He says “Which Era are you from? Did TV exist when you were born? Oh—Are you that old?” Then he tries to convince me about how great Srinivasan Jain is and he says I’ll find him charming and a day will come when I will definitely fall for him.

“No way” I retort “ While your Srinivasan may speak well I fall only for men with well toned bodies. Apart from George Clooney who is an exception, I like Saif, Sallu, Shiny Ahuja and relatively unknown Punju guy who I am sure you have not even heard of.”

“Please become a fan of Srinivasan. He may not have 6 packs—but so what. He is intelligent.” says Nikhil.It looks like he has made it his life's mission for me to fall in love with Srinivasan.
“You are bi-sexual!” I tell him “You have the hots for him, right?” then I tease him mercilessly about how he would enjoy a threesome with Barkha Dutt (he hates her) and Srinivasan Jain.

We mostly talk non-sense like this. Usually after a talk with him, I’m in a great mood.

Sometime back he did something for me which really floored me. If you want to know what go here.(I am thrilled with it of course and that's putting it mildly)

He is such an unassuming and down to earth guy with no airs or attitude and he hides his achievements so well with his sense of comic timing. Look at this post he wrote. (It's one of my favourites)
He has also won so many prestigious National level quizzes and he knows such a lot.

I should have known.

I always had a thing for quizzers.


  1. Ha ha ha Maam Nikhil is truly infectious... I can vouch for that...
    I caught this disease called Nikhil 3.5 years back and I ended up being friends with him for life...

    I can see the epidemic is spreading a bit fast

  2. An interesting piece of info on Srinivas Jain. I am sure Nikhil would know about it.

    You normally don't find a Jain named Srinivas but since his dad had a best friend named Srinivas he named his son so.

    The movie Life is Beautiful is indeed beautiful and laughter and humour are things that can get two people close very quickly.

  3. i can double vouch for nikhil - it didnt even take days for us to gel well.

    that "ente amme" is enough to crack any one up.. and yeah, there is no substitute fir that in english :)

    i am glad that I met him @ the book launch, and yeah - he is one 'kidu team' :)

  4. It's only beginning to dawn now how BIG a pain Hindi can be :-)It's a given with subjects you hate.They keep coming back to you, until you swear to them that you know them well enough to get rid of them. Such was the case with me and permutations, combinations and probability. Still despise them from the bottom of my lungs!

  5. Anoop: heh heh--True 'Ente amme' just cannot be translated--and he sent me that video of srinivasan and mamu koya(Nyan ee polytechicil onnum padichitilla lo) and I laughed and laughed.

    Varun: :-) If u have any such info about Saif,Sallu or Clooney I 'm all ears.Srinivas Jain just does not work for me :P

    Prats: He is a riot :)

  6. Did you know that for a lot of people, humour is more like a mask? It's a kind of defence mechanism that manifests itself when one is feeling let down by something/someone. Has happened with me a lot of times, hence the realization :)

    And isn't it Srinivasan Jain? I remember it because I've never seen a Jain name with such a pronounced South Indian flavour to it! :)

    And yes, I saw your book yesterday at Crossword Chennai. I'm making a mental note to get it upon my next visit!

  7. Hari: Yes--corrected it.Thanks for pointing it out..U saw my book and did not buy!!! How could you?!Its available all over kerala too.

    Stillness speaks:Tell me about it! sigh!!

  8. :)
    Thats a nice post.Thats it for now...going to Nikhil's blog ;)

  9. hi ps from your post where all i have travelled..thanks now to nikhil :-)

  10. I've been to visit Nikhil's post...I shall read more.

    I'm glad I have a copy of 'Life Is Beautiful' is truly a special movie and I urge anyone who hasn't seen it yet to do so!

  11. Niall: I don't think that particular post of Nikhil will make sense to you as most of it is about Hindi. few of his other posts (esp one where he wrote about Cricket, you might enjoy) I agree with you about 'Life is Beautiful" It's a must have.

    Rm: Where all?:P :)

    Meira: :-)Thanks

  12. reminds me of my bro...he is like that!!..:D

  13. I happen to know him personally too and vouch for almost everything you have written ... I must ask him about his hots for Sreenivasan jain though ;)

  14. it's true, those who can make you laugh are the ones who truly touch your heart. we must always have them around.

    take care!;)

  15. Iriz:You could not be more right!!

    Deepti: Oh yeah--and the threesome with Barkha which would be his ultimate fantasy LOL :-)

    Broca:Your bro must be great guy :)

  16. ya life is beautiful is indeed a great movie.anyway read the post of nikhil.It was really hillarious.Hindi must be a dreaded enemy for the south indian guys.

  17. That was such a truly beautiful thing you've said about him...and yes, its so true. 100 percent...I should know that too...
    He made my tech retardedness a big laugh riot too...he can be maddeningly mad... :|
    And now I should catch hold of this Srinivasan guy...wonder what he does?

  18. Prats: I am 100% sure Saif and Sallu are better :) Mihkil just has the hots for srinivasan. heh heh. (He's going to kill me for this comment):-)

    Sushobhan: Try speaking two words of Mallu.Then you'll really know :)

  19. I met nikhil ar your book launch..
    and tht bubbly character who was ready to burst out any minute was on full view there:D..
    never knew he was so brilliant as to sweep all those quiz awards:D

  20. Hi PS (n Nikhil),
    Its a God-given gift to have a friend who thinks in the same wavelength as you do..and you are lucky in that aspect.Touchwood:)

    Although I used to enjoy all the soaps n films in Hindi,during exams I used to struggle with the ka's ki's n everything in between.(even tho Hindi ek lalit bhasha hein..!!)


  21. Praveen: yeah--he's deceptively humble for a National level quiz champ.

    Geetha: Aiyo!! Hindi lalit bhashayo?!! :-O But--I really enjoy someHindi movies too :-)

  22. Yeah..wasnt there a question where we were asked to write a paragraph abt Hindi?It goes something like this

    Hindi hamari rashtr bhasha hein.hindi ek lalit bhasha hein etc etc..

    So see?its supposed to be lalit..hehe!!

  23. First things first.. u excel at paying tributes! Anyone u've written a tribute darn lucky:)

    n wooooooow!ur on wiki!really thats such a wonderful thoughtful gift!

    n yes people with humor have sumthing abt them..which makes u Thank the God for meeting them!

    i do like srinivasan Jain!One hec of a charming guy he is no!

    Am goin to hop over to Nikhil's blog now :)

  24. Lovely tribute :) I love the quote at the beginning of your blog ;)

    I did read Nikhil's Hindi post and was LMAO!!!! again made my day :)

  25. Anonymous3:05 AM

    Lived Nikhil's post... I'm frm KV too so could relate to it so well.

    I have made some good friends thru blogs.

  26. what a delightful post...

    he's a contributor on desi pundit too, rite? i liked the hindi post too...

    and he put you on wiki...that's a lovely gesture...

    and a quiz champ!..:)

  27. :D

    just yesterday i ended up or rather started reading his blog and totally loved it! :)

    and am sure he is thrilled by your gesture just the way you are with his!! :D

    heres to many such friendships!



  28. Lol! I'm totally impressed by the definition of laughter :)

    'Life is beautiful' is one of my most favourite movies and I've seen it many times, at the same time it made me cry too, they were good tears though. And I love Srinivasan Jain, he's really one helluva guy, not the Saif, Sallu types but hot nonetheless.

    Preeti, long live your friendship with Nikhil, he too is one helluva guy. I absolutely loved that he wiki'ed you :D

  29. Its interesting indeed, how we end of making friends though blogs. :)

  30. Visit my blog
    Visit my blog
    *jumping , unable to hold the suspense any more :D*

  31. I love your opening.

  32. Hi there,
    nice post!!
    and I was laughing over the "the cronicles" of Hindi haha..:D
    Thanks for letting us know about Nikhil s blog!!
    read loads of interesting posts..
    great going di!!
    BTW, did u recive my e-mail around a month ago?
    I wasent sure, hence asking..

  33. I love Srinivasan! I even wrote him a mail. He didnt reply ofcourse, but I m planning to meet him soon. I have friends in NDTV lol

  34. Adi crazy: U too!! :-) Will tell nikhil :) BTW I had sent him a link to your Barkha dutt on bloggers post and he whole heartedly agreed with what u had to say. :)

    Swathy: Don't remember! If i did not reply probably i missed it,as i usually reply.

    Nessa: me too :)

    Meira: i did (as you already know)--a big thank you!!

  35. Writing for Crows: very true!

    Still thinking: I think you must be one of the few who read everything in the links in my post! Thanks!!

    Mama-Mia:Yeah--the Hindi one was too good! thanks!

    Suma: Yes he is. And thank you!

  36. Binerry: Oh--u too from KV?Then you will relate!

    Shachi: Glad it did--that 'Dhanyavad' at the end of his post cracked me up completely!

    Pavi: You too prefer Srinivasan jain over my beloved Sallu!!Traitor! :D
    And hey--thanks for the lovely things U've said :)

    Geetha: "Hindi ek aisi bhasha hai jiska avishkar dakshin Bharatiyon ko satane aur kasht pahoonchane ke liye kiya gaya hai" would be more apt :D :D I think my Hindi teacher would be proud of me :D LOL>

  37. You're welcome!

    So when do I get my ode? :) I'm number ... ?


  38. Cute post.. Srinivas Jain.. ya he is a cute fellow :).. :)

  39. hehe i dont think anything can give the right meaning and impact of the phrase "ente amme"

    some people r really so humerous and its so good to b in their company, talk with them etc...they just boost ur mood up so much and give u an aura of energy :)

  40. LOL..Hats off to your knowledge in Hindi and to your sense of humour.

    P.S you dont have to reply for this comment!!

  41. Ende Ammae instantly brings Innacent to mind:-D.
    Went to Nikhil's Blog & he's been blogging since

    What a wonderful gesture from Nikhil.

    Good friendship is one of the imp relationships which make our lives worthwhile.

    p.s: will try to watch "Life is Beautiful";-P

  42. Hey your wikipedia is a great stuff..He has realy impressed you.Nikhil is realy good

  43. I am just srinivasan,not srinivasan jain, he has very good style of news coverage, use to see his program when i was in india, missing all that in malaysia now.well where can I buy you book anyway??!! Is it avaiable as Ebook?

  44. yes

    nikhil is all this and much more...

    and now i hold him in new reverence

  45. Thanks for dropping and your comment.

    Wishing you and Nikil a happy and long lasting friendship.

    Srinivasan Jain!! of course, he is handsome,no doubt!!

  46. wow...this is awesome. you are one lucky lady to have such a sweet friend.


  47. hello,
    glad to know that you have published your own book,i was offline for quite a while now ....anyways congrats once again


  48. Stalag: tahnk you :) and welcome back online.

    A : He is lucky too :P

    Maddy: i still prefer my Sallu and saif :P :)

    Gazal : :) :)

    Sri: u can order it link at the right side of this page.

    Reflections:Must watch--but don't watch with kids.

    Geetha: :)

    Enigma:Very very true!!

  49. Veena: Et tu Brutus? :)

    Still thinking: U don't need an ode, lady!

  50. Thanks Ps.
    I am honored.
    I mean it.

    And yes, I am the last to comment :D


  51. Nikhil: Nikhil--No--its' me!! :D :) :)

  52. Err sorry to disappoint you both, but I have to leave a comment and I cant seem to find a place at the top. Hmph!

    I think I had only a couple of calls with Nikhil. The first call I used to ask who your publisher was (I was at a book fair and was hunting for the book). He send me messages telling me your name and your book and blissfully forgot the publisher. The second time he called - "Are you busy?" he asks, and I answer sincerely "No I am Cris" - I was not joking, somehow I assumed 'Bisy' was a name!

    I know what you mean when you say how very helping he is. I havent hunted for my job as much as he did for me! Anyway, PS, I was there when he started your Wiki page. And when some buster tried to block it, I helped to unblock it (I dont remember how I did it, but I know I did it - honest!)

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. Nikhil has competition. I have a crush on Srinivas too! :)I feel terrible that I have just about learned about him (living outside of India for over 7 years).

  55. he he looks like Nikhil has a big fan following :) You forgot to mention that he is an eligible bachelor waiting to be tied down.. :P (I'm sure I'm going to get from him for this :D)

  56. uh.. I have to say this.. I had fallen for Srinivasan Jain many many years ago :)

  57. Anonymous3:37 PM

    LOL i love the definiton given at the beginning :)


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