I know who you are!

Phew!! I now know who this persistent annonymous reader is. (See previous post) The person who told me begged me not to say it in my blog--so i will not give away anything more. I just feel bad for this person. (How sad to be obssessed like this.) I know you will continue reading silently--I wish you the very best for yourself, and your family too.

Thanks to all of you who wrote in. Some of your suggestions did give me a fresh perspective.It helped SO MUCH. Thanks for the support.

And hey--Thanks for reading! (Wink!) Could not resist that. :-)


  1. :D I can see the elation you are feeling right now..its showing in your post :D

  2. At last u have found the person.. Phew... That mustve given u sleepless nites huh...

  3. NM: :-)

    Ritu: No-- No--there are other things that give me sleepless nights! :-) I dont think so much about silent readers--only when I log in to my sitemeter.

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    The phantom of the blogosphere? I feel a musical coming on.

  5. Yo! Great....have a wonderful day

  6. Freelance Guru: *Drumroll* Presenting the 'Phantom of the Opera'*drumroll* It would indeed make a nice musical. :-)

  7. i can picture a visibily relived Ps :-) hope he/she gets cured from thsi anon thing soon...

  8. hey randomly bumped into ur blog and must say its very well written.
    hey! but how do u find out who all have visited ur blog. pls leme know , am so techno challenged :)

  9. I have nothing to say just came to wishing you a good day.


  10. It still sounds a bit creepy but I'm glad you know who it is now. Guess your previous post worked, just like the lurkers one. You have magic powers with your words :)

  11. Now you must be relieved to put a face to the unknown person...

    Maybe bringing it out in the open did some good...

  12. .. was it a waste deleting ur previous few posts? and pics? :-(

  13. The unknown is always disturbing.

  14. Nessa:True!

    Shru: No--Not at all--I prefer it this way now.Earlier hardly anyone used to read my blog.But now so many read.(am happy--but I never foresaw it)Now no more pics that I feel i might now want to share.(earlier I was like 'who looks at it anyway'.Now i know who does!)

    Prats:For me it did a LOT of good!

    Devil Mood:You are GREAT for my soul! :-)

    Karthik:Sweet of you! Thanks for stopping by.

    I scribble here: Just google search--there are many which give you all details.Sitemeter is one such.Instructions are easy to follow.And thanks for the compliments!

    xh:Dont think that person will.

  15. wow, this is like a thriller, ps! :-)

  16. Loved the picture accompanying this article :) Good you found out.. that helps.. but still its scary!!

  17. *smiles* Lovely atmoshpehere you created here.

    I am glad you got to knw the person.


  18. I am glad you found out. Thanks to technology?? or your detective skills?? ;)

  19. hey...glad that you are at ease now...


  20. Oh! really! tat must have been some confession!

    A blast from the past???? ;))

  21. lovely lady, you have been tagged :-)

  22. hi ps :

    i'm going to play a devil's advocate here, so bear with me. (and i must say you did get a little snappy at people who weren't willing to look at this from your point of view! maybe its because you felt really strongly about this entire episode. i guess i might be at the receiving end after this comment, but i think its important to share this perspective too.)

    in today's age i think all of us have no control over the kind of people who will 'look us up' on the net. that's a price we pay.

    and i believe there are all kinds of people who make the world out there, and not all of them will fit in our definition of 'normal' people. but they still exist and they form part of our world.

    do you think the problem will be solved by your going private? i don't think so. can you stop people calling/smsing/emailing you through aliases? or can you stop them from watching you from across the street when you walk back home?

    how do you know that there are no 'weird' people among the many of us who read and comment on your blogs? i could be a person with a secret identity surfing the net for whatever reason...

    and isn't it possible that some of us have fans/ admirers from our past who have still not been able to get over us, but still can't bring themselves to open up to us?

    isn't it possible that there might be some people from way back who just want to find out where you are now? (i remember searching for my college friends on google once).

    since we cannot control any of this why not just ignore it? if they get their kicks by peeping into your life silently, let them. what else can you do?

    even in this case where you found out who this person is, it doesn't solve the problem, right? and here you were lucky you found out who it was. what if you hadn't?

    i hope you got the point i'm trying to make. i hope you don't get me wrong.

    p.s. i agree with tys' view that we chose to go public with our blogs (like artists do with their works of art ;) ) and some of this is bound to happen.

  23. Happy to know that you are at peace with Mr.A

    Just thought I should tell you, you're blog link is posted on mine. Just realized that I never really mentioned that to you. Sorry

  24. Thank god you did ! How did you though? Did he/she own up. Whatever, you did and that's what matters !

  25. i had left a comment about your earlier post, but me in my absent minded self clicked 'preview' instead of 'publish'. duh :) anyway i just wanted to say that i think you are very creative and very talented and it would be shame if these 'lurkers' discouraged you from being yourself on your blog. am glad you got this issue resolved.

  26. good to know u resolved it. but how? did u track the IP? Just for my info cos I hv some silent stalkers too.


  27. Hey, sorry for being so ignorant but how do you know who visited your blog?? I'd like to know the people who visit mine too..
    And closing yourself for the fear of someone reading your stuff is like depriving yourself and your friends from being with you and sharing your joys and sorrows..
    Just go on and continue being your wonderful inspiring self.. I love what you write and wouldn't want to miss on it for somebody anonymous and unimportant..

  28. Keshi: The person emailed me.Don;t know how to trace from an IP address though cyber sleuths should be able to do it.

    Ranjini:Thanks so much.Always nice to get much needed enouragement.

    Poppins: Yes--someone close to that person emailed me.(Not that person mind you) Either ways--problem soved.Thanks for checking back!

    Aathira: No issues--I'm honoured really!

    Shru: replied at your post!

    Pointblank: oof--and what a blast!

    Thinking aloud :Thanks!

    Sweetsticky: thanks!

    Arvind: ??

    Preethi: me too!

    Vinesh: Not enough matter for a book though! ;-)

    Guru: You are right in what you said. It is pure logic--(and I didn't realise that i was snappy--I apologise if I hurt anyone) --but I'm an emotional creature.I just feel some things--and my feelings are real.

  29. i know what you mean :)

    and i'm sure the people getting snapped understand fully well that you say what you 'feel'. if not they won't be hanging around getting snapped at, right? :)

  30. Wonder how you found out. I've got a mapstats thing and notice that I get regulars from the same place and have no clue who they are. Or even if they are one and the same.
    Would love to know

  31. Same Q? How did you know you were being "stalked" whene there were no comments. I have a Neo Counter too which says my blog has been visited from various parts of the world. How were you so sure they used your maiden name, knew you etc etc...

  32. Hi P, good news that you found out who that person is, now I hope this whole subject is over for you! :)
    And I think you're right in going move private on the blog posts, if that makes you feel safer for you and your family.

  33. I came across the link of your blog from one of my friend's blog ....

    In the starting I read couple of your blogs ...I liked reading it so I started reading all the posts starting from your first blog in 2006.

    Neither I write blog nor I follow many blogs ...But I have to say that I really liked what you share on your blogs..

    When I was reading this blog ..I came to know that you wont like if someone reads your blog and do not leave any comment so I thought to post this comment. :-)


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