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5 reasons why you should not 'chill'

A phrase I hear every now and then is 'Chill' or 'Relax'. From what I understand what the person who says this means is 'Do not take it so seriously. Let it go' or 'Don't do anything about it. It will pass.'

Nothing irks me more than hearing these phrases.

Here are five reasons why you should NOT ' chill' or 'relax'.

1. Chilling never got anyone anywhere:  Dhoni was a football goal keeper, before he started playing cricket. he started off his cricket career, just be sheer chance, as a wicket keeper. Dhoni's teacher Mr.Banerjee was friends with the coach of Commando Cricket Club. Banerjee got a request from the coach to help fill the slot of wicket keeper. Had Banerjee decided to 'chill' and do nothing about the request, and when asked if he would wicket-keep, had Dhoni decided to 'chill' I don't think the game of cricket would have been what it is today :-)

2.Chilling means no action: Think about the Delhi rape case that happened recently. Had most people decided to 'chill' we would not have seen the kind of uprising that happened. Perhaps this is an 'extreme' case. But it elucidates why 'Chilling' may not be a great idea.

3. Chilling is brow-beating you into conforming: Think about it--very often, it is when you express an opinion that is different from the accepted norm that you are asked to 'chill'. For example at college, if your friends have decided to bunk a lecture, but you express concern over attendance, you might be asked to 'chill'. Don't! Dare to not 'chill' and trust me, not chilling will make all the difference.

4.Chilling is to go with the flow: If you want to do something that would create a  disturbance in the status quo, you are generally told to chill. This is because most people hate something that they are already used to, to be disturbed. For instance how many times (especially at a party) have you been forced to 'take-a-small-piece-of-a-cake--you-can-diet-tomorrow-chill' when you have specifically mentioned that you are on a strict diet? The norm at parties is to eat and drink like there is no tomorrow and therefore you are asked to 'chill' even if it  means knocking off  all the effort on the diet that you have been so strictly adhering to for the past many weeks.

5.Chilling is the easy way out: It is so easy to say 'Chill' or 'Relax'. It immediately absolves the person to whom you have expressed the issue, the onus of acting or doing something. By asking you to 'chill' the person ha effectively told you that you are making a big issue of a trivial thing. 'Chilling' may not be the best option, but it sure might be the easiest!
 Get into the 

So the next time, you are asked to 'Chill', don't! Leave the 'chilling' to the AC or the coolers :)

ACT, don't chill.
It is your attitude that makes all the difference!

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  1. Mam i too feel the same way... im also a "chill" guy, and your words does make sense, ill try to change my self... thank you

  2. A beautiful post! I have a friend who in every situation asks me to take a chill pill but doesn't understand how this "Chill Pill" is a slow killer for her. Love the last lines the most! Its the action and your attitude that matters and not how you calmly react for a particular situation!

  3. Hi Preeti, for once, I have some different views. Because of the pressure many of us live under, we're all prone, once in a while, to react in a manner that is more extreme than is warranted. The examples you have given might need action, but just to point out my own example, I would sometimes end up shouting on my kid when she's spilt something. She's actually just being what she is - a kid. In cases like these, I would believe we do really need to "Chill".

    1. Well--'don't chill' was not in the context of shouting at a child who has split something! And children always give you many chances :)

      Take another example in parenting. A teenager is just being a teen when he listens to music and messages his friends endlessly even when there is an important exam the next day. In such a case 'chilling' by the parent or the teen won't help.

      My piece was about not taking action and being easy-going when the situation demands action. Chilling was in that context.

  4. EXACTLY what i needed to read with all the submissions piled up! :) thank you! you are truly inspiring! :)

    1. Submit, submit!! Work hard. Don't chill!! :)
      We can chill when we are 80 :)

  5. wonderful.will be sharing it on my fb status ,linking to this blog:)
    always looking forward to read your blogs:)

  6. Mam watever examples u took i second you by that and it was realy good . Some where I feel "Chilling" means not to be frivolous but to be calm at any moment of dilemma or fired up situations and then do the right thing wat u feel like,rather than ending up in to something nasty.Thank you mam reading your each and every post is a food to my soul :)

  7. A very good message madame..!!! Always 'chilling' doesn't work!

  8. Awesome as always...Maam u've always been an inspiration.I wanted to follow your blog , so i started blogging as well (apart from da reason dat i really wanted to blog ).Thanks for being such a good-at-heart-soul. Keep inspiring people.......THANKS A TON

  9. I have been told the exact same words for similar situations and I have felt the same. We are anxious because we realize the importance of getting that work done and they say "chill" without offering to help finish that work. Great Post! :D

  10. Never thought of this ! Wow well said.....

  11. This is one brilliant stuff I am reading today. I am glad to find your blog .I agree with all 5 points.

  12. Your post brought me fond memories of Banerjee Sir..I am from Dhoni's school from Ranchi currently staying in Bangalore.As a kid,Banerjee Sir used to take PT classes for us and I used to detest it so much but in general Banerjee Sir is a very nice fellow and during school days he was Dhoni's mentor.

  13. hiiii...... preeti you r lovely.....actually i want to say love u .....well i m not going to make any comment on chilling, what u have said about chill that is truly appreciable ....i have come in touch with your book 'tea' and that gripped me like fever...that's awesome ...n love you love u love u......


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