A did-you-miss-me moment.


Did you miss me ?Yes? Just a tiny bit? A teeny weeny bit? An Infinitesimal, microscopic, atomic bit? An itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit? (Stop thinking about the yellow polka dot bikini!) No?!! For God’s sake, lie a little, will you?!

Well, I did think of you. (Not in that madly-in-love-24-by-7-I-think-of you-Shahid-Kareena-used-to-be way but more, mature, quiet, deep Manyata-Sanjay way. (Despite having a deadline to meet—which explains why I was away. Deadline is still ticking—but hey some things just cannot wait.) Honest—and I am not lying.

When I read your blogs or the comments you leave, I wonder about your lives, what you might be doing at that moment. How would you be feeling? What would you be thinking? What will you be waiting for? (I think a lot—I am always thinking, 24 by 7, in a Saif-Kareena- obsessed- about- thinking way. Its no coincidence that I conduct workshops on developing thinking skills for a living!)

I wonder—Do you have a time of the day when you really come alive? As kids, we used to wait for that final bell to ring, that announced it was end of the school for the day (The long bell) and out we would rush. I headed for the basket ball courts. Always. (Later went on to play at National level—but that’s another story) I used to wait for the moment that signaled freedom and used to love zooming, almost flying to the courts.

Today , I guess the moment that I wait for is the time my kids come back from school. I will not miss it for anything in the world. I truly live for that moment, when they rush into my waiting arms for a hug, with a shout of "Mummeeeeeeee" .(I never knew how much my heart could hold until someone called me mommy) This is the time the words are chugging out at a speed faster than McLaren F1 ,both kids competing with each other to be heard, to tell me what happened during the day. I simply LOVE it. It gives me joy in unparalleled proportions—Mere words do not suffice to express how happy I feel at that moment. They really talk and I really listen. Then, it is time for hot food and a drink. After which the three of us spend at least an hour, playing, lying next to each other, talking, fighting, bickering, laughing, bonding. This is the time each day, when I am so contented to think that I have chosen to do something that allows me to be with my kids. I feel a little sorry for S that he misses out on this. (He feels bad too but more than makes up for it during weekends.)

Is there any moment like that in your life? A moment that you wait for, look forward to, a moment that you really enjoy? A moment that makes you come alive? (No, I am NOT referring to the Jack Daniels or the Vodka moments here —maybe Master-card moments if an advertising analogy has to be drawn)

If you want to share your joyful moments I’d love to listen.


  1. :) lovely post... don't we all live for the wonderful moments with our kids.. I wait too for Nantu to come home from school.. restlessly so that the house can be filled with his banter again!!

  2. Hi PS! An amzing bond indeed. As I was telling you a few days ago it was the kids in the pead ward that meant to me. Now all that is a memory, and the only things that I wait for are those days I come home from my college and GH to my parents, to whom I am still that small boy in short pants!! (I study in far of Madurai and my home is in Chennai). Your kids are really gifted. I need to confess that Iam indeed learning a lot about parenting - great parenting, from you. Iam still years away from it though.
    Regarding missing your posts - YES, I did miss them for a while. Was wondering what your next post would be. Always wished it to be a 'mama moment' and presto - you fulfilled my wish. (All this fuss with my exams just a month away - Wow! )
    Did you fill that superlative word for your family? If yes, kindly repeat it here.
    Bye!! :-)

  3. Well, when you're being so hilarious, yes I have missed you.

    Lately the closest I get to that moment is in my dancing hour, sometimes particularly when I finish it and feel exhausted and go to have a nice soapy shower. lol

  4. Oh yes! Another one such happy moments - when I just leave the emergency operating room. Mostly I come out with a sense of satisfaction that something good, something worthwhile has been done. Something that the patient and his attenders will remember for the rest of their lives. I still have a few patients who remember me and come to me everytime they come to Madurai. That moment feels like ecstacy.
    On the flip side, there are moments when I know the best could not be done to the patient due to various reasons, may be anesthetic fitness, may be delayed presentation to us after being exploited outside. I then come out expecting the worst. Those are the moments I cant forget. You know your best was done, yet it just wasnt your day.
    If my previous comment was in my personal life, this is on my work front.
    Wow! I just like your posts - all this from a non blogger. Hats off PS ! Bye

  5. Preethi: Please tell Nantu that another preetiaunty said that snowmen do have hands.They do, they do they do!:-)

    DM:Dancing hour sounds so good!By the way, Shahid-karena, Bollywood stars were a hot pair in India--they broke up--and now Kareena is with Saif.Sanjay Dutt is another bollywood star who married Manyata today.(don't know if all that made sense to you--but yes it was supposed to be funny!)

    Dr.Arvind: Wow! I used to always wonder how doctors felt when they lost a patient.(I have cousin who is a surgeon and he used to sometimes share his experiences) Now I know.Thanks for all the praise!

  6. Oh thanks for the explanation. That part I didn't get at first, but it was still funny :)

  7. DM : :-) I wanted to label it 'funny/ amusing but realised that wouldnt have been apt for the whole post.(and in any case the smart ones would figure out it was funny--heh heh) Waiting for you to write that venus in saggitarius post :-)

  8. In a better sense - every patient is a learning oppurtunity. No 2 patients are the same PS. There is no sterotyping. Thats the deal. When we loose a patinet, a bit of thinking goes into it, as to what can can be done when faced with a similar situation next time. Thats where 'experience' plays a prominant role - be it yours or that you have gathered from your teachers. (this is way away from your post - just a reply)
    On the other hand - I always joked with my friends that when my wife delivers, I will be atking 'paternity leave'. Guess thats not possible now, but yes, I would deenitely give them my best or may be even more!

  9. I'm waiting for MYSELF to write that post! LOL I've already started it but I'm stuck in laziness or something.

  10. i would have to say, i wait for the moment after running on the treadmill for an hour and get the runner's high, and on weekends waking up to vinu making coffee, when my favourite show 'lost' begins on thursdays and when my music teacher says nonchalantly 'that was good' when i play a piece (i know he really means it)

  11. kareena is with saif??? :( and sanjay has married manyata?....:D hey preethi, thanks for that juicy bit!!!

    hey, seems you and i are in the deadline boat again...:)

    and my moment is when the kids come in from school...the younger comes in 15 minutes earlier and by the time he's done with his 'BIG' news of the day...the elder enters...I make sure i am free then, because that is the whole point of taking the decision to work from home...

    loved reading this...

  12. Missed you???!! A little bit??? nah.....

    Missed you quite a bit!!! *hands spread wide* this much...lol

    Oh yeah life defining, most amusing moments. ...and that would be when they return from their school...and in their half tired moods....start off on a marathon chatter....feel exactly as you do....

  13. aww a very sweet post. I know ur kids mean the world to ya.

    My joyful moment for the day is when I sip my coffee and read blogs...cant wait for that!


  14. Hi... Talk about deadlines huh... Haven't blog hopped in DAYS...and as I can see missed a few wonderful posts too... Anyway, weekends gonna be here soon and thats gonna be the right time to catch up!!!

    There are soooooo many moments that I would not like to miss for any thing in this world... Like combing my daughter's hair in the morning...and talking heart-to-heart as the pigtails progress...or getting that squeezy hug from my son when he comes home after fun time with his friends and tells me that he missed me!!!!
    Talking to maa...and pa...everyday..EVERY single day... Waking up at 445 am and watching my hubby sleep...somehow that gives me a sense of calm...knowing that he is with me..and when I get home after my workout he will have taken care of the kids' tiffins and breakfast and bath...somethings most husbands and fathers find too burdensome... Having lunch with him everyday... Working from a Home Office has spoilt both of us... We spend sooo much time together that when he has to go on one of his trips, the days seem to just drag on...

    Anyways, I am rambling now I guess...!!!!

  15. Do you have a time of the day when you really come alive?

    Yep, it's that first moment in the morning when I open my eyes and realise I'm here for another day.


  16. There are plenty of joyful moments in life... but as you said, the moments spent with growing innocent children, are the most joyous ones!
    I enjoyed reading this.

  17. very nice read :) u have put the joy of moments and waiting into the words very well. for me, yeah - when ever i am with my good friends, i enjoy the moemnts. otehr than that, the moment where i absolutly enjoy - with out any binding or inhibitions, with out any otehr thoughts or any ties - is when i am on my bike and flying down the road, tearing up the tarmarc. Like dom said in fast and furious " I live my life a quarter mile at a time.For those ten seconds or least I'm free nothing else matter"

  18. Yeah, i miss my co-bloggers when they seem to be busy. But being busy makes them share more.

    Glad to have you guys around!

    Have a happy heart! ;0)

  19. Excellent post! I really love the time when my 18 mth old runs to see her dad when he gets back home after a long working day. I simply love it :-)

  20. Definitely missed you - great post- was worth the wait.

    I am envious reading about how you welcome your kids home each day. I had stayed home for two years after my second daughter was born. When I went back to work, the greatest moment of joy used to be when I would come home at 4:30 and find them both waiting for me in the bay window.

    Now the moment that I most look forward to is when we are wrapping up the day - homework is done, dishes have been washed and put away, and we just sit and unwind for a bit and catch up on how everyones day was.

  21. I probably sound very corny, but I love very minute of my life. I don't actually look forward to any part of the day, unless I have exams. I heart college. :)

  22. I just came over from Adorable Pancreas! I didn't miss you but I promise to now that I know of you!

    I have nine kids. AS of late I have returned to college. Sometimes I am drained and am too worn out. I have moments all the time-- like when my 19 year old slipped me $20 the other day and said, "Take yourself out to lunch. You are operating on autopilot! Be alone for a bit and pay me back when I have kids and you have money!"

    My 10 year old son with special needs is starting to "click"-- I am so proud of him.

    I enjoy your blog and I'll be back!

  23. Hey good one!! at present I wish I cud jus go n hug my Mommy bec I am terrible missin her...Its not only wen I miss her , I used to hug for ny tiny miny reason or some time widout ny reason :)but I guess I have to a wait a while for tht..:(

  24. Reading the comments on your blog is another pleasure, more this time because of the treasured moments shared by all!

  25. Reading the comments on your blog is another pleasure, more this time because of the treasured moments shared by all!

  26. Ohh yes!! We missed you tonnes!! :D And not just teeny weeny bit!

  27. i'm in sales and so travel quite a bit. sometimes for a week or two at a stretch.

    and then when i'm back i'm just waiting to step out of the airport to get a glimpse of my wife and the kids! and my son usually jumps over the barricade and wants to wheel the trolley while my daughter wants me to carry and she will giving me an update about her clothes/hair/school/drawings/whatever

    yes, i think these are definitely my most joyful moments!

  28. Loved the post. My li'l one is not in school yet. I sure wish she were now! :) My moment is when my hubby returns from work and calls out 'hey Baaabieeess'! as he opens the door. i wait for that moment every single day :) 4 more hrs to go for that now :( and Happy Valentine's day to you.... love coming here and reading ur posts :)

  29. Lovely. I am with you. my kids are the center of my life. My boy joined highschool were they have self directed learning and for the first time in life he is happy going to school so I had greeat moments last week

  30. Heyyy
    Hope you had lovely V day:)

  31. I always wait for my Dad to come back home from his shop, at precisely 9.10 pm and nothing can beat the feeling of sharing a few quiet moments and a few exciting moments with my Dad... I guess I am on ur kids' level right now... Being able to share all with parents is a wonderful thing, even if you are too old to cuddle up in their laps.

  32. Punam: That sounds so wondeful.Lucky you.I miss my dad :( :(

    Chitra:Yes I did!! i hope you had a GREAT time too.

    Marja:We do think alike!

    Preethi:Oh yes--I too wait for the time when S comes home--but not as much as I wait for the kids!;-)

    Guru:Yes!!I can so relate to what you are saying.S too travels a lot and sometimes we meet him at the airport.The scene is just what you described!

    Nm: You Liar!!! heh heh!!

  33. Indrani: glad you enjoy it.

    Happycology:Now I miss my mommy too.

    Tea.N.Crumpet: Wow!9 children--and you have returned to college--that is indeed amazing.Amd I must say your 19 year old is really witty!

    Adorable Pancreas:Oh no--you dont sound corny at all!

    Pink Dogwood: I could just picture that scene.

    Chitra:Yes!! When my kids were younger they used to do that too!

    Reign:Good to know that! :-)

  34. xh: That bike ride sounds so appealing to me right now!

    Keshi:I always wonder how you manage to read so many!

    Scotty: LOL! LOL!--really laughed when i read that one :-)

    Prats: Nice to be missed!;-)

    Thinking aloud:Its FRONT page national news!! Where are you?!!How can you not be aware of such important happenings of National magnitude?!! Glad to educate you!:-) :-)

    Ranjini:I have the runners high too.I am so delighted to get off after 20 minutes --heh heh.But really--amamzing that you can run for an hour!

    Ritu: You talk to your parents every single day? Wow!! Lucky you--really lucky.(touch wood)

    DM:thanks for finally posting it on the Astro site!

  35. The moment I wait for is that time of the day when all the family have gone..either to school..town..friends..I don't care...the quiet...a kind of opposite moment to yours!

  36. Hey Preethi,
    Yes, most definitely, the moment when Neha comes home, is so full of life and fun and the way she goes on to animatedly describe what she did in school. Just wonderful!

    As I read your blogs, I can really relate to what you are saying in that, I sometimes wonder if you are stealing , my thoughts! :D But really, your latest blog just reinforces it. Thank you for visiting my blog and your comments. Have a nice day!

  37. Beautiful post!! I think am the happiest when am going home on a break from work and see my parents are at the station platform with huge grins and open arms even though it would be only a week ago that we met..
    Yeh, I guess my parents bring me alive.. :)

  38. all i do when i read ur blog is.


  39. Oh i love 3 wonderful moments...

    The time i spend alone in my room in cumplete darkness... Wid sum favourite music plugged in ... N me jus gettin lost in sum memories / some gud day/nyt dreamin... Its jus a bliss....

    N i luv d waitin i do 4 my sis to cum bck hme frm her work.... n once she cums bck lukin aftr her needs n givin her one big hug n a chweet kiss on her cheeks....
    I jus adore tht.... Ohhhh i m jus missin her dis vry moment... Love u darlin....

    N d third.... Bloggin and readin sum gud post like urs wid music plugged in my head set durin d late nyts...... Its such a wondrful activity....

  40. Hi preeti
    Lovely article! The pic is so cool and so intact with the article! I am yet to come to this phase of life! So none to comment about it.

  41. Oh, that was a nice post Preeti.
    My magic moment in a day would be the following: When I go back home from my workplace and knock the door of my home, my kid knows by herself (or, sometimes, with the help of people at home) that I have come and she hides somewhere so that I will ask, "Where is P********?" and start looking for her. She discloses her hiding place by giving a loud giggle. And what a happy face she has when I reach her and cajole her. That is one moment that I wait for, daily (to be more precise, on weekdays). I truly understand how you must be feeling when your kids come from school looking out for you at home :-)


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